80+ Positive Quotes by Famous People of the World

Business Communication Sayings and Quotes 80+ Positive Quotes by Famous People of the World

80+ Positive Quotes by Famous People of the World

Positive and the positivity is something that everyone should and must always have in their lives as when you will be positive then only you can face your fears as well as your failures with the courage and then only you will again keep going with all your hard work as well as all your efforts towards your goal and your objectives in order to be successful in your life.

Mentioned below are some quotes and sayings of some world famous personalities that will prove very helpful for you and will also give you lessons from other’s experiences which would further help you to courageously overcome and face your failures with positivity in you.

Positive Quotes by Famous People of the World

  • Always remember that you always take only one side either you can get busy in to living or you can get yourself busy in dying and ultimately it’s your choice. – said by Stephen King 
  • One should always know that the very first step towards your success is always the one taken when you actually refuse to be the one captive of the environment in which you actually found yourself at the first place. – said by Mark Caine
  • You must always be aware of the fact that even if one door of happiness closes for you so the other one definitely opens but there is some problem with us that we just keep wasting time looking at that very closed door and simultaneously miss that door that has actually been opened for us. – said by Helen Keller 
  • Live your life to the fullest today because after twenty years you will definitely feel bad as well as disappointed with yourself not for the things you have actually done but the things that you may miss it now. – said by Mark Twain
  • One should always keep his face glowing with a smile. One should never feel low or disappointed thinking over what is there no more. Rather one should smile by thinking that at least that thing happened to him in his life. – said by Dr. Seuss

_ Always keep in your mind that once you just need to realize that power in you because once you become aware of it then all that fear inside you actually vanishes away and further you will feel yourself strengthened and full of energy as well as the enthusiasm. – said by Audre Lorde

_ Be the great person in your life because the great person with the great minds actually discuss new ideas; the average ones are those who just discuss the events; and the small ones are actually those who just waste their time in discussing about the people. – said by Eleanor Roosevelt 

_ Always remember that the ones who actually have that courage in them to face the failures are the ones who actually achieve greatly in their lives. – said by John F. Kennedy 

_ You must always know this that we all live just once but if you are actually living it once in the right way then just one will be enough for you. – said by Mae West

_ One should always know that the the one who falls in true love with himself is the one who will have no rivals at all in his life. – said by Benjamin Franklin. 

_ Always know that the charm that you are looking for is actually equal to that tenderness of your heart –  said by Jane Austen

_ Always know that the charm that you are looking for is actually equal to that tenderness of your heart –  said by Jane Austen

_ I would just like to say that though it is very hard always to face your failures but it is even and actually more worse if you don’t even make that attempt for your success. – said by Theodore Roosevelt 

_ Keep in your minds that it always begins with you only so you first need to learn how to love your own self and then you will see that difference and every thing will itself start falling in to line. And you will see that all your works will actually be done in this world. – said by Lucille Ball

_ You should always remember that the challenges are the ones that actually make your life even more interesting and when you actually start overcoming these challenges it is then when it makes your life further more meaningful. – said by Joshua J. Marine

_ Always keep in your minds and always keep smiling as the smiling is always the best and the free therapy that you can have always available with you and for you which actually keeps you alive and also fills you with positivity. – said by Douglas Horton

_ Be the person who gives away more because when you see the happiest people they are actually not those who are getting certainly more but they are actually those who are giving more. – said by H. Jackson Brown Jr.

_ Always keep in your minds that it is never our abilities that show case what we are but it is actually our choice that we make that shows others what we actually are. – said by J. K. Rowling

_ Every one should always remember that for every one the only impossible journey is the one that you actually never begin. – said by Anthony Robbins 

_ You must know that it is all in your hands that if you want to he happy then you can definitely be but all ultimately lies on you. – said by Leo Tolstoy 

_ One should always keep looking for such opportunities where he can make others smile and where also you can offer certain random acts full of your kindness and can also fill them with positivity in your every day life. – said by Roy T. Bennett

_ If you don’t know then I would like to tell you that most of the times people fail just because they actually give up at that very time when they are originally very close to their success it’s just that they don’t realize it. – said by Thomas A. Edison

_ Always keep in your minds that if your really want to be happy in your life then just tie your very happiness to the particular goal rather than fixing it on any particular person or on any particular thing in your life. – said by Albert Einstein 

_ Remember that the success is the very war of attrition. – said by Dax Shepard

_ You must know that the very opposite to love is actually not hate but it is just indifference. – said by Elie Wiesel

_ One should always be aware of the fact that every big dream always starts or rather begins with the very dreamer. Always feel in yourself that patience that confidence that strength that you can do any and every thing in your life and you can even go to the stars or you can always change the world because you have that power in you. – said by Harriet Tubman

_ I would like to tell you all that the success is just like a business that requires all the training as well as the discipline and all the hard work from you. And if you are actually not afraid or rather frightened with these all things then all the opportunities will always be great for you not only today but every time. – said by David Rockefeller 

_ Let us always meet every one and each other every time with a smile and with the positive thoughts, because the smile always marks the beginning of the love in ones life. – said by Mother Teresa

_ Make yourself courageous and never let your fear of just striking out prevent you or rather keep you away from actually participating rather from playing the very game. – said by Babe Ruth

_ Be the one who always lives in the sunshine be the one who swims for in to the sea and always be the one who actually drinks the wild air. – said by Ralph Waldo Emerson

_ Always remember the very purpose of your life to which is just to be happy always and that to stay positive always. – said by Dalai Lama

_ Always remember that if you are the kind of the person who resists himself from using his smile, then you are just like that man who may have millions of dollars in his bank but does not have a check book. So always keep smiling . – said by Les Geblin

_ One should always keep in his mind that success is some thing that can be seen by how high one can actually bounce when he originally strikes the very bottom in his life. – said by George S. Patton

_ Always keep in your mind that no matter how many failures you may come across in your life but just never let yourself actually be or don’t let if feel defeated. Stay positive any and every time. – said by Maya Angelou

_ I would like to share this with you all that the success is not at all final and the failure is not at all fatal. But what all actually counts is just your very courage that how you take it and face it in your life. – said by Winston Churchill 

_ Always keep in your minds that you are actually never obligated to win but you are actually obligated to just keep trying and then it is on you and only you to give and to do your best every day and every time. – said by Jason Mraz

_ You should never think that who would actually let you do that but rather think only of those who can actually stop from moving ahead in your life. – said by Ayn Rand

_ One should always remember that the successful warrior is always the one who is the average man who owns the laser like focus originally. – said by Bruce Lee 

_ Always keep yourself positive and remember that life is never about finding one’s own self rather it is only about creating one’s own self.  – said by George Bernard Shaw

_ If you don’t know then I would like to tell you that the very secret of the successful life is actually to just find out that what we are actually destined to do and just do the same in order to make your life a successful one. – said by Henry Ford

_ Always remember that if you really wish to write about life then you should first actually start or begin to live it well. – said by Ernest Hemingway 

_ Remember always that the life is actually itself the most beautiful as well as the most wonderful fairly tale. – said by Hans Christian Andersen

_ Always keep in your mind that you should never go that where the path is actually leading you but rather you must always go to that particular place which actually has no path and then you must leave there a trail.  – said by Ralph Waldo Emerson

_ One should always keep in his mind that he must forgive his enemies every time because nothing could actually annoy their enemies more than this. – said by Oscar Wilde 

_ You must always remember the fact that your life can always be a tragic one if you never ever be funny because this is what actually keeps you alive and keep you always full of positivity. – said by Stephen Hawking

_ Always remember that only you are the one who can be and can actuallybring that very change in this world that you actually wish to see in this world, because in the end everything actually lies in your very hand any as well as every time. – said by Mahatma Gandhi

_ One should always remember to be happy in every moment of his life because h that very moment is actually his very life. – said by Omar Khayyam

_ You must always keep in your very mind that the best way you can ever get out of any thing is only when you actually go through it in your life. – said by Robert Frost

_ You can always stay positive what you need to do is just to keep your face towards the sunshine and then you can never see your shadow or rather you can never see that dark area behind you. – Helen Keller

_ Always remember that you must never ever give up the power in you just by thinking that you actually don’t have any. – said by Alice Walker

_ Always keep in your mind that you need not to be happy every time when ever you are smiling . – said by Daniel Willey

_ Always remember that smiling on your good days is not a difficult or a commendable task, but if you can smile and have those positive thoughts even in your worst time then this is something really very commendable and appreciable. – said by Lauren Graham

_ Always know that a smile and that very positivity in you is a medicine because it has the power to even cure the wounding of the frown. – said by William Shakespeare

_ You should always let your soul to smile through your heart, then further let your heart to smile through your eyes, and that then so that further you can scatter your rich smiles in the hearts of those who are actually sad. – said by Parmahansa Yogananda

_ One should always know that the individual can only be happy for that period only till he actually wants to be happy in his very life. – said by Abraham Lincoln

_ Always keep in your minds that the very power of imagination that every individual has in himself is actually some thing makes us infinite. – said by John Muir

_ I would like to share this with all present here that originality is actually the judicious imitation. – said by Voltaire

_ Every individual should always know that the life is always made of the numerous partings as well as segments all of which are actually welded together. – said by Charles Dickens

_ Always remember in your life that what ever you are today is actually and originally the result of what you have actually thought of. So always keep your thoughts positive in order to keep yourself positive. – said by Buddha

_ One should always keep in his mind that the biggest as well as the greatest is always to live contently with the little that you may have with you. – said by Plato

_ Every one should fit this fact in their minds that the future is something that actually belongs to only those who originally prepare for it today in their present. – said by Malcolm X

_ You must always remember that the great man is always the one who always will to be the little. – said by Emerson

_ Always keep in your minds that it may just seem you impossible until it is actually done. – said by Nelson Mandela

_ Be of the kind and be the man not of success but actually be the man of your values or the moral values, because this is something you can never earn. – said by Albert Einstein 

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