38+ Good Post Wedding Brunch Invitation Wording Ideas

invitations can be informal or formal. Although invitations have traditionally sent through the mail, informal invitations such as emails and phone invitations are becoming more acceptable.it's best to invite guests three to four weeks in advance. If you choose to invite your guests by phone, remind them again in writing two weeks before the gathering. Here are some Great Post Wedding Brunch Invitation Wording Ideas

Business CommunicationInvitation Wording38+ Good Post Wedding Brunch Invitation Wording Ideas

38+ Good Post Wedding Brunch Invitation Wording Ideas

Post wedding brunch is a great after party sort of event that consists of the guests who were invited to the wedding party and have been a part of all the fun.

What to Write on Post Wedding Brunch Invitation?

  • Mention that the post wedding brunch is finally happening
  • Make sure that everyone is present on that day
  • Mention that it wouldn’t be possible without them
  • Ask for blessings from the elders
  • Make sure that no one leaves without having their dinner

How do you Respond to Post Wedding Brunch Invitation?

  • Congratulate them on the wedding
  • Make sure that you bring gifts for them
  • Mention that you are super excited about the party
  • Before you leave, shower them with your blessings

It is generally a treat to all of the, by the bride’s parents or even the couple can take it upon themselves. It is one great way of hosting a super treat for those people who have been great guests throughout the wedding weekend.

The couple can interact with them and thank them individually for one last time before they head off to their honeymoon. 

Post Wedding Brunch Invitation Wording Ideas

  • The wedding weekend doesn’t end here only and hence each of you is requested to meet us at (venue) on (date) for the post wedding brunch! (Name and name) want to extend their heartiest thanks.
  • Wedding lunch was amazing, right? But things are getting even better when we meet at the lost wedding brunch! You will be spoilt for choices with the grand buffet. Please come on (date and time). 
  • On (date), you all are invited to be part of the grand buffet at (name and name’s) post wedding brunch. Please be there.
  • We are so happy to be finally leaving for our honeymoon on (date) and hence before that we want you all to come and be a part of the post wedding brunch on (date). 

_On the (date), we are hosting a post wedding brunch at (venue) to mark the end of our happy wedding weekend. You are requested to be present with your entire family. 

_Let’s come together and meet at (venue) on (date) to have a great grand lunch with the entire bride and groom family. We will be waiting for you!

_Bring such great guests, you all are invited to the amazing buffet at our post wedding brunch we organize on (date). 

_Post wedding brunch is rightly the moment when we all are emotional because the wedding affair had come to an end and its bye-bye time for all. Please be a part of our arrangement! 

_It has been a great pleasure to be with you all for the entire wedding weekend. Let’s all of us come together for the grand wedding brunch by (bride’s parent’s name) on (date). Come and live the mesmerizing delicacies on your plates. 

_Dunk the tastiest lunch buffet in town on (date) as (bride’s parents name) are throwing a post wedding lunch buffet for all the guests! You are invited and hence make yourself available for the day

_Join us on (date) for the wedding brunch in honor of (Mr and Mrs ___). You all have made the wedding an amazing experience and hence it goes without saying that we want you back on the brunch for more fun! 

_We loved your company on our wedding day and now we want you all to come over for a grand post wedding brunch at (venue) on (date). The world will be on your plates we assure you of that! 

_Some of the amazing memories that you have made with us during the wedding period needs a perfect closure! Mark the date and we all want you to be very present for the amazing post wedding brunch by (bride’s parent’s name)

_We have made it clear that we want you back again for the post wedding brunch on (date). Let’s have a great time and accompanying us will be a sumptuous buffet menu! 

_The morning after the wedding when we are all set to go for our honeymoon, we need you to be here for the grand post wedding brunch celebration. We have counted you in already and your presence is our happiness. 

_We love you all for being such amazing guest at our wedding and hence the morning after we would want to have you again on board for the grand buffet post wedding brunch! Let’s delve deep into the delicacies together! 

_Good times are shared with people who are worthy of the emotions that we have in heart for them.Let’s make the post wedding brunch of (couple name) a grand success with participation from each of you. We have great food and wine and not to forget the hosts (name of the host) who is an amazing person too!  

_It’s time for a margarita or two and our post wedding brunch is incomplete without you! Let’s get it done with all the joy and fun before (couple name) leave for their romantic honeymoon. You are invited for the amazing brunch on (date).

_Good times should never end but eventually they have to… Let’s pull off another ripper of a good time on (date) as we have the post wedding brunch of (name and name). Your valued presence is expected.

_Eat, drink and dance, they are happily married finally! Let us all be a part of their joy and wish them a great life ahead as they step into a new stage of life from hereon! The grand post wedding brunch is where you have to be on (date).   

_(Date) is the day when we all are coming together after the successful marriage of (Mr and Mrs___). You are cordially invited to be a part of the celebration and sway to your hips to the tunes of the live music band at the event! 

_Happiness is getting to see all the known faces from wedding weekend to right on the post wedding brunch date. Save the date and be present with your entire family! 

_We have arranged a grand post wedding brunch on (date) and you are cordially invited with the entire family. Come and make yourselves comfortable, it is going to be great fun! 

_Hello dear guests, it is not yet time that you will leave! The post wedding brunch of (name and name) is on the morning after and each of you has to be present on time for the party to begin.

_Some amazing food and a bunch full of memories with the newly married couple, that’s all that we want to have on the post wedding brunch on (date) with all of you. We request you to attend the event and make the wedding flowers bloom at its best for the newly wedded couple. 

_They said “I do”! Well, that doesn’t mean the wedding is over! The party goes strong into the morning after and we all come together for the amazing post wedding brunch. Please be on time, we will be waiting for you.

_We want to extend this wedding moment for a day more and this is why the morning after is planned with a grand buffet for post wedding brunch! We love your company, don’t you? Please come! 

_The fun is just double when we are with you amazing people! The post wedding brunch is on (date) and on behalf of the bride’s father (name of father), we invite you to join the brunch with us. 

_As we head for our honeymoon next week, here’s a final wedding event that we want to have. The post wedding brunch is on (date) and you are invited to be a part of it.        

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