78+ Best Quotes by World Famous Businessmen

Businessmen advices can always be the best one as they themselves have gone through that phase, so always listen to their experiences and their journey if you want to be the one like them in life. Mentioned below are some sayings by the world famous and some of the biggest businessmen round the world. 

Quotes by World Famous Businessmen

  • Only when you dream it, then only you will be able to achieve it – Zig Ziglar
  • Always remember that when you have your most unhappy customers then don’t forget them because they will be the best opportunities for you to learn – Bill Gates
  • Your goal should be like your dream that has a fixed deadline – Napoleon Hill
  • Always have a goal to achieve a kind of life for which you need not to look for a vacation as a way to escape from it – Seth Godin
  • Take a step forward and swim to meet your ship, in case it does not come in – Jonathan Winters
  • Always remember that one should always judge his day by the seeds that he would have actually planted rather than judging it every day by the harvest that you may reap – Robert Louis Stevenson

_ Success has no stairs, hence you need to take stairs every time, which also means that there are no shortcuts to success but it is a straight road that you have to take – Zig Ziglar

_ One should always keep in his mind that he can always get more money, but can never get more time in life, because time is precious and time is valuable, so one should always learn to respect time and manage it accordingly – Jim Rohn

_ Always it should be kept in mind that just holding good cards do not work every time, because every time it does not matter that what cards you are actually holding but what matters is how you can play well even with the poor cards – Jack London

_ You should always choose some lazy person for a hard job you want to get it done, because that lazy person can always find other easy ways to do that hard job – Bill Gates 

_ Always remember that keep pushing yourself and keep working hard, don’t let yourself down with failure, because your patience and your hard work will bring that success to you always, so what you can do is just continue with what you are been doing at this moment with enthusiasm and energy to keep it all up and achieve what you wish for – Jack Ma

_ Keep yourself focused in building your dreams always, if you don’t want some one else to hire you for building their dreams – Dhirubhai Ambani

_ Always keep in your mind that if you don’t want yourself to be driven out, then you should always keep driving your business – B. C. Forbes

_ One should always learn to respect all those who are working with you, because all that is what matters, and not that how you just make efforts to impress those are beneficial to you – Richard Branson

_ Dreaming is the true beginning to what you actually want from your life, for if you can dream then you can always achieve it in your life also – Walt Disney

_ Always remember that you may always find your ship to be safe in its harbor, but at the same time you should also know that, the ship is not meant for that purpose either – John A. Shedd

_ You should be the one who is always the risk taker, because if you are resisting yourself from taking the risks then, that is actually the biggest risk that you are actually taking in your life; because in this world that is under its transition phase, the only risk that you are actually taking is that you are maintaining a resistance against any risk in your life – Mark Zuckerberg

 _ One should never loose hope in life, because once you loose the hope, then you also stop learning from your failures that give you the best lesson, so never give up in your life, because you may find your present tough, may be your tomorrow also be the worst one, but you will definitely get victory the day after tomorrow, so just keep yourself patient and calm, keep giving your best, and you will definitely harvest the fruits of your hard work – Jack Ma

_ Always remember that don’t just keep dreaming of success in your life but also make some efforts because, there are few who don’t just dream but also have enough courage to achieve what they dream for in their life – Wayne Huizenga

_ One should always have three P’s in their life which are the true combination for the success in your life and they are your patience, your persistence and your perspiration – Napoleon Hill

_ Be courageous in life, because you will always find two different categories of people who will always keep telling you that you can never make difference to this world : firstly those who are actually themselves afraid to give it a try, and secondly those who are actually afraid with the fact that in case you will succeed. So just stop listening to others in your life and just be your own decision maker – Ray Goforth

_ Remember that happiness is not that you are postponing today for your better future, but it is actually something that you are designing for the present – Jim Rohn

_ Keep in your mind that, design is nothing that just looks good or just feels good, but the actual thing that matters is how it is working – Steve Jobs

_ How does it actually even matter if you just be the richest person in cemetery, but one should feel peace and happiness in the fact that they did something good and wonderful that day, which actually brings them a perfect sleep when they go to bed at night and this is what should actually matter to every one in their lives – Steve Jobs

_ Bring success to you rather than running behind it for chasing it, it is always good if you chase your passion rather than chasing and running behind money – Tony Hsieh

_ Always keep in your mind that you should always keep around you only right and positive people, because if you want success in your life then you actually need a lot more of positivity in your life – Tony Hsieh

_ You just have a short life with a limited time, and then you should just not waste it by living according to other’s will and for other’s happiness. Save yourself from being trapped in to that dogma – that actually lives because of others thinking and opinions. Never let that noise made by others opinions get away with your inner voice, here the most important thing that you need is the lot more of courage to follow what your heart says and to follow your intuition. So keep every thing secondary in your life, follow your passion and win your dreams and prove the world with your success – Steve Jobs

_ Always just keep challenging yourself in life, because it is the biggest motivation and encouragement for you to succeed in life, where you learn something new every day – Richard Branson

_ One should never put a ceiling over himself, because when you put a ceiling then you just restrict yourself from moving ahead in your life, this further extends the distance between you and your dreams

_ Always remember that when once you give it a try then you never regret later in your future, no matter even if you fail, but if you will resist yourself from even trying it, then you will regret forever in your life, because the opportunity comes to an individual only once and not again and again, so always make your decisions wisely – Jeff Bezos

_ You can never learn to walk merely by following its rules, but you can only learn it when you fall and when you start it by giving it a try, so always try and be a risk taker in your life for it not only makes you courageous but also brings you the harvest of your success – Richard Branson

_ What you always need to keep in your mind is that it is not merely about your ideas, your dreams, but what actually matters is that how you make your ideas happen in your life, all you need is courage for such ideas to be executed in real time – Scott Belsky

_ A perfect entrepreneur can only be the one has that vision and some objectives for something he wants to achieve in life, but also that passion is also very necessary in him if he actually want his objectives to be achieved – David Karp

_ Always remember that one should never limit himself because once if you limit yourself it is only then you restrict your own growth and your own development in life, so just let yourself free from all the restrictions in life that you feel, overcome all the boundaries and boundations in your life, so that then you can give your best and bring your success to yourself – Mary Kay Ash

_ You should never take shortcuts but should always go step by step because it is only then the chances of you falling down will be almost nil but in case if you try to jump over through shortcuts you will land up on the ground with your failure – Warren Buffet

_ Choose that idea always that stays with you in your mind every time rather than just being like a dream in your life that just comes and then go away at night while you sleep – Scott Belsky

_ Make your life an adventurous one, a thrilling one always so that when you look back at your life while you are dying then you can feel overwhelm and can feel wow about rather than feeling that you just always kept yourself safe. Because we all have only one life so why make it boring instead if we can make it thrilling and exciting, fill it with a lot more of fun and amazement then why not do it – Tom Preston Werner

_ You should always be ready foe changes in your life , just like nature does that keeps changing from time to time. And if you are thinking from where to begin then first then you should first make a decision over what kind of changes you want in your life and then just be with those people around whom you feel are similar to the kind of changes that you wish to see and bring in yourself. This will definitely help you to change and rather it would hasten the process of bringing change in you – Ried Hoffman

_ Always keep in mind that if you just have a vision it is never enough but what you actually need is to find that ability in yourself that you can actually implement and execute it in your life else the vision that you have is merely a hallucination if you just leave it away and do not make any efforts to execute it in your life – Steve Case

_ One should always be flexible in their life to accept all those things that they don’t know because you never know if you once embrace something which you don’t know may turn out to be your greatest and your best asset in your life. So just stop escaping from those what are not known to you and make yourself ready to accept all those that you don’t know yet in your life. Because what it ensures is that your are absolutely open to all different things in your life that you may ever come across in future and also you will definitely be doing things distinct from every one else around you – Sara Blakely

_ One should always take more risk than others may ever take in their lives and also one should dream more than others may find it to be practical in their lives. It is only then you will actually be seeing success coming to you with all what you dream for in your life – Howard Schultz 

_ When you just keep talking then you are doing nothing but just making yourself useless rather, so if you really want to make yourself productive then you should stop talking and just begin with what you want to do in your life and this is the perfect way to start or to begin with – Walt Disney 

_ Have high expectations from all because when you have high expectations from all it turns out be the key to everything in your life – Michael Bloomberg 

_ If you don’t take a chance in your life then it is the biggest mistake and the greatest failure, that your are actually making in your life. Because you should always give it a try and never be afraid of your failure and once you get into it then just look for something you love the most and then what you need to do is start working over that something and be the best at doing it – Debbi Fields

_ Have that passion in you, have that spark in you, have that fire in you for if you have that keenness and eagerness to work and to do hard work then you will definitely be a successful one in your life because the true secret to success is always your hard work – Pierre Omidyar 

_ To have an idea in one’s life is always easy but what is actually difficult is it’s implementation and it’s execution that one should make in order to bring out your vision and your idea practically – Guy Kawasaki

_ If you are young then you have that additional advantage with you that you can always work more, you have more energy and enthusiasm is you and at a young age your are also full of zeal and excitement to learn new things in your life – Bill Gates

_ If you a vision and an idea in you then what is the toughest and biggest step is just a perfect start to it. It is only the start that is the most difficult part because once you start then all other things you face further turns to be easy for you. So just start with it and get rid of that toughest phase – James Cash Penney

_ The simplest thing to understand is to just that you get off your butt and start with your work because many just have a dream but actually lack that courage in themselves to fulfill what they dream for. And if you have finalized your decision to start with your work then you have no tomorrow no next week kind of excuses to give but it is time that you should start today itself. Because the spark you may feel today make get faded tomorrow and then you will again see yourself just as a mere dreamer and be the part of the crowd so take a step ahead to raise yourself above that crowd – Nolan Bushnell

_ One should not he the dreamer but the doer, because entrepreneurs are not the ones who keep dreaming but the ones who have the courage to implement and execute what they actually dream of – Nolan Bushnell

_ Always keep in mind that the most precious or valuable thing that you can ever make in your life is the mistake, because when you make mistakes it is only then you learn new lessons every time from them, you should also know that being a perfect one actually ends your scope to learn further in your life, but your mistakes always have a lot more for you to learn every time – Adam Osborne

_ Always take your failure as an opportunity to begin again that it gives every time, every time a new lesson that your failure tells you makes you more intelligent so that you can start over with it more knowledgeably every time. Then if you never give up then definitely the fruits that you will harvest be considerably large and profitable ones – Henry Ford

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