65+ Best Quotes By World Famous Drivers

Driving , driving is not only meant to be seen as an occupation, or just as a source of your livelihood but it has a greater and a much greater importance that this . Driving can also be one of the most important and the most preeminent part of your life , if you really love driving then it will be like a drug to you .

Not all can be a perfect driver , but you need to have that passion in you towards driving. Mentioned below are some famous quotes and sayings by the world-famous drivers, and the experiences of them can be known to you as well, especially if you aspire to be a perfect driver in your life . 

Quotes By World Famous Drivers

  • Always keep in your mind , that except bus drivers , no one else could ever get free rides in the buses . – said by Bob Saget 
  • I really hate driving from the bottom of my heart, I hate it more than any thing I may ever hate in this entire world . Because I always hit something or the other around me, while I drive, it can be anything like the cars that are moving or the ones that are even parked, I had also hit once the pole that lies in my own parking garage, hence my driving experience has always been the bad one. But just when I get everything under my control, I do miss seeing that something out of that corner of my car’s mirror. – said by Rachael Leigh Cook
  • The best car safety device you can ever have in your life while driving , is the rear view mirror of your car , with the cop in it . – said by Dudley Moore
  • One should always remember that , if ambition be the key to what you want to achieve , then your persistence be your vehicle in which you actually drive in . – said by William Eardly IV
  • All you need to be ambitious in what ever you do , or what ever you wish to achieve in your life , because even if you can not buy the car of your dreams , but you can always built it by yourself , if you have that confidence in you . – said by Ferdinand Porsche
  • Always drive with great consciousness , because the way you are driving your car , actually says a lot more about how you are . – said by Alexandra Paul

_ Always keep in your mind if you are a driver , that if you are ever driving with your blood level at of 0.08 or if it is above it , then it is definitely illegal in all the states . – said by Chuck Taylor 

_ Driving is also an art , that is not meant for all people . When you are driving a car , it is like that you are dancing with the chain saw in your hand . – said by Cale Yarborough

_ One should always remember that , he should only drive few miles away from  home , so that he can always be close to his home , and rather he can also spend more of his time on the camp ground . – said by Ken Sommer

_ Do you know that he was actually driving all safe from his end . That means he was driving at a safe speed along with all the other conditions making safe for himself , he was not even under any influence of any person , and all these factors thus , reflect that the driver did nothing wrong from his side and he was all correct . – said by Larry Starkey 

_ Every one always think that if they will drive sleeplessly , and do all the ambitious labor that they could do , will give them all the success because these two factors are only needed for success . – said by Charles Kuralt

_ Nothing is easy in life , always remember that , for everything you wish to get in life you always have to make some efforts for that , and the same goes for in the case driving , that if you really want to drive all relaxed as well as if you want to learn smooth driving then definitely it needs a lot of practice . So you need to continue and you need to keep your practice a regular one . – said by John Surtees 

_ Keep that in your mind that you always need to keep driving towards the downward direction of the road . Because the road will always bend as well as curve and you will also , speed up and slow down every time , but you will always find that the road always keeps going . – said by Ellen DeGeneres 

_ You may always love the best driving wheel , but always know that the anger is also a pretty good second one . – said by Steven Tyler 

_Always be the one who always drives , and also the one who always keeps all the control in his hands , be a perfect driver . – said by John Conyers

_ You may not be the one like others , like others may not be able to write , while they are driving , but you may be the unique one , who writes the best while driving . Be the unique and the coolest one in your life . – said by Willie Nelson

_ One will always feel that feeling of freedom as well as will also feel too close to bliss , if you are driving in to a beautiful green scenery , which is not only green but also lush , like a post card of Ireland . – said by Diane Meier

_ Always keep in mind that you should always be a smart one and not the vice versa . Because if you are the one who is driving his car through the deep deep pools of flooded waters and just ending up making your own car an unreliable one for yourself , as it may turn out to be the dangerous one for you . Be the smart one , make the correct choice and rather avoid those paths , by turning your car around . – said by Steven Magee

_ If you are the one who is really in love with driving , then for such people driving is a wonderful and also a spectacular form of what we actually call amnesia . In this situation , you only feel that everything around you is meant to be discovered and explored , not only this , you will also have a feeling that everything is also meant to be obliterated too . – said by Jean Baudrillard

_ One should always be conscious about how they are actually driving , for if they will drive too recklessly as well as irresponsibly , then this would endanger not only their own lives , but also the lives of all those who a close to you , your family and your friends . One should never take a reckless driving as the cool thing , because in the end it would just land them in to danger . – said by Dave Jones 

_ If you feel like always driving in the speed limit , then it is always a hideous thought . – said by Stephenie Meyer

_ Always make plans to do something big and great in your life. , like driving on the surface of the Mars and then leave your lander on the surface of it , for the good . – said by Kevin Burke 

_ Always keep that in your mind that while you are driving , you may always find a number of irritating and irrelevant people on the roads  , who would be driving irrationally . They may always keep honking their horns at you . But you need to do just one thing and that is to ignore them . – said Dalton Sumner 

_ Keep in your mind that , when your are just saying that driving is your only world , then it is not only dangerous for your , but it may also sound dangerous to the one who is listening to you . – said by Miss Lyons 

_ My favourite thing that I always love to do is , just to drive down the hill , straight and directly as the tree , and then just swerving to on the one side at the last and the end moment , and that’s my own personal way and method of relaxing myself every time . – said by Boris Yeltsin

_ Have your aims high , if you really want to achieve it in your life , just like if you wish to build your own car , by your own self , then also you need to learn how to drive the race cars , because without learning how to drive , it will all be useless then . – said by Carroll Shelby 

_ Always keep in your mind that it is just the small light in your life , that can take you all along this journey of life , just like the head lights of your cars do , especially while you are driving at night time . It is then where you are able to see only till your head lights go , but you can never see beyond your head lights, but still you are able to make whole of your trip safely and you also are able to complete it comfortably . – said by E. L. Doctorow 

_ If you are the driver then you should absolutely understand that , if you keep driving towards your destination along the roads , then only you are able to make your way to your destination . But if you just stay behind for enjoying the view that you come across while driving then , this would be your biggest mistake . Similarly you may always find a number of distractions on your way , when you want to accomplish something but at the same time you need to keep yourself targeted to your goal and your destination . – said by Nabil N. Jamal

_ You should never feel guilty if you are ever driving to run away , from something . Because there are also the people who can drive to eat mere hot dogs , then you can absolutely drive in order to run and never feel guilty about it . – said by Bill Rodgers 

_ When ever you are driving away from your home , you will always keep thinking about your children and your wife , because they always be the most important part of your life , no matter how much more you may love your driving . And you also keep thinking about them all day long , till you come back home . – said by Juwan Howard 

_ To the one who drives every day and daily , I would like to say that , you always need to keep your safety in your hands while you are driving , like in case while you are driving and simultaneously you make yourself engaged in some thing else , then this would definitely increase the chances and the probabilities of you being crashed , or of you meeting with an accident for two to at least three times . So keep yourself always safe while you are driving , and always think of your family as they are behind you . – said by Charlie Klauer

_ While driving you will definitely come across the people driving at high speeds coming at the back of you , then you may also see the number of lane changing  violations been taking place right in front of you , you will also find people driving too aggressively and not only this they will tend to cut off people around them , keep flashing the lights continuously and other things of the same nature . But what you need to keep in your mind is that , you have to keep yourself safe from all this every time . – said by John Burke

quotes by world famous drivers

_ What you actually need to keep in your mind is that all the roads , they make noises of their own . It is like a single note that keeps stretching in all the directions possible , though they are always too low or rather inaudible to be heard , but some may still be able to hear that sound , clearly , persistently and loudly too . Like I am able to do . – said by Gregory Galloway

_ Be the perfect driver , be the different one , your purpose should not be like those of others , to reach your destination safe and sound , and to reach your place on time , but rather your purpose of driving should be like the one , who always keep impressing the roads , by your personality . – said by Martin Amis

_ Being a driver you may sometimes find yourself lonely while driving , then what you can do is , you can always hug the roads , as they are your actual partner while you are driving . – said by Jay London

_ Always keep in your mind , that if your driver is ready to compromise with your safety , then he should never be the one who should driver . – said by Kyle Petty 

_ Remember always , that if you are the one who is driving with his one foot on his car’s accelerator and if he has his other one on the brake of the car , then this would definitely not lead you to any where , but what will it result is in the wasting or rather in the burning out of the vital parts of your car . Just the same way , stop cutting the taxes on those who are the middle class , but rather increasing them on those who are rich , which more likely result in to what you can call as the economic burn out . – said by Terry Savage

_ When ever you drive your brand new car , you will always feel like , you are riding yourself round in the open and free bill fold , along with the dollars , that are flapping all by your ears , as they will fly all out of the window . – said by Terri Guillemets 

_ If you are a driver yourself , then you should definitely learn and know , that while you are driving you are only putting your life in danger first , and you are not only endangering the lives of others on the road , but also of those who are close to you like your family and your friends , so always keep your self straight on your path , and always distance your self from reckless driving , as it is never cool but always dangerous . – said by Richard T. Kelly 

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