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167+ Best Quotes by World famous Educators

Educator is an individual who provides education or knowledge. Education helps us to uncover the significance behind everything and also helps us to increase our knowledge. Teachers are one of the most important part of our lives because without their suggestion and instruction we would not be able to gain knowledge.

We should always honor our teachers, educators, professors, administrators and all those who helped us to improve our knowledge. Given below is a list of some influential and best sayings by world famous educators to encourage us to appreciate the power of knowledge and education.

Quotes by World famous Educators

  • A mind of a man, made by new suggestions, may never return to its real proportions. –Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
  • A man with no mistakes has never tried new things. –Albert Einstien
  • Someone who has opened a door of an Academy shuts down a prison. –Victor Hugo
  • Maintain a distance from the people who’s motive is to criticize your ambitions. It is the habit of small people but the truly extraordinary make you realize that you too can become extraordinary. –Mark Twain
  • Begin with your current position, make use of what you got and do what you can be able to do. -Arthur Ashe

_There is nothing which can be the passport to the future except education. No one belongs to tomorrow until they ready for it today. -Malcolm X

_Your behavior, not your ability will decide your altitude. -Zig Ziglar

_If according to you, education is costly, try comprehension. -Andy Mcintyre

_The only educated individual is someone who knows the way of learning. And improve. -Carl Rogers

_The secret to begin is to begin. The secret of beginning is to break the complicated and difficult task into the small and easily achievable task and then begin with the first one. -Mark Twain

_Set your goal for achievement, not flawlessness. Never stop trying on your rights to be incorrect, because then you won’t have the capability to gain knowledge about new things and continue with your life. Never forget anxiety always hides behind perfectionism. -David M. Burns

_Education is the developing determination of our own cluelessness. -Will Durant

_Be depressed or try to get motivation, Nothing will be done without your preference. -Wayne Dyer

_Never let what you are unable to do interfere with what you are able to do. -John R Wooden

_You will either improve or go back to a less developed state. -Abraham Maslow

_If there was no one to do stupid things, then intellect would not ever get done. -Ludwig Wittgenstein

_Never forget disappointment is an event, not an individual. -Zig Ziglar

_If you don’t plan your lifestyle, there will be chances to fall into other’s plans. And make a guess what they have designed for you? Not much. -Jim Rohn

_You can be able to educate a student about a lesson for a day, but if you can be able to teach him to read up by creating interest, he will never stop his learning process. -Clay P. Bedford

_Educator has the power to influence eternity. He could never be able to tell where his influence ends. -Henry B. Adams

_You need to comprehend twice to teach others. -Joseph Joubert

_Never set a boundary for your kids to your own knowledge, for they came to this planet in another generation. -Chinese Proverb

_The things we learn with enjoyment, we always memorize. -Alfred Mercier

_Why must the nation take responsibility only for children’s education and not for every adult’s education? -Erich Fromm

_Kids are bad at listening to their seniors, but they have always passed to symbolize them. -James Baldwin

_Example is the only important thing that influences others. -Albert Schweitzer

_We give our kids clues to memorize rather than an issue to solve. -Roger Lewin

_There are no best teacher than the teacher who helps you to where to exactly look but never tells you what to recognize. -Alexandra K. Trenfor

_The essence of our society is Education. Because it passes one origination to other origination of individuals. -G. K. Chesterton

_Kids has the tendency to exist to what you acknowledge of them. -Lady Bird Johnson

_The purpose of education must be to educate us rather the way of thinking than what to imagine, rather the improvement of mind so as to authorize to worry about ourselves, than to guide our memory with the thoughts of other people. -Bill Beattie

_If you explain it to me, I will not remember.  if you make it possible to be seen for me, I will probably remember. But when if you include me, it would be easy for me to understand. -Chinese Proverb

_Nine tenths of schooling are a motivation. -Anatole France

_If something is moving down the incorrect path, there is no need of encouragement to increase his speed, he needs to be educated to turn around. -Jim Rohn

_It requires money to get an education. but then so does unawareness. -Claus Moser

_It is not possible for someone to read up the things he assumes already knows. -Epictetus

_Calmness is the solution of everything. You can not get the chicken without hatching the egg. -Arnold Glasow

_If hammer is the only equipment you have got, then you will have a tendency to see every issue as a pin. -Abraham Maslow

_Educated mentality has the ability to amuse a thought without acknowledging it. -Aristotle

_When a topic becomes completely outdated, we make it a necessary lesson. -Peter Drucker

_The main issue for all of us, male and female, is not to gain knowledge, but to lose knowledge. -Gloria Steinem

_Todays generations belong to the people who are half-educated, a rather tough lesson because they are unaware of how insufficient they learn. -William R. Inge

_Everyone gain knowledge about something every day. And many times it is what knowledge they gained the day before was not right. -Bill Vaughan

_What often done by education? A straight-cut ditch of a free, a winding stream made by education. -Henry David Thoreau

_Change is the conclusion of true wisdom. -Leo Buscaglia

_There are some people who are highly intellect with a poor mentality, and there are people who are average intellect with good mentality. A car’s capacity is different from the way the car is steered. -Edward De Bono

_I have gained wisdom that the best classroom on this planet is the feet of our seniors. -Andy Rooney

_The whole meaning of education is to turn reflectors into windows. -Sydney J. Harris

_I have never allowed my teaching to mess with my education. -Mark Twain

_Because of education, it is easy to guide people but hard to drive, simple to have control, but not possible to condemn to slavery. -Peter Brougham

_Education is the only thing that interferes with my knowledge. -Albert Einstein

_There are always more questions than explanations in a well-educated mind. -Helen Keller

_It is far better to have native intelligence without education than to be educated without native intelligence. -Robert G. Ingersoll

_The most wonderful thing about gaining knowledge is no one could ever be able to remove it from you. -B. B. King

_The purpose of education is teaching a person to think critically and intensively. Wisdom plus integrity that is the real purpose of education. -Martin Luther King Jr.

_The most powerful weapon on our planet is education which can be useful to change our planet. -Nelson Mandela

_There is no special skill in me, I am only passionate to know or learn. -Albert Einstein

_I believe there is nothing that is more exciting than education. To see excitement and eagerness motivates push educational information. -Steve Irwin

_The goal of education is to take the place of a blank mind with a broad mind. -Malcolm Forbes

_An investment in wisdom pays the most satisfactory interest. – Benjamin Franklin

_Schooling is what remains after someone has failed to remember what he learned in the Academy. -Albert Einstein

_The improvement of intellect must begin at birth and end only at death. -Albert Einstein

_Learning is our best companion. A person who is educated gets honor from everyone. The youth and the beauty beaten by education. -Chanakya

_You must be educated, and go to the academy, and you have to know to keep safe yourself. And you have to know to save yourself with the pen, not the revolver. -Josephine Baker

_Wisdom through Bible is more valuable than an education in University. -Theodore Roosevelt

_No individuals should avoid the chance to get an education and grow their earning capacity based on their lack of ability to pay for university education. -Bobby Scott

_Education helps to start the gentleman. But the lesson, good companion and reflection must end him. -John Locke

_The purpose of education is not to improve the amount of wisdom but to build the chances for a kid to develop and learn, to create worthy men. -Jean Piaget

_The great purpose of education is not gaining knowledge but effort. -Herbert Spencer

_I would rather amuse and expect that people realized something than teach people and wish they were amused. -Walt Disney

_The only barrier against our planet is complete wisdom of it. -John Locke

_Don’t set a boundary for a child to your own knowledge, for he came to this world in another generation. -Rabindranath Tagore

_Learning is the key to undo a lock of the golden gate of liberation. -George Washington Carver

_I tell learners that the chances I had were an outcome of having good educational knowledge. Learning is something that permits you to stand out. -Ellen Ochoa

_In the first place, Stupid people are made by God. It was for rehearsal. Then school boards are made by him. -Mark Twain

_The things I eager to know are in novels. My best mate is someone who will give me a novel that I haven’t read. -Abraham Lincoln

_It is astonishing that attentiveness survives formal learning. -Albert Einstein

_Everyone is unknowledgeable only on various contents. -Will Rogers

_The United States of America is becoming so knowledgeable that the brainlessness will be an unusualness. I will be a member of the select few. -Will Rogers

quotes by world famous educators

_I can not be able to exist without novels. -Thomas Jefferson

_Learning is the capability of listening to almost everything without losing the tendency to become angry quickly or your self-belief. -Robert Frost

_There is not much contribution of education in changing our lives. It just lifts difficulties to a higher level. -Robert Frost

_Gain knowledge to understand continental. -Alexander Hamilton

_Learn without reflecting is just as having food without digesting. -Edmund Burke

_Learing is an inexpensive justification of nations. -Edmund Burke

_I am always surprised at how much more aptitude and excitement for science there is among basic academies youngsters than among university students. -Carl Sagan

_Improvement to the mind is as important as nutrition to our body. -Marcus Tullius Cicero

_The passion of gaining knowledge, the secluded nook, and all the sweet peacefulness of novels. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

_It is impossible to learn about men from novels. -Benjamin Disraeli

_It is not possible to learn anything without consideration. -Benjamin Disraeli

_There are some individuals who can never be able to gain knowledge about anything because they comprehend everything very quickly. -Alexander Pope

_Transformation is the last outcome of true knowledge. -Leo Buscaglia

_The big problem in education is to get experience out of thoughts. -George Santayana

_The transmission of human development is education. -Will Durant

_Learn in order to exist. -Gustave Flaubert

_Whenever I get a small amount of money I buy novels, and if any left from the money I buy clothes and food for myself. -Desiderius Erasmus

_Your book collection is your happiness -Desiderius Erasmus

_Government never gain knowledge, only individuals gain knowledge. -Milton Friedman

_Novels, the children of mind. -Jonathan Swift

_Learning is not the practice of life, learning is life itself. -John Dewey

_The only true disappointment in life is one not gained knowledge from. -Anthony J. D’Angelo

_It is always better to aware about some doubts than all of the explanations. -James Thurber

_Those who are poor, can not depend on the government to support them in their needs. It is necessary to get your education. Then there will be no one who can be able to control your fortune. -Charles Barkley

_Those who are educated can be effortlessly controlled. -Frederick the Great

_Education is all I need, and then no one can scare me. -Malala Yousafzai

_There are some parents who don’t send their kids to academies because they are unaware of its importance. -Malala Yousafzai

_It is important to finish my home task on time. -Malala Yousafzai

_It is always better to delay to gain knowledge than never. -Publilius Syrus

_There is no individuals who have yet understood the value of kindness, sympathy, and unselfishness hidden in the heart of a child. The struggle of every real learning must be to undo the lock of treasure. -Emma Goldman

_An individual is not achieving his full heights until he gets an education. -Horace Mann

_Punishment and gains are the lowest aspects of education. -Zhuangzi

_A person who smiles most, gain the best knowledge. -John Cleese

_Education is not achieved by chance, it has to be sought for with passion and carefulness. -Abigail Adams

_I read the Bible as well as Shakespeare. And I have the ability to shoot dice. I call it liberal learning. -Tallulah Bankhead

_It is my wish to comprehend or memorize how to exist. -Annie Dillard

_An individual is what he learns. -Joseph Brodsky

_It is good to learn each thing of something, and something of each thing. -Joseph Brodsky

_It is just we improve others that we eternally accomplished. -Harvey S. Firestone

_The eagerness to learn new aptitudes is very high. -Angela Merkel

_I gained more knowledge in church than I did on this planet. -Al Green

_Data and information are different, knowledge and information are different, understanding and knowledge are different, understanding is not learning. -Clifford Stoll

_It is really true that a little knowledge is a hazardous thing, but still, it has the ability to win against total ignorance. -Pauline Phillips

_The best semi-literate country in the world is America. -Nicholas M. Butler

_Getting through University and academy was one of my greatest attainments. -Ann Bancroft

_The most effective of all learning factors is the discussion in a kid’s home. -William Temple

_Even the standing army can not be better security than education. -Edward Everett

_There are some people I am familiar with, thinks I am stupid, well at least I am not an uneducated idiot. -Leon Spinks

_The highest outcome of learning is tolerance. -Helen Keller

_The knowledge of a person is never completed as long as he exists. -Robert E. Lee

_Learning is the best resource for old age. -Aristotle

_The actual coaching in childhood is the most important part of learning. -Plato

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