156+ Best Quotes by World Famous Playwrights

Playwrights have been one of the most influential groups of people. They were gifted with the beautiful gift of the ability to create beautiful verses. Thus their sayings are mesmerising and witty at the same time.

Quotes by World Famous Playwrights

  • Even though we are aware of what we are, we do not know what we might become. –William Shakespeare
  • Winged Cupid is painted blind because love sees with the mind and not with the eyes. –William Shakespeare
  • I consider the entire world to be a theatre stage and the men and women as actors of a play. They have their entries and exits in the play of life and during his time on stage a man plays the role of many characters. –William Shakespeare
  • Some people are great from birth; some people have greatness as an inherent quality; while others have it forced upon them. –William Shakespeare
  • Knowledge is the pair of wings that fly us to heaven while ignorance is a curse thrust upon us by God. –William Shakespeare

_The journey of true love is filled with obstacles and is hardly smooth. -William Shakespeare

_The condition of our life is controlled by the stars that lie above us. -William Shakespeare

_Do we not bleed when you prick us? Do we not laugh when you tickle us? Don’t we die when we are poisoned by you? Do you think that we will not take revenge if we are wronged by you? -William Shakespeare

_Craving for happiness in life is the basic characteristic of the revolutionary spirit. -Henrik Ibsen

_I think all of you will agree that foolish people form an absolute majority throughout the world in this age. -Henrik Ibsen

_The point of the matter is that the man who stands alone is the strongest in this world. -Henrik Ibsen

_You do not love me. You just find the feeling of being in love with me to be pleasant. -Henrik Ibsen

_A single deed leaves a deeper impression than a thousand words. -Henrik Ibsen

_Being alive is like going to a war with trolls. -Henrik Ibsen

_There are some people that one loves and there are others with whom he would rather be. -Henrik Ibsen

_I must decide which is correct- The society or myself. -Henrik Ibsen

_I believe that above all, I am a rational human being and so are you and I must strive to become one under all circumstances. -Henrik Ibsen

_The most powerful men are the loneliest. -Henrik Ibsen

_Maybe human beings have a hundred senses and death destroys only the five senses known to us while the other ninety-five senses remain alive. -Anton Chekhov

_The day to day life wears a person out and not times of crisis. A crisis can be faced even by an idiot. -Anton Chekhov

_An artist’s job is to ask questions and not to answer them. -Anton Chekhov

_The weather is so good today that I cannot decide whether to drink tea or to hang myself. -Anton Chekhov

_It is our conception about the world that constitutes it. -Anton Chekhov

_Learning and education bring wisdom. It is not gained with age. -Anton Chekhov

_Maybe the feeling experienced when in love is the normal state of mind. The true character of a person is revealed when he is in love. -Anton Chekhov

_Look for it and you will definitely find it. You will never find what you do not search. –Sophocles

_Without the feeling of happiness, a man is not alive. He is like a breathing dead body. –Sophocles

_The knowledge of truth can be deadly when the truth does not provide any help. –Sophocles

_Much wisdom is contained in short proverbs. –Sophocles

_Unlike the truth, a lie is short lived. –Sophocles

_Not rationing justice is the only commandment to be followed for retaining democracy. –Sophocles

_A bad advice is worse than all enemies. –Sophocles

_The quality of the resources in the hands of ignorant men are not realised by them until they have thrown it away. –Sophocles

_Our conscience dwelling inside us is the most terrible witness and the most powerful accuser. –Sophocles

_For me failing with honour is better than succeeding by cheating. –Sophocles

_The strong will be defeated by the weak fighting for the right cause. –Sophocles

_Speaking about the correct thing and doing the wrong thing is a terrible sin. –Sophocles

_The realisation that we are responsible for all our misery is a terrible feeling. –Sophocles

_I always feel I am wrong whenever I see people agreeing with me. –Oscar Wilde

_A dreamer finds his way from the light of the moon. He is punished by having to see dawn before anyone else. –Oscar Wilde

_Some people bring joy wherever they go and others bring joy whenever they go. –Oscar Wilde

_Most people live the life of someone else. They think about someone else’s opinion, they quote someone else’s passion and their lives are a mimicry of someone else’s life. –Oscar Wilde

_Forgiving your enemies annoys them the most. –Oscar Wilde

_Always keep your heart full of love. Without love our lives will be like a garden with dead flowers where the sun does not shine. –Oscar Wilde

_An idea is not worth calling an idea if it is not dangerous. –Oscar Wilde

_There cannot be friendship between a man and a woman. There can be love, enmity, passion or worship, but not friendship. –Oscar Wilde

_London is full of serious people and fog. I do not know if the fog causes the people to be serious or if serious people cause the fog. –Oscar Wilde

_All of us are born mad. Some of us remain that way throughout our life. –Samuel Beckett

_Dancing is the natural order. So, start dancing without thinking. . –Samuel Beckett

_There is no cure for you being on earth. –Samuel Beckett

_For every person who starts crying somewhere on earth, another person stops somewhere else. The same happens in case of laughter. So, the amount of tears on earth is a constant quantity. –Samuel Beckett

_Keep trying. If you fail, you will fail better than the last time. –Samuel Beckett

_Even though I can’t, I will still keep going. –Samuel Beckett

_We always end up finding something that gives us the impression that we exist. –Samuel Beckett

_Every word that is spoken acts like an unnecessary spot on nothingness and silence. –Samuel Beckett

_The Sun was shining on the same old things as it did not have an alternative. –Samuel Beckett

_That is my character. Either I forget about it instantly or I do not forget at all. –Samuel Beckett

_Do not ask me any questions! Do not talk to me! Do not lay your hands on me! Just be with me! –Samuel Beckett

_For the small sorrows of life, have patience and have courage for the great ones; and go to sleep peacefully after completing your day’s task. –Victor Hugo

_History is an echo of the time that has passed in the future and a reflection of the time that is to come on the past. –Victor Hugo

_Forty years is considered to be the old age of youth while fifty is the youth of old age. –Victor Hugo

_It is extremely adorable when someone wrinkles with grace. An old age when happy is extremely beautiful. –Victor Hugo

_Some thoughts are like prayers. At times, the soul comes down on its knees irrespective of the attitude of the body. –Victor Hugo

_God has written the word ‘Hope’ on the brow of every human being. –Victor Hugo

_Things which are impossible to express and cannot be left unsaid are expressed by music. –Victor Hugo

_A man absorbed in thought is not idle. There are two kinds of labour: Visible and Invisible. –Victor Hugo

_The illusion that a communication has taken place is the most problematic thing about it. –George Bernard Shaw

_Once your heart is broken, you feel as if your boats are burned and nothing matters to you anymore. The sensation is weird and the pain you feel goes beyond your control. At this time, happiness comes to an end and peace begins. –George Bernard Shaw

_You ask ‘Why?’ after you have seen things. On the other hand, I dream things that were never there and ask ‘Why not?’ –George Bernard Shaw

_Just like you use a mirror made of glass to see your face, works of art is used to look inside your soul. –George Bernard Shaw

_I add spice to my conversations by quoting myself. –George Bernard Shaw

_The mistakes of a thief is the same as the virtues of the financier. –George Bernard Shaw

_Most people fear liberty because it brings responsibility along with it. –George Bernard Shaw

_If there is enough time, everybody experiences everything. –George Bernard Shaw

_Instead of considering art as a mirror held up to the reality, we should consider it as a hammer to shape the reality with. –Bertolt Brecht

_The hungry man should reach for the book as it acts as a weapon for him. –Bertolt Brecht

_The abuses which the human race was subjected to is remembered by it rather than the endearments. Kisses do not leave behind anything but the scars from wounds remain. –Bertolt Brecht

quotes by world famous playwrights

_The political illiterate is the worst kind of illiterate. He does not speak, listen or participate in events related to politics. He is ignorant about the cost of life. The person is so foolish that he proudly claims that he hates politics. He fails to understand that the prostitute, the abandoned child, the thief and the most corrupted politician is born out of his ignorance. –Bertolt Brecht

_The founding of a bank is a greater wrongdoing than the robbing of a bank. –Bertolt Brecht

_The problems of youth can be solved with youth, the problems of immaturity can be outgrown, and education is the cure to ignorance. However, stupidity has no cure and lasts forever. –Aristophanes

_You should open your mind before opening your mouth. –Aristophanes

_In order for me to say something clever, I must wet my mind with a beaker of wine. –Aristophanes

_Always cook the people something delicious that they will like if you want to please them. –Aristophanes

_Words give wings to the mind. –Aristophanes

_Wise people would live the same life even if all the laws of the land were abolished. –Aristophanes

_Every man should exercise the art he has mastered. –Aristophanes

_Cities learn the lesson of surrounding themselves with high walls not from their friends but their foes. –Aristophanes

_The desire and pursuit of the whole is named love. –Aristophanes

_You are a fool to challenge me to a war as you could have easily had me as your ally. –Aristophanes

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