15 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Podcast

Let’s admit it! Podcasts aren’t the first thing you think when you consider business promotion or marketing. 

But with the new age of content rising in the world where content is the value for customer acquisition, thinking podcasts to be first for the marketing or branding isn’t as crazy at all! 

With everything you are doing with socia media marketing, blogging or other marketing avenues, podcasts have huge potential for businesses. 

Here in this article, we are pretty much convinced you why every business should start their own podcast. 

It is still up to you on how ambitious you want it to be with or where you want to take it, podcast is more than you think, especially for businesses in this era. 

Enough of the build up, let’s dive in the reason why your business should start a podcast. 

Podcasts Help In Developing Your Brand 

According to a report, there are around 90 million podcast listeners in the United States only. 

Podcasts have great potential to increase the reach of your brand to new customers. 

Even apart from that, think of a podcast as a dedicated media channel that your business owns and controls. 

It is a credible source from where your brand can communicate to the market, customers or to anyone out there. 

Podcasts help your business to position themselves in the best strategic stand in terms of communication and branding. 

Also, continuous releasing of the episodes from your business podcast helps people closer to your brand. 

It helps your brand memorable to the potential customers and gives your business a level of brand loyalty as well. 

Podcast Repurpose Content 

Repurposing is one of the best content strategies that helps your business to produce more content in less time. 

It is  really a thing when it comes to generating tons of content everyday from a business. 

Repurposing the existing content not just helps businesses but also the users as it becomes more susceptible and penetrable to more audiences. 

Podcast is the format which is highly repurposable and you have already seen businesses and content creators do it all the time. 

Best part is yet to come as most things can be changed into podcasts and podcasts can be further changed or repurposed into many other content forms. 

For Example, if you have tons of blogs on your website and are entering into the podcast space, you can just start by turning all the articles into podcast form. 

On other hand, if you have plenty of long podcast episodes, you can repurpose them into small blogs, transcript them, or make small clips out of them to share on social media. 

There are just numerous ways to repurpose podcast form content that makes it perfect for content marketing for any small business. 

Podcast Gets You Highly Engaged Consumers 

With any other form of content, you surely get an audience that is engaged with your content. 

In the case of a podcast, if you’re good, it gives you listeners that are highly engaged and are action-takers. 

Now what does that mean? 

We already see podcast listeners complete or at least listen to most of the podcast even when the episodes are like an hour or two hour long. 

    Image Source: Neilson

But more than that, they are more dedicated as compared to others. In more business-y words, they are easy to convert, or more likely to. 

This simply means with more and more podcast listeners, you are going to get more followers, ad clicks, affiliate links, sponsorships and even merchandising. 

Another very interesting fact about podcasts is that podcast listeners usually have an average earning of $75,000 a year. 

It means, for them, it is as easy to buy or put investment as any other kind of audience you get. 

We simply consider that one of the best reasons to sign up for the podcast creation for your business. 

Podcast Makes A Personal Connection To Your Listeners

Podcasts are as personal as they get! And developing a personal connection to your listeners or, say, potential customers is the best thing that can happen.

You are basically talking to your customers directly to their ears, communicating with them, relating to them and building a personal relation. 

It is so powerful, making your brand so important for people that listen to you.

Your top podcast listeners are not just your potential customers but they are your core fans and advocates. 

The best part of the podcast, unlike the traditional marketing ways, is being so authentic, real, casual and unfiltered. 

So basically, your potential customers are kind of falling in love with your brand, and really connect with you, and what you propose as well. 

Not to mention how the value you are providing impacts your listeners making it as personal as possible. 

Podcast Builds Brand Authority

Creating content through podcasts that helps people resolve their issues, provide knowledge or even entertain is the road to gain brand authority. 

If your podcasts are helping your potential customers, you are more likely to establish yourself as an industry leader. 

It is about helping people in your industry and providing content that can add value to their life. 

Even if you are not at the beginning of the podcast, over time, it puts you in the position of authority. 

If you have a business, start a podcast on the niche you’re in and are expert in attracting new customers. 

Lot of podcasters started as content creators building a brand for their business where they were providing value and helping people. 

But over the years, they become recognized and credible voices in the industry, even celebrities, a brand of their own. 

Podcast Are Intense In Information 

Lot of advantages we’ve talked about the podcast can be the same or at least applicable to any other content creation from a business. 

So why a podcast? 

Well, what separates podcasts from any other form of content, even the most seemingly powerful one- video, is how deep and intense it is. 

Podcasts being long-form audio form content focuses only and only on the content. 

It is more intense and initiate for any consumer. The convenience of consuming the content anywhere anytime without even looking at the screen only adds to it. 

It is that pure form of raw content that is not constrained by time, limited words or visual detailing or anything else. 

Podcasts have the capability to go deep as much as possible in comparison to any other content forms. 

So you can put across everything you want to tell to your consumers in detail without any hesitation. 

Podcast Is Easily Consumable Than Longer Texts 

The convenience of podcast consumption makes it a popular medium amongst the audience. 

Convenience isn’t about consuming long-form raw information or conversations directly to your ears without a need to look at your phone or laptop screens. 

It is also about the inability of people to read blogs more than 700-1000 words.  A quick blog can be an easy read but imaging reading 5000 or 6000 words a blog! 

For most people, it is hard, inconvenient or just simply too time-consuming! 

But if those words are in the form of a podcast, they are more likely to consume it while driving or walking around. . 

An average blog post of 700 words can be read in 5-minutes of time where an average podcast of 35-40 minutes can be translated into 4550 words, as in 6-7 blogs. 

Podcasts clearly have an advantage of convenience and ease in consumption. They are digestible and more easy to connect with. 

Even if you’re a small business with truly informative and great blogs written on your website, you must consider turning them into a podcast for gaining this leverage. 

Podcast Gives Just An Another Marketing Channel 

Well, one of the very basic reasons a business can apprehend clearly that podcast being another marketing channel to promote their products. 

The fact is to address that podcast listening is growing its audience over the years. 

Along with that, the rise of mobile usage only promotes the podcast listening more and more. 

According to Statista, 4.78 billion mobile phone users are going to be by 2020. 

It is simple! As a small business owner, you need to reach everywhere where you find your potential customer could be. 

Just by that fact, it is not really smart to leave this opportunity at the table in terms of increasing your brand visibility and marketing. 

Irrespective of whether you’re new or old to the business world, podcasts help it take an upper notch. 

Even after a few years, not very many people know about your business, podcast is a way to get your business noticed

The key is definitely to create helpful and engaging content through podcasting and be consistent about it. 

It is most certainly the better way to just share your product links on social media or spending a fortune on ads. 

Maybe all you need is a bit of credibility and some level of establishment that a prospective buyer can feel through your display of content. 

If your content is impressive, putting money on ads might work when a probable buyer lands on your website and starts researching your brand. 

And that’s the least that can happen. The best scenario is the podcast can help you gain recognition on social media, and eventually the popularity you need in the business. 

Podcast Gives Your Business A Voice 

This actually should be the core reason for starting a podcast for your business anyway. 

The voice of the business isn’t even about communicating or making announcements or relationships to the world or customers. 

Voice of a business relates to what your brand stands for, what are your core values and what are you propagating through your products. 

Podcasting allows businesses to develop their own voice for the brand. 

Podcast Develops Community 

The avid listeners of a podcast aren’t really casual about it. Podcast fans can be really intense and really into it. 

It has been seen that 80% of the listeners who start the podcast always complete it or listen to most of it. 

This clearly states that podcast listeners are devoted to listening and love to talk about it. 

That’s why podcast listeners make a great community as they are more keen, patient and intellectually-feasting about sharing and connecting with others. 

Community building not is great for business as well. 

It is a perfect way to genuinely help your potential customers or listeners by creating an ecosystem where everyone can help each other. 

Community also helps your content grow as well as the business with their honest and dedicated feedback. 

Podcast Helps You Build Personal Brand 

We already established how personal and intimate a podcast is, especially for the listeners towards their favourite podcast host. 

Whether you are already on the road of building a personal brand leveraging that to sell your products or even just a business without any face,  personal branding is critical for the success of any business. 

Personal branding is identifying the face of the business or whatever you’re selling. 

In most of the cases, personal brands are themselves bigger than the product they sell, so they can actually be flexible with selling other things as well. 

Podcasting itself is a great way to build or grow a personal brand as it allows you to breathe and shine your personality in its long-form content format and long-term intimate listener relationship. 

If you are a small business, only promoting your products on social media, that’s not enough. 

It is crucial that you have a face of the business out there even if it doesn’t really outshadow your products or business. 

Personal branding through podcasting helps potential customers personalize with your business or brand. 

They humanize what you are proposing and connect to you, your story, the brand story, your content that helps and eventually the product you sell. 

Podcast Helps Remote Workers & Freelancers 

Remote culture is at peak, and it is only going to grow more from here. More workforces are preferring their employees to work from home or remotely. 

This makes profit to the businesses in more than ways you can think of. Definitely something worth considering if you haven’t already. 

But how does a podcast play a role here? 

Well, isolation isn’t easy for most people. There is a price to pay for not working in an office culture environment or connecting in a physical space with your teammates. 

It leads to detachment and fear of missing out along with a lot of other issues. Everything follows the remote worker’s lack of productivity. 

But amongst other many easy solutions to these problems, Podcasts also present themselves very well. 

Listening to podcasts help people to stay connected. It helps people to connect with other employees or team  mates, and also develop  relationships. 

This works charmingly for those team members who work remotely from other countries. 

Podcasts Are Easy To Produce As Compared To Blog Posts 

This might seem like a stretch, considering that writing needs less resources and must be easier than recording a high-quality podcast. 

But hear us out! 

A good blog post requires extensive research, good resource materials, investment of time and energy and so much more. 

Most importantly, hiring a very good writer! Well, good luck for that! 

Even though writing seems to be an obvious easy content creation option for your business, podcasts are more convenient. 

Podcasts allow you to create a great piece of content without really re-editing or going through over and over for proofreading, grammar, fact-checking and all other formatting issues. 

Podcasts are supposed to be a loosely-formatted raw conversation.The whole point of a podcast is being casual and yet very effective with the content. 

Even if you want to create an information-loaded sophisticated and well-formatted podcast, it has to find its own flow at the recording time. 

So it leaves so much less of the room to prepare or control it. 

Especially when you get used to it with two or three podcast episodes, it becomes second nature to pour great stuff from your mind with great guests. 

Blog Posts are hard work every time you create them and don’t let you afford any mistake as it represents lack of conviction and professionalism from a brand. 

Podcasts on the other hand, are cool to be full of informal stories, jokes or even something so casual that it connects immediately with the audience. 

However, post-production and learning how to record quality audio comes with their own challenges and learning curve. 

But for a long-run and consistent content creation, podcast production is easier when you compare to the returns you get. 

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