105+ Best Relationship Puns and Funny Quotes

Business Communication Funny Puns 105+ Best Relationship Puns and Funny Quotes

105+ Best Relationship Puns and Funny Quotes

Relationship is something in which all of us are already engaged in and thus it does not need any introduction. You must not understand relationship only as you and your wife, girlfriend or boyfriend but it has the wider aspect. It covers any as well as every kind of relation that you share with the people around you. Mentioned below are some relationship puns and quotes. 

Relationship Puns and Funny Quotes

  • This is the RELATIONSHIP phone which is been launched by this cell phone brand 
  • This is the government’s RELATIONSHIP scheme for lifting people from the poverty 
  • That army man is on his RELATION 
  • Our RELATION is to serve all those who are needy 
  • What would be your RELATION for your next Instagram picture

_ Can you suggest some RELATION for my Instagram upload 

_ Let us go to Police RELATION and file a complaint against that man who hit you so badly 

_ I am going to Police RELATION to lodge a complaint against him 

_ Every one in India must have a RELATION card 

_ We all must always try to serve our RELATION 

_ All the army personnels are actually serving the RELATION with out even thinking of their own lives 

_ She was CRELATION lady, it means she was the native of Croatia 

_ Country’s RELATION is rising every year 

_ The government is the one actually responsible for controlling the RELATION rate of the country

_ RELATION needed 

_ 101 RELATION was one of my most favourite story books 

_ Have you ever seen those dogs which are called RELATION

_ She is actually full with RELATION as she is so much annoyed with her behaviour 

_ You must never allow your RELATION over riding you any ways 

_ She was called here for the story RELATION 

_ I am going out of RELATION for some days 

_ I will be on leave as I am going out of RELATION for next three to four days 

_ Get the gas filled from the gas RELATION 

_ How much RELATION did your father fave for your admission in that college 

_ What is your exact RELATION I could not see you here 

_ Every one must always follow the RELATION laws and must pay the Taxes on time 

_ The government today passed that RELATION in the parliament session 

_ Earth takes 24 hours for its RELATION 

_ She is right now working under the RELATIONARY period 

_ She is under RELATION for now as she had joined here as the fresher 

_ Her RELATIONARY period is of approximately six months 

_ Have you prepared that RELATION of those two chemicals which I told you to do 

_ Please prepare some Sugar RELATION for this cake 

_ You must actually use Sugar RELATION for softening the sponge cake 

_ Have you done all the PRE – RELATIONS for today’s party 

_ You must do all the PRE – RELATIONS for his birth day party 

_ We must grow more of RELATION crops like tea, coffee and so on 

_ Tea, coffee are counted as the RELATION crops 

_ This show piece is actually seems so very RELATIVE in your room 

_ This what you made is the RELATIVE item for this room of mine 

_ You need to be a bit more RELATIVE in this matter 

_ How come you had lost all your RELATIVITY 

_ How INRELATIVE a person could ever be 

_ How ARGUE – RELATIVE you are actually being to me today 

_ You must avoid being so ARGUE – RELATIVE to your father 

_ Do you have any other substitute or rather any other ALTER – RELATIVE for this 

_ You must be ready with an ALTER – RELATIVE 

_ Your father is so CONSERELATIVE in his thoughts 

_ Your family seems to be too CONSERELATIVE through their words 

_ Why are being so CONSERELATIVE 

_ You must be open minded like me rather than being CONSERELATIVE like her 

_ All the fields of business are so COMPERELATIVE these days 

_ Every field is now being so COMPERELATIVE for every one, no matter you are old or new 


_ You must always think RELATIVE and not NEGATIVE 

_ He did a COMPARELATIVE study of those two channels 

_ Prepare a COMPARELATIVE study of both of those Cuisines 

_ Our plans of going to Goa are RELATIVE right now, which means that it can be canceled any moment 

_ Why are the Goa plans always so RELATIVE, lying on the verge of cancellation 

_ Why is your plan yet RELATIVE and not fixed, aren’t you coming with us 

_ We must together take all the PRELATIVE measures against any disease 

_ Have you ever seen PRELATIVE groups of our country 

_ I have studied about the PRELATIVE persons in Anthropology 

_ We must avoid using PRELATIVES in our food items 

_ Pickles are usually added with PRELATIVES which actually gives them long shelf life 

_ All of these food items have PRELATIVES which are not good for our health 

_ This music is so RELATIVE when ever i visit this place 

_ Your clothing style always seems to be like the RELATIVE one 

_ All kinda of sauces always have their DERELATIVES 

_ Tartar Sauce is the DERELATIVE of the Mayonnaise 

_ Mornay and Soubise sauces are the DERELATIVE sauces of the Bechamel sauce 

_ He is the head chef of our kitchen, that means he is the RELATIVE chef of our kitchen 

_ Kindly give me all the NERELATIVES of my photographs 

_ Do you have NERELATIVES of my photos too?

_ He is the REPRELATIVE of that party 

_ That political party had made him as their REPRELATIVE 

_ I am going to be their voice as well as their REPRELATIVE too 

_ He had been doing the same way from last three CONSERELATIVE times 

_ How come you had become so INTERPRELATIVE 

_ This was my CRELATION

_ You are actually so INTERPRELATIVE 

_ PRELATION is better than cure 

_ You must stop being so INTERPRELATIVE 

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