Renovation Company Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

How many of you know about a renovation company? It might be possible that most of us are familiar with this company. However, there is a slight chance that a few of us might not know it. So, let us explain. 

renovation company names:

Renovation can also be called remodeling. It’s a process of converting your outdated, broken home structure into the new one. However, repair and maintenance work are not included in it.

Today, home renovation is not only a fashion, but it’s a necessity. We can help you with name suggestions if you have a renovation company.

Mod Guys Construction

Small World Remodeling

Amended Renovations

Kahn Mechanical Contractors

Imagineer Remodeling

Concept Design Develop

Touched Remodeling

Golden Key Contracting

House Repair

AirRite Air-Conditioning Company

americo Remodeling

Brand New Home

Building Repair Specialists

124 Longview Builders


Revoxon General Contractors

Occasiya Decor

Carlson Homes

Blue House

Fix Home Services

Knocking Down Walls

Glorious Homes

Touchdown Home Builders

Whiting-Turner Contracting

Anderson Remodeling

Sterling Mechanics & Remodeling

Handshake Construction

Apartment Renovation

Matrix Home Building

Russell Contracting

Mr Handy Hands

Distinctive Design Remodeling

Handy Dan

Advanced Home Improvement

Nova buildcon

Matrix Basement Systems

Trek Remodeling

Inventia Remodeling

Construction Partners

Cool Renovation Company Names

Doing renovation of your home or offices comes under the cool thing. There are so many renovation companies around, and all of them are doing cool work. But do they have a cool name for their company? Here’s the list of cool renovation company names:

Renovations Recreated

Mountain Home Construction

Homestead Upgrade Renovations

Russell Contracting

AAA All Phase Construction Services

AirRite Remodelers

Air Assurance

CHC Mechanical

BeeTree Homes

All About Buildings

Refreshed Repairs

West Peak Builders


My Commercial Construction

Qualityplus Renovations

Love speare Remodeling

Unique Builders and Development

Professional Building Services

Newsights Innovations

Sweet Home

Steps To New

Fresh Start Reno


Drift Remodeling

Steps To New

The Kingston Group

Remonster Remodeling

Reno Renovations

Royal House

AAA All-Pro Construction

Partner Kahn Remodeling

Blissful Home Builders

K&M Shillingford, Inc.

Refresh my Kitchen

Breathland Remodeling

Modular Construction

Gemstone Improvements

Green Machines

House Repair

Yellowladder Renovations

Final touch Remodeling

Gutted Glory

Eco-Sense Construction

TKO Contractors


AJ Warren Service Company

Home Task Handyman Services

Eye Candy Handyman

Star Treatment Renovations

Delta reno

Punchlist Handyman


NeighBour Creative Construction

Aura green Remodeling

Concept remodelers

Dreamdecor Improvements

Fox Home Repair company

Wharton-Smith Construction

New Building

Duorriss Home improvement

Engineering Excellence

Optima Construction

Ideal Renovate

Renova Remodeling

Clean Cut Builders

Kahn Mechanical Contractors

Floor To Ceiling Refresh


Iron House Construction

Building Nova

Knocking Down Walls

Divine Renovation

Greativa Remodeling

Prestige Home Projects

Capa nova


Eagle Homes


Building Repair

FabuWing Home improvement

ThreeSixty Remodeling

Messier Construction

Ivey Mechanical


Outdoor Building Concepts

Referred Renovators

Jackhammer Studios

Dozer Construction


Magic minds Remodeling

Builder Gorilla

Dockside Stone

apollo hieghts

Ideal House

We Renovate Today

Corbin Comfort Systems

Big Dog Construction

Building Upgrade

start edge

Breyer Construction

Catchy Renovation Company Names

If you have a renovation company, you are not the only one with that business. You should always know that competition is tough. So, it’s a good move if you get a catchy name for your company. Here’s the list of catchy renovation company names:

Robins & Morton

The Honey Do Service

Destiny Builders

Grayson Contracting Services

Higher Dimensions

Superior Renovations and Home Repair

Progressive Renovations

Dream cart Remodeling

TopTall Improvement

Lighthouse Building Services

Fresh Starts

Gutted To Glory

First Ascent Homes

All Phase Home Solutions

Luxury Living

River’s Edge Construction

Dream House Construction

Merylyn Home improvement

Quality Home Renovators

Renovative Builders

Evans Roofing Home Repair

Renovation Fund

Good Bones Homes

Vitality Remodeling

Prestige Home Building

Sparklenew Renovations

Diamond Commercial Builders

Clean Cut Builders

Marshall Brothers Contracting

Shane Construction Services

Big Dog Construction

J&J Air Conditioning

Renovate Lab

Layton Construction


Stoneworks Home Builders

Remodeling Dozer

Engicube Remodeling

Revisit Renovations

Bring it back renovations

Lone Star Building

Refresh Renovations

Optima Construction


House Renovation

Best Home Solutions

Quick Fixes

Level Up Builders

House Renovation

Maintenance Made Simple

Choice Home Improvement

Gemstone Improvements

Falcon Remodeling

HammerTime Construction

Professional Contract

Walles Brothers

Crescent Moon Homes

SandStar Remodeling

Former Frames

orama Builders


Gutted To Glory

Onyx Strong Construction

Extend a Home

Campbell Materials

Best Deal Roofing & Remodeling

AAA All-Pro Construction

Hammer of the Gods Contractors

Brand New To You

Rise High Renovations

Full House

Powerful Constructionist

InnoveHands Home Improvement

orama Builders

Harmony Improvements

super magma

Lively Landscapes

Fox Remodeling company

BlueMarble Remodeling

Rapid Refresh

SandyTwist Remodeling

Rapiduster Remodeling

WorkJoy Construction


Miller Design Build

Property Action

Your Helping hands

Griffis Saw Mill

Done Right Builders

arc ocen Remodeling

Blue Sky Remodeling

allen Remodeling

cansas Remodeling

Sweet homes


High Voltage Builders

Merlina Home improvement

kingstone Remodeling

Uniquely Unique Homes

Resourceful Renovations

Best Renovation Company Names

Do you have a renovation company? If yes, you know well that every customer wants the best work from you, and there’s no doubt you are doing the best. But, do you have the best name for your company? Here’s the list of best renovation company names:

Innerglow Remodelling

Green emerald Remodeling

Quality Home Services


Memorett Remodeling

GRC Mechanical

TKY Builder

Handyman Network

You Nailed It! Construction

Foundation Repair Services

Pure Renovation Company

Eco-Sense Construction


wooden aura

Claen Cut Construction

New Home Help

White Venus

AirRite Remodelers

Renovating Resources

Ivory Homes

High End Handyman Services

Paradigm Remodeling

Honey-Do Handyman

Mountainville Renovations

Lighthouse Building Services

New Love Upgrades

Blue Ladder Construction

Yellow Van Handyman

Skylight Renovations

Strong Construction

Fair Trade Builders

Russell Contracting

Expedited Renovations

Pomping services limited

Your House Anewed

Hearty Contractors



Magma Remodeling


Victory’s Home Renovation

Instant Designers

Hobaica Services

Simplicity Hobaica Remodelling

Resourceful Renovations

Crop Corn Remodeling

Darkster Remodeling

Newsights Innovations

Home Sweet New Home

Smart n Savvy Homes

Evolution Home Repair

EpicDash Home improvement

Brightface Renovations

System Home Improvement

Stonehouse Innovations

Trio-Capricorn Remodeling

Sparklenew Renovations

Renovefest Remodeling

Buresh Home Solutions

Renovation Fund


Extra Hand Handyman

Build It Back

nova renovation

Hobaica Services

unicorn Remodeling

Cross strict Remodeling

Action Air Conditioning


Handyman Express

Home Improvement Deals

TAG Mechanical

The Renovators of Canada

Lighthouse Remodeling company

Harrington Engineering

DR Miller Design Build

Home Sweet New Home

vivid nexa

Conditioned Air

AC construction

Vitalglow Improvements

Hammer Builder Works

Principal Home Repair

Grayson Contracting Services

Your Neighborhood Construction

Sunshine Builders

Smarter Remodeling

Merge Remodeling

Wingspan Resources

Renovated Now

ReBath of Illinois


Former Frames

Tycoon Remodeling

Lifecycle Building Center

Home Remedy

Olson’s Builders & Remodeling

Nice Frames Construction Services

Irene mechanical

Level Up Builders

Awesome Renovation Company Names

Awesome is not the word but the feeling! Who knows it better than the one who runs a renovation company. You know well that your awesome renovation gives an awesome feeling to customers. But do you have an awesome company name? Here’s the list of awesome renovation company names: 

RedOne Home improvement

Mod Guys Construction

We Build Foundation

Wishbone Contracting Services

wall street

Nova buildcon

Premier Lonestar Construction

Vibrantglow Renovations

Construction Partners

West Peak Home Builders

Grayson Links

Green Basements & Remodeling

Sterling Mechanical

The Lighting Centre

100 Percent Homes

Renovate Your House

Jonathan Bros..

Innovative Renovations

Matrix Innovations

Targetglow Renovations

Dirty Jobs Handyman

Get Your Fix

Easterly Home improvement

J&J Air Conditioning

Freshly Brewed Homes

Pepper Construction Group

All The Way Home

Air Cycle

Alpha Renovations

Jacob Builders

Force Home Services

golden conta Remodeling

Wharton-Smith Construction

ket stone

Easy Renovate

Trek Remodeling

Knock door

Proof Contractors

high rise

marvella Remodeling

pixxa door

Home improvementtring

Urban Glory Repair

Odd Job Bob


Limitless Repair Statewide

Skylight Renovations

Wet Paint Renovations

No-Risk Renovations

Snappy Home Improvements

fresshers Remodeling

Mod Guys Construction


Handy On Call

Dozzier Remodeling

Mountainville Renovatio

High Voltage builders

Knight’s General Contractors

GoodWish Remodeling

Picture Perfect Painting

Decisive Remodelers

The Honey Do Service

Eric Kjelshus Energy Services

Retail Remodeling company

Grey Son

Skyscraper Construction

Warren Remodeling & Co.

Horizon Improvements

Wholesome Builders


Done Right Home Remodeling

Call Us Renovations

The Details

Clean cut

Dreamer Homes

Progressive Homes

YoungMore Home Improvement

Elykeen Home improvement

Magma Remodeling

Engineering Excellence

Plush Couch Renovations

Fluid Homes

Midnight Handyman

Mountainville Renovatio

Braveman Remodeling

You Nailed It Construction

Sun shore Remodeling

Legal Eagle Contractors

Jacobson Heating & Cooling

Improved Rooms

Hammering Remodeling


Call Us Renovations

House Decorate

Ideal House

Rossdale Home improvement

CroppMetcalfe Services

Revoxon General Contractors

Grow Gains Renovations

Canoe n Paddle Homes

Creative Renovation Company Names

If you are into the renovation business, you know well that creativity is very important. Serving creative work is the next process. The first step should always be having a creative name for your company. Here’s the list of creative renovation company names:

Facelift Homes

Sterling Mechanics & Remodeling

Derben Craft

Golden Key Contractors

West Peak Home Builders

Found and Fixed

Vitalglow Improvements

Home Center Outlet

Start Anew

Captiva green



Modern Green Construction

Refresh Contracting and Remodeling


Renew Reno

Handyman Taskforce

Pure Renovation Company

Sunshine Remodeling

GRC Builders

TKO Contractors

Iconic Renovations

Blue House

Goldenslot Improvements

Golden Key Contractors

Building Decorate

Brown Iey Remodeling

Grey Merchants services

Chromatic Remodelling

Accumore Remodeling

safe house

Broken House

Home Helpers

JadeMayer Home improvement

Builder Ability Contracting

air frega

Clean Up Crew

Builder Elephants


Success Construction

Top 2 Bottom Homes

Tinysparks Improvements

New Love Upgrades

Matrix Home Building

Building Decorate

The Home Depot

Tribal Renovations

Heavy Lifting Builders

Mod Home Repair

Dytella Home improvement

Renovate With Us

Change Your Life Renovations

Let’S Talk Homes

Handshake Construction

Silk Walker Builders

Thorough Construction

Refreshed Repairs

Repair Fun

Paddle Homes

Primest Decor

Watson Commercial Builders

Style Plus Remodeling

Cornerstone Renovations

Ivory Coast Construction

The Great Update

House Repair

Drift Remodeling

Nations Custom Construction

Reno Pros

Renovatic inc

Family Home Designers & Builders

The Headers


Skyline Innovations

All Star Construction

Essential Homes

One Call Home Repair

Nations Custom Construction

heaven door

Gutted Glory

BlueJade Home improvement

start dot Remodeling

Complete Commercial Builders

Nations Custom Construction

Estes Heating & Cooling

FocalPoint Remodeling

Complete Commercial Builders

HomeMoxy Home Improvement

Elegant Interior Designs

Tenhulzen Residential

Remarkable Remodeling

Looking Glass Homes

Fair Trade Builders

Serras Home Repair

Grey Merchants services

Complete Commercial Builders

Credible Construction

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

The Bespoken Home

New Nest

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