100+ Catchy Rice Captions for Instagram

Rice is a very widely consumed staple across the globe. There are wide varieties, and rice grains come in many different sizes. Here are some carefully cooked-up captions for your posts and pics on rice for you to use across social media and become popular. Get a lot more followers and likes.

rice captions for Instagram

Fresh from the field.

Check the health benefits you get with our rice.

We don’t compromise on quality. #quality

Find the freshness of nature in our every pack.

Nature’s best brought to you.

Best digestion with our rice. #digestive

Health is of utmost importance for us.

Brown or white, eat the best. #best

Non-GMO rice for better health. #nongmo

Surely you never thought rice can be so delectably tasty.

No chemicals from sowing to consuming. #chemicalfree

For every grain, you can safely count on us.

For every kind of cooking. #cooking

Nature’s purity brought to your platter.

A must-have item in every kitchen. #musthave

The highest selling rice at the lowest selling price.

We bring you the best. Always. #bestalways

A palate’s most desired rice bowl.

The mystical aroma will beckon you to the dining table.

Eat the finer. Eat better. #fine

We bring our love to your plate.

No negative effects from consuming our rice.

The most trusted brand. #mosttrusted

The best is always from us. #unique

Even fitness freaks opt for our rice.

Packaged to perfection. #perfect

Unleash the gourmet in you.

Never compromise on quality. #bestquality

Your taste and health are our prime concerns.

Chemical-free is what you get when you buy our products.

See the difference when you try our rice. #different

Your road to healthy eating.

The color and aroma are both so inviting.

The finest grains available. #grains

Sorted to perfection.

Eat healthily. Live healthily. #healthy

This rice has suited most people.

We make you eat healthily. #healthy

We bring you the best always.

The longest grains are from us. #longgrain

We strive to bring you nature’s best.

Rice that will make you want to eat more.

Your family deserves the best. #family

From us, with love.

Quality that you can depend on always. #dependable

We bring you the quality you deserve.

Eat rice and enjoy more. #enjoy

Get more for less. From us only.

Eat the best available. #bestchoice

Get a lot more at a lot less.

Now buy rice at wholesale prices. #affordable

Good food must be accompanied by good grains. #goodfood

Make rice your staple food.

Even medical practitioners recommend our brand.

The whitest is from us. As is the brownest. #rice

Our love shows in what we offer.

Rice that matters to your health. #healthy

The grains make food taste even better.

Your family will value your concern. #value

The best rice for the best cook.

We are the most talked of brand for many reasons. All good ones.

The healthiest rice. Even nutritionists have certified us. #certified

Let out the chef in you.

Funny Rice Captions

Our rice is different. #different

Our quality control is the best in the industry.

We have been voted the best for 6 years now.

Infused with added vitamins. #vitamins

We bring health benefits, not just the rice.

Make our rice your daily staple. #staple

Nothing synthetic in our rice.

Every master chef’s dream and desire.

Never compromise on quality. #rice

The rice you will never give up ever.

Every meal is so much more filling with rice.

Long grain for the best taste. #bestatase

Our rice to keep fighting fit.

Where quality and affordability meet.

Rice with love. #love

Choose the rice that the world loves.

To remain healthy, choose our rice. #healthy

The best quality at the cheapest prices.

Scented for a better flavor. #flavorful

You buy the quality from us. The rice comes free.

Every connoisseur’s dream. #connoisseur

Truly exclusive quality brought for you.

A staple for most. #staple

A brand that is trusted everywhere.

We care for you. So we bring you the best.

See the love in our harvests. #harvest

You are the best. You deserve the best.

We have all kinds of rice. #range

Make a difference in the way you eat.

Make your meals with love. #meals

Choose the best. 

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