325+ Best Rubik’s Cube Party Names

 The basic idea of the Rubik’s Cube party is that the guests show up in an outfit that features one item corresponding to each color on a Rubik’s Cube. As the night goes on, partiers mingle and swap articles of clothing with the other guests. All this is more fun when you have an amazing Rubik’s Cube Party name.

Deciding a name for your party is a vital thing. It requires having the perfect name. So, to help you out with that we will provide you with some super cool Rubik’s Cube Party names.

Let’s have some fun with this amazing party with an awesome name.

list of catchy Rubik’s Cube Party names:

Dress like a Rubik’s Cube

Solve and Swap

Rubik’s Fun

Let’s Solve It

Swap Your Clothes!

Go Home in One Color

Let’s See What You Got

Fun Swap Game

Do You Know the Rubik’s Trick?

Rubik’s Cube Cake Party

Think Like a Rubik’s Cube

Swap It  Immediately!

Only Rubik’s Cube Costumes Allowed

Red. White. Blue. Green. Yellow. Orange.

Which color did you get?

It’s Rubik’s Party

Ruby’s Rubik’s Cube Party

Rubik’s Cube Jell O shots

Mix & Match

Birthday with Rubik’s Cube

Swapping Challenge

It’s a Colorful Party

All About Colors

Cute Cube Party

It’s a Cubical Party

Wear a Rubik’s Cube

Swap and Wear

Colors Everywhere

Beers and Rubik’s Cubes

All About Colors and Cubes

Dress in a Single Color

Swap with a Stranger

Super Colorz

It’s Fun Swapping

Keep Calm and Swap

Swap It when the music stops

A White Party

All You Need are Some Bright Colors

Bright and Bubbly Party

A Night All about Food and Colors

Made a Rubik’s Cube Cake

Squares and Cubes

A Party Filled with Colors

A Fun Colored Party

Jellies and Candies Colored

Ultra Color Partyy

Rubik’s Got It

A Cube Party

Everything About Rubik’s

A Night With Cubes

Swap Till You Drop

Rubik’s Cube Fest

Solve the Puzzle!

Puzzles and Attires

Colors Are Important

The Night is All About the Cube

Dress Like Someone Else

Take Home a Stranger’s Clothes

Swap It Up

Cubes are Tough

Use Your Brain!

The Big Bang Cube

The Giant Rubik’s Cube

The Magic Cube Party

 Eat. Solve. Swap.

People! Swap Your Clothes

Solve the Cube and Win

A House of Rubik’s Cube

The Cube Club

The Rubik’s Cube Genius

Swap and Share

Food, Fun, and Rubik’s Cube

The Ultimate Rubik’s Cube Party

Solve. Swap. Share.

Solved the Cube Yet?

The Yellow Ones

Win It and Change It

The Traditional Rubik’s Cube Party

A Bachelorette with Rubik’s Cube

Cute Cube Competition

Gather for the Rubik’s Cube

Can’t Wait For the Rubik’s Cube Party

Winner Gets Red

Drinks and Cubes

The Rubik’s Cube Solver 

Only Rubik’s Cube Lovers

Colored Shots For Everyone!

Best Rubik’s Cube Solver

Brainy Guys on the Floor

Solve it and Win it

Tonight is All About Colors


Cute Cube Game

Exploring the Rubik’s Cube

It’s Rubik’s Cube Game Night

All Night Cube Solving

Leave With a Stranger’s Clothes

The Swap Game

The Swap Surprise

Solve and Exchange

The Exchange Night

Tonight’s Theme: Rubik’s Cube

Paint Yourself Like A Rubik’s Cube

Paint Yourself With Colors

Cover Yourself With Someone’s Clothes

Give and Take Clothes

Become A Total Different Person Tonight

Rebecca’s Rubik’s CUBES

Andy’s Swap Challenge

Bright Colors Only

Rubik’s CUbe Toppers

All the Geniuses In the House

Solve the Damn Cube

The Clothes Exchange Game

BEST Rubik’s Cube Party

Game Night With Rubik’s Cube

Win and Exchange Your Clothes

Dress Up Bright

One Color Only Party

Go Home With A Single Color

The Orange Party

Rubik’s Cube Themed Drinks

You Got Cubed

Cubes Only Night

Ever Thought of Fun With Cubes?

Fun Night With Rubik’s

Charlie’s Birthday With Cubes

Rubik’s Cubes & Cheese Cubes

Solve and Beat Others

It’s a Competition Night

Keep the Game Going

All About Swaps

Exchanges And Swaps Party

Cube Game Night On!

It’s Clothes Swap Party

Clothing Swapping

Swap Clothes All Night Long

Lollies For The Winners

Outfit Exchange Night

Be a Rubik’s Cube Yourself

A Rubik’s Cube Lookalike

Fun With Outfits

Swap It. Change It. Wear It.

Rubik’s Cube Party with 80’s Theme

A Match Between the Rubik’s Geniuses

Rubik’s Cube Accessories Only

Gamers with Cubes

Grab a Rubik’s Cube

Crazy Rubik’s Cube Night

A Hideous Cube Game

The Big Cube Bash

Birthdays are Better with Rubik’s Cube

Biggest Rubik’s Cube Night

Swap On!

Swap Up & Wrap Up

Bright Colors Night

The Green Team

Rubik’s Cube Team

Ready for the Cube Competition?

Rubik’s Cube & Everything Else

Prizes for the Cube Solvers

Cube Night 

Got The Cube?

Can You Solve the Magic Cube?

Magic Cube For Everyone

Show Your Power Moves on the Cube

Cubes, Cakes, and Fun!

Cubes in a Cubical

House Made of Rubik’s Cube

Stripping and Swapping

Swap Around the House

All Bout Cubes and Swaps

The Galaxy of Rubik’s Cube

Night of the Funniest Outfits

The Orange Army

The Army of Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube Assemble

First Solver is the Best

Solving It All Night

Damn the Rubik’s Cube


Swap Up Challenge

Sweet Swappers

Music, Outfits, and Cubes Night

Clothes AllAround

Be the Pieces of the Cube

Swap to Match the Colors

The genius of Rubik’s Cube

Prizes Only For Winner

Rubik’s Cube SpinOff

Fun Crazy Night of the Cubes

New Outfit Challenge

Get Different Colors

Go! Get Colored Tonight

Rubik’s Cube Addicted

Anna’s Cube Game

Magic Night with Magic Cube

Show Your Speed and Swap

Night All About Swap & Speed

Strip. Swap. Win.

Strip & Swap

Swapz Night

Partying and Swapping

The SWAP Team

The Best Outfit Night

Rubik’s Cube Hype

Hype About the Swap

Everybody Knows the Swap

A Rubik’s Cube Barter

Kinda Barter Game

Kinda Cube Game

The Clothes Barter

The Bar and Barter Night

Tequilas and Cubes

Cut the RCube Cake

The RCube Night

The Night of Exchanging

Not Another Rubik’s Cube Night

The Man in Blue Wins!

The Six Colors Night

Not a Monochrome Night

Colors Matter!

Swap SpinOff

Group of Cubes

Interchanging Nighttt

Best Swapper Night

Win as a Swapper

Swift Swapper Party

The Swagger Swapper

Amanda’s Swap Party

Swapping Only for Adults

Adults Cube Party

Got the Rubik’s Cube Solved!

Magic Cuber’s Night

RCube Lovers’ Night

Crazy Stripping and Swapping

This Night is all about Swapping

Strippin’ & Swappin’

Sweet Swappers Partyyy

The Biggest Cube Partyy

Party with the Magic Cube

Rubik’s Cube Got Magic

Richard’s Rubik’s Cube Night

Celebrate with Rubik’s Cube

Shawn’s Got the Magic Cube

Magic and the Cube

Swap, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Give Yours, Take Mine

The Red Cube Party

The Cube Concert

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