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71+ Best Santa Puns and Funny Quotes

Santa happens to be the adorable mascot of our holiday season for whom we all wait eagerly on the Christmas Eve. He is an individual who loves his reindeer and cookies, and also laughs with his belly. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned some interesting Santa puns for your enjoyment. 

Santa Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What are the reindeer wranglers of Santa Clause called?

Jolly ranchers.

  • How can you differentiate Santa’s reindeer and a knight?

The knight is going to slay the dragon while the reindeer happen to be dragon the sleigh.

  • Santa does not use reindeer milk while drinking coffee because he is sticking to a deery-free diet.
  • How much Santa pays for parking his sleigh as well as reindeer?

Nothing at all, it happens to be on the house!

_What are the little helpers of Santa called?

Subordinate Clauses.

_For what reason is Father Christmas not seen in the hospital?

Since he has personal elf care!

_If Santa Claus is crossed with a duck we will be getting a Christmas quacker.

_Which reindeer of Santa has got the best moves?


_A feline working for Santa is called a Santa Claws.

_Santa is known to spend his salary on Jingle bills.

_While Santa is on a vacation, he stays within a ho-ho-hotel.

 _When Santa becomes sick he goes to the elf center.

_Santa does not consume junk food because it is not good for your elf.

_Who is responsible for delivering Christmas presents to the baby sharks?

It is Santa Jaws.

_The type of motorbike which Santa rides happens to be a Holly Davidson.

_The assistant of Santa visited the physician since he was suffering from low elf esteem.

_Who happens to be the favorite pop singer of Santa?

Elf-is Presley!

_What is Santa called when he happens to be on a tea break?

Santa Pause!

_Doctor, doctor! It is Father Christmas who frightens me a lot!

You are struggling with Claus-trophobia!

_Who is responsible for delivering the Christmas presents of your pooch?

Santa paws.

_What are you going to get in case Santa does not remember to put on his undercrackers?

Saint Knickerless!

_What does Santa make use of for baking cakes?

Elf-raising flour.

_What is the nationality of Santa?

North Polish.

_What is the favorite food of Santa for breakfast?

Mistle toast.

_An individual who is known to clap during Christmas is called Sant Applause!

_Who does not remember to wear his underpants, and then ventures out for delivering presents?

Saint Knicker-less.

_What was told by the sea to Santa?

Nothing at all! It simply waved.

_How many presents was Santa able to put into the empty sack?

Just one; then it is not empty anymore.

_How will you be able to know if Santa is in your residence?

You will be able to sense his gifts.

_How talented is Santa in martial arts?

He has got a black belt.

_For what reason does Santa own 3 yards?

So that he is able to hoe, hoe, hoe.

_What is the name of Santa’s sister?

Mary Christmas.

_What is put by Santa on the toast?

Jingle Jam.

_In case Santa Claus becomes stuck in the chimney, we will be pouring Santa flush right on him!

_One day, a small kid told to Santa to send him a sister.

Santa relied by asking the child to send his mother.

_For what reason is Santa always so cheerful?

Because he knows the dwelling places of all the naughty chicks.

_At Christmas I will be using my hand-santa-tizer. It will help me to keep clean.

_How will Santa be able to deliver gifts when there is a thunderstorm?

Santa’s sleigh will be flown by raindeer.

_What is the preferred measurement of St. Nicholas in the metric system?

It is the Santameter.

_What thing happens to be red and white falling down the chimneys?

Santa Klutz.

_The preferred kind of potato chip of Santa Claus happens to be Crisp Pringles.

_For what reason do Dancer and Dasher prefer coffee?

Because they happen to be the star bucks of Santa.

_The preferred track and field event of Santa Claus happens to be North Pole-vaulting!

_The favorite snack food of Santa happens to be Crisp Pringles.  

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