List of 101+ Best Scooby-Doo Sayings

Psychology Sayings and Quotes List of 101+ Best Scooby-Doo Sayings

List of 101+ Best Scooby-Doo Sayings

Scooby Doo happens to be an American animated cartoon franchise, which has been around ever since the year 1969. The case in this cartoon series features 4 teenagers who go through a series of antics and missteps.

Here, we have showcased some of the most well-liked Scooby-Doo sayings that should fascinate you.

_Those creatures are conquering the planet … that’s terrible.

_Who happens to be your best friend?


_Correct. And whom you consider being your friend in this entire wide world?

_Rooby Doo.

_My name is Mary Jane.

_I like it, it’s the name which is my favorite.

_Like, relax Scrappy. There is no need for you to conquer this planet and destroy the human race.

_I am quite attractive just like a Powerpuff Girl. I am going to get my personal show.

_Now what?

_Eating is the best thing we do, and let us do that.

_It is nothing but plastic.

_You do that too.


_For what reason is the mood of Fred bad?

_His mood isn’t bad, Scoob, he is actually a monster.

_Friends never give up.


_I have got a significant wedgie.

_Hello, Hong Kong Fooey. Make it a point to enjoy the fists of fury.

_Scooby, we have come here for solving a mystery.

_Scooby-Doo. Your name suggests Scooby-poop.

_I like one thing more than eggplant burger, and it is actually an eggplant burger covered with chocolate.

_At present, I happen to be a black-belt. I have succeeded in converting my body into a threating weapon.

_Hang on. I know the way to tackle this man. Hello, you.

_Yah, that is simply superb.

_Only the swimsuit models seem to attract you.

_Hello. I happen to be a guy of substance. I get turned on by Dorky chicks like you as well.

_You cannot call me helpless. I am about to die. I’m helpless.

_This is just the reverse of what I intended to do on this very day.


_Keeping it genuine.

_Be seated grandmother, poor grandmother, refrain from eating the kitty.

_Never Scooby-Doo, your mother is in the habit of consuming the poop of cat.

_Now hear me you won’t find any such stuff … MONSTER.

_The person who employed me likes you to solve a Spooky Island mystery. 

_Hang on, Man. We do not have the habit of going anywhere with “haunted”, “forbidden”, “intimidating”, or “spooky” in the title.

_What the hell is that?

_It is only a feline having a bobbling head, please avoid touching it.

_Where the hell are my glasses?

_Now who is the guy that is helpless?

_Me? It’s none other than you.

_ Oh sorry, it is me.


_Ghosts will not be able to get the better of me. I’m going to rock them and sock them.

_Scrappy, I tell you once again, you will not find anything such as ghosts.

_These are for sure, and once I find them I will be providing them with lots of puppy power.


_Is it Melvin Doo?

_Right now, who is the young lady that is in need of help? 

_Straight up.

_I have come back.

_I told you that.

_Shaggy, please put me back. I’m going to find a way out on my own.

_I have no idea. I’m going to use my tongue, or I’m going to swim out to the border.

_Scrappy, I requested you not to pee on Daphne.

_I didn’t do it intentionally. It happened suddenly!

_Sadly, once again Daphne has been captured. It’s all right. Scooby and Shaggy will be popping out of the barrel once the Luna Ghost comes in the corner along with Daphne.

_And you’re going to operate the conveyor belt because of which the vat of oil is going to be spilled on the floor.

_Just do not forget my plan.

_Daphne? Are you all right?

_Uh, do you know the whereabouts of that Shagster?

_Me, as well.

_Hello, Scoob, that was enjoyable. Let us get hold of one more skateboard and do once again like that, right?

_Pam, do you want to make any comments pointing to us?

_This victory is meant for any celeb who likes to establish a top-notch, environmentally-friendly action figure.

_Fred, may I know how you manage to be successful?

_I actually perform a lot of teamwork. Plus, I always come with a strategy. Come on.

_Yeas, my strategy.

_From the beginning, I was certain that there had been no phantom. In fact, the Luna Ghost happens to be …

_Are you talking about the weird janitor?

_Once you did not want to go out with Smithers, he is looking for revenge.

_Fred, how was it possible for the ghost to fly?

_I will be able to provide an answer to this question. Watch. [She along with Fred inform what Smithers had been sporting below his costume]. An extremely potent helium synthesis can feel these balloons that provide the weightless appearance to the Luna Ghost.


_Some strategy. I was pawed by that ghost for approximately 90 minutes.

_Daph, see, do not blame us for you always getting kidnapped.

_I don’t get kidnapped at all times. It is impossible for me to believe that you told that to me.

_Now, who is the person that is helpless?

_Daphne, I am going to finish you!

_Whoa! Whoa! Look at the ascot!


_Scoob, what do you think? This sounds quite nice, right?

_I convey my thanks.

_No way.

_No. You simply cannot quit. I was going to quit in, like, a couple of seconds. And no everybody is going to think that I copied from that girl.

_No, hang on for a minute. Maybe I will leave everything. Yes, I do quit!

_I am out here.

_What to do now, Shaggy?

_I think we are going to do what we can do the best, Scoob.

_It is my employer, whose name is Mr. Emile Mondavarious, who has sent me for inviting you to his renowned amusement park known as the Spooky Island.

_I am aware of the fact that those are meant for dogs; however, I like them and those are absolutely vegetarian.

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