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Seaborgium is a chemical element that is made by the process of synthesizing. Seaborgium (Symbol Sg) has an atomic number of 106. The chemical element Seaborgium is named after Glenn T.

Seaborg was an American nuclear chemist. Like the other synthesized chemical element Seaborgium is not found to occur naturally.

It was first produced in the laboratories of the Soviet Union and the United States, in the year 1974. The name for the element Seaborgium was finalized in the year 1997 by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. The most stable isotope of Seaborgium is the Sg 269.

Slogans on the element Seaborgium

We are here for the seaborgium

Get you some seaborgium

Know the seaborgium closely

Know your element better

Have some seaborgium

How about some seaborgium

Keep a safe distance from the seaborgium

The seaborgium makes a difference

Let the seaborgium prevail

The infamous 106

How about the seaborgium

Have you heard of seaborgium

seaborgium, not something to play with

The seaborgium is here to stay

Get your share of seaborgium

Keep calm and use seaborgium

Keep calm and get some seaborgium

East or west, seaborgium is the best

Stock it up with seaborgium

The chemistry is noticeable here

The seaborgium is here to make a difference

Here, take the seaborgium

It is more than you see

Seaborgium: something more than what meets the eyes

The seaborgium is the ultimate one

The 106 is here to make a difference

Seaborgium? Might just call it Sg

The Sg every lab needs

Seaborgium has a nickname, it is Sg

One for the chemist Glenn T. Seaborg 

Straight out of the Soviet Union 

Soviet and America saw it first

Named after the chemist Glenn T. Seaborg

Why get mad when you can get seaborgium instead

Get some seaborgium today

Get your research going with seaborgium

Nothing works like seaborgium

Do you need some seaborgium today?

Few wonderful creations exist in the lab!

Seaborgium calls for handling with care

The 106 might prove fatal

Sg is the name

The member of the group 6

It lasts for exactly 14 minutes

A matter of 14 minutes 

The year was 1997

A disputed element, Seaborgium

Seaborgium, definitely not a natural occurrence

Seaborgium, not to be found in nature’s lap

Seaborgium, not really closer to nature

The heaviest but the most volatile

Seaborgium won’t stay for long

Expect some high reactions

1997 was the year of Seaborgium

The chemistry made it happen

For the chemistry fanatics

In the name of chemistry

For the love of chemistry

One for the man-made synthetic

Seaborgium, the synthesized element

The daily dose of dubnium

It is all about chemistry

The chemistry is strong here

Know the bond

It is either seaborgium

The mystery remains unsolved

How about some seaborgium?

Let there be some seaborgium

Have you imagined what it looks like?

The Seaborgium is the real deal

You should really try some seaborgium

Get on with some seaborgium

The seaborgium is not something you wanna get close too

Stay away. It is the seaborgium

Let there be seaborgium

Can the seaborgium get any better?

Seaborgium is just the right thing you need

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You can see nothing more volatile than this

A dose of the seaborgium can really take you away

Haven’t you known seaborgium?

Do you know how volatile it is?

The mysteries in the world of chemistry

The chemistry made it possible

Straight out of synthesizing

You need to synthesize if you need some Sg

Let people know about the Sg

Are you really informed about the Sg?

Sg or seaborgium, here to make wonders

Synthesizing made it happen

What is in the name

The roots go back to 1974

It all started in 1974

You know the drill

Let there be synthesizing

Maintain a safe distance

Roentgenium for 14 minutes

IUPAC says it is the seaborgium

Respect the noble one

The d group knows better

Spot the 106

Element 106 in Group 6

The member of the 7th period in the 6d series

Seaborgium owns it

Reactions are all you are about to get

In the name of the American nuclear chemist Glenn T Seaborg

Get to know Seaborgium

You need nothing but the seaborgium

Leave the other elements behind

The seaborgium shows all the hard work

Were you really expecting the high reactions?

It is a matter of minutes before the decadence

Seaborgium is the future

Never back down on seaborgium

You need some seaborgium today

The seaborgium rules

One of man’s finest creations: seaborgium

Took all the hard work for the seaborgium

Seaborgium really made that happen

Know seaborgium closely

Know your element better

To be or not to be Seaborgium

Think hard about the Seaborgium

Seaborgium: the highest of radioactivity seen

Stock it all up with the seaborgium

Take all the seaborgium you need

Is it really seaborgium

Consider before getting closer to the seaborgium

Right out of synthesizing

A real product of synthesizing and bombarding

Maybe you really need it today 

Seaborgium made it possible

In the memory of Glenn T. Seaborg

Remembering the American nuclear chemist Glenn T. Seaborg

The 106 has taken over

The d group has the 106

106 making the d group complete

14 minutes and it is gone

Sg is a matter of 14 minutes, really

Let the seaborgium be with you

Do you think you are heavy? You must know about seaborgium

Did you know about seaborgium

It is not really useless if you think

It spells copernicium but it reads volatile

Few reactions are really unexpected, like seaborgium

Seaborgium, it belongs in the lab

The lab is where it belongs

Seaborgium: not even close to being natural 

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Seaborgium: Not to be found in nature’s lap 

Seaborgium: Far from being natural 

You won’t like the highly volatile reaction

Get a hold of the seaborgium

Can you get over the seaborgium?

It is like a need for labs

Beyond all volatility, you will find seaborgium

The finest of all 

seaborgium slogans

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