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101+ Catchy Sunday Sales Email Subject Lines

Marketer used different ideas and ways to promote their Business. Creative words and time for Email Marketing  are quite in demand and trend. If you are having an Certain and want to promote your business, then email marketing is the best tool. Some Businesses have very huge rush on Weekend,so this is the best time to target them.

For increasing the open and click rates and to ensure that the subscribers are opening your mails, use email subject lines. Here we have discussed many ideas of email subject line ideas for online fashion store. You can take these ideas that will help to increase the business.

Here are Catchy Sunday Sales Email Subject Lines

  • Where to drink beer this Sunday?
  • Your dinner treat has been hacked
  • How safe is your Sunday? Spent time with us
  • 20 ways to make your Sunday as relaxing as possible
  • How to submit your phone bill in just 2 seconds?
  • Are you bored from us?
  • What are you doing in Sunday?
  • How I increase the likes on my blog from zero to 1000 in just seven days
  • 7 relaxing hacks on Sunday

What option will you prefer- Shopping or relaxing

The secret of getting perfect body is leaked

How social media will help to increase leads

Your Sunday is the next wonder drug of rejuvenating

Seven reasons why you must shop on Sunday

How to impress your better half by ordering food?

You need to open this mail before Monday

Get a $100 gift card and shop on Sunday

How to make your shopping list till Sunday

New product has just arrived. Order before Sunday

Extended for a day. Get free shipping by Sunday

Email subscriber exclusive on Sunday

Yes, this is not a fund raising mail. Enjoy

Yes, me again. Enjoy your Sunday with Pizza

We want to meet you before Sunday

Can you come on my Birthday? Dinner treat is on me.

Let’s go out on Sunday!

Fried chicken is waiting for you. Lazy Sunday. Order food

The secrets behind Sunny Sunday?

Your itinerary for your Sunday trip

Game plan for the next Sunday

Your 2019 Student loan tax information

Another Sunday with Bumper Season Sale

Travel with me on Sunday and Enjoy

Wishing you happy Sunday. But don’t forget us

1 month unlimited free shopping. Offer valid on Sundays only

We got you a Sunday gift

Wrap the old Sunday and Start a new one

Share joy. Share food. Share Sunday

Free gift of Sunday

Happy holidays. Do shop from our online fashion store

Thank you for subscribing. Please review us

And shop on, weekend sale is on

The most important contest on Sunday

10 percent off on women’s shoes until Sunday

Only till Sunday: 20 percent off on women’s shoes

Sale on women’s boots. Up to 30 percent till Sunday

Sunday costumes off- up to 90 percent

Cyber Sunday. Flash sale

Hello, How to increase your open rates?

Coupon is expiring on Sunday

Sales is ending on Sunday

Up to 99 percent off on Sunday only

Quick announcement- Marketing webinar registration open till Sunday

We just launched new stuff on Sunday

Are you registering yourself for free movie tickets? Sunday offer

Meet your favorite cricketer this Sunday

Double your blog readership by this Sunday

The reason that no one comments on your blog on Sunday

3 secrets of making your Sunday memorable

Still I need more subscribers. Sunday help

Are you missing us on Sunday?

Don’t struggle on Sunday. 7 places to dine out

3 steps to travel in your town on Sunday

Create new shopping list on Sunday

Please don’t make this mistake on Sunday

A horrifying habit that needs to be ignored. Sunday shopping sale

Get pumped up for Sunday big bumper sale

sunday email subject lines

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