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Top 10 Best Sewing Machine Brands in the US

It is imperative for every family to have a good sewing machine. We need to repair interior textiles and clothes from time to time and it is often quite expensive and uncomfortable to go to the tailor every single time.

Apart from this, a sewing machine will help us to realize our creativity to a great extent. Sewing and modeling exclusive dresses, garments, curtains and other items cannot only become a good hobby but can also help us to generate revenues as well.

At present, a wide array of household sewing machines is available on the market with various functions. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 sewing machines in the US which you simply cannot ignore by any means.

Top 10 Best Sewing Machine Brands in the US

10. Jaguar

Right now, Jaguar sewing machines are considered to be one of the best on the market. Jaguar Co. Ltd. has its headquarters in Osaka, Japan, and happens to be amongst the leading sewing machines for household usage at present.

These machines come with an innovative all-metal functional mechanism which helps to ensure optimum durability of operation. Ever since it was founded in the year 1949, Jaguar has become a favorite in the markets of the US as well as Japan.

Presently, you will come across in excess of 20 models of different sewing machines as well as overlocks that are produced under the brand name of Jaguar.

9. Toyota

The Toyota has ability to perform lots of functions and is also durable and simple to use. You can divide all the products of this particular group into 2 categories, namely, computerized as well as electromechanical machines.

There are many novices in the sewing businesses at present were scared to purchase models having computer control. However, the Toyota sewing machine is not an appliance like that. It is quite simple to master its settings and even the experienced seamstresses will be able to handle it easily.

One can easily adjust the stitching speed with the help of the foot pedal and all the functions can be performed utilizing the regulator. This product is ideal for all those who are learning to sew and do not like to spend a considerable amount of money.

8. Elna

The brand Elna is noted for its unchanged quality, elegant design, as well as outstanding functional characteristics. This enables the sewing machines of this brand to be used in both factories as well as residences.

The company had been the first to develop innovative functionalities such as family stitch, automatic needle threader, creation of cards with extra stitches, and so on.

The Elna sewing machines include both high-tech computer as well as electromechanical models which allow you to perform any kind of embroidery out there. These machines are being manufactured at present at JANOME plants in Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan.

7. Juki

The Juki sewing machines can easily compete with most of the leading brands of the world out there. The company began its history as the household sewing machines manufactured since the year 1947.

At present, the entire range of Juki sewing machines has been enhanced with an entire range of contemporary electronic machines as well as overlocks which are well known in many countries in this world because of their reliability in operation, innovative design, and awesome technical abilities.

The professional as well as household Juki sewing machines are capable of sewing up any kind of material and work with virtually any thread. At present, Juki provides all types of electronic, electromechanical, as well as computerized sewing machines for you to choose from.

6. Pfaff

This company was founded by George Michael Pfaff in the year 1862. Resilience, high quality, and simplicity of usage make the Pfaff sewing machines extremely attractive for the consumers and these are ideal for both novices as well as professionals.

Although somewhat costly, these machines are certainly worth the cost. They are used for sewing different types of products including garments, towels, kerchiefs, and so forth. On top of this, they will not take too much space out there. 

5. Bernina

Bernina is a company which was founded during the 1890s by Karl Friedrich Gegauf. After 3 years, this person succeeded in inventing and manufacturing the first sewing machine on the planet for lace stitching.

Right now, Bernina occupies a leading position in the market of sewing machines. Beisdes electromechanical appliances, you will also come across electronic, computerized, sewing-embroidery, in addition to embroidery devices.

The more recent models are actually nothing but sewing computers which are appropriate for both novices as well as professional seamstresses. Being simple and elite models, these machines are capable of performing numerous sewing operations. 

4. Viking (Husqvarna)

At present, Husqvarna Viking is reputed on the planet as a top-quality sewing machine manufacturer along with other household accessories and machines. The sewing machines began to be produced by the company in the year 1872.

Sewing machines of this company became electric for the first time in 1934, and Viking started producing household sewing machines having the innovative “zigzag” functionality since 1947.

A microchip was used for the initial time by Husqvarna which enabled the production of both electronic as well as computerized sewing machines at an affordable price for the sewing buffs. Right now, the company can boast of having approximately 18,000 dealers in the world in over 100 nations.

3. Brother

Brother Industries has got a wide array of sewing machines on the market ranging from simple machines to high-end computerized appliances.

In fact, sewing machines happen to be only a part of their collection and their parent company already manufactures a wide range of computers, fax machines, printers, and so forth.

The company entered into the sewing machine business by offering repair services for the sewing machines and right now it has become one of the most in-demand sewing machine brands on the planet. Some of the popular models happen to be Brother PE770 and Brother JK4000.

2. Janome

This well-known Japanese sewing machine producer is known to introduce many new things in the sewing machine world over the years.

In fact, Janome had been the first to manufacture a computerized machine for home usage, the first to provide embroidery of the professional style and also the first to provide a long-arm quilting appliance for use in the home. At present, Janome sewing machines are marketed across the globe including USA.

Being extremely user-friendly, these machines are ideal for any sewing beginner out there. Some of the well-known models on the market happen to be Janome 2212, Janome 1600P-QC, Janome Memory Craft 6300P, Janome JW7630, Janome 5812, Janome Hello Kitty 11706, and Janome MB-4N.

1. Singer

At present, you will hardly come across a person who is not acquainted with Singer sewing machines. In fact, the very name of the company became a household name in recent years and is associated with reliability and quality.

The Singer Company was actually founded by an American named Isaac Merritt Singer who was himself a visionary. He had been among the first people who used sewing machines for residential purposes. Right now, the company has expanded a lot thanks to many innovations and is one of the prominent manufacturers of sewing machines in the US and the rest of the world.

A Singer machine will never disappoint you! Several of the most prevalent models are Singer 1304 Start, Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, Singer 5400 Sew Mate, and so on.

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