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365+ Best Sewing Machine Store Names & ideas

If you mainly enjoy sewing, creating interesting clothing patterns or performing alterations and tailoring, starting a sewing business may be the perfect business opportunity for you. So, depending on your skills, there are many different types of sewing projects available including dressmaking, costume design, special occasion clothing, embroidery and clothing repair.

Create a Business Plan

Write business goals to guide you through each stage of business development when starting a sewing business. The plan should begin with an analysis of your local market as well as similar shops and services, if any, be smart in your area. Next, list and describe the types of services you hope to offer your clients.

The third section should include projected start-up costs, including sewing machines, buying office, thread, patterns, computer equipment and software. Follow up with a marketing plan, as well as a description of owner and employee roles.

The following list of Sewing Machine Business names is from existing businesses around the United States.

Richpeace America

ABC Sewing Machine Inc

Sewing Machine Warehouse

Brother Sewing Machines

Heyde Sewing Machine Company

Stony Brook Sew & Vac

Chattanooga Sewing Machines

Miami Industrial Sewing Machines

Take Care of Your Paperwork

Research business organization, license and permitting requirements before your grand opening. Register your business with state and local authorities: If you plan to form a limited liability corporation, a corporation, or a partnership, talk to an attorney who can then guide you through the process.

Make a Space for Your Work

If you are planning to work from your home, contact the local small business business credibility administration or home zoning commission office to inquire about the rules concerning home-based businesses, as some regions do not permit business owners to meet with clients in residential areas. Another option is renting commercial space for your business. You could find an office in a local business incubator or co-working space, or you could lease a traditional commercial property.

Prepare a Portfolio

So, before opening, assemble photos of your best work to use in promotional efforts and in a portfolio to show clients. Mainly if possible, have some actual pieces in your office or shop so that clients can examine the quality of your work. Hire a professional to create an online portfolio and website if you do not have the ability to do this yourself, or you want it to really stand out form the crowd.

Reach Out to Potential Clients

There are several ways to promote your new business. Friends, family, and social media contacts are an excellent place to start. Even if they don’t plan to use your services, they may have friends or family members who do need custom sewing or alterations.

Always display flyers in local dress shops, grocery stores, dry cleaners, wedding shops and other local businesses. Reach out to local print and television reporters to interest them in a feature story on an enterprising new business in their community. Don’t forget about online resources: could you list your business in online business directories and services like Google Maps?

You can also streamline social media services like facebook groups and Twitter as outreach tools or sites like Groupon to offer special deals. Mainly include photos, customer testimonials, sewing services, contact information and hours of operation.


So, a few things to keep in mind when choosing a name for your sewing business:

  • Choose a name that reflects you & your craft. This is not difficult. Come up with a list of words that describe you & your craft. You might find some words in there to use in your business name. Pick up the thesaurus & look for synonyms.
  • Keep it simple, short & memorable. Remember in your quest for a novel business name, not to get convoluted. A catchy name is great, but it’s your product that’s going to speak volumes for you.
  • Avoid the name trap. You may start a sewing business making purses. So you can mainly think that “Angelica’s Purses” is a great name. This might also prove to be a trap for you if you decide to expand the inventory of your business in the future & sell more variety of crafts. Make sure your business name is “future proof.”
  • Get inspired by your own name. Basically it’s the commonest thing for crafters to name the craft business after their own name. This is quite all right. However, you can do more. Look at your personality. Are there any traits that stand out? Color of your hair, your eyes? Is there anything that defines you as a person? What about a nickname? Many of us have a nickname given to us as children, but also tend to be fun & interesting.

Hence, get this done & you are ready to start selling your first sewing items.

Sewing Machine Business Names Ideas for startups

Fran’s Gold Finger Tailor

De Leon Sewing 

Alex’s Reweaving Tailor

Hillhurst Cleaners

Jenny’s Express Tailoring

First Class Tailors

Cosmos Alteration

Gloria’s Alterations

Marin Tailor Shop

Madison Ave 

Seang Tailors

High Society Tailoring

George’s Alterations

Elegant Mode Tailoring

Marinas Alterations Pro Tailor

Executive Image Cleaners

STITCH Tailoring & Formal Wear


Triple Alterations Cleaners

Nate the Tailor

Eliza Couture

Kraft Lady Tailoring

Craft Angels Tailoring

Lovely & Heavenly

All Tied Up Crafts

Greenlight Creations

Get your sewing done 

Craft Tree Lady 

Heaven Crafts for Women

Treehouse Crafts

Crazy Crafty Chicks

Q’s Creations sewing 

The Creative Crafter

Susy Junk Sewers 

Artsy Fartsy Crafts

Left Brain Creations

Metal Edge Crafts

Drawer Artisan sewing

Q’s Crochet Crafting

The sewing

Shop sewing

Sewing art

Sewing pro

Get Digital sewing

New Teter creation

The Knots of string

The wardrobe Sew vac

Sew Right from the heart

Shirtail Singer sew

Sew studio

The designing lab Up stitches

Joss stitching

Magic in the stitch

Pouch Patchwork

The art of lace Sew as it seems

Sew siests sew splash

Sew Fabric special

All tied up unthreaded art

Knotting Dying experts

Havenly Handmade sews

Ric Thimble

Bodkin Tailors 

Charmeuse Grosgrain

Applique Notion

Peplum Armscye

Boucle Dotted Swiss

crafted Hands

Sewing Era

Imperial Sewing

Sewing King

Sewing Sparta

Mgma huse Sewing

Mered Sewing

Mirage Sewing

Inferno Sewing

Luke Nova Sewing

Lakeshine Sewing

Moral Sewing

City Hundred Sewing

Street Line Sewing

Sun Shine Sewing

Pearls Sewing

Silva Sewing

Mgma Sewing

Vivid Hexa Sewing

Shelterd Sewing

Counter Green Sewing

Hands Soul Sewing

Aura Mime Sewing

Niddle king Sewing

Breatha Sewing

Breath Harward

Green Niddle

doms Door Sewing

Aspite Sewing

Wifely Sewing

Home Clone Sewing

Machine ly

Stooder Sewing

Queen spark

Emerald Sewing

cubic Sewing

Barberosa Sewing

Black Pearl Sewing

Black Harbour Sewing

Hempshire Sewing

Fastiva Sewing

Flora Green

Fashion Jade

Z Plump Sewing

Gilter Sewing

Up Worker

Machine Path

Merd Sewing

Wall King Sewing

Volcany Sewing

Harmony Sewing

Symphony Sewing

Pink Sewing

Floathaes Sewing

Garners Sewing

Gradeire Sewing

Brain drums

Magic hands

mystique Sewing

Herry Sewing

Shop botics

booters Sewing

Sewing Dream

Sewing Aspire

Sewing Shore

Sewing Shine

Sewing Legency

Glule Sewing

Paing Sewing

Sewing Players

Barselona Sewing

Moass Sewing

Harward Sewing

Jems Sewing

Spook shack Sewing

Burbage Sewing

View In

Street hive Sewing

Opage Sewing

Choice Sewing

Inferner Sewing

Scotter Sewing

Cyclone Sewing

Clean Thread Sewing

3 Thread

Fire Thread

Green Thread

Strenther Sewing

Black Panther Sewing

Night Sewing

Crazy Stitch

italic Stitch

stitched Sewing

Sew Good

Vespa Sewing

Sewing Shore

Need a needle

needle queen

perfect thread

Sewing Sista

Better Sewing

Salsa Sewing

Eye Dot

black lash Sewing

Solver Sewing

Corner Sewing

Senior Sewing

Reap and sew

Sewing Saint

Sewing Monk

orange Sewing

Super spool

fabric man

Mr. Frabric

We Sewing

Greata Sewing

creative hands

Creta Aura

Breath Stand Sewing

Mr. Tailer

Major Sewing

Embroidery king

Sewed king

Sewing Sparten

neddle Ocen

MSU Sewing

Hem Queen

Windson Sewing

New Sew

Bound Aura Sewing

Togather Sewing

Hemming Sewing

Birdman Sewing

True Box Sewing

Victor & Trailors

Every Sewing Machine Business entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name. Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in a branding of your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking. For Sewing Machine Business Names, You can Generate Catchy names Online Easily.

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