Top 50 Shopify Barber Stores for Web Design Inspiration

A good chop is a bonus for a man’s good look. But we must find the best hair salon to have a good haircut.

Through the passing years, the hair salon has undergone many changes, and now, those hair salons are considered the best place to hang out even during a busy schedule.

So nowadays, people opt to go for barbershops that provide them with the best haircut and provide a quality environment to hang out in after a busy schedule.

So valuing your preferences, we are here with some suggestions of the best barbershops that will neither satisfy you with a good chop but will also impress you with other facilities you desire for.

top 50 Shopify barber shops inspirations

1. Suavecito

Shopify Barber Shop

Suavecito set out to become a social sensation from the start. Classic, well-crafted grooming supplies that work aren’t enough for them.

Suavecito was founded on giving the most excellent quality men’s hairstyling supplies at a reasonable price.

This resulted in more commercial consumers due to fresh and natural development at the grassroots level.

2. The Argyle League

Shopify Best Barber Shop

This barbershop is located in the city of Houston, Texas, United States of America. The Argyle League is made up of Houston’s top 11 barbers.

Within three years of its inception, it had gained national fame nationwide. The store offers various haircuts, straight razor shaves, basic beard trims, and much more.

3. Rudy’s

Shopify Barber Shop Man

Rudy’s began to develop as the creator’s perspective on the trendy barbershop gained traction. They distributed passes for some well-known local acts, tattooed consumers, collaborated on art with admired people, developed our own range of products, and shaved many heads along the road. This is one of the best barbershops in its locality, with many customers coming in and availing of their services.

4. Fellow Barber

Shopify Men's Barber Shop

They have developed autonomously to many locations in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles with exceptional, highly trained barbers since launching in 2006 in Downtown New York City.

They established their grooming product brand along the road, which is currently available in barbershops and merchants worldwide.

5. Scissors & More

Shopify Barber Stores

Anna White owns Scissors & More, a company that sells a wide range of high-quality, flawlessly crafted gear for the country’s hair, nail, and skin care industries.

You may purchase any item from the store based on its category or label, making the experience as simple as possible.

6. Detroit Barber Co.

Shopify Haircut Shops

Detroit Barbershop provides a famous haircut, trim, or hot shave with an old-school flair. Established in 2015, Detroit Barber Co.

Currently has two locations in Detroit and Ferndale, all greeting customers with hand-picked vintage Detroit décor and a laid-back feel.

7. Olde Soul

Shopify The Barber Shop

Olde Soul Barbershops are a diverse group of barbershops in Austin, Texas. Since its inception in 2019, Olde Soul has strived to be Austin’s premier barbershop.

For tourists of various backgrounds, the stores provide high-quality haircuts, shaves, grooming, and style goods.

8. Barber Items

Shopify Top Barber Shop is your one-stop shop for barbershop materials and services on the internet. Find a wide range of gear and materials to help your barbershop function more efficiently while staying within your budget.

It is always open to obtaining everything you need to keep your barbershop, whether it is clippers, trimmers, shaving necessities, or men’s grooming goods.

9. The New York Shaving Company

Shopify Newyork Barber Shop

The New York Shaving Company began with a single goal: to reinstate the old-fashioned style of shaving, give men a finer shave using only the finest materials, and combine the ultimate shave with the best grooming products and barbershop services.

10. Throne

Shopify Best Men Barber Shop

As the salon’s name suggests, it treats its customers like kings and then only invites them to ascend to the throne, which will be their own barber chairs shaped like a throne.

It uses conventional procedures, and as an added bonus, you may obtain a gratis inspection of the salon’s bar.

11. Handsome Factory Barbershop

Shopify Haircut Store

The leading venue for men’s grooming is the Handsome Factory Barber Shop. Since 2015, their team has served modern males with expert haircuts, wet shaves, beard trimming, and excellent grooming supplies. Handsome Factory Barbershop has swiftly established itself as Hong Kong’s best barbershop.

12. Baron’s Man Cave

Shopify New Barber Shop

Baron’s Man Cave was created in the year 2015 and is nothing more than a modern-day barbershop. This store is physically located in the city of Memphis, TN, United States.

Keeping the customers’ needs in mind, Baron’s Man Cave aims to offer only great quality experiences, services, and products.

13. Persons Of Interest

Shopify Barber Shop Store

Persons Of Interest will offer you the greatest ever smooth cuts, shaves, and trims for your beard, enhancing your gentlemen’s style and making you stand out in the crowd by providing you with a new and unique look. Because it is located in Brooklyn, this salon is well-known among the locals. 

14. Ball and Buck

Shopify The Haircut Store

Because the number of seats at Ball and Buck is limited and the audience is expected to be large, you must pre-book your turn before arriving at the salon.

It is located in Boston and offers the most excellent and professional haircuts and other salon experiences. This is among the finest hair salons in the area, with many people dropping in to use their facilities.

15. Svelte 

Shopify Best Barber Shops In The World

Svelte arose out of a need in the world of haircutting. In 2010, a small handful of long-time Master Barbers got together in quest of influential men’s grooming products.

Their items have become best-sellers and local favorites after being meticulously tested by professional barbers and clients at our Los Angeles Barbershops.

16. Reamir & Co.

Shopify Barber Shop Local

Reamir & Co., which specializes in men’s personal grooming goods, is led by Arthur Rubinoff. Shampoo, leave-in conditioner, hair gels, lather shaving cream, aftershave, pre-shave oil, witch hazel toner, and natural products for men have all been developed by Reamir & Co.

17. Grooming Store

Shopify Barber Shop

The Grooming Store is a simple-to-find brick-and-mortar location where men can explore shelves loaded with high-quality men’s grooming goods at affordable prices.

Grooming Store is a one-stop-shop for reputed quality skincare, haircare, beard, shaving, and body goods created particularly for guys. 

18. The Foxhole

Shopify Best Barber Shop

The Foxhole was created to bring together two fields everyone is equally aware and passionate about: grooming and style.

They even offer barbershop services and care items to suit any individual or style. The Foxhole Barbershop strives for diversity and invites everyone in.

19. Baxter Finley Barber & Shop

Shopify Men's Barber Shop

You will be successful with any goods that improve a man’s appearance. The Baxter Finley barbershop offers a variety of things to help men improve their appearance and style.

The shop’s mood is enhanced with classic lighting and historical views, which draw customers in during their leisure time. 

20. Fade Room

Shopify Barber Shop Man

Fade Room is a Toronto-based gentlemen’s barbershop. Schedulicity is used to book, terminate, and postpone all bookings.

It is one of Toronto’s greatest barbershops. Fade Room Barbershop specializes in traditional haircuts, beards, and straight razor shaves with a heated towel.

21. Churchill’s Barbershop

Shopify Barber Stores

Churchill’s Barber Shop, situated on 1st Street in the center of Downtown Miami, was founded in 2003. They provide luxury tonsorial services to affluent males.

Their skilled, certified, and experienced team will meet your needs. Churchill’s Barber Shop is a throwback to a time when a man’s barber played a crucial role in his success.

22. Barberwall

Shopify City Barber Shop

Barberwall is devoted to providing the greatest collection of Barber Posters with clean, bright graphics to the barbershop and hair salon sectors.

Our large selection of Beauty Salon Posters, Nail Salon Posters, and Barber Shop Posters make it easy to locate the right one for your business.

23. Merchant & Rhoades

Shopify Haircut Shops

From its start, the barbershop known as Truefitt & Hill Chicago became Merchant & Rhoades in April of 2013 after nearly 25 years in operation in the same field.

Before introducing Truefitt & Hill to America, the founder ran the Drake Hotel Barbershop, where he trimmed the hair of many notable Chicago men. Merchant & Rhoades continues this legacy today.

24. Parkside Barber Shop & Grooming Lounge

Shopify The Barber Shop

Parkside Barber Shop & Grooming Lounge offers men and women modern and fashionable haircuts.

They also provide them with a bunch of straight razor shaves, beard trims, and shampooing. The barbers, with over 200 years of combined experience, are well-known for their expertise and style. Parkside is a terrific place to unwind and relax in a trendy lounge.

25. Notorious Barbershop

Shopify Top Barber Shop

The world’s most distinctive men’s grooming experience is found at Notorious Barbershop. Notorious Barbershop strives to be a step above the rest by combining old-school barbering traditions with modern conveniences.

Each barber, with his or her own distinct style and accomplishments, contributes to a varied ambiance that is unlike any other.

26. JD’s Barbershop

Shopify Newyork Barber Shop

JD’s is a Vancouver institution, having opened its doors in 2002 as a contemporary barbershop for the working man. They have three venues, each with the most excellent local barbers, providing professional cuts and shaves in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.

The JD’s assortment of pomades, shave cream, and body wash, created by inventor Judah Down, combines innovative engineering with organic products.

27. Swagger & Jacks

Shopify Best Men Barber Shop

Mark has a plethora of expertise as a Master Barber and the creator of Swagger & Jacks, having practiced hairdressing for 36 years.

Mark is a specialist in Men’s Barbering and has trained in London for Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy, and the famous salon Michaeljohn in Mayfair.

28. Swish Canada

Shopify Local Barber Shops

Reagan Tran, a 20-year-old business owner, is both a barber and a student. Reagan has positioned himself as one of the best local businessmen in his sector, with many years of expertise building his firms.

Swish Canada collaborates with elite Canadian athletes to provide cutting-edge athletic apparel, grooming items, and immersive experiences.

29. Macs Razor Products

Shopify Haircut Store

Macs Razor Goods has more than 20 years of expertise in the barber and beauty business, and they strive to create high-quality products that deliver on their promises. Skilled professionals and experts strongly advise the items they sell.

30. Emporium

Shopify New Barber Shop

Emporium, which opened in 2013, has aided the revitalization of Montréal’s Mile-Ex area, one of the city’s remaining vestiges of a thriving industrial past.

It’s always intended to stand out by not being your conventional gentlemen’s barbershop but rather a community venue that blurs the boundary between that stereotype and the barbershop.

31. Spruce

Shopify Barber Shop Store

The Spruce is a hybrid barbershop located in Denver. Here many guys master the look of men by opting for many specialized beard looks.

The barbershop also offers good clothing products along with haircut facilities whereby combining both, you can get your best-desired look. 

32. Johnny’s Chop Shop

Shopify Cheap Barber Shop

Johnny’s Chop Shop is a famous barbershop located in London’s Soho and Brooklyn, New York. Their staff of expert hairdresser skills is the motivation behind the pro-grade grooming and grooming products that wear their name, and they aim to keep it that way.

33. Fat Tony’s

Shopify the Haircut Store

Waxing, massages, face cleansing, eyebrow shaping, and more are all available in Fat Tony’s specialized Groom Room by a trained therapist utilizing Dermalogica and other high-quality products.

Their goal is the same now as it was in 2003, and they are constantly seeking ways to improve their Fat Tony Barber Shop experience.

34. The Gentlemen’s Barbershop

Shopify Best Barber Shops in The World

This store was first started in the year 2015, and its primary mission is to run a successfully operating barbershop that provides top-quality service and experience to every customer.

They also focus mainly on building long-lasting relationships with their clients, so they choose The Gentlemen’s Barbershop for all their grooming needs.

35. Blind Barber

Shopify Barber Shop Local

Blind Barber is well-addressed among the public for its sophisticated and professional outlook in handling all its services.

Don’t go by the name of the salon; rather, over here, the barbers take on their work seriously and work efficiently towards giving a perfect look to their clients.

36. Gornik and Drucker

Shopify Mens Grooming Shops

It is one of the oldest salons located in Beverly hills. The salon has a very bright and rich history and a large client base all over the state.

Here you can avail yourself according to your preferences and go for mismatched services out of the list provided by the salon.

37. Salon Guys

Shopify Barber Shop

Salon Guys is a professional beauty equipment business situated in Sacramento that sells anything from skincare to fancy styling chairs.

Their styling chairs and shampoo units come in a range of styles, and you can mix and match their styling stations to create your salon’s decor at a low cost.

38. Uplift Provisions Co.

Best Barber Shop

Uplift began two years earlier on the kitchen stove of Rocco, one of the co-founders. He found an all-purpose pomade with a beautiful style that was manufactured with natural components.

Uplift currently makes handmade, professional barber/salon and personal grooming products for guys. Uplift will never test on animals, will never use hazardous sulfates, will never use phthalates, and will never use synthetic smells.

39. Greenlife

Shopify Men's Barber Shop

By 2017, Greenlife will have three retail locations in the GTA and Montreal and a 9300-square-foot warehouse in Toronto.

Currently, they have product lines for Spa, Massage, Salon, Eyelash, and Nail. Their massage tables, face beds, and barbershop chairs have become some of Canada’s most popular items.

40. Layrite Deluxe 

Shopify Barber Shop Man

Layrite’s zealous creator, Donnie Hawley was still working hard to improve his clients’ haircuts. His approach was hampered by his customers’ use of older petroleum-based treatments that wouldn’t rinse off.

Donnie worked hard to come up with a solution. The final product was a water-soluble pomade that “Hold Like Wax and Wash Out Like Gel.”

41. Railcar Fine Goods

Shopify Barber Stores

Steven Dang identified a demand for excellent workwear while working as a lead technician for the Los Angeles Metro and founded Railcar Fine Goods in 2010.

Every stage of production is completed in-house at their factory. This enables them to provide you with the highest suitable experience.

42. Scissor Tech

Shopify Haircut Shops

Scissor Tech offers a variety of professional hair shears to fit a variety of style techniques, from the most basic to the most advanced, all of which promise unrivaled simplicity of use and clean, smooth cuts.

Choose from various utilitarian designs with superb edges and handles to complement your craft. Superior barbershop scissors, hair-thinning scissors, left-handed scissors, swivel scissors, and more are available.

43. New England Shaving Company

Shopify Barber Store

Our enthusiasm for Classical Shaving inspired us to start New England Shaving Company. They want to provide you with the greatest items they have tried and enjoyed, and they hope you will. They collaborate with several of the globe’s most well-known businesses and tiny, creative start-ups.

44. Barber Surgeons

Shopify The Barber Shop

Barber Surgeons were the medical practitioners and grooming gurus of medieval Europe throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Through the united endeavors of Staff Master Barbers and Hair Restoration Surgeons, BSG is dedicated to honoring the noble Barber Surgeon’s history.

45. Zay’s Barber Supply

Shopify Urban Barber Shop

Isaiah, or “ZaytheBarber,” began developing his vision for Zay’s Barber Supply in 2014 by emphasizing the most vital component of barbering: commitment to the profession.

Zay’s Barber Supply has smoothly merged the expertise of a renowned six-figure barber with the desire for a product that matches this level of perfection.

46. Rocky Mountain Barber Company

Shopify Top Barber Shop

Rocky Mountain Barber Company was founded on the idea that the men’s grooming business needed to modernize. They’ve always thought that hair is more than simply hair and that how you show yourself to the world is how you represent yourself to the public.

They’ve always believed that there’s a narrative behind each beard, mustache, and mop of hair, and they intended to be a part of it.

47. VIP Barber Supply

Shopify Best Men Barber Shop

VIP Barber Supply is pleased to serve as your primary internet site for professional barber supplies. They recognize how important it is for a professional barber to have the greatest tools to develop their trade and deliver the best treatment to their customers.

48. The Mailroom Barber Co

Shopify Local Barber Shops

The Mailroom Barber Co has had all horrible encounters at a barbershop or salon when the atmosphere was unpleasant, and the service was subpar.

The Mailroom Barber and Studio cater to those who refuse to accept subpar haircuts or color and ineffective, mass-produced items. This is one of the best barbershops in the neighborhood, and many people come here to enjoy their services.

49. Barber Clips

Shopify The Haircut Store

Barber Clips believes that having a nice hairdo and matching attire doesn’t have to be expensive. You’ll get attention in no time if you have fantastic hairdos and grooming items.

They understand the importance of looking sharp, crisp, and sophisticated. They would like you to look nice, feel well, and be who you desire to be for this reason.

Above, we have listed the top 50 Shopify barbershops that provide the best service to their customers regarding grooming and haircuts. We hope you will take inspiration from them and set up your own barber store on Shopify very soon.

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