Top 50 Shopify Educational Stores for Web Design Inspiration

Whether you’ve already managed an online education school or require assistance in educational sectors, acquiring ideas from organizations crushing it with their educational course clusters is helpful.

These shops employ some of the most successful marketing methods, product availability, and web design, all of which are critical for online company success.

Shopify makes it simple to start an online business and provides several tools to help you get started. Shopify is by far the most popular web platform among today’s entrepreneurs.

We’ve chosen 50 of Shopify’s best educational stores and explained why they’re so special.

Shopify Educational Stores Inspirations

1. Robotix Education Inc.

Shopify teacher supply store

Robotix Education is a cyberlearning resource for Canadian schools, teachers, and students. They teach brilliant people how to sharpen their analytical skills, gain courage, and collaborate as a group.

They aim to introduce coding, robotics, programming, and engineering to as many teachers and students as possible while pushing their expertise, creativity, and inventiveness.

2. Toyzees

Shopify teacher store

Toyzees was founded by a husband and wife duo who wanted to impact how kids learn from an early age. They began curating things that had a favorable impact on children ‘s growth.

From invention to innovation, they use an educational and fun approach! They are great believers in the importance of play in all aspects of learning and development.

3. The Horse Education Company

Shopify educational stores

The Horse Education Company was founded to provide independent horse owners with a new level of creative, trainer-quality equipment.

The Horse Education Company has developed significantly in its first eight years of operation. Still, it remains a modest pony-sized firm maintained by the owner with the assistance of two fur children.


Shopify the teacher store provides you with the finest academic teaching tools with the greatest brains in the industry.

They aspire to become your go-to internet supplier for all academic assistance requirements! They’ve been delivering to valued consumers in Singapore and worldwide for over seven years!

5. Knowledge Coop

Shopify best buy teacher discount

The Knowledge Coop is a social networking and virtual learning platform for mortgage professionals.

You can conduct training with tracking and reporting in your company’s online cooperative called digital workplace, obtain policy guidance from your colleagues and several other compliant experts, and get tough questions addressed on various subjects.

6. ROBO 3D

Shopify educational stores

In the world of consumer 3D printing, ROBO 3D is raising the bar. It’s intended to be a step in the right way by making 3D printing accessible to the general public without spending a fortune.

They want to make 3D printing more user-friendly, reduce the learning curve, and offer a tool you will love in your home, business, or classroom.

7. Labyrinthos

Shopify educational supply store

Despite being an institution of demons, ghosts, and antics, Labyrinthos takes tarot seriously. They are serious about their work and are really concerned about it.

Their headteacher pulled together the principles of their tarot philosophy, which should give you a relatively clear sense of what Labyrinthos’ aim is.


Shopify teacher supplies cheap

IDEO U is a digital institution that teaches you abilities, attitudes, and technologies to stay relevant and adaptable in today’s society.

It was intended to assist people, groups, and companies worldwide to become more flexible, imaginative, and inventive by teaching the approaches they’ve used for decades.

9. Esme Learning

Shopify the teach me store

Esme Learning integrates learning science with artificial intelligence (AI) to keep pupils on track and motivated.

They work with individual CEOs, colleges, and organizations to bring cutting-edge technology and the most up-to-date business trends so that students can advance their careers, start new businesses, and develop their business acumen.

10. Qi Life

Shopify discount teacher supplies

David Wong founded Qi Life, a company that combines tesla-inspired frequency technology with mental well-being to create solutions that “Effortlessly Transform Your Mind.”

Their mission is to cure the globe faster with the help of a skilled team of premier researchers, technologists, and well-being specialists.

11. TPC Training

Shopify classroom supply store

TPC assists businesses of all sizes with staff training to execute their duties safely and successfully.

As a pioneer in comprehensive manufacturing instruction, they have the most up-to-date and extensive catalog of courses that will be offered digitally, in-person, or virtually by their skilled professors.

12. Business Career College

Shopify teacher resource store

Business Career College (BCC) is a leading digital training institute for Canada’s banking, finance, and insurance industries. They offer high-quality schooling at an affordable price.

They provide learners with the most mobility possible by offering courses that can be completed through self-study, interactive webinar coaching, or a mix of the two.

13. Ethical Hackers Academy

Shopify teacher supply store online

Ethical Hackers Academy is the place to go for all Cyber Security courses. They’re committed to delivering you the most excellent education possible, focusing on commitment, quality courses, and assistance.

They’ve gone a long way since their inception, and their desire for Ethical Hackers Academy was to deliver the most incredible Cyber Security training when they initially began out.

14. Molchanovs

Shopify teacher shop

Molchanovs’ goal is to share their passion for freediving with the world. They accomplish this by raising the degree of information and expertise of all freedivers, creating international and domestic networks that fuel the enthusiasm for freediving, and developing gear that gives the most significant possible freediving experience.

15. Tampa School of Real Estate

Shopify art and education store

The Tampa School of Real Estate was founded in 2007 to provide a high-quality learning environment centered on student achievement.

The Tampa School of Real Estate aims to give you the best standard Florida real estate curriculum available, whether digital or in class. Their biggest reward is your achievement in the real estate sector.

16. Writing Workshops

Shopify the learning center store

Writing Workshops are for authors who wish to improve their voice, better comprehend their craft, and pave their own route to publication.

They provide fiction writers, nonfiction writers, poets, and screenplays with digital writing courses, conferences, and personal counseling. There is a space for you at Writing Workshops, no matter where you are in your profession.

17. Exquisite Lash 

Shopify learning center store

Before learning to run, as with any new career, first must try to stand. In this way, the eyelash extension technique is no different. The Exquisite Lash Training Classic program is our introductory course for beginners.

The theory component of the Classic Course covers topics such as adequate hygiene, customer medical and allergy assessments, the physiology of the eye, client counseling, and proper lash maintenance.

18. The Tuning School

Shopify teacher super store

The Tuning School, Inc. is committed to educating enthusiasts and shop owners on how to pitch their vehicles using a step-by-step method.

They’ll work with you at the house, in person, or in class to assist you in getting the most out of your automobile. It is the industry leader in EFI tuning education and technology.

19. Ideasgym

Shopify education shop

Ideasgym uses the ability of Online/Mobile training and Hybrid education to design and distribute Digital STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) material and education for learners, instructors, and schools that drive them to study, tinker, gain, and improve abilities in STEM subjects. Since 2011, they have been an Egyptian business addressing the academic sector.

20. Kranse Institute

Shopify target teacher supplies

Shaan Patel, a Shark Tank champion and perfect score student, runs the Kranse Institute, the globe’s pioneer in online exam preparation programs.

From the standpoint of a personal teacher, the courses are developed and delivered by a previous perfect-score student. Students acquire topic material and crucial techniques that help them achieve above-average results.

21. HRDQ

Shopify teacher stores online

HRDQ has been exploring, producing, and releasing learning materials to help people build exceptional people skills since 1977.

They have a large selection of research-based tests, simulations, games, and courses in various forms that are appropriate for instructors, facilitators, and trainers of all levels of experience.

Individuals, groups, and companies benefit from their products meticulously created to increase performance.

22. Context

Shopify teacher discount stores

Context brings individuals who enjoy learning together with intriguing localized specialists from all over the world.

Their digital lectures, which are provided regularly, live-taught, and include issues ranging from Ancient Rome to contemporary art, are an excellent location to begin learning with them. They instilled in me a desire to learn and comprehend more.

23. Alippo-course

Shopify teacher supplies online

Alippo-course started conducting digital LIVE sessions to offer brief interest courses at low pricing throughout the COVID shutdown.

They’ve rapidly developed it into a full-fledged network, and people praise them for the good they’ve brought into people’s lives. They’re taking additional precautions to ensure that each course is well-structured.

24. Thinkwell

Shopify teacher tools store

For fundamental curriculum topic areas, Thinkwell offers exciting, video-based learning resources.

They want to help instructors and learners have revolutionary educational opportunities inside and outside the curriculum by providing them with the resources, technologies, and materials they need to thrive.

They see schooling as a platform to encourage interest and want to raise a community of critical minds who can confidently solve issues.

25. Contented

Shopify teacher learning store

Contended is a well-known virtual advanced communication institution that teaches online writing abilities.

Since the late 1990s, we have been leaders in the domain of web content development. Their award-winning short courses cover web writing, social media writing, web accessibility, and technical writing skills (CPD) for workplace training and ongoing corporate growth.


Shopify get smart teacher store

BSE Institute Ltd, a 100 percent subsidiary of BSE Ltd – The World’s Largest Stock Market, powers

Its significance stems from its status as a leader in financial knowledge with proven service history in India and other growing market hotspots. This has aided us in providing insights into the planet’s distinct functions.

27. LashJoy

Shopify stores with teacher discounts

The LashJoy Professional Beauty Group, founded in 2015, is a global provider of high-quality lash supplies, instructional courses, and enterprise applications to over 12,000 lash specialists and increasing. They are a cosmetic services innovator desiring creativity and technical skill.

28. Sweetens Cove Golf Club

Shopify stores that offer teacher discounts

Sweetens Cove Golf Club is a course that encourages golf that is focused on shot-making, technique, and enjoyment.

The radically shaped greens, intricate bunkering, and massive, closely mown fairways merge to offer a golf environment unlike any other in the Southeast.

29. BetterListen!

Shopify preschool supply store

BetterListen aspires to develop, publish, and promote media that will help individuals lead better lives.

Their spoken word titles include several of the globe’s best philosophers, academics, writers, and thought influencers. BetterListen! is a deliberate recommitment to a more aware, cheerful, and involved way of living.

30. EmergingEd

Shopify teacher supply website

EmergingEd was founded with a straightforward mission: to provide high-value, industry-tested virtual abilities and information to help you stay on top of your game.

Our top-of-the-line digital courses are created and administered by the EmergingEd team, which has decades of combined expertise in online education.

31. 1 Exam Prep

Shopify classroom stores

1 Exam Prep is proud of its students and their achievements. They encourage you to ace your test on the first try, each time, for the least amount of money possible.

They provide the industry’s most comprehensive, simple-to-follow, and simple-to-use test preparation strategies. Throughout the state of Florida, they provide State and County Licensing Exam Prep Courses. 

32. Advanced Dental Institute

Shopify educational book store

For dentists and other oral health care professionals, Advanced Dental Institute will give the best grade, and clinically relevant courses.

These courses will use a multidisciplinary, evidence-based methodology for both pedagogic and “hands-on” medical and laboratory procedures to improve patient oral health and treatment quality. 

33. Vilppu Academy

Shopify educational materials store

Vilppu Academy is the online version of Glenn Vilppu’s globally famous drawing classes. He teaches at animation, game, film companies, institutions, art schools, and private art institutions worldwide. has a lot of extra information for each course and the supplies utilized in each course.

34. The Eyelash Emporium

Shopify education station store

They reside lashes at The Eyelash Emporium. Your specialist should be a confident, qualified specialist regarding your eyesight.

We provide the country’s most stringent education program and are optimistic about our award-winning team of professionals and the industry-leading instruction they’ve received.

35. Ottawa City Woodshop

Shopify united education store

The region’s rich history as a thriving timber town has influenced the design of the Ottawa City Woodshop.

The OCW is a key supporter of and contributor to the city’s burgeoning creative economy, and it is home to the city’s growing urban woodworking community. Michael Grigoriev and Matt Wallace launched it in May 2015.

36. Abudo

Shopify hands on educational supply store

Abudo is a virtual healthcare service that assists people in better managing their ailments by teaching and guiding them toward a healthier existence.

They give systematic education on infectious illnesses via online courses that assist people in comprehending what the condition is, how it affects their bodies, and how they may manage it by making the appropriate lifestyle adjustments.

37. Spectramed

Shopify student supplies store

Spectramed is a pioneer in developing healthcare and rehabilitative equipment to help dysphagia sufferers regain maximum function and enhance their quality of life. They created the first NMES and SEMG portable device for dysphagia therapy. 

38. UAVHub

Shopify abc education store

This online brand is known to be United Kingdom’s first Civil Aviation Authority-recognized assessment equity which offers the top quality drone training in the county.

They’ve claimed that the institute has already trained more than 7000 pilots so far and will be World’s Largest Commercial Drone Training School.

39. Caydence Music

Shopify online education store

Caydence Music, founded in 2020, is an independent internet company that provides teachers worldwide with a unique choice of piano pedagogy-related publications and more.

Piano instructors established it for piano teachers to provide their colleagues well-researched and didactically sound piano technique books.

40. Canadian Barista Institute

Shopify best online teacher stores

The Canadian Barista Institute is a social venture that uses coffee training to financially and ethically benefit individuals worldwide. They provide hands-on barista instruction, management as a science seminar, gelato, ice cream lessons, and coffee roasting courses, all incorporating global themes.

They’re dedicated to demystifying coffee and training individuals of all ages in communities of all sizes so that everyone has equal access to knowledge.

41. Diabetes Education Services

Shopify educational outlet

The purpose of Diabetes Education Services is to enhance diabetes treatment by assisting you in advancing your career in the area of diabetes education.

They aim to help you pass the CDCES Exam by providing the courses, materials, research, and teaching resources you need to constantly move forward and increase your knowledge base.

42. ABC

Shopify teacher shopping discounts

ABC will be there for you every step while pursuing and retaining your ABOG and AOBOG board certifications.

Every member of the ABC faculty is a practicing physician who shares your demanding schedule.

They understand that you may be unable to reach us during regular business hours since you are visiting patients.

43. Couture Bead Masters

Shopify teacher resource shop

A British Couture dress designer who studied Handcraft and Production Tailoring at the London College of Fashion, Charlotte Appleby developed Couture Bead Masters.

In addition to her exclusive commission work, she teaches internationally through workshops and online courses, where she teaches the specialized talents she employs in her work.

44. Fleming’s Fundamentals Of Law

Shopify learning toys store

Fleming’s Fundamentals Of Law is a top-quality law school and bar review provider. They offer complete substantive law and test courses to law students and bar applicants at any point in their life.

Fleming’s was created in 1982 by attorney Jeff Fleming, a certified California attorney. He is a previous adjunct law professor who was the primary lecturer for most of Fleming’s classes.

45. Elite Learning Academy

Shopify lakeshore teacher store

Elite Learning Academy is a Maryland-based top private housing school. Elite has provided Real Estate Pre-licensing classes and Maryland Continuing Education for Realtors since 2006. Elite Learning Academy provides ease and diversity without the “snooze fest” other schools offer.

46. Securities Exam Preparation, Inc.

Shopify teacher supply store online

Securities Exam Preparation, Inc. excels in self-study test prep for derivatives industry exams. In 1972, “SEP” was founded.

Securities Test Preparation, Inc., founded in 1972, is a consultancy firm specialized in FINRA, NASAA, and futures sector self-study exam preparation and licensing solutions for Investment Advisors, Broker-Dealers, and Commodity Trading.

47. Boulder Paragliding

Shopify paragliding lessons

The security of our clients is our first concern at Boulder Paragliding. They aim to spread the joy of paragliding to as many people as possible!

Its purpose is to give expert paragliding training to its pupils so that they are fully prepared to paraglide on their own securely. They also have one of the industry’s top tandem paragliding safety records.

48. Jane Means

Shopify educational toy stores

Jane Means is passionate about gift wrapping, and you’ll find a wide selection of gift wraps, ribbons, decorations, tags, and accessories here.

They also provide Gift Wrapping Courses, a Gift Wrapping Book and a DVD in the United Kingdom. Their skilled gift-wrapping staff in London is on hand to carefully wrap your items.

49. Health and Harmony

Shopify health & harmony

Health and Harmony Colleges is a company based in Australia. It is an operated company devoted to assisting individuals in achieving their goals via flexible, self-paced, and cost-effective distance education courses.

Gwendoline Ford, a visionary and committed lady, founded the institution in 1994 to promote her love for self-development and life-long learning with others.

50. Living Illumination

Shopify get smart teacher store

Living Illumination has presented this public access course for more than 30 years. It provides essential insights on passing over and mending the strain and confusion that may impair your excitement, energy, and desire for a beautiful life for millennia.

Knowing and relinquishing what consumes your energy and how it affects and hinders your direction, goal, and liberty helps your power flow freely again, allowing you to achieve your full potential. 

These are the top 50 educational stores that are hosted on Shopify to provide the best quality service to their students and learners. We hope you will gather information and motivation from these stores and apply the same in yours.

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