Skate Park Names: 650+ Catchy, Creative Names

Are you looking for a name for your Skate Park? Here, along with this article, you will get different types of names from where you will be able to choose the perfect one. 

A skatepark is a recreational environment established with the intention of Skateboarding. It also includes aggressive Inline skating. A modern-day skate park includes different shapes, including handrails, half-pipes, Ledges, etc.

It is known that the first-ever skatepark was established in Arizona in 1965. Often Skateparks are made of woods and other materials to sustain even in worse natural situations.

Depending on your business, start looking for a name for your skate park.

Cool Skate Park names

The customers who will be attracted by your newly established business are mostly youth. If you want to attract them towards your you need to set a cool name. It will make them feel familiar with both the name and your setup.

Extreme Skate park

All About Adventure

hex layer Skateboarding

Nice Experience

Escape the Zone

Unlock The Fun

Alice in Wonderland

All About Skate

Extreme Skate

Fly High

Jump Around Park

Amusing Skate

Blazing Skate Park

For the Beginners

Skate Arcade

Skate Road

Ultra-Boost Skateboards

Blue Skaters

Atlas Skatepark

Ocean Skate

Jumping Java

Royal Skating

Skate Matters 

Water Skating Ring

Cleveland Skate Park

Ice Skating

Play N Bounce

White Skateboard

LaSalle Equestrian

Hungry Skaters

Toy Machine

Mountain Skating

Bowl Skatepark

Run and Skate


Picture Skate

Zoomin’ In

Perfect Experience

Park Sesame

For Your Skate

Mandy’s Pools & Spas

Unlimited Talent

Fountain Skate Park

My Skate Club

My Fun Spot

Retro Skate Club

Krabi Park

New York Skate


Marathon Skating

Park of Skaters

Surely Skating

Presto Skate

Orange Skating Shoes

Tensor Trucks

Winter Skating

StreetTown Bar

Hot Skate

Parksville Pattern

Grilled Skate

Vital Skateboarding

Little Skate Mix

Shiny Skaters Park

The Fun Board

Gibson’s Extreme Ice

Water Splash

Jumpin’ Jumper

Pipe of Skate

Fun House

Local Skating

Jumping Splits

Central Skating

Splashville Club

Women Skaters

Skate Kids

Brave Skaters

Evolve Skatepark

Nine Boards

Happy Pines

Team Skaters

Northwoods Club

Ohio Skating

Dynasty Skatepark

Circle Ring

Xtreme Pools

Curvy Roads

Gooey Fun Fun Park

General Skating

Rebel Crest

The Boarders

Skater Boys

Typical Skating

Play ‘n Spray

Fun Evening

Sky Lakes Skatepark

View Skate

Glenny’s Amusement

Gallery Skating

Trendy Skate Park Names

If you want to make a different brand identity, you have to have good research on the trends that have been going on both nationally and internationally. In this way, you will be able to select a trendy name for your Skate Park.

Rubicon Roller Bros

Crunchy Skater

Glide ‘n Skateboard

Free From Prejudice


Windy Project

Action theatre

Action Boards

Sport Pole

Flashback Skating

Crazy Skill

Play EZ

Skillful Skater

Eco Joyride

Play By Rules

Cromwell Skateboards

View Stare

Glitzy Glo

Heroic Step

Viva Popsicle

Colour Bar

Extreme Pedaler

Colorful Boards

K&K Skatepark

Skid Your Way

Glitter Zone

All Out

Disney California Adventure

Bravery Unlimited

Kung Fu Play

Reliable Floor

The Playhouse Maze

Dry Skating

Niles Jokers

Addidas Skating

Skate Boudoir Studio

Peace and Murder

Polly Quest

Team London

Spooky’s Lair

Olympic Boards

New Super Mario Bros

Multi Fun

Leadership Skatepark

Learn Your Way

Aura Skate Park

Polar Bear Club

Blab Adventure

Maroon Club

Kitsap Skate Park

Story Line

Kabab Playpen

Star Skating

Norton Ice

Playground Lane

Life Of Skaters

Skate Playground

Free Skating Advice

Lebo Skate

Senorita Stud

Norman Line

Photo Skaters

SportPixel Bar

Plus Size Boards

Balloon Sticker

Dubai Skating Club

Extreme Skate Mall

Jump and Roll

Ski-Town Parks

Light and Darkness

D-Lite Playground

For Your Heart

Park Jungle

Crazy Murder

Lawnmower Thresher

Green Grass

Just A Pup

Roll and Roll

Mellow Max

Wheel Boys

World of Goo

Nancy Wheelers

Miles ‘N’ Things

Girl Wheels

Doody’s Nightlife

Start Skating

Gravity Park

Ready to Rock

Elite Playgrounds

Team Wheel

Unique Skate Park Names

If you already have other skate parks in your locality, then you need a unique name for your customers. In this way, they will have a refreshed feeling after looking at your business name. Here is the list full of unique Skate Park names.

Escott Skateboarding

Welcome Fun

Meso Playground

Biggest Joy

FunSiesta Skateboarding

Bright Skating

Dreamworks Nerds

Blue Sky Ring

Park It Up

Board, the Vehicle

Hockey Spirit

Baby’s First Skate

Villa Jockeys

Affordable Ring

Slider Stained Glass

Fun Elements

Aqua Skateboards

Rural Skate

The Jungle Biz

Forest Skating

Sparkle’s Playlands

Balance It 

Joyfully Excited

Splash The Fun

New Line Skate Park

Singing Skaters

Slimeball Run

Sit or Skate

Totoro Play

Bumpy Skating

Ready to Skate

Shipping for Skate

Luna’s Pierogi

Wrinkle Free Skating

Uptown Play

Ready to Fly

Funky Ducky Donkey

Fun Ingredients

Skate Park by Ronda

Soda and Skates

Play and Escape

Dance and Jump

Skateshark Toronto

Practiced Skaters

Xoxo Skatepark

Practice Skating Ring

Rock n Rollin’

Come to Chill

Demo Play

Play to Relax

Kenny Wood

Relaxed Skaters

Scoreland Boulders

Boulders and Joy

Jagger Skateboards

Skate in Style

Olympic Skate Park

Jump with Fun

Skateboard Skatepark

Celebrated Skating 

Westlake Skatepark

Hollywood Ring

Truly Amigos

Fun Ring

Pokestops of America

Table of Boards

Downtown Dufferin

Night Skaters

Park Toys

Moonlight Rings

Flash Club Play

Fast as Flash

Polar Bear Skatepark

Superman’s Board

Breeze Bark

Free Adrenalin 

Stranger Dance Park

Danger Boards

Park Ninja

Stranger Danger

Mystery Flats

Let’s Be Friends

Eastside Skatepark

Forest Feel

Gardeners Edge

Windy Jump

Pooch Nook

Wild Skating Troop

Las Vegas Scooters

International Ring

Vortex Line

Break the Ice

The Cascade Bar

Trip to Moon

Better Burst

Only Joy

Adventure Palace

Simple Fun

Boris Couture

Extra Happiness

Beautiful Skate Park Names

Do you feel that you don’t want to participate in the rat race with your business? If that’s what you think then, you can easily go for straight-up beautiful names. These names might have been used earlier but they never fail to make a good impression on your audience.

Skyline Skatepark

Royal Boarders

Pro-Line Skatepark

Sweet Skaters

Squeaky Keen

Experienced Skaters

Exit Line

Straight and Curvy

Kiva Roller Co

Team Experience

Gladesville Skating

Buzz Creator

Fuzzy’s Ring

Indian Skating Ring

Bass Island Joyride

Jump Around

Play NQ

Curvy Liners

Escape Time 

Smooth Skating

Enchiropolis Ring

Only For You

OmniSkate Zone

Jumping Zone

Bridlewood Adventure

Meera Skating Ring

Ars Arty

Bit Braver

the Funpary

Get Up

Slide-In Skates

Ride Joyfully

Jump Around Jumpers

Masked Skaters

Town Skate Parks

Urban Ring

Rock Park the USA

Dancing Skaters

Holland Drive

Jump and Fly

Moving Sky

Touching The Sky

Boulders In Heaven

No Limit 

Park Fever

Unlimited Jumps

Mighty Munchies

Feel The Air

ZipSkate Skateboarding

Freestyle Skating

Diva Zone AZ

World Famous Ring


Trust the Soil

Tusk Down

Trusty Boards

The Playhouse Kids

Worthy Skaters

Amber Ring

Lord of Rings

Happy Skateboarding

New Start

Skater Pattern Park

Trendy Games

Jinx Skateboards

Fast and Smooth

Kangaroo Express

Nice Jumpers

Wacky D’s

Small Talk Skate

Pelican Down

Police Skaters

Escape DC

Evening Hobby

Extreme Climb

Glow Shoppe

Oldest Skating Ring

Le Super Toy Park

Welcome, Skaters

Foam City

Free Skating 

Fossil Skateboard

Skater’s Solutions

Tiny Teahouse

Wooden Skating

Rope & Twine

Pink Clip Ring

Extreme Line Skate

Fire Circle

Polka Dots Paradise

Freedom Skaters

Skate Patterns

Wings of Skaters

J-Go Rollerparks

Bar Skating

Tetrao Lines

Trivia Skaters

Aquatopia Triangle

Ocean Wave

Classic Skate Park Names

If you do research using the internet, you will find that classic names are tough to find but do the hard work for you. Here, have a look at it. Remember that they are not something new, but they still have their lucky charm.

Skate Unicorn

Happy Places

Clay Palace

Hungry Skaters

Play Skateboarding

Easy Skating

Boom Boom Trotters

Young Blood

Funtime Playground

Royal Club

Krazy Chix’z

Cold Stream

Hits & Misses

Hurt Boards

Dock To Dumpie

Temple Skating

Balloon Skate

Borderline Brave

Daring Edge Diving

Cute Floors

Park Play

Huge Experience

The Extreme Line

Sweet And Sour

Pole Skate Park

Ice Park 

My Bouncy Playground

Bed Of Roses

Paradise’s Party Bus

Eyes On-Road

Skatie Hub

Vegas Sports Cards

Tired Frogs

The Extra Line

Extra White

Sky Crazy Monkey

Team Ten

Sports Bell Skateboarding

Life On Edges

Hansa Skatepark

Half Circle Club

Superga Skateboards

Smooth Edge

I Am I Am

The Ledger

Skating Dark

Team Vent Ramps

The Jungle Killer

Quarter Pipes

Stardust Roller Deck

Team Wheelchair

Lava Playland

Inline Skating


Skyline Skating

La La Karaoke

Team Spinal Chord

Red Splash

Blue Handrails

Park Of Rails

Before Pools

Parknetic Ocean

The Stairs

Big Lava

Set Of Stairs

Kiwanis Kiwanis

Flock Of Boarders

A Jungle Blast

Team Motorcross

Morning Bike

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