About us page Ideas for Slime Store

The About Us page is one of the most important pages on your customer’s website. It is an opportunity where their visitors get to know their company. As visitors arrive on your customer’s landing page, they are hoping for a piece of introductory content, such as what/when/where/how details, which has to do with the About Us page. Here is the About us page ideas for Slime Store Business

About Us Page 1

‘Organization Name’

Greetings, I am the owner. I am the proprietor and maker of this shop, ‘Organization Name’. I began moving on ‘Organization Name’ February, 2017. My objective as a vendor is to satisfy my clients with my quality scented slime. I will make a point to answer to you as quick as I can on the grounds that I trust in A+ client benefit. Making slime is my obsession and I adore doing it consistently, it is an occupation I totally love. Much obliged to you such a great amount for taking as much time as necessary and taking a gander at/purchasing my slimes, I truly value it. Looking forward to seeing you in store.

About Us Page 2

‘Organization Name’

‘Organization Name’ is the worldwide commercial center for one of a kind and innovative slime. It’s home to a vast expanse of uncommon, phenomenal things, from remarkable high quality pieces to vintage treasures.

In a period of expanding computerization, it’s our main goal to keep human association at the core of business. That is the reason we assembled a place where imagination lives and flourishes since it’s fueled by individuals. We help our locale of dealers transform their thoughts into effective organizations. Our stage interfaces them with a large number of purchasers searching for an option — something extraordinary with a human touch, for those minutes in life that merit creative ability.

As an organization, we endeavor to lead with our core values and to help spread thoughts of supportability and obligation whose effect can reach a long ways past our very own business.

About Us Page 3

‘Organization Name’

‘Organization Name’ , we offer amazing and reasonable hand made slimes with a wide scope of fragrances and surfaces, an extensive choice of large and moderate rising squishies, and slime supplies! We guarantee that we just use and move the most elevated quality items for your delight.

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Company Name.com offers overall delivery and we have gladly sold more than 50,000 slimes through our site, ‘Organization Name’ , amazon, and ebay with close 100% consumer loyalty! Much obliged to you for visiting our website and glad shopping!

About Us Page 4

‘Organization Name’

We began our record with expectations of new leisure activities and encounters; and now we’ve transported more than 4 thousand requests and have a group of people of 350k+ on our instagram account @’Company Name’

We offer a wide range of surfaces; our formulas have been made and consummated with right around two years of experience so we’re pleased with what we offer to you! This fluffy little child quail can be found in various posts on our instagram page! we will turn out with slime with him soon because of client demands!

About Us Page 5

‘Organization Name’

At ‘Organization Name’ we take incredible consideration in handcrafting our slimes here in the US with an assortment of surfaces and hues to fuel your creative ability and we are continually endeavoring to grow our gathering.

We don’t aroma our slimes with engineered scents as we trust the additional synthetic substances regularly found in these antagonistically influence individuals’ wellbeing. Because of the fixings utilized in slime making, there might be some aroma however we try to downplay this.

We are presenting another line of slimes scented simply with fundamental oils and we trust you will appreciate the delightful aromas of these exceptionally extraordinary slimes.

About Us Page 6

‘Organization Name’

We are experts in making slime which are custom made. We have a standard set of slime which are fragranced according to the customer. We have been in process of making slime which is less injurious to kids playing with it. We have been exporting our slime out of USA for now at least for 5 years. Our clients believe that the quality has been our first and foremost priority and we have always keep it as our prime focus.

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The slime produced by us can be used for making toys , home decor or any such item. The colors and fragrance are decided by the client and hence our product is high level customizable.

We look forward to you placing a order with us soon.

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