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30+ Great Snickers Sayings

Snickers were originally launched in 1930 by Mars. This special chocolate bar has caramel, peanuts, and nougats coated in chocolate. Snickers were traded under the name of Marathon up to 1990 in the UK. Given below is a list of some of the great Snickers sayings to get you motivated.

Here are the great Snickers sayings for you. 

_If a Snickers bar contains 50% sugar, would it be unsafe to consume the other half?

_It is the Snickers chocolate bars. Snickers balanced love.

_I can’t confess I dislike acting, but I can’t visualize a profession when I need to spend my 70% time in a trailer consuming Snickers chocolate bars.

_The only snicker bar commercial is Johnny Manziel.

_Previously nine snicker bars were eaten by me in a row without barfing.

_Snicker bar on heeding his name: ‘the man who believes we are fallen from the apes.’

_The more individuals that are unemployed, the better for the Democrat Party. I understand he might snicker at that, but it is the fact.

_Your ‘Pringle’ has 30% of the potato, that ice cream has a similar proportion of sugar as yogurt, that whole grain cereal bar is probably not better for you than a Snickers chocolate bar.

_I have witnessed the time of my greatness glow, and I have witnessed the eternal Footman grab my snicker and coat, I was terrified.

_You can’t want your kids to be delighted consuming esoteric beige-colored nutriment when their companions get Twinkies, Snickers, and soda pop.

_Jeb Bush breaks the rules of diet and had a beer, pork on a stick, and fried Snickers bar. 

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