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65+ Best Snow Puns and Quotes

Even though staying in a frozen place for days can be extremely difficult, snow has its own charm n people. It makes any place look ten times more beautiful and marks the arrival of the festive season. Puns about snow is sure to crack up people.

Snow Puns and Quotes

  • What did one snow flake say to its partner? It said, “It is snow much fun to be in your company.”
  • Where can you find snowmen and snow-women dancing? At the snow-ball.
  • Why was the snow man embarrassed in front of his friends? Because it was snow joke.
  • How do you greet someone who lives in an igloo? You say, “Ice to meet you.”

_What did the man who came home in a snowy evening say to his family? He said, “The snuggle is real.”

_Why was the Eskimo worried? Because he had snow way out of the trouble he was in.

_How does people living in the North Pole propose to their partners? They say, “I am melted by your love.”

_What do you have on a snowy morning? You have a cup of frost-tea.

_What did the Eskimo father tell his son when he caught his mischief? He said, “Icy what you have done.”

_Which Game of Thrones character is the most popular in the Arctic Circle? Jon Snow.

_What do you ask someone whose name is Frosty? You ask, “Water you doing in the spring season?”

_What do people from Greenland call their wives? Hot-tea.

_How does a lover express his love to his partner in the snow? He says, “I love you snow much.”

_How does an Eskimo thank Santa Claus? He says, “Thank you Santa, for a white Christmas!”

_Why could no one depend on the snowman? Because he did not carrot all.

_How does a snowman propose to his crush? He says, “I glove you.”

_How does a snowman clean his body? He takes snow showers.

_Where should you keep cold hard cash? You should deposit them at the snow bank.

_Why can you never beat Elsa when she has a snowblower? Because she will rarely let it go.

_Why do kids love winter? Because it is snow much fun.

_What would you call a cross between Bon Jovi and Jon Snow? Bon Snowy.

_Why did you take up skiing being a snow boarder? Because I was so bored.

_What did the hungry man ho was buried under the snow throughout the morning say after comin out? He said, “Can I avalanche?”

_Why did the young boy bring a snowball to his school? He wanted to use it for snow and tell.

_Why did the wife of the snowman go to the parlour? To get a perma-frost done.

_Why did the young boy did not make the feet of the snowman he was building? Because there already was two feet of snow underneath.

_What would you call a cross between a lizard and a bee? A blizzard.

_Take care of yourself. The weather during winter is snow joke.

_What should you put on the head of your snowman? A snowcap.

_What do Eskimos like to eat? Chilly dogs.

_What did the man who was stuck inside for a storm say to himself? He said, “This storm knows snowbounds.”

_What would you get if you put a snow globe inside the microwave oven? Global Warming.

_Why are snowmen always having a great time? Because they are always chilling.

_Which is the most popular game in the North Pole? Snowball

_Which candy does a mountain like the most? Snow Caps.

_What do you call the temper tantrum of an Eskimo? You call it a meltdown.

_What do you call the offspring of a snowman? Chill-dren.

_What would you call a cross between a snowman and a vampire? A Frost bite.

_What do you call a snowman who has turned old? Water.

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