The Ultimate 1001+ Social Media Holiday List with Greetings


Commitment day :   January  1 (Globally) -Commitment is an awesome thing and commitment day, January 1st, is when you say your feelings to that special person in your life. You can even set-up an event to tell that person that how much they mean to you. 

Hogmanay Festival January 1 (Scotland) -Hogmanay is the Scots word for the most recent day of the year and is synonymous with the festival of the New Year(Gregorian logbook) in the Scottish way. It is typically trailed by further festival on the morning of New Year’s Day.

Copyright Law day: January 1 (World) Many people created many enjoyable things in life such as music we hear, books and magazines we read, programmes on TV, computer programs, etc. It is their hard work and we should give them credit.

Polar Bear Swim Day: January 1 (World) Polar bear swim day is celebrated in different countries from hundred years. The first Polar swim day was celebrated in 1904 at Boston. Canadian communities plunge into the icy water for a swim and it is observed

Bloody Mary Day :  January  1 (United States) -Bloody Mary day is celebrated in the U.S. every year on January 1st. The bloody mary is a cocktail consists of vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire, cayenne, and salt. It is said that this cocktail is had for lessen the previous day hangover. 

Public Domain day : January  1 (The Netherlands)– Public domain day is observed on January 1st every year. When a work of literary or artistic expires, it is added to the public domain which is free from any copyright. The copyright works are legally added to the public domain on January 1st of every year 

Singles dayJanuary 1(China) -National Singles Day takes puts on the Saturday of Singles week in September. National Singles Day was first watched January 1, 2001. The date was moved in 2017 to concur with National Singles Week in September.

Solemnity of Mary dayJanuary  1 (Vatican City)-The Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God is celebrated as feast day dedicated towards Mother Mary whom we see as the woman that has raised the Son of God.

New Year Day  January 1 (Globally) -New year is celebrated on January 1st by the followers of the Gregorian calendar. Most of the countries in the world celebrate the new year on the same day. However, few countries like China, they celebrate new year according to their calendar. 

St. Basil’s Day   January  1 (Greece) –– Basil of Caesarea, who is also known as St. Basil the Great was the bishop of Caesarea Mazaca in Cappadocia. St. Basil’s Day is celebrated on January 1 or New Year’s Day every year. 

Best Global Family Day January 1 (Globally) – In the United States, every January 1 is celebrated as ‘One day of Peace and sharing’. On this day, friends and families share food among the neediest and pledge for nonviolence. They also spread the peace message and sharing by ringing large bells.

Science Friction day:  January  2 (United States) – National Science fiction day is celebrated on January 2nd every year in the United States, since 2012, on the official birthdate of famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov. The day is celebrated unofficially by science fiction fans.  

Personal Trainer Awareness day:  January  2 – Weight loss is one of the common resolutions for the new year. They go to the gym and get fit. Thus, January is the busiest time for personal trainers. This is why we celebrate January 2nd as the Personal trainer awareness day.

Motivation and Inspiration day:  January  2 (United States) – January 2nd is celebrated as Motivation and Inspiration day each year.  Motivation and inspiration can be a good start to the new year to do any work and to make good resolutions. This day is celebrated to get motivated and inspired right from the start of the new year.

Buffet Day:    January  2 (United States) -National buffet day is celebrated on January 2nd every year in the U.S. Many of us love buffet eating and we choose to have one when spending a day out. Imagine if you have a buffet eating for the whole day! It will be fun and great excitement for food lovers. 

World Introvert Day: January  2 (Globally)-World Introvert Day is celebrated on January 2nd. It is not an official holiday, but it is celebrated by introverts all over the world since 2011. It is the day to bring awareness among people what it means to be an introvert and to remember why it is awesome to be an introvert. 

Festival of sleep day: January  3 (Globally)- The festival of sleep day has been created to take rest after a long festive season. It is an unofficial holiday which is celebrated on January 3rd every year. Sleep recharges our body and mind. It gives the energy required for the next day. 

Trivia day: January  4 (Worldwide) – National Trivia Day is observed across the United States on January 4th each year. People celebrate this day playing with some amazing facts and the game is called trivia game.  It is like a competition to see who knows more odd facts about the world. 

World Hypnotism Day: January  4 (Globally)-Hypnotism is a state of consciousness where the hypnotized person is relaxed, with more focus and reduced outer awareness, and is more open to suggestions. World Hypnotism Day is celebrated on January 4th every year since 2006. 

World Braille Day:  January  4 (Globally)- World Braille day is celebrated every year on January 4th. It is the day to celebrate the innovation of Braille. It is the birthday of Louis Braille, the inventor of Braille. Some Non-governmental organizations 

National Bird Day:  January  5 (United States) – The National Bird Day is observed across the United States on January 5th every year. This day is celebrated to promote avian awareness. In 1894, Charles Babcock, the superintendent of schools in Oil City, Pennsylvania had declared this day as a holiday to celebrate bird day. (NGOs) around the world celebrate this day by creating awareness about the challenges faced.

Twelfth Night (Epiphany Eve)January 5 (Worldwide)– Twelfth Night or Epiphany Eve is a holiday and a festival celebrated worldwide by some branches of Christianity on either 5th of January or 6th of January which is the last night of the Twelve Days of Christmas. 

Epiphany DayJanuary 6 (Globally)– Epiphany Day is a Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ. Epiphany Day is also called Baptism of Jesus, three kings day, little Christmas and the theophany, Reyes. 

Three Kings Day :  January  6 (Globally) The three kings day is celebrated on January 6th every year.  This day is also called as the feast of Epiphany.  For Christians, the holiday season doesn’t end until the 12th day of Christmas which is the feast of three kings. 

Distaff day : January  7 (Worldwide) – Distaff Day, which is also called Roc Day, is celebrated on 7 January every year, after the feast of the Epiphany. This day is also known as Saint Distaff’s Day. This is one of the many unofficial holidays in Catholic nations.

National Bobble head Day:  January  7 (Wisconsin) -National Bobblehead Day is celebrated annually on January 7th that was developed by the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum. The first National Bobblehead Day was celebrated on January 7, 2015. Because Bobbleheads are awesome, the day is celebrated everywhere in the United State. 

Harlem Globetrotters Day :   January  7 (United States)-Harlem Globetrotter’s Day is observed on January 7th every year across the United States. Harlem Globetrotters is the name of the African-American basketball team which was formed in 1926. The first road game of this team was organized in Hinckley, Illinois, on January 7th, 1927. 

Orthodox Christmas Day January 7 (Globally)- Orthodox Christmas Day recollecting the presentation of Jesus Christ, is commended on 25 December in the Julian date-book used by the assembly, which falls on 7 January in the fundamental Gregorian logbook.

Earth’s Rotation day : January  8 (Globally) -Earth’s rotation day is celebrated on January 8 each year since 1851. The French physicist Leon Foucault demonstrated how the earth rotates by suspending a Pendulum from the top of the Pantheon in Paris. 

Poetry at work day: January  9 (Worldwide) –Poetry at Work Day is observed January 9th every year. The Tweetspeak Poetry and Every Day Poems had declared this Poetry at Work Day. This Day is created to make the people who are working in the office to write poems about the things they love about their workplace. 

Static electricity day:  January  9 (United States)– You may be shocked to hear that there is a day called Static Electricity day. Yes, the National Static Electricity Day is observed on January 9th every year. Static electricity is totally different from the electrical current through wires at home or industries. 

World Sketchnote day :  January  11 (Globally) – The world sketchnote day is observed on January 11th every year. A few years ago, Mike Rohde and Mauro Toselli had created this day in 2016 to empower the sketchnote and to unite the community at least for the day. 

Human Trafficking Awareness day : January  11 (United States) -National human trafficking awareness day is celebrated on January 11th every year. The U.S. Senate had passed this day as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day in 2007. Later on January 4th, 2010, President Obama issued a proclamation naming January as the Human trafficking prevention month. 

Laughing day: January  11 (India)– Laughter is the best medicine.  The World Laughter Day was first celebrated in Mumbai, India, on 11th of January 1998. Now World Laughter Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year in most of the large cities around the world.

Youth day(India):  January 12  (India)-National Youth Day is commended on 12 January being the birthday of Swami Vivekananda. In 1984 the Government of India proclaimed this day as National Youth Day and since from 1985 the occasion is praised in India consistently. 

Sir John A.Macdonald Day : January 11 (Canada) Sir John A.Macdonald is one of the prime architects of the Confederation and is the first Prime Minister of Canada. Much of the Canadian Constitution and the British North American Act is drafted

Marzipan day: January 12 (World) Marzipan is a firm paste made of almond meal and sugar which spreads well and put on wedding cakes or any other special occasion cakes. If you do not know how to prepare marzipan

Lohri Festival  January 13 (India)– Lohri is a Punjabi folk celebration, celebrated principally by Sikhs and Hindus from the Punjab area in the northern piece of the Indian subcontinent, celebrated on 13 January of each year.

Public Radio Broadcasting day: January 13 (India) These days the Internet has impacted us so much that we cannot imagine a day without it. But even if there is no internet, we can survive and also without television. A hundred years ago the life was so boring

Makar Sankranti January 14 (India) – Makara Sankranti, Maghi, is a celebration day in the Hindu logbook, in reference to divinity Surya (sun). It is watched every year in January.It marks the main day of sun’s travel into the Makara (Capricorn), denoting the month’s end with the winter solstice and the beginning of longer days.

Orthodox New Year: January 14 (USA) Orthodox New Year as the name suggests, represents the ancient New Year that was observed on the basis of the Julian Calendar. Going by the Gregorian Calendar, in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries

Strawberry Icecream Day:  January  15 (United States) -National Strawberry Ice Cream Day is observed on January 15 each year. It is a food holiday, fun holiday. Strawberry ice cream is made from strawberries with eggs, cream, vanilla, and sugar. Sometimes to get that pink or light red color, food color has been added to it. 

Army Day: January 15 (India) Indian Army warriors are perpetually ready to battle with all the tough occasions at Indian fringes even as with the harmful events.

Wikipedia Day :  January  15 (Globally) -Wikipedia day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Wikipedia. It comes every year usually around January 15th. On this day, Wikipedia fans organize parties within their community to celebrate it. 

Religious Freedom Day :   January  16 (United States) -The national religious freedom day is celebrated on January 16th every year. The day is celebrated with appropriate events and activities at home, schools, and places of worship. The United States of America came into existence as a sovereign nation and soon after that on January 16, 1786.

Hot and Spicy Food Day: January  16 (Globally) – The International Hot and Spicy Food Day is celebrated on January 16th every year.  According to archaeological research, people were using hot spices in their food recipe for over 6000 years. Throughout the world, many different types of spices have been used and prepared lots of hot flavored foods.  

World Religion Day  January 17 (Worldwide)-The World Religion Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of January every year since 1950. The initiative to observe this day was taken by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States. 

Kid Inventors Day: January  17 (Globally) -Kid Inventors day is celebrated on January 17th every year in honor of Ben Franklin’s birthday who invented the first swim fins at the age of 11.  Even though kids have less knowledge of the world, they have great ideas which adults cannot think of.

Thesaurus day:  January  18 (Globally) -Thesaurus day is celebrated on January 18th every year. The day commemorates the birthday of Dr. Peter Mark Roget, the author of Roget’s Thesaurus, who was born in 1779. Thesaurus has helped many students and other writers to improve their literary work. 

Winnie the Pooh day: January 18 (World) The birthday of author A A Milne is celebrated as Winnie the Pooh day. The Brtish author A.A. Milne was born in 1882. He is known for his timeless stories about Winnie-the-Pooh. Winnie the Pooh Day.

National Popcorn Day: January  19  (Across America)-The popcorn day is celebrated every year on January 19th across America. Popcorn is not only children’s favorite but everyone of all ages likes popcorn and it has many significances on Halloween as well as on Christmas. 

Penguin Awareness Day  January  20 (Globally)-Penguin Awareness Day is celebrated on January 20th every year. The day is dedicated to raising the awareness about penguins which are diminishing day by day. For these lovely penguins, two days are recognized, one is World Penguin Day (April 25th) and the other is Penguin Awareness day

Cheese Lovers Day:    January  20 (United States)– The National Cheese Lover’s Day is celebrated on January 20th every year. Cheese is popular and liked by all. There are more than 1000 varieties of cheese available. The taste and the texture of each type varies. French people are in No.1 position in consuming cheese and Americans take second place. 

Disc Jockey Day: January  20(United States) – National Disc Jockey Day is observed on January 20th every year. A disc jockey or a DJ, in short, is a person who plays recorded music either on the radio or at a club or event. Disc jockeys are hard-working entertainers who bring energy on the dance floors. 

Sundance Film Festival January 21(United States) -Sundance Film Festival is the largest annual independent film festival in the US organized by the Sundance Institute. It was founded by John Earle and Sterling Van Wagenen in 1978 and since then it has witnessed huge popularity. 

Hugging day:  January  21(United States) -National hugging day is observed on January 21st each year. The day is dedicated to hugging. It is said that the day was created by Rev. Kevin Zaborney in 1986 and the day was first celebrated on January 21, 1986, in Michigan, USA.  

Free Hug Day January 21 (United States) -National Hugging Day is a yearly occasion devoted to embracing. It was made by Kevin Zaborney and happens every year on January 21. The day was first celebrated on April 12, 1986 in USA.The occasion is likewise seen in numerous different nations. 

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Third Monday of January ( United States) Every year on the third Monday of January, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated in the United States of America.  It marks a celebration of the one of the most popular civil right activists of America

The Celebration of life day : January  22 (United States) -The Celebration of life day is observed on January 22nd every year. This day is dedicated to honoring our children and grandchildren. The life should be made such that everyone are able to honor this day and respect. 

National Pie Day:  January  23 (United States)-National Pie day is observed on January 23rd every year. It is originated in the mid-1970s on Boulder’s birthday. In 1986, the Pie day was officially sponsored by American Pie Council. We all love Pie, a sweet-savory filled with various flavored creams. 

Handwriting Day:  January  23(United States)– National handwriting day is observed annually on January 23rd. A day to use your pen or pencil on a paper to review your handwriting and work on it for a better one.  This day commemorates the birthday of John Hancock, who is the first person to sign the American Declaration of Independence. Handwriting is unique 

Women’s Healthy Weight Day: January  24(Worldwide) – Women’s Healthy Weight Day is observed on  January 24th every year. It is always been observed Thursday of the third full week in January. There are many health benefits if we keep our weight healthy. 

Girl’s Day:  January  24(Globally) -National girl child day is commended each year on 24th of January as a national recognition day for the girl child. This festival was begun to offer more backings and new chances to the girls in the nation.

Peanut Butter Day: January 24 ( World) Peanut butter is a household food and liked by many of them. In 1890, a food maker George Bayle had invented peanut butter and in 1923, Heinz company has made spreadable peanut butter.

Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day: January 24 (World) In 1880, a German ophthalmologist names Alfred Graefe had described the Moebius syndrome and in 1888, Paul Julius Moebius explained the features of this syndrome. This syndrome is rare and usually

National Opposite Day: January  25 -On an opposite day, everything means the opposite and it will be fun to say everything opposite with your family and friends. The day is observed on January 25th every year.  The day was inspired by the game children use to play.  

Voters day:     January  25 – So as to urge increasingly youthful voters to partake in the political procedure, Different Government of different Country has chosen to observe as “National Voters’ Day”. It has been begun from January 25, 2011 to check Commission’s establishment day.

Republic day:  January  26 (India). The Republic Day is a national holiday of India, praised each year on 26th January.This day praises the commemoration of the Constitution of India and the change of India from a British Dominion to a republic on 26th January, 1950.

Customs Day January 26 (Globally) – International Customs Day (ICD) is commended on 26th of January consistently by World Customs Organization (WCO). WCO, an association framed in 1952 as a self-ruling body to improve customs organization everywhere throughout the world. 

Spouse’s Day January 26(Worldwide) – Sometime’s the hectic life of ours gets too busy to appreciate our lovely spouses, which should not be the case ever but it happens. To solve this rather cover up the consequences, Spouse’s Day is celebrated annually on January 26th

Community Engagement Day January  28(Australia)- Engage 2 Act initially established Global Community Engagement Day in 2018. The day, in which network commitment fans celebrate the world over, happens each year on 28 January. 

Puzzle Day:   January  29 -Puzzle Day is celebrated on 29th January every year. A puzzle is a toy or a game that is designed to test the intelligence of people. Solving puzzles daily can sharpen your memory as it requires a lot of brain churning. 

Kansas Day January 29 (Kansas) – Kansas Day is an occasion in the province of Kansas in the United States. It is commended every year on January 29 to remember the commemoration of the state’s 1861 admission to the Union. It was first celebrated in 1877 by schoolchildren in Paola. 

School day of Non violence and peaceJanuary  30 (Spain) – School day of nonviolence and peace is an observance day founded by Llorenç Vidal Vidal, a Spanish poet in Majorca in the year 1964. It is different from the proposed “Armistice Day” in 1948. 

Venice Carnival: January 30 to February 16 (Italy) The Carnival of Venice is a festival in Venice that is celebrated yearly. This festival is celebrated wearing very decorated and elaborate masks. It is this feature of the festival that makes it famous.

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day: January 31 (World) Inspire Your Heart With Art Day is a yearly festival seen on January 31st of consistently. Art is a thing that is in presence since the start of the human development. It is refreshing both for its magnificence.


World Hijab Day: February 1 (At least a hundred countries all over the world) – World Hijab Day was first celebrated on the first of February,2013 and has been celebrated in over a hundred countries ever since. It was started by Namza Khan, a resident of the USA. She had migrated from Bangladesh to the United States and in her school in the US, she used to be the only.

National Freedom Day: February 1( united States) On 1st February, 1865 the 13th amendment of the constitution of the USA was signed and it is the reason for the celebration of National freedom day. Abraham Lincoln was the President then who had signed the amendment to end slavery in the country.

Aspergillosis Day: February 1 (Globally) – Aspergillosis refers to the diseases of wide variety caused by fungi infection of the genus Aspergillus. This fungus tends to cause allergic reactions and lung damage. World Aspergillosis Day is celebrated on 1st February internationally every year and is celebrated to spread awareness about the disease and its harmful impacts. On this day, people come.

The Groundhog Day: February 2 (Canada and United States)-The Groundhog Day is popular convention that is praised in Canada and United States of America. Groundhog Day 2019 in United States of America is praised on February 2 of consistently, and in 2019 too. This convention was begun by the German people group in Pennsylvania, in United States.

World Wetland Day: 2 February (Worldwide) – World Wetland Day is celebrated on the 2nd of February every year to commemorate the day on which the Convention on Wetlands was adopted in the year 1971. The primary reason to celebrate this day is to raise awareness about the importance of the wetlands.

New York Fashion Week: February 3 – February 12 (United States): – New York Fashion Week (NYFW), held in February and September of every year, is a semi-yearly arrangement of occasions (for the most part enduring 7– 9 days) when global fashion accumulations are appeared to purchasers, the press, and the overall population.

Golden Retrievers Day: February 3 (World) Golden Retrievers are a standout amongst the most well known types of puppies and families everywhere throughout the world love Goldens. The Golden Retriever is perceived by the American Kennel Club

World Cancer Day: February 4 (Globally)– The World Cancer Day is celebrated every year on the 4th of February. The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) founded The World Cancer day in 2008. This day is celebrated all over the world to raise awareness regarding this disease and also to show support to the people who are battling cancer.  

Sri Lankan Independence Day, February 4 (Sri Lanka):  On the 4th of February, 1948, Sri Lanka got its freedom from a long period of British political rule. This day is known as the Sri Lankan Independence Day and is celebrated widely in the entire country as an official holiday. The movement to drive away the British was led by educated middleclass men in   —— 

Kashmir Solidarity Day, February 5 (Pakistan):  Kashmir Solidarity Day, is a national occasion in Pakistan and furthermore seen by Kashmiri patriots on 5 February every year. It is in recognition of Pakistan’s help of and solidarity with the general population of Indian-controlled Kashmir, the patriots’ endeavors to isolate from India, and to pay reverence to Kashmiris who have kicked the bucket   —— 

Wear Red Day: February 5 (Canada):  – Wear Red Day is held annually every year on the first Friday of February in order to raise awareness of the issue of heart disease being the number one killer of women. On this day, both Men and Women take part in numerous awareness Campaigns in support of women’s health by wearing red.

Western Monarch Day, February 5 (California, US):  – Western Monarch is the name of a butterfly that migrates to different parts of the world and returns to their home, California in the month of February. Western Monarch Day is celebrated every year on 5th February to be grateful to the butterfly for returning to the central California coast.

World Read Aloud Day: February 5 (All over the world):  – World Read Aloud Day is celebrated on 1st February every year. People all over the worlds unite and celebrate this day by reading stories and sharing their experiences of reading. The importance of reading is inculcated among people, especially the younger youth. It is now celebrated in almost 173 countries.

Sami National Day: February 6 (Finland):  – Sami National Day is celebrated on 6th of February every year since 1993 in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia where most of the indigenous Sami people reside. This particular National Day is celebrated by raising the Sami flag along with its bright red, green, yellow and blue colors with two circles

Waitangi Day: February 6 (New Zealand):  – Waitangi Day is celebrated on 6th of February every year as the National day of New Zealand which commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi that occurred. On this day Ceremonies are held at Waitangi, Northland to mark the anniversary of the signing of the treaty.

Superbowl Day: February 6 (USA) The annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) is called Super Bowl. In this, the champion of the National Football Conference (NFL) and the champion of the American Football Conference.

Propose Day, February 8 (Globally):  – If you have love for someone in your hearts then it is always recommended that you spill out the beans to them and see how they feel. This is exactly the purpose of Propose day, celebrated on the 8th of February, which happens to be the second day of the much awaited Valentine’s Day.

Kite Flying Day: February 8:   – Watched every year on February eighth, National Kite Flying Day is set apart by kite flying devotees over the country.Kites go back to China in 470 B.C. China is loaded with legend and accounts of the beginnings of the kite. Many are identified with the manner in which wind influences the leaves on the trees.

Pizza Day : February 9 (World) Pizza Day, your opportunity to get your pizza eating diversion on! Truly, you heard accurately! An entire day – 24 cheerful hours – to commend that yummy carb that nobody can manage without!

Safer Internet Day: February 9 (160 countries globally):  – The current year’s Safer Internet Day (SID) festivity occurred on Tuesday, 5 February 2019. The crusade’s motto, “Together for a superior web”, was a suggestion to take action for all partners to consolidate and have their impact in making a superior web for everybody, and particularly for more youthful users.

Women and Girls in Science Day: February 11 (All over the world):  – The International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrated on 11 February, is actualized by UNESCO and UN-Women in joint effort foundations and common society accomplices that intend to advance ladies and young ladies in science.

Make a Friend Day: February 11 (World) Continuously saw on February eleventh, National Make A Friend Day is an incredible chance to meet another person and make another friendship. Friends serve an imperative job in everybody’s lives.

White Shirt Day: February 11 (World) As the Great Depression began to fade away, automobiles grew in demand. The workers wanted better working conditions, higher wages and wanted their union to be recognized. Instead of helping.

World Day of the Sick: February 11 (Globally):  – Celebrated on 11th February, World Day of the Sick is a feast day of Roman Catholic Church started by Pope John Paul II for believers to offer their prayers to those suffering from illness. Pope John Paul was sick and diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991, a year after which he created this day.

Inventors Day: February 11 (World) Inventors’ Day is multi day of the year put aside by a nation to perceive the commitments of inventors. Not all nations perceive Inventors’ Day. Those nations which do perceive an Inventors’ Day

Rio Carnival: February 12 (Brazil) The Rio Carnival is a festival organized in the city of Rio de Janeiro every year before the solemn religious observance day Lent. The carnival is considered to be the biggest carnival in the world.

Chinese New Year: February 12 ( China) Chinese New Year (or by and large alluded to as Lunar New Year comprehensively) is the Chinese celebration that praises the start of a new year on the customary Chinese schedule.

Verona in Love Festival: February 12 to February 16 (Italy) :  – Verona in Love Festival is celebrated in the city of Verona in Italy. It is organized from 11th to 14th February every year which means that it also includes Valentine’s Day. The festival is dedicated to all the romantic couples who wish to celebrate love through poetry, dance, and magic.

Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday : February 12 ( United states) Abraham Lincoln was born on 12the February 1809 and the date is celebrated every year in the United States of America. Lincoln was the one who led the country through the massive reforms 

Sexual & Reproductive Health Awareness Day, February 12 (Globally):  – Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day is a day which is annually held on February 12 every year. This particular day has been used to spread and raise awareness regarding reproductive health issues. The day is also a great opportunity to educate the public on how to lessen the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Red Hand Day: February 12 (Globally)– Red Hand Day or the International Day against the Use of Child soldiers is observed each year on February 12 to raise awareness about the fact that there are more and more children being inducted into the military or other revolutionary rebellion armies.

World Radio Day: February 13 (All over the world):– World Radio Day is celebrated on 13th February every year. Radio is a medium used for communication purpose. It requires engagement among the audience. Even in the 21st century, radio didn’t lose its importance by adapting. This medium has the power to bring millions of people together and raise their voice.

Valentine’s Day, February 14 (All over the world):  – Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year. It is also called Saint Valentine’s Day or feast. The day is dedicated to celebrating love and romance in this world. Couples spend time with each other on this day by visiting restaurants, movie theaters, parks, etc.

World Marriage Day: February 14 ( World) Marriage is a very significant institution almost all over the world that signifies the special bond among two loving couples and is the backbone of any family. When two individuals love each other

Daisy Gatson bates Day: Third Monday of February (United States)– Daisy Gatson Bates was an American publisher, lecturer and a journalist who played a leading role in the little rock integration crisis. She was born on November 1913 at Huttig, Arkansas, United States and completed her education from Shorter University. Arkansas made a holiday in honour of daisy Gatson bates.

Childhood Cancer Day, February 15 (All over the world):  – February 15 is the day which holds significance of international childhood cancer day.International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) which was established in 2002 by Childhood Cancer International (CCI) is commended the world over every year on February fifteenth.

Total Defence Day, February 15 (Singapore):  – Total Defence is the name given to Singapore’s defence strategy which has been adapted from countries like Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine and Russia. And Total Defence day is an annual Remembrance Day occurs on February 15th to commemorate the event when British soldiers surrendered to the Japanese in the year 1942 on February 15.

President’s Day:  February15,  Third Monday in February (United States)-Washington’s Birthday is a United States government holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February out of appreciation for George Washington, the first President of the United States, who was conceived on February 22, 1732. 

Singles Awareness Day: February 15 (World) Singles Awareness Day is an occasion for all those who are staying single in life. It is usually celebrated before or after Valentine’s Day every year by those people who are not a part of any romantic relationship.

National Flag of Canada Day February 15 (Canada) On February 15, Canada’s red and white flag with a symbol of a maple leaf was hoisted in the Parliament hills for the first time. The national flag holds a great worth to all the Canadians.

Elizabeth Peratrovich Day: February 16 (United States)– Elizabeth Peratrovich was a famous civil rights activist, and she worked on behalf of equality for Alaska natives in 1940s. Elizabeth Peratrovich was born on 19 July 1911 at Peterburg, Alaska, United States. The name of Elizabeth Petrovich parents are Andrew and Mary Wanamaker, and Elizabeth Petrovich’s other name is Kaaxgat aat .

Shrove Tuesday : February 16 (Canada & World) Carnival or Shrove Tuesday is celebrated every year the day before Ash Wednesday which marks the starting of Lent season according to the Bible. It is an occasion for the Christian community

Mardi Gras Day : February 16 ( United States) Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday is known as Mardy Grass in French language. This day is observed before Ash Wednesday

Almond Day, February 16 (United States):   – February 16 is celebrated as National Almond Day. Even though the size of this nut is small, the benefits are huge! Almonds have been in use from ancient days. This tiny nut has miraculous health benefits and this is why it is used widely.

World Human Spirit Day, February 17 (Globally):  – World Human Spirit Day is celebrated on 17th February every year. It is observed to promote the value of mental peace and satisfaction in our lives. People observe two minutes of silence at 3 pm Eastern Time and they also meditate to discover the true spirit of freedom and peace in their lives.

Random Acts of Kindness Day: February 17 (World) Random Acts of Kindness Day was created to make the biggest impact coming from the smallest act of kindness. It is the day to celebrate the kindness in people and encourage it all the way to the world.

Ash Wednesday : February 17 (World) Ash Wednesday is a holy practice done by the followers of or people who belong to Christianity. On this day the people do fasting and the consumption of meat is not allowed.

Drink wine day, February 18 (United States):  -National drink wine day is celebrated annually on February 18 all over the United States. The day is celebrated just to create awareness about the health benefits of wine.  The wine has been used from our ancestors for religious as well as relationship reasons.

Pluto Day, February 18 (Globally):  – Pluto Day is praised on february 18th of consistently. Pluto was found in the year 1930, and it is considered as the ninth planet in the nearby planetary group for around 76 years, yet after the year 1992, its situation as a planet was questioned the same number of items like Pluto with comparable size.

Berlin Film Festival, February 20 (Berlin, Germany) – Berlin Film Festival is founded in west berlin in 1951 and Berlin film festival held every year in February since 1978. The Berlin Film Festival Is also called the Berlinale. The awards which are held on this day is Golden Bear and Silver bear. The Berlin film festival founded as per Wikipedia research is 1951. 

Salvador de Bahia Carnival : February 20 to 25 (Brazil) Salvador de Bahia Carnival or more popularly known as Bahian Carnival is an annual festival celebrated every year in Salvador, the capital city of the Brazilian state Bahia. The entire event goes on for six full days

Social Justice Day, February 20 (Globally):  – Celebrated on 20th February every year, World Day of Social Justice aims to recognize the major social issues like poverty, exclusion, discrimination, unemployment, etc and promote ways to tackle such issues. Social Justice is a pre-requisite for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations.

Mother Language Day, February 21 (All over the world):  – International Mother Language Day (IMLD) is an overall yearly recognition hung on 21 February to advance familiarity with etymological and social decent variety and advance multilingualism. First reported by UNESCO on 17 November 1999, it was formally perceived by the United Nations General Assembly in a goals setting up 2008.

World Whale Day, 3rd Sunday of February (Globally)World Whale Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in February every year. This day is celebrated solely to raise awareness about the whales and the Marine animals. The changing climate and human activities have led to the pollution of the water bodies

Maha Shivaratri, February 21 (At least 12 or more countries):  -Maha Shivaratri is a Hindu celebration celebrated every year out of appreciation for Lord Shiva, and specifically, marks the day of the marriage of Shiva. There is a Shivaratri in each luni-sunlight based month of the Hindu schedule, on the month’s thirteenth night/fourteenth day, yet once per year in pre-spring (February/March).

Scouts’ Day, February 22 (Globally):  – Guides’ Day or more popularly known as Scouts’ Day is a special day observed worldwide on February 22nd by the members of the scouting movement. In some of the countries, the dates may differ and the significance of this day may have something to do with religion but for others.

Play tennis Day: February 23 (World) What better path could there be to keep your body fit than to do sports? There are several games, both group and individual, ensuring that everybody can discover something

Digital Learning Day: February 25 ( World) Digital learning is any sort of learning that is joined by innovation or by instructional practice that utilizes innovation. It incorporates the utilization of a wide range of works on including.

Purim Day: February 26 (Jewish World) Purim is the day on which the Jewish community celebrates their victory over a Persian plan of killing and destroying the Jews. The story of Jewish resistance can be found in the Book of Esther.

Anosmia Awareness Day, February 27 (United Kingdom):  – Anosmia is the loss of the sense of smell. So, if a person cannot smell, the taste was not felt. The Anosmia awareness day is celebrated on February 27 each year. The day was first established by Daniel Schein who is an anosmia sufferer from New York, United States.

World NGO Day, February 27 (All over the world):  – The philanthropist Marcis Liors Scadmanis established the World NGO Day on  February 27th. The Baltic Sea NGO forum which belongs to the council of the Baltic Sea States recognized the World NGO Day officially on the seventeenth of April, 2010.

Science day: February 28 (World) Science Day is being commended each year to generally spread a message about the Importance of science utilized in the day by day life of the general population. To show every one of the exercises

Rare Disease Day, February 28  (Globally):  – Rare Disease Day is an observance that takes place on the last day of February every year. The main idea behind this particular day is to raise awareness amongst the decision makers and the general public about rare diseases. The goal is to educate people more about the treatments and their impact on the patient.


World Civil Defence Day:  March 1 (Worldwide)  – World Civil Defence Day is celebrated on the 1st of March every year since 1990. The day was created by the decision made by the 1990 general assembly of the International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO). The date 1st of March also commemorates the entry of ICDO constitution as an Intergovernmental organization in the year 1972.

Zero Discrimination Day: March 1 (World) Zero Discrimination Day, as the name suggests, a day on which many people stand together and raise concerns against the laws and governments that promote inequality rather than equality.

St. David’s Day :  March 1 (Wales) – St. David is regarded as the patron saint of Wales. Every year, St. David’s Day is observed on 1st March to commemorate his death. History says that St. David passed away in 569 A.D. St. David’s Day has been celebrated all over Wales since the 18th century.

Self-injury Awareness Day:  March 1 (Globally)- Self-Injury Awareness Day or Self-Harm Awareness Day is a global awareness event which occurs on the 1st of March every year. On this day, many awareness organizations make special endeavors to spread awareness about self-injury and self-harm.

Casimir Pulaski Day: March 1 (United States)– Casimir Pulaski Day observed in Illinois, the USA with the local official holiday. Casimir Pulaski Day celebrated annually, and it’s related to general Pulaski memorial day which comes in March on the first Monday. Casimir Pulaski Day is held in areas mainly where have large Population.

World Wildlife Day: March 3 (Globally)– In December 2013, The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) announced 3rd of March as World Wildlife Day. World Wildlife Day is observed to increase awareness about the flora and fauna of the world. This day is observed by all the members of the United Nations of the world.

World Obesity Day:  March 4 (Globally)– World Obesity Day is celebrated on the eleventh of October every year to raise awareness about the increasing obesity of people all around the world. This day was first celebrated in 2015 by the World Obesity Federation that is officially related to the World Health Organization.

Port Fairy Folk Festival:   March 5 – March 8 (Australia)– Established in 1977 December and previously staged during the Labour Day weekend, Port Fairy Folk festival is one of the most popular four-day music festival held in the fishing village of Port Fairy, residing in Victoria, Australia.

Employee Appreciation Day: First Friday in March (United States)– Employee Appreciation Day held annually on the March first Friday. It is an unofficial holiday in which the companies thank their employees for their hard work. Their efforts that they have made for the growth of the company. The purpose of celebrating this day was strengthening the relationship between employer and employee.

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race: March 6, 2020 (Alaska)- An annual long-distance sled dog race known as the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is run in early March from Anchorage to Nome, entirely within the US’s state of Alaska. This event started in 1973 was considered as one of the first four US National Historic Trails in 1978.

Happy Women’s Day: March 8 (World) International Women’s Day is an opportunity to think about advancement made, to call for change and to commend demonstrations of fearlessness and assurance by normal women who have assumed a phenomenal job

Happy Mario Day: March 10- Mario Day is a gamer holiday observed every year on 10th of March to honor the most popular game character named Mario from the 1980s. Mario, the Italian plumber first made his appearance as “Jumpman” in the year 1981 in a then-popular game called Donkey Kong.

World Kidney Day: March 11 ( World) World Kidney Day (WKD) is an annual global health awareness campaign focusing on the importance and the well being of the kidneys and associated health problems. The main aim of the day is to raise awareness

World Glaucoma Day:  March 12 (Globally)      – World Glaucoma Day is celebrated annually to commemorate World Glaucoma week between 10th to 16th March. Glaucoma is a disease of the eye that can lead to progressive and irreversible damage to the optic nerve due to the pressure caused on it which if left untreated can lead to blindness.

SXSW Festival : March 13- March 21 (United States)- South by Southwest or SXSW (as it is known popularly) is a conglomeration of music, film, interactive media and trade festivals that takes place in Austin, Texas, United States. It started in the year 1987 and since then it has become increasingly popular across the world.

Pi Day : March 14  (Worldwide) – Pi Day is commended on March 14th (3/14) around the globe. Pi (Greek letter π) is the image utilized in science to speak to a consistent — the proportion of the periphery of a hover to its width — which is around 3.14159. Pi Day is a yearly open door for math aficionados to present.

World Consumer Rights Day: March 15 (Globally)     – On 15th March every year, the World Consumer Rights day is celebrated. It is day which is meant to mark the importance of the consumer and the various rights they have in the market. It is a day meant for the empowerment of the consumers and also to remind the businesses to act.

World Contact Day: March 15 (Globally)  – World Contact Day is celebrated on 15th of March every year to commemorate a day when we try to make contact with Extraterrestrials using the power of telepathy. The reason behind choosing the communication channel of telepathy is because both alien life and telepathy are in constant need of evidence thus befitting the Irony.

Panda Day: March 16 (China)– Panda Day is observed and celebrated on March 16 every year by the conservationists and animal lovers from all over the world. Pandas are the most adored as well as endangered members of the Bear (Ursidae) family. They are widely popular for their cute looking face with black circles around their eyes and fluffy body.

Evacuation Day: March 17 (United States)– Evacuation Day is the day on which there is a public holiday in Suffolk County. The holiday observed on 17 March. This day celebrates the date each year when British troops evacuated Boston during the war of American Revolutionary. This day was started first time 25 November 1783 in New York.

St. Patrick’s Day: March 17 (Ireland)   – Every March 17, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with parades, parties and lot of greens. This day is celebrated on the memory of St. Patrick, The Patron of Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day is a global celebration of Irish Culture on or around March 17. It particularly remembers the death anniversary of St. Patrick.

Biodiesel Day: March 18 (World) Sometime in the past the world kept running on oil powers, or fossil based fills as they’re called. It’s been quite a while since anybody truly talked about an option or delivered something

World Sparrow Day: March 20 (Globally)– Every year on the 20th of March World Sparrow Day is observed all around the globe. It is a day dedicated to educating people about house sparrow and other such birds. People are informed about the threats to the birds and how they can play a role in minimizing those threats.

Happiness Day: March 20 (World) A significant move in dispositions is in progress everywhere throughout the world. Individuals are presently perceiving that ‘advance’ ought to be tied in with expanding human happiness and prosperity

World Oral Health Day: March 20 (Globally)  – The World Oral Health Day was first celebrated on 20th March 2013 by the FDI World Dental Federation to raise awareness regarding the different issues of the teeth and the mouth of people all around the world. On this day, the World Dental Federation launches a campaign regarding the importance of oral health and oral. 

World Poetry Day: March 21– Every year on 21st April, World Poetry Day is celebrated. It was started in 1999 by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). This day is a celebration of the art of poetry and focuses on promoting reading, writing, publishing, and teaching of poetry. It is the day to “give fresh recognition. 

World Puppetry Day: March 21 (Worldwide)– Every year on the 21st of March, World Puppetry Day is celebrated all around the globe. The idea came in 2000 from Iran. It was originated by a puppet theatre artist, Javad Zolfaghari. It was in the year 2003 that the idea finally came into existence and World Puppetry Day was first celebrated.

World Down Syndrome Day: March 21 (Worldwide)    – Celebrated on 21st March, World Down Syndrome Day aims to create awareness amongst people about Down syndrome which is naturally occurring chromosomal arrangement that can result in various effects on learning styles, physical characteristics, and health of a person.

World Poem Day : March 21 ( World) The purpose of the celebration of this day is promoting the writing, publishing, teaching, and reading of poetry all around the world. There is a declaration by UNESCO originally that means giving new recognition and enthusiasm to regional, international and national poetry movements.

Forests Day: March 21 (Worldwide)      – The International Day of Forests was set up on the 21st day of March, by goals of the United Nations General Assembly on November 28, 2012.Each year, different occasions celebrate and bring issues to light of the significance of a wide range of forests, and trees outside forests, to assist present.

Anal Cancer Awareness Day: March 21 (United States)    – Anal Cancer Awareness day is celebrated every year on March 21st.  Anal Cancer is a rare disease and is stressful. The advocates of the colon and anal cancer have come together to create awareness of such disease. The common virus infection human papillomavirus can cause infection and it would go unnoticed.

World Water Day:  March 22 (Globally)      – We observe World Water Dat on March 22nd every year around the globe. Water is the main source of living. Therefore the day is focusing on the importance of water and water-related issues.  So this day gives an opportunity to work on those water issues and reserve this source for future generations.

World Water Quality Day: March 22 (Globally)– World Water Day is an annual Observance event occurs on 22nd March every year. This day is convened by the United Nation to advocate for the management of freshwater resources and also to highlight the importance of water amongst the minds of general population.

World Meteorological day: March 23 (Globally)– World Meteorological Day takes place every year on 23 March and commemorates the coming into force on 23 March 1950 of the Convention establishing the World Meteorological Organization. It showcases the essential contribution of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services to the safety and wellbeing of society and is celebrated with activities around the world.

Bear Day: March 23 ( World) Bear Day marks the celebration which is solely dedicated towards the cause of rescuing the bears from the atrocities caused by numerous activities against the wildlife nature. Many organizations from around the world

World Tuberculosis Day: March 24 (Globally)    – On the 24th of March every World Tuberculosis day is observed. It is done to spread awareness about the disease and also about the various efforts that are begin taken in order to make sure tuberculosis is removed from the face of the Earth. The impact of a disease such as Tuberculosis is devastating.

Purple Day for Epilepsy:  March 26 (Australia)  – Purple Day is a global awareness program about epilepsy. It is observed each year on March 26th. Several countries organize programs and events to spread awareness about epilepsy. People from different countries wear dresses of purple color on this day. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that can affect people of all ages.

World Theater Day: March 27 (WorldWide)  – On the 27th of March every year, World Theatre Day is celebrated and it was first started by the International Theatre Institution, (ITI)  in the year 1961. On the occasion of this day, many different international and national events are organised by the theatres all over the world.

Palm Sunday: March 28 (USA) The Sunday before Easter is the one regarded as the Palm Sunday. The day marks the coming of Jesus to Jerusalem as a messiah and saviour. As Jesus was riding a donkey, the people laid down palm

Gangaur Festival: March 29 (India) Gangaur is a celebration celebrated in the Indian province of Rajasthan and a few pieces of Gujarat, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana.Gangaur is bright and a standout amongst the most

Holi Festival: March 29 (India) Holi is considered as a standout amongst the most worshipped and praised celebrations of India and it is commended in pretty much all aspects of the nation. It is additionally here and there called as the “celebration of adoration”

World Bipolar Day:  March 30  (Worldwide)     – ISDB along with the Asian Network of Bipolar Disorder (ANDB) and the International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) celebrates 30th March as the World Bipolar Day by initiating worldwide awareness. World Bipolar Day provides an opportunity for the world to know about the disease better and through international collaboration.

National Doctors Day : March 30 (United States) Sep 18 (Brazil) The day is meant to honour the doctors who work day in and out to maintain the well being of the people. The contribution of the physicians is celebrated on the day throughout the country and various events

César Chávez Day: March 31 ( USA) César Chávez Day is held annually, which observed in 2014 by president Barack Obama in the United States. The formal holiday comes with César Chávez Day. César Chávez was American labour leader and farmworker who co-founded.

Accounting Closing day: March 31 ( World) For every business, accounts are of utmost importance because the sole force that drives any business is money. Keeping a track of all the financial transactions made in the company is essential.

World Backup Day: March 31 (Globally)– On the 31st of March, The World Backup Day is celebrated to raise awareness about data preservation and backups. Backing Up mainly refers to creating at least one copy of all your files in your computer, laptop, phones, hard drives, etc in a device other than the internal storage of the concerned device.


April Fool’s Day:  April 1 (Globally)- This day people play practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. The victims of this are called April Fools. Even many of the new papers spread fake reports which are then explained the next day.  The day is popular since the 19th century and the origin of this day is not known.

Maundy Thursday: April 1 ( Canada) Maundy Thursday is the pious day for the Christians coming on Thursdays prior the Easter. It pays tribute to the descriptions in the Canonical Gospels like “The Last Supper” and the “Washing of the feet (Maundy)”.

Good Friday: April 2 (Globally)- Good Friday is the propitious day when Jesus Christ, the master of Christians has taken the blessed dwelling place paradise. This year on fourteenth April 2017, Christian devotees over the globe will observe Good Friday with full enthusiasm. In this way for the Christians.

Children’s Book Day: April 2 (Globally)- Since 1967, nearby Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday, 2 April, International Children’s Book Day (ICBD) is commended to inspire an affection for perusing and to point out children’s books.Each year an alternate National Section of IBBY has the chance to be the international sponsor of ICBD.

Autism Awareness Day: April 2 (Globally)- Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a very serious developmental disorder which affects the ability to communicate, behave and interact with a person. Every year on 2nd April World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated in order to encourage the Member States of the United Nations to take measures to help increase awareness about the people suffering.

World Party Day:  April 3 (Globally, notable celebrations in US, England, China, France, Africa)- On every April 3rd, World Party day is celebrated. It is a global synchronized celebration for a better world and desirable reality. A large number of people come together and connect with each other to share ideas of peace and goals of human intelligence and resources that are needed towards humanitarian progress.

Easter Sunday : April 4 ( World) Easter, likewise called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, is a celebration and occasion remembering the restoration of Jesus from the dead, depicted in the New Testament as having happened on the third day

Vitamin C Day: April 4 (World) We all know the importance of Vitamin C in human body and this is the reason we take greater amount of it in order to stay away from diseases such as scurvy. It was previously a mystery substance.

Tsechus Festival : April 4 ( Bhutan) Tsechu or sometimes known as the Mask Dance Festival, is the most pivotal 5 day religious festival in the country of Bhutan. The festival of Paro Tsechu is held annually each spring from the 11th to the 15th Day

Semana Santa: April 5 – April 11 (Spain)- The whole country of Spain is known for its tradition on Semana Santa or Holy week which occurs during mid-April. Due to the huge celebration of Holy Week schools, businesses and government remain closed in most of the Spanish-speaking countries for at least four days from Thursday to Sunday.

Sports day: April 6(World) Sports days or field days are occasions organized by numerous schools and workplaces in which individuals take an interest in focused brandishing exercises, regularly with the point of winning trophies or prizes.

World Table Tennis Day:  April 6 (Globally)- World Table Tennis Day was first celebrated on the 6th of April in 2015 and since then, every year, 6th April is observed as the World Table Tennis Day. Table Tennis which is also known as ping pong first originated in Victorian England and it was known as a popular parlor game in that era.

World Health Day: April 7 (Globally) – World Health Day is a global health awareness campaign that is celebrated on 7th April every year. It is sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other bodies related to it. The aim is to spread awareness about good health and remove all the barriers to equal distribution of healthcare services in the world.

Beer Day:  April 7 (United States)- National Beer Day is observed on April 7 every year. The previous day, that is, April 6th is celebrated as New Beer’s Eve. Usually, it takes place in breweries, pubs, bars, and at the backyard of a home. On this day, people pay gratitude to beer brewers and bartenders to make it possible for them.

World Romani Day : April 8 ( World) The Romani people are neither the Romans of ancient or modern times nor are they the Romanians. These people are a group of dispersed people and are also known as Gypsies or travelers.

Zoo Lovers Day:  April 8 (Austria)- Zoo Lovers Day is observed every year on the 8th of April to commemorate the people who are extremely fond of watching the variety of animals in Zoos. The day is celebrated as a treat for all the animal lovers to have a day out with the beautiful and exotic animals of the wilderness.

Yom HaShoah: April 8 to April 9 ( Israel) Yom HaShoah or the Yom Hazikaron HaShoah ve-laG’vura is the colloquial term in Israel, which in English means the Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day. This day is observed to commemorate

HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: April 10 (Globally)- National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day is a yearly recognition hung on April 10 to feature the effect of HIV/AIDS on youngsters. The awareness day is additionally an event to perceive the endeavors of youngsters to help accomplish a without aids generation.

World Homeopathy Day: April 10 (Globally)- World Homeopathy Day is celebrated on 10th April every year to commemorate the birthday of the physician from Germany, Samuel Hahnemann. He was the physician who had started practicing this form of medicine way back in the eighteenth century as an alternative to the medical practices of that period.

Golfer’s Day: April 10- On Golfer’s Day we celebrate, not simply the diversion, yet the people who play it, even the lowliest duffer who shanks their ball the whole distance into the wilderness. Plainly the most ideal approach to celebrate is to hit the connections yourself, yet that may not generally be a possibility for you.

Siblings Day: April 10 (Worldwide)- This day is celebrated every year on April 10 which is dedicated to the siblings. Usually, the sibling relationship is not appreciated. Siblings who share their blood are the closest persons you have after parents.   This day was actually created to remember the siblings who have passed away.

Pink Day: April 10 (Canada)  – Every year, April 10 is celebrated as the International Pink Day and it is celebrated since 2007. A gay student of Central Kings Rural High School was bullied just for the reason that he is wearing a pink shirt. The fellow students David Shepherd and Travis Price saw this and opposed the same.

Ramadan Days: April 12 – May 12 (Worldwide)- Ramadan is viewed as the holiest month of the year for Muslims. It typically begins in April or May and proceeds for a month. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sustenance and drink during the sunlit hours as a method for learning poise, appreciation, and sympathy for those less blessed.

Street Children’s Day: April 12 (Worldwide) – Street Children’s Day has been globally celebrated to recognize the hardships and deprivation faced by underprivileged children since 2012, on April 12th every year. Rallies are organized on this day to ensure that no matter where they are, they get what they deserve according to their rights.

Songkran Water Festival: April 13 – April 15 (Thailand)- Songkran Water Festival is generally a three-day long festival occurring from 13th to 15th April and sometimes can be extended up to 5 days of celebration of welcoming the New Year. The origination of this water festival is from Chiang Mai, Thailand and people tend to enjoy these days to the fullest by splashing.

Artists Day:  April 15 (Canada)- International Artists Day respects those innovative spirits that will leave a record of today for the future that can’t be caught in history books. International artist day is commended on fifteenth april each year.The anguish and delight of the human spirit is depicted through the unpleasant tones of a tune, the savagery and fierceness got.

Save the Elephant day: April 16 (Thailand)- Elephants are truly the icons of wildlife but their population is reducing drastically which needs to be stopped right away. Save the elephant day is celebrated on the 16th of April and it is directed towards the purpose of spreading awareness about the sad state of elephants in the world.

Emancipation Day: April 16 ( Europe & USA) Emancipation day observed in many former European colonies in the Caribbean of the united states on different dates. It also found in other areas regarding the abolition of serfdom.

Royal Disease Day: April 17 ( World) Royal Disease is quite a rare disease that hampers the ability of the body to form clots. A person with Royal Disease bleeds for a much longer time after an injury. Such people are more likely to be victims of internal bleeding

World Hemophilia Day: April 17 (Worldwide)– On 17th April every year, the birth anniversary of Frank Schnabel, founder of World Federation of Hemophilia, World Hemophilia day is celebrated to raise awareness about hemophilia and other bleeding disorders on an international level. It started in 1989 and since then the whole community suffering from any bleeding disorder comes together to celebrate.

World Heritage Day :  April 18 (Globally)- In 1982, ICOMOS built up 18 April as the International Day for Monuments and Sites. UNESCO endorsed it the next year amid its 22nd General Conference. From that point forward, 18 April has been multi day to celebrate and advance social heritage, and a chance to bring issues to light about its decent variety.

HANGING OUT DAY:  April 19- Every year on April 19, Project Laundry List works with many different associations to support National Hanging Out Day. This day was put aside as multi day to urge networks to find out about the advantages, both monetarily and earth, of utilizing a clothesline for drying clothing.

Patriots Day: April 19 (United States)- The occasion was initially celebrated on April 19, the real commemoration of the fights (battled in 1775). Since 1969, it has been seen on the third Monday in April in Massachusetts and in Maine] (which until the Missouri Compromise of 1820 was a piece of Massachusetts).

Kindergarten Day: April 21 (Germany)- 21st April, 2019 will be Kindergarten Day There’s a mystical time amid youth where we begin going through our days from our parent’s homes. We enter a universe of other kids guided under the hand of a grown-up and begin the astonishing voyage that is learning.

Red Cross Giving Day: April 21 (All over America)– Every year on April 21st we celebrate American Red Cross Giving Day. The American Red Cross is been helping people in their need. The volunteers of this organization are deserved to have a day to celebrate their dedication. The day was started in June 2015.

Ram Navami: April 21 (India) Ram Navami is a Hindu festival which is celebrated at the springtime every year to commemorate the birthday of Lord Rama. The people following Vaishnavism regarded him as the seventh configuration of Lord Vishnu.

Innovation day: April 21 (World) In 1452 a man was conceived who might set the standard for what it intended to be a renaissance man, exceeding expectations in both expressions of the human experience and sciences.

Administrative Professionals Day: April 21 (World) Where would we the wold without the secretaries of the world? Spare a single thought to all of the paperwork that would never be done, the phone calls that would never be taken and the secretary jokes

Boston Marathon: Third week of April (United States)-The Boston Marathon is celebrated annually and hosted by several cities in the Boston city. The marathon race always held on patriot’s day, which is the third Monday of April Month. The Boston marathon is inspired by the success of the first marathon competition in the Summer Olympics 1897.

Earth Day: April 22 (Worldwide)- The earth day is celebrated on April 22 every year since 1970. The day used to educate people on environmental issues.  Public awareness programs are conducted to convince people about pollution. The senator of California in 1969, Gaylord Nelson, took the initiative to celebrate this earth day. 

Sant Jordi Festival Barcelona: April 23 (Barcelona)– Sant Jordi Festival is one of the most original celebrations in the Catalonia region of Spain. The festival which combines culture and romanticism takes place in the spring season on 23rd of April every year. It is one of the unique festivals in the world where Love and Literature, Valentine’s Day and World Book Day.

Best World Book Day: April 23 (Worldwide)- The United Nations  Educational Scientific Cultural Organization (UNESCO) celebrated the first World Book Day on 23rd April 1995 to promote copyright, publishing, and reading of books and this day has been celebrated as the World Book Day ever since.

St. George’s Day: April 23 (Several countries including Canada, Portugal, Greece, Serbia, Bulgarua, Georgia, etc.)- St. George’s Day is celebrated as the feast day of Saint George by numerous Christian Churches and several nations, kingdoms, and countries such as England Aragon and Catalonia where Saint George is the patron Saint.

Day of Silence :  April 24 (New Zealand)- The day of silence is usually observed in mid-April every year since 1996. This annual event is for school, college and university students to spread awareness about the effects of the bullying and harassment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) students. 

World Stationery Day : April 25 ( World) World Stationery Day is celebrated on Wednesday of the National Stationery Week. This day marks the importance of handmade cards and handwritten letters in today’s electronic world.

World Malaria Day: April 25 (Globally) – World Malaria day is observed on the 25th of April every year to recognize the efforts that are being put to put a stop to the deadly effects of the disease. In 106 countries, approximately 3.3 billion people are at the risk of malaria and every year there is a significant number of deaths.

Confederate Heroes Day: April 26 (USA) Confederate heroes day is a day on which there is a cultural holiday in several Southern U. S. states. It is celebrated to remember the sacrifices of the soldiers who died in military services.

World Intellectual Property Day: April 26 (Globally)- Every year on 26th April, World Intellectual Property Day is observed to raise awareness about the importance of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and designs in our daily life and to celebrate creativity. It is the day to acknowledge the contribution made by innovators as well as the creators to the development of all the societies.

Hanuman Jayanti: April 27 (World) Master Hanuman, a committed supporter of the Hindu Lord Rama, is revered everywhere throughout the India by the Hindu individuals for his profound dedication to the god Rama.

King’s Day : April 27 (The Netherlands)- Its celebrated on 27th of April.King’s Day is the season we praise the lord’s birthday. It’s a touch of an alteration for everybody since it used to be called Queen’s Day for a considerable length of time as of recently back when we observed King Willem Alexander’s crowning.

Dance Day: April 29 (Worldwide)- International Dance Day is a worldwide festival of dance, made by the Dance Committee of the International Theater Institute (ITI), the primary accomplice for the performing specialties of UNESCO. The occasion happens each year on 29th April, the commemoration of the introduction of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727– 1810), the maker of current artful dance.

Arbor Day: Last Friday in April (Nebraska) – The day lies on last Friday of April every year. It is a public holiday in the United States. On this day people are inspired to work towards the environment by caring trees. People celebrate this day by planting trees, arranging exhibitions, fairs, and music concerts in the vast gardens.


Law Day:  May 1 (United States)- On May 1 the United States formally perceives Law Day. It is intended to consider the job of law in the establishment of the nation and to perceive its significance for society. A day to recall the battles of laborers in their battle for better wages and working conditions.

Loyalty Day: May 1 (USA) Loyalty Day is observed and celebrated every year in America on 1st of May. It was first observed as Americanization Day in the year 1921, during the First Red Scar. On July 18, 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Best School Principal’s Day : May 1( Globally)- School Principal’s Day is celebrated on May 1st every year to acknowledge and thank for the hard works of all the educational leaders of the school. Since the age of dawn, school principals are represented as the chief villains rather than a positive and supported one, which is extremely unfortunate.

Global Love Day: May 1 (Worldwide)- We respect each 1  May first as a representative day of unqualified love and call upon all individuals and all countries to assemble in the knowledge of harmony and love.Global Love Day is the all inclusive acknowledgment of our natural unity through love.

May Day:  May 1 (Globally)– Global Workers’ Day, otherwise called Workers’ Day, May Day or Labor Day in certain nations and regularly alluded to as May Day, is a festival of workers and the common laborers that is advanced by the worldwide work development which happens each year on May Day (1 May), an antiquated European spring celebration.

School Bus Driver Day: May 1 (World) Have you ever taken a moment to thank the people who enabled your children to reach school every day by bus? The school bus drivers are the people who carry the kids to school in the bus

Happy Baby Day:  May 2 (Globally)– The baby day is celebrated on May 2nd every year in the United States.  The day celebrates the joy and happiness a baby spreads all over.  Many of the times, the elders too become like a baby and enjoy their life. The day is for them too!

Brother’s Day: May 2 (United States)– The day is celebrated in the United States of America every year on May 24. The day is celebrated to honor brothers. We love our brothers in a special way and they have a great place in our hearts. Those who do not have brothers have someone in their life who had played a brothers.

Brother’s and Sister’s Day: May 2 ( USA) Brother’s and Sister’s Day is celebrated all over world every year. It is a day that is dedicated to all the brothers and sisters.

Paranormal Day:  May 3 (Globally)– Do you put stock in apparitions? Regardless of whether you’re a cynic or clairvoyant, National Paranormal Day may very well be the occasion for you. It is crawling up on us, with not long to go before we can begin celebrating with the apparitions on May 3.

World Press Freedom Day: May 3 (Worldwide)– Every year on May 3rd, World Press Freedom Day is celebrated, as announced by the UN General Assembly in December 1993. It was in accordance with the recommendation of UNESCO’s General Conference. On this day, the fundamental principles of the press are discussed and celebrated.

World Asthma Day: May 4 (World) Asthma is a disease in which the patient suffers from recurrent attacks of wheezing, chest tightness, breathlessness, and a cough that can vary in their occurrence, severity, and frequency.

Star Wars Day : May 4 (United States)- Star Wars Day is celebrated on May 4th in the honor of George Lucas’s birthday, creator of Star Wars. Started by the fans of this media franchise, this holiday is celebrated with great enthusiasm all across the world. From the famous phrase, “May the force with you”,

Cartoonist Day : May 5 (Worldwide)– Every year since 1990, May 5 is observed as Cartoonist Day. The occasion of Cartoonist Day is celebrated in honor of all the creative ink-stained artists i.e. the brilliant cartoonist from past and present that have smitten the world with humor and satire. The first one to do that was Richard Outcault in the year.

Cinco de Mayo : May 5 (USA) Cinco de Mayo is a holiday observed in the United States of America on 5th May. The day marks the victory of the Mexican Army against the French in the Battle of Puebla during the time of the Franco-Mexican war.

World Password Day: First Thursday in May (Globally) – World Password Day is known to be celebrated on the first Thursday of May every year. The Registrar of National Day Calendar proclaimed it. Passwords are the secret codes which are known to the person setting it for purposes like locking house doors, accessing debit/credit cards, accessing banking services, etc.

Join Hands Day: First Sunday of May ( World) It is reality daily committed to endeavoring an association in our networks between the more seasoned age and the more youthful age. On the planet where adolescents are aggrieved

National Day of Prayer: May 6 (United States)- The National Day of Prayer is a yearly day of recognition hung on the principal Thursday of May, assigned by the United States Congress when individuals are asked: “to go to God in prayer and reflection”. The president is legally necessary to sign an announcement every year, urging all Americans to implore on this day. 

No diet day: May 6 (USA) Worldwide No Diet Day (INDD) is a yearly festival of body acknowledgment, including fat acknowledgment and body shape assorted variety. This day is likewise devoted to advancing a sound way

Military Spouse Appreciation Day:  May 7 (United States)- National Military Spouse Appreciation Day is praised on the Friday before Mother’s Day in May. On Military Spouse Appreciation Day we respect the commitments and penances made by military spouses. Their responsibility and bolster help to guard our nation.

World Red Cross Day:  May 8 (Worldwide)- On 8th May each year, we celebrate the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day to celebrate and acknowledge the principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. This day coincides with the birthday of Henry Dunant, who was born in 1828 and founded the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Train Day :  Saturday closest to May 10th (Amtrak, US)- Train Day had started off as a holiday by Amtrak, the railroad passenger corporation in the year 2008 as a mean to convey the information regarding the advantages of railway travel as well as the history of the trains. Train Day used to be held on the Saturday closest to 10th of May.

World Lupus Day : May 10 ( World) Lupus is a serious autoimmune disease that can affect any of the organs in our body such as joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart and lungs. It is a disease where our immune system 

World Ego Awareness Day:  May 11 (Worldwide)– World Ego Awareness is celebrated on May 11th and it was recognized in 2018 to make people aware of the bad effects of the ego in a person’s life. Providing more emphasis on self-improvement this day aims to create a world full of people with no false sense of superiority, i.e. egoism.

Technology day: May 11 (India)- National Technology Day is celebrated across India on 11 May every year.  To commemorate this event the day is celebrated. First indigenous aircraft “Hansa-3” was test flown at Bangalore on 11 May 1998 and on the same day, India performed the test firing of the Trishul missile successfully.  

Nurses Day: May 12 (World) Sadly, numerous individuals assume that the most critical individuals in the human services framework are the specialists, yet this is just false. Ever the longshot, nurses assume a key job in the majority of our medicinal

Eid al-Fitr: May 13 ( World) Eid al-Fitr also called the “Festival of Breaking the Fast”, is a religious occasion celebrated by Muslims worldwide that denotes the end of Ramadan, the Islamic blessed month of fasting. This religious Eid is the solitary day

Ascension Day: May 13 ( World) Ascension Day or otherwise known as Feast of the ascension of Jesus Christ is a Christian holiday that is traditionally celebrated 40th day of Easter, Thursday.

World Cocktail Day:  May 13 (Globally)- World Cocktail Day is celebrated globally in the name of cocktails on 13th of May. A cocktail is referred to a drink made by mixing two or more drinks with at least one of the ingredients are alcohol. The New York tabloid called ‘The Balance and Columbian Repository’ described cocktail as “an extremely stimulating liquor.

Receptionists Day: May 13 (World) Whenever you call an office for an appointment to make, or to makes sure you remember it, chances are there is a receptionist on the other side. A receptionist covers an enormous amount of work

World Belly Dance Day:  May 13 (Globally)- On 13th May every year, World Belly Dance Day is celebrated to honor the art of dance and one of its forms, Belly dancing. It was supposedly started in the Middle East and its roots can be found in ancient Greek and Roman literature when they talk about new undulating movements and birth.

Biscuit Day:  May 14 (United States)- The day is celebrated on May 29th every year. The cookies are called biscuits in the United Kingdom. Most of the biscuits are inexpensive and easily available. Biscuits are available in various flavors and most of the people like to eat biscuits. Biscuits are made of white flour and lots of sugar.

World Fiddle Day: Third Saturday of May (Globally)- World Fiddle Day is a celebration of fiddle music held on the third Saturday of May every year since 2012. On this day, many people celebrate this wondrous beauty of an instrument by organizing Fiddle Day events in areas where fiddle music is popular.

World Whiskey Day:  Third Saturday in May (Scotland)- Blair Bowman founded the World Whiskey Day while he was studying at the University of Aberdeen in 2012. The members of the Scottish parliament recognized this day in 2014 and 2015. The world whiskey day is thus celebrated on 20th May every year.

Shavuot Occasion: May 16 (Jewish Worldwide) Shavuot or otherwise known as Feast of Weeks in English is two-day Jewish Holiday that occurs every year on the sixth day of the Hebrew month of Sivan which is fifty days after the second night o

Horse Rescue Day: May 16 (World) At RSPCA Australia there is a gigantic issue with horses being abused. At the point when horses are abused our group of Inspectors venture in and salvage creatures in need. Every year we see several horses

World Telecommunication Day: May 17 (Worldwide)- On the 17th of May, in 1865, the International Telecommunication Union was founded and to commemorate the founding, the World Telecommunication Day was celebrated every year on the same day. 

World Hypertension Day: May 17 (World) World Hypertension Day is a day designated and initiated by The World Hypertension League (WHL), which is itself an umbrella to organizations of 85 national hypertension societies and leagues.

World Baking Day:  May 17 (Globally)- World Baking Day is a celebration created by the people to spread the joy and the love of baking all around the globe. It is celebrated on 17th May of every year to motivate and inspire people to bake and cook. It is a day filled with happiness, fun, and food.

World Aids Vaccine Day: May 18 (World) AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a disease caused by the HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus which is a virus that causes damage to the immune system. Most HIV infected people.

Accounting Day:  May 19 (United States)- The accounting day is celebrated on May 20th every year. This day all accountants celebrate and review the accounting importance of life. The day commemorates the publication of the first book about double-entry bookkeeping by Luca Pacioli and hence the accounting day started.

World Metrology day:  May 20 (Globally)- World metrology day is celebrated on the 20th of May every year. It is celebrated in honour of the system of units that we have for measurement. On this date, the metre convention was signed in the year 1875. With it, a coherent system for measurement is established and it made life a lot simpler.

World Bee Day:  May 20 (Worldwide)- Anton Jansa, the pioneer of beekeeping came up with various modern techniques of beekeeping in the 18th century. On his birth anniversary May 20th every year World Bee Day is celebrated. Bees and other pollinators like butterflies, bats, and hummingbirds are a very important and necessary part of our ecosystem and need to be preserved.

Museum Day: May 20 (Globally)- International Museum Day is praised on May 18 of consistently. The day features a particular topic that changes on consistently, and that is at the center of the worldwide historical center network’s distractions. The International Museum Day gives the chance to the experts of the historical center to meet the people groups and caution them.

Tea Day:  May 21 (Tea creating nations)– International Tea Day is watched every year on December 15. It has been commended since 2005 in tea creating nations like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Uganda, India and Tanzania. International Tea Day means to draw worldwide consideration of governments and natives to the effect of the worldwide.

World Meditation Day : May 21( World) When the world around you is ensconced in madness and tireness, and you can’t quite seem to find a moment of peace in the storm of the day, it’s time to step back and remember those blissful moments

Sherlock Holmes Day :  May 22 (United KIngdom)– Sherlock Holmes Day is celebrated on 22nd May every year, it commemorates the birthday of the famous author Arthur Conan Doyle who was born in the year 1859. Sherlock Holmes is a world-famous detective whose stories act as an inspiration for all the young and aspiring detectives.

Biological Diversity Day:  May 22 (Worldwide)- The International Day for Biological Diversity (or World Biodiversity Day) is a United Nations–sanctioned international day for the promotion of biodiversity issues. It is currently held on May 22.In December 2000, the UN General Assembly adopted 22 May as IDB, to commemorate the adoption of the text of the Convention on 22 May 1992.

Harvey Milk Day: May 22 (United States)- Harvey Milk Day organised by the Harvey Milk Foundation and celebrated every year on 22 May in memory of Harvey Milk, a gay rights activist assassinated in 1978, and Harvey Milk was a prominent gay activist during the 20th century. Harvey Milk Day observed by West Hollywood, California, Signal Hill and the United States.

World Turtle Day:  May 23 (Globally)- 23RD May every year is when World Turtle Day is observed round the globe in unison. Throughout the world, it is seen that the need to protect and spread awareness about endangered species is essential and this is the reason why such a day is being celebrated widely on the global scale.

World Schizophrenia Day: May 24 (Globally)- World Schizophrenia Day is observed on 24h May every year. It is a mental disease that messes up the way a person expresses emotions because it basically affects a person’s thoughts, actions, and perceptions. This disorder is often wrongly confused with multiple personality disorder.

Victoria Day: May 24 ( USA) Queen Victoria was born on May 24th, 1819 and her birthday is regarded as Victoria Day. She was a reigning monarch for nearly 64 years and her impudence further made it

World Missing Children’s Day:  May 25 (Worldwide)– World missing children’s day is an event for the purpose of awareness which is observed on the 25th of May of every year. The reason behind this event is to emphasize on the issues regarding the abduction of children and to spread awareness among the parents to take some measurable steps in order to protect.

Towel Day: May 25 (World) Douglas Adams was hugely famous amongst his fans for writing a very popular sci-fi novel named Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. So after his untimely demise at the age of 49 due to heart attack

World Thyroid Day:  May 25 (Worldwide)– The World Thyroid Day is celebrated on the 25th of May every year. The American Thyroid Association was founded in 1923. The American Thyroid Association, the Latin American Thyroid Society and the Asia- Oceania Thyroid Association cooperated with the European Thyroid Association to observe the World Thyroid Day so that the people come to know.

World Product Day: May 27 (Globally) – World Product Day is celebrated in May every year. Definition of every business begins with a product. This day was first celebrated by the company Mind the Product which brings people together and where people share their experiences. Product management impacts were also discussed and shared in those meetings.

Women’s Health Day:  May 28 (Worldwide)- May 28 is the International Day of Action for Women’s Health, which for more than 30 years, women’s* rights backers and partners in the sexual and regenerative health and rights (SRHR) development worldwide have recognized in different ways. After a seemingly endless amount of time after year, women, young ladies, supporters and partners.

UN Peacekeepers Day:  May 29 (Globally)– On 29 May, UN workplaces, close by Member States and non-legislative associations, hold serious occasions to respect fallen peacekeepers. Since the main UN peacekeeping mission was built up in 1948, in excess of 3,700 military, police and non military personnel work force have lost their lives in the administration of peace because of demonstrations.

World No-Tobacco Day:  May 31 (Worldwide)– World no-tobacco day is one of the most important days that the member states of the World Health Organization celebrate all around the world on the thirty- first of May every year. As the name suggests, it is a day celebrated to stay away from the consumption of tobacco in any form for a whole.


Children’s day:  June 1 (United States)- The World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland, declared June 1 to be International Children’s Day in 1925. After the gathering, distinctive governments around the globe chose to announce multi day as Children’s Day to attract consideration regarding youngsters’ issues.

World Milk Day: june 1 (World) Milk is one of the healthiest food items in our daily life. From children to aged, all love drinking milk because it helps in keeping you healthy. The milk is enriched with nutrients such as calcium, protein, vitamin B2, iodine, potassium, etc

Drink Milk day:  June 1 (Worldwide)- The World milk day is celebrated on 1st June every year. It is celebrated throughout the world to spread the awareness about the health benefits of milk. It was started celebrating in 2001. Hence, you must promote milk and its products. Pick a glass of milk and wish your friends, family members.

I Forgot Day: June 2 (World) If you’re anything like us, you’re totally rubbish at remembering holidays, anniversaries, regular checkups, and… well… how about we be forthcoming. We’re simply rubbish at remembering anything.

Tailors Day: First Wednesday in June- Tailors Day is an event that is celebrated every year on the first Wednesday of the month of June. It actually celebrates the invention of the sewing machine in the 19th century. It is dedicated to all the tailors who utilize the sewing machine to make sure that we are wearing the best dresses every.

World Bicycle Day: June 3 (Globally)- The United Nations General Assembly declared in April 2018, that 3rd June 2018 onwards would be recognized as The World Bicycle Day. The United Nations wants to promote the bicycle as it is a very reliable means of transportation and it also is very affordable and environment-friendly.

Corpus Christi Day: June 3 (Mexico) Corpus Christi is a Texas city in the Gulf of Mexico. It tucked into a bay, and Padre and Mustang islands shelter its beaches. The weather of this city is 25 degree and Wind NW 2km/h. The Padre Island National Seashore is home to migratory birds, and This city has touch pools

Running Day:  June 3 (Worldwide)- Running Day is an event that is celebrated all over the world and it encourages people to stay motivated through running. It is observed on the first Wednesday of June each year. There is no age bar to participate in any type of running activity on this day. Running helps you to stay active.

Juneteenth Day: June 4 (USA) Juenteenth is regarded as the freedom and liberation day in the United States of America. The day is as valued as Fourth of July as it marks the freedom of slaves

World Environment Day:  June 5 (Globally)- World Environment Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of June as an approach by the United Nation targeted towards the motive to encourage awareness regarding the protection of nature and environment. Humans have molded the environment to the max for their own use

HIV Long term Survivors Day: June 5 (USA) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) appraises that toward the finish of 2015, 1.1 million individuals in the United States were living with HIV. Huge numbers of these Americans are HIV long haul survivors.

Trails Day:  First Saturday in June (United States)- Trails Day is an opportunity which falls on the first Saturday of June every year to recognize the incredible benefits that all the federal, state and local trails provide in nature’s recreation and exposure. On this day, there are numerous events held in order to promote the awareness of all the wide variety

Belmont Stakes: June 6 (United States)- The Belmont Stakes is one of the oldest and longest American Grade one stakes thoroughbred horse race along with Preakness Stakes and Kentucky Derby. The race is primarily held either on the first or second Saturday of June at Belmont Park, Elmont, New York.

World Pest Day: June 6 ( World) Initiated by the Chinese Pest Control Association, and co-sponsored by the Federation of Asian and Oceania Pest Managers’ Association (FAOPMA), the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), and the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA)

D-Day: June 6 (France)- On this day, it was the most massive seaborne invasion in history, when the Normandy Landings were the landing operations on 6 June, Tuesday. One thousand nine hundred forty-four of allied. Invasion of Normandy in Operation, Overlord during World War II with codenamed Operation Neptune and often referred to as D-Day

Best Friend’s Day:  June 8 (United States)- The day is observed on June 8 every year in the United States of America. The day is to honor our best friends. We cannot imagine our life without best friends. Sometimes these friends will be there for us when there is no family. Many of our secrets will be known to best friends.

World Oceans Day:  June 8 (Globally)– At the Earth Summit, in 1992, the Oceans Institute of Canada (OIC) and Canada’s International Centre for Ocean Development ( ICOD ) proposed the idea to recognize the 8th of June as World Oceans Day. And since then, 8th June has been celebrated as the World Oceans Day every year.

World Brain Tumor Day: June 8 (Germany)  The German Brain Tumor Association declared 8th June 2000 as World Brain Tumor Day and since then, this day has been celebrated every year in most of the countries in the world. The day is celebrated to create awareness of the common people about the causes and symptoms of brain tumor.

Portugal Day:  June 10 (Portugal)- Portugal Day or the Day of Portugal is celebrated every year on June 10th since 1580. This particular date marks the death anniversary of Portugal’s greatest poet named Luís Vaz de Camões. The poet’s mastery in the verses has been compared to the works of Shakespeare, Dante, Virgil, Homer and Vondel.

Iced Tea Day: June 10 (Globally)- Iced tea day is celebrated on june 10th which is the peak of summers.On a sweltering summer day, nothing extinguishes the thirst and cultivates unwinding very as much as a chilly virus glass of iced tea. While hot tea is scrumptious and unquestionably a magnificent drink for most circumstances, it’s simply wrong for picnics.  

Kamehameha Day: June 11 (Hawaii, United States)- The Kamehameha Day is celebrated annually on 11 June every year, and there is a public holiday in the United States of Hawaii. The Kamehameha Day honoured to Kamehameha the Great, monarch who set the unified kingdom of Hawaii. The Kamehameha day observed in Hawaii and the significance of Unification of Hawaii by the Kamehameha.

Superman Day: June 12  (Globally)- Superman Day is celebrated on 12th June every year. It is dedicated to a famous superhero known as Superman. Superman Day was first celebrated in 2013 by DC Entertainment just two days prior to the release of the film Man of Steel and therefore it is also known as Man of Steel Day.

World Doll Day: Second Saturday of June (Globally)- Established on June 14th, 1986 by Mildred Seeley, World Doll Day is a day to celebrate the love, care, and nurture provided by people to one essential part of everyone’s lives, the dolls. World Doll Day is symbolized by Boots Tyner’s logo that depicts a child holding a bisque doll, signifying dolls in early childhood.

Loving Day: June 12 (United States)- Loving Day is a yearly festival hung on June 12, the commemoration of the 1967 United States Supreme Court choice Loving v. Virginia which struck down all enemy of miscegenation laws staying in sixteen U.S. states. In the United States, hostile to miscegenation laws were U.S. state laws restricting interracial marriage.

RED ROSE DAY : June 12 (United States) – On 12th June every year, the people of United States celebrate Red Rose day. It is celebrated as a tribute to the Red rose that serves as a symbol of love and romance from ages. Previously, red rose were used to decorate wedding venue as well as gowns and this is why it started.

Albinism Awareness Day: June 13 (Worldwide)- On International Albinism Awareness Day, 13 June, UNESCO will compose an occasion qualified Living with Albinism for attract consideration regarding this innate hereditary trademark which very regularly offers ascend to baseless discrimination.A meeting on the drug’s way to deal with albinism  will unite doctors, dermatologists and geneticists who will check out what is thought today.

Sewing Machine day: June 13 (United States)- Years ago when people started making their own clothes, the entire process of spinning clothes from yarns and fibres was too tiresome. There were groups of people working to create one piece of cloth. Just then, the invention of Sewing machine took place and it changed the entire market!

World Gin Day: June 13 (Globally)- World Gin Day is a day for everyone and anyone (over the drinking age) to celebrate and enjoy the predominant flavor from juniper berries in the form of Gin. World Gin Day always falls on the second Saturday of the month June so that one can make the most out of this day as well.

World Blood Donation Day: June 14 (Globally)- The World Blood Donation Day is celebrated on the fourteenth of June in most of the countries around the world. It was first celebrated in 2004 to spread awareness among people about the necessity of pure and safe blood and other blood products. This day is also celebrated to acknowledge the blood donors.

Army Birthday: June 14 (United States)- The U.S. Army was established on June 14, 1775, when the Continental Congress approved selection of shooters to serve the United Colonies for one year. The 14 June date is when Congress received the American mainland army subsequent to achieving an accord position in The Committee of the Whole.

World Flag Day: June 14 (United States)- It is a big day when a country chooses a flag and adopts it as its symbol, a symbol that will represent the entire nation. It is a matter of pride and this day is known as Flag Day. On 14th June 1977, the Second Continental Congress adopted the national flag of the United States.

Military Force Birthday: June 14 (United States)- Military Force Birthday is a celebration that commemorates the creation of the United States Military Force on June 14th in the year 1775. The Military Force was initially formed with amateur soldiers who volunteered to fight against British tyranny in a mission to defend their colonies.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: June 15 (Worldwide)- World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is an annual international UN observance day which is held on 15th of June every year to highlight the issue of elder abuse and the inequality faced by them. With a growing ageing population, this day focuses on turning the global attention to the problems of emotional, physical, and financial.

Global Wind Day:  June 15 (Globally)- Global Wind Day – 15 June. Global Wind Day is an overall occasion that happens yearly on 15 June. It is a day for finding wind vitality, its capacity and the potential outcomes it holds to reshape our vitality frameworks, decarbonise our economies and lift occupations and growth.

Smile Power Day: June 15 (Globally)- 15th June is celebrated as the Smile Power Day. This day is regarded as the day when you are supposed to flash your beautiful teeth and curve of the lips. Any emoticon won’t suffice and hence it is essential that you smile because we human beings are the only beings on the earth.

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought:  June 17 (Worldwide)- Desertification and drought are an alarming issue increasing at a huge pace all around the globe because of various activities carried out by humans. Celebrated on every June 17th, World Day to combat desertification and drought is a United Nations initiative to raise awareness regarding this issue and highlighting various methods to prevent desertification.

Bunker Hill Day: June 17 (United States)- Bunker Hill Day firstly found is 17 June 1775. Bunker Hill Day also called the battle of breed’s Hill. But sadly there is not Public holiday for this day. Its held on 14 June every year. To celebrate this day a massive parade held in Charlestown. People come and join this massive parade.

Autistic Pride Day: June 18 (Globally)- Autistic Pride Day is held every year on 18 June. It’s originally an Aspies for Freedom initiative, is a pride celebration for autistic peoples. The main reason to held it spreads the message that the people who have Autism is not diseased. According to the world health organization, 1 in 68 children has autism.

World Kidney Cancer Day: June 18 ( World) Kidney cancer is one of the leading health issues amongst people that people are unaware of. The World Kidney Cancel Day is celebrated so all the people around the globe can ask questions

Rheumatoid Arthritis Day: June 18 (Globally)- Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most painful diseases that a person can be suffering. On June 18th, Rheumatoid arthritis day is celebrated and it is the beginning of the awareness week regarding the disease. In this week, aware is raised regarding the disease and also the various impacts it leaves on the people

GO FISHING DAY :  June 18- National Go Fishing Day is watched every year on June eighteenth. This is multi day to require some investment from your every day schedule to discover a stream, lake, lake or waterway, goad your snare, cast your line and catch a fish or two.In expansion to giving sustenance, fishing is a recreational leisure activity.

World Sickle Cell Day: June 19 (Worldwide)- On June 19th  every year World Sickle Cell Day is celebrated to spread the awareness about the sickle cell disease. This disease is usually inherited genetically and it causes some clogging in the blood vessels that makes the blood flow much slower and results in slow and less transfer of oxygen to the different parts.

American Eagle Day: June 20 (All over America)- American Eagle Day is Observed every year on 20 June. This day is celebrated to honour our national Symbol and raise awareness for protecting the bald Eagle. The American eagle day was established annually for an inspirational national bird. Together we can make this and celebrate the American Eagle Day.

World Refugee Day:  June 20 (Globally)- The United Nations General Assembly decided to celebrate World Refugee Day on June 8th every year. This day coincides with the Africa Refugee Day which had been celebrated for many years before the United Nations came to this decision. In Fact, the Organization of African Unity  (OAU) had given permission to the United Nations.

Day of Purpose: June 20– On June 20, the essential ever International Day of Purpose will happen in urban territories the country over. Made by Jovian Zayne, the On Purpose Movement plans to propel people to celebrate and start the power of purpose and advances a lifestyle that is: Loaded up with the examination of one’s inherent purpose.

Father’s Day: June 20 (World) The day is observed annually on every third Sunday of June. This day is celebrated to recognize the contribution and the sacrifice a father does for their children. It is all about fatherhood and parenting.

World Giraffe Day: June 21 (Globally)  – World Giraffe Day is celebrated worldwide on 21st of June every year in honor of the longest-necked animal. The day will either be a longest one or the longest night depending upon the hemisphere you live in. On this day, these amazingly loved animals are celebrated as well as many annual events are hosted.

Turkey Lovers Day: Third Sunday in June (Birmingham)- Turkey Lovers’ Day is annually observed on the third Sunday in the month of June every year since 2016. This is a perfect day to enjoy Turkey in its numerous forms for all those individuals who feel that Thanksgiving is just too far away. Despite being enjoyed more during the spring and summer season.

World Motorcycle Day:  June 21 (Globally)- The twenty-first of June is known as World Motorcycle Day and it celebrates everyone who loves biking and is related to the biking world. It is a day of fun and amusement especially for bikers around the world. We very seldom appreciate bikes and acknowledge their usefulness although they have been around for centuries.

World Music Day:  June 21 (Worldwide)- World Music Day is also known as Fete de la Musique is celebrated on 21st June every year. On this day, people are encouraged to perform music out in public places so as to spread the joy of music far and wide and to every corner of the world.

International Day of Yoga:  June 21 (Worldwide)- International Day of Yoga, or regularly and informally alluded to as Yoga Day, is commended every year on 21 June since its commencement in 2015. An international day for yoga was proclaimed consistently by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Yoga is a physical, mental and otherworldly practice began in India.

Solstice Day: June 21 (Worldwide)- Solstice is a happening that occurs annually which is a good thing for both day and night lovers that takes place twice a year. Firstly, on 21st June, when the Sun’s position reaches its most northerly and the day appears to be long and that is good for the day lovers.

World Yoga Day: June 21 (Globally)- The United Nations General Assembly and all its member nations celebrate the 21st of June as the World Yoga Day every year. Yoga is a form of exercise which brings mental and physical peace to the practitioner. It originated in India and is now practiced extensively all over the world.

World Humanist Day: June 21 (Worldwide)- A Humanist holiday named World Humanist Day is celebrated every year all around the globe on the June solstice which is mostly observed on June 21st to provide an opportunity for all humanists to come together, gather socially and promote the positive and social values of Humanism.

Go Skateboarding Day: June 21 (World) Skate Punk culture is in full blossom, and there are skate parks seeming everywhere throughout the world as this game takes on a developing notoriety. We thought we had seen it crest with computer games

Positive Media Day: June 22 (World) Positive Media Day has been created with the sole purpose of changing the outlook and the state of affairs in the consumption of media every day. The day is devoted to overrule the negative aspect of media that is slowly overshadowing the positive impact it on people.

Inti Raymi Day: June 22 (Ecuador) The ‘Inti Raymi’ rata (Quechua for “sun festival”) is a conventional religious function of the Inca Empire to pay tribute to the god Inti (Quechua for “sun”), the most loved divinity in Inca religion.

Typewriter Day : June 23 (Globally)- Typewriter Day is celebrated all over the world on 23rd June every year. It marks the anniversary of the granting of a patent to Christopher Latham Sholes in 1868, who was actually the inventor of the typewriter. People celebrate the day by writing a page or two with the help of a typewriter.

Public Service Day: June 23 (Globally)- The United Nations has recognized 23rd June as the Public Service Day. The UN General Assembly passed a resolution 57/277 on 20th December 2002 to designate 23rd June as Public Service Day. An Awards ceremony is organized by the UN every year on this day. Institutions that are related to public services in different countries .

We Tripantu : June 24 – June 25 (Chile)- We Tripantu or Wiñoy Tripantu is the Mapuche celebration of New Year as well the return of the sun. The day takes place on the June Solstice, a southern winter solstice which is the shortest day of the year that marks the beginning of winter season.

World Vitiligo Day:  June 25 (Worldwide)- World Vitiligo Day is observed on June 25th every year to draw attention and build global awareness towards the issue of skin condition known as Vitiligo.  It is a skin disease where the body develops some white patches on the skin itself which is caused by the lack of Melanin.

Day in Support of Victims of Torture: June 26 (Globally)– June 26th has been declared as the United Nations  International Day in Support of Victims of Torture by the United Nations General Assembly. This day was institutionalized with the hope to have a world free from torture or other cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment to fellow earthlings.

Beautician’s Day:  June 26 (Globally)- The day is celebrated on June 26 every year.  The day is dedicated to all the beauticians out there who care for our hair, skin and overall beauty needs. Being working in backgrounds, they are busy persons and sacrifice their social as well as family life many times.

Take Your Dog To Work day: June 26 (World) Take Your Dog to Work Day is an annual event created by Pet Sitters International (PSI) in 1999 to encourage employers at businesses to allow dogs in the workplace for one Friday following Father’s Day to celebrate

Pineapple Day: June 27 (United States)– There is some debate about the real date of this occasion, yet it in any event began on June 27 of every 2015, thus I am highlighting it today. As I read some place on the web, it is multi day to commend a natural product that is neither pine nor an apple.

Armed Forces Day: June 27 ( USA) It is a day of honour, it is a day of immense pride and it is a day of immense joy as well as we celebrate the presence of those brave warriors who protect our nation from all the harms from outside even after being treated so harsh themselves

SUNGLASSES DAY: June 27  (Worldwide)- The International Sunglasses Day is celebrated on June 27th and anyone who enjoys spending time out in the sun and wants to look cool wearing sunglasses is sure to have a lot of fun on this day. The main aim of this day is to communicate to the people the need for wearing sunglasses.

Social Media Day:  June 30 (Worldwide)- Social Media Day is observed annually on June 30th.  In its short life, social media has redefined how people interact amongst each other, communicate and share with family, friends and the world. Social media has made it possible to stay connected and informed about with those important people in our lives.


Wimbledon Day: July (England)- Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious and oldest tennis tournaments in the world that takes place in All England Club located in London, the UK in the month of July every year. The tournament started in 1877 and since then it has been the most coveted championship for any tennis player.

Somalia Independence Day: July 1 (Somalia)– Somalia, after being colonized by the British for many years is now a free country. Somalia gained its independence on 1st July 1960 from Britain. This day is celebrated as a national holiday in Somalia every year which also marks the unification of the Trust Territory of Somaliland and the State of Somaliland on this day.

Zip Code Day: July 1- Finding places and addresses became far easier with the coming of the idea of zip code. It is in the year of 1963 that the idea of zip code came into being. 1st of July is the date that is observed as the Zip code day.

Canada Day: July 1 ( Canada) 1st of July is regarded as Canada Day. It is on this day that the nation of Canada was officially born after three provinces – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Canada province

World Sports Journalists Day: July 2 (Globally)– Every year on the 2nd of July World Sports Journalists Day is celebrated all around the globe. It is a day dedicated to all the sports journalists who put in their time and effort to contribute towards sports journalism. On this day, in the year 1924, Sports Press Association was established at the Paris Olympics.

World UFO Day: July 2 (Worldwide)- If you were fascinated with movies like the ET and believe in the presence of Aliens, World UFO day is surely your kind of a day! The day is celebrated by some on the 2nd of July and some on the 24th of June.

Anisette Day: July 2 (United States)– The Anisette day is observed on July 2nd every year.  Anisette is the distilled form of Anise seed. The flavor of anise is not familiar to many of us but this is used with alcohol. On this day, try anisette with any juice or plain water and appreciate the taste.   

Werchter Rock Festival: July 2 to july 6 (Belgium) Werchter Rock festival is an annual music festival held every year in the village of Werchter located near Leuven in Belgium. Due to its enormous sized rock music phenomenon,

Independence Day (USA): July 4 (United States)– 4 July is the most huge national holiday in the United States. It praises the Declaration of Independence, received on 4 July, 1776. The Thirteen Colonies of America proclaimed themselves to be states and didn’t really part of the British Empire, however the progressive war proceeded for quite a while after.

Day of Cooperatives: July 4 (Worldwide)- International Day of Cooperatives is a yearly celebration of the co-usable improvement saw on the fundamental Saturday in July since 1923 by the International Co-usable Alliance. On December 16, 1992, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed in objectives 47/90 “the primary Saturday of July 1995 to be International Day of Cooperatives.

Tynwald Day: July 5 (Iceand)- Tynwald Day is a national holiday in the Isle of Man which is observed on 5th of July every year marking the oldest continuous parliamentary body in the world. On this day, the parliament of Manx or the Isle of Man is held on Tynwald hill making it an open-air ceremony.

Guru Purnima: July 5 (India) A standout amongst the most famous celebrations celebrated in India is the Guru Purnima. It is a celebration for the Hindus just as the Buddhists. Guru Purnima is essentially a path by which understudies

World Zoonoses Day: July 6 (Worldwide)- We observe World Zoonoses Day every year in July. This day commemorates the sixth of July, 1885. It was the day that  Louis Pasteur administered the first vaccine successfully against the Rabies virus, which is a zoonotic disease. The World Zoonoses day raises awareness about zoonotic diseases.

Fried Chicken day: July 6 (United States)- sixth July is commended as Fried Chicken Day.The fowl gets the focus on Fried Chicken Day, and stomachs are thundering as of now. Move over vegans, there’s a southern style chicken leg and bosom coming along these lines!To add more style to the day, coat the amazing southern nourishment in flavors and holler “Yeehaw!”

kissing day: July 6 (World) International Kissing Day was set up in 2006 to concentrate on the kissing that happens among sweethearts, and to praise the spot it holds in our general public. A standout amongst the most astounding things about this holiday

Running of the Bull Festival: July 6 – July 14 (Spain)- Running of the Bull is a famous event that takes place during the week-long San Fermin festival from July 7 to 14 in the Spanish city of Pamplona, Navarra every year. Bull running is a traditional event in the San Fermin festival because the people of Pamplona believe that Saint Fermin died.

Chocolate Day: July 7 (Latvia, Europe)- World Chocolate Day, alluded to, in certain occurrences, as International Chocolate Day,is a yearly recognition that happens comprehensively on 7 July. References to World Chocolate Day being seen on 7 July have been recorded as ahead of schedule as 2009.Celebration of the day incorporates the utilization of chocolate.

Macaroni Day: July 7 (United States)- Every year on July seventh pasta darlings the country over watches National Macaroni Day.Made with durum wheat, macaroni is an extensive assortment of dry pasta which ordinarily does not contain eggs. Numerous individuals imagine that it is the short, empty shape that makes up macaroni.

World Chocolate day: July 7 (Globally)- World Chocolate day or International Chocolate Day is celebrated on the 7th of July every year. The day is marked to remember the great taste of the chocolate the subtle joys it adds to our lives. It is said even by the doctors that dark chocolates are beneficial more than fruits and veggies.

World Population Day: July 11 ( World) World Population Day is an annual celebration of raising awareness about the global population status amongst people. This event was established in the year 1989 by the Governing Council of the United Nations

Orangemen’s Day: July 12 (Ireland)- The “Twelfth” of July is one of the most important dates in the Orange order calendar and it marks an Ulster protestant celebration also known as the glorious twelfth or Orangemen’s day. It is celebrated in the honor of the Glorious Revolution in 1688 and anniversary of the Protestant King William’s victory.

Rath Yatra Day: July 12 (India) Rath yatra is also referred to as chariot festival and it marks the journey of Lord Krishna along with siblings to their aunt’s place. This marks back to 5000 years and has been a tradition.

Simplicity Day: July 12 (World) All of us live in a world that is getting complicated each day with all modern technologies becoming an integral part of our life. Nowadays we forget to give value to the essential and basic things in our lives

Bastille day : July 14 ( France) Bastille day is also one of the renowned days for it is the famous day when the first step towards the french revolution commenced for the abolition of unrighteous rulers by the french people, a step towards the liberty of the french people on 1bastille day 1789 .

Shark Awareness Day: July 14 (World) Most of the times, it is seen that the people are made to stay safe and aware from sharks in the sea. Shark Awareness day is a complete contradiction because it aims at spreading awareness.

World Youth Skills Day: July 15 (Globally)- At the United Nations General Assembly, in the month of November in 2014, 15 July was declared as the World Youth Skills Day. During the entire week of the 15th of July, to celebrate World Youth Skills Day,  WorldSkills usually sets up exhibitions and events at the United Nations High-level Political Forum.

Tax Day: July 15 (United States)- In the United States, Tax Day is an everyday term for the day on which individual personal tax returns are expected to be submitted to the administrative government.The term may likewise allude to that day for individual states, even where the tax return due date is an alternate day.

World Snake Day: July 16 (Globally)- World Snake Day is celebrated on the 16th of July all over the world. This day is observed to provide information about snakes to people and their contributions towards the environment. This animal can be found in any continent, except Antarctica. Snakes can become a pet if people are willing to accept the challenge.

World Emoji Day: July 17 (Worldwide)- July 17th is observed as the World Emoji Day and it is considered as a un-official holiday. In our everyday life, emojis have found a distinct place and used more than 5 billion times daily. Jeremy Burge was the founder of Emojipedia and he started to celebrated this day.

Tattoo Day: July 17 (Globally)- In the year 2016, July 17th was declared as the National Tattoo Day to honor an art form and an upcoming industry that has shown a huge growth rate in the past few decades. The origin of the word “tattoo” is from a word tatau from the Polynesian language.

Criminal Justice Day:  July 17 (Globally)- World Day for International Justice, likewise alluded to as Day of International Criminal Justice or International Justice Day, is a worldwide day celebrated all through the world on July 17 as a component of a push to perceive the rising arrangement of universal criminal justice.

International justice Day: July 17 (Globally)- Every year on July 17, World Day for International Justice is observed all over the world. The main aim of the day is to promote international criminal justice and as a way of supporting the work of the International Criminal Court. This is celebrated in order to unite everyone who wants to support justice.

Ice Cream Day: July 19 (United States)- It is celebrated on 21st july. Ice Cream is undoubtedly the ideal sweet at any point contrived by man. It’s rich and creamy, brimming with the kinds of summer while being produced using the virus like the winter, and is flawless whenever of the year. Ice Cream can be utilized to make sandwiches.

Space Exploration Day: July 20 (Worldwide)- Space exploration Day is an annual holiday that commemorates the anniversary of man’s first historic mission to the Moon. On July 20th, 1969, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong walked on another celestial body and became the first ever humans to set foot on Moon.

Chess day: July 20 (Globally)- This holiday was started by UNESCO in 1966 to recognize the date of FIDE foundation on the twentieth of July 1924 in Paris. Today FIDE incorporates 188 national chess organizations, sorts out various occasions all around the globe, including World Championship Cycle and World Chess Olympiad.

World Jump Day: July 20 (Worldwide)- Every year July 20th is celebrated as World Jump day which is basically an event to ensure the end of global warming. About 600 million people from the Western Hemisphere come together with the intent to move Earth’s current orbit to a new one by jumping simultaneously.

Belgian National Day: July 21 (Belgium)- The Belgian National Day celebrated every year on 21 July and observed by the Kingdom of Belgium. The Belgian National Day is related to Belgian Independence from the Belgian constitution and monarchy. Also, there is a public holiday on the Belgian national Day so that everyone can celebrate this Day with joy and happiness.

Hot Dog Day: July 22 (World) The sun is out, you’re at the entertainment mecca, and the rollercoaster is filling the air with the rattle clatter click of wheels on rails. The aroma of a thousand distinctive reasonable nourishments

Cousin’s day: July 24 (Globally)- The day is celebrated on July 24th every year. Cousins are such fun-filled family members who are always there for one another at the time of need. The cousins who are from the same generations are called first, second or third cousins. 

Berlin Love Parade: July 24 (Germany) The Berlin Love Parade is held annually in Berlin from 1989 to 2003 and in 2006. The berlin love parade was a famous electronic dance music festival and also techno parade that originated in west berlin.

TEQUILA DAY: July 24 (United States)- Tequila day is celebrated on July 24th in the United States and is dedicated to a distilled alcoholic beverage, Tequila. Americans spend this day drinking the national drink of Mexico- Tequila which is made from the blue agave plant and is the main ingredient in a Margarita.

Yulefest: July 25- Yulefest or Midwinter Christmas is celebrated every year on the designated date of 25th July. The celebration of Christmas in the month of July occurs due to the difference in the hemisphere. The season of Southern hemisphere stays summer throughout the month of December, January and February. Hence in the Southern Hemisphere, the occurrence of   View

Amsterdam Gay Pride: July 25 – August 3 (Amsterdam)- Amsterdam Gay Pride is an annual gay-festival held during the first weekend in the month of August. It is one of the most widely celebrated public events held in Netherlands with thousands of guests visiting it every year. This festival celebrates the spirit of gay rather than fighting for their struggle for equality and freedom.

Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem Day: July 26 (Globally)- The central International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem was lauded on 26 July 2016, to check the fundamental noteworthiness of mangroves for sustenance security, beachfront confirmation, and lightening of the impacts of ecological change. The assertion of the International Day by the General Conference of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Parents day: July 26 (Globally) – The Global Day of Parents is seen on the first of June consistently. The Day was declared by the UN General Assembly in 2012 with goals A/RES/66/292 and praises parents all through the world. The Global Day gives a chance to value all parents in all pieces of the world

Kargil Vijay Diwas: July 26 (India)- Kargil Vijay Diwas, named after the accomplishment of Operation Vijay. On this day, 26 July 1999, India effectively took direction of the high stations which had been lost to Pakistani interlopers. The Kargil war was battled for over 60 days, finished on 26 July and brought about death toll on both the sides.   

Victims of Torture Support Day: June 26 ( World) June 26th has been declared as the United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture by the United Nations General Assembly. This day was institutionalized with the hope to have a world

Aunt and Uncle Day:  July 26 (United States)- Every year on July 26 the day of Uncle and Aunt is celebrated. The aim of this day is to spend the quality time with family and hence it is a holiday. On this special day, people, have a get-together with their uncles and aunts.  Your uncle and aunt might have played a crucial role.  

World Nature Conservation Day: July 28 (Worldwide)- World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated on. 28th of July every year to address the very important topic of conversation of nature. We all know that the world and the environment need our help and all the nations are highly concerned about this issue.

World Hepatitis Day: July 28 (Globally)- World Hepatitis Day is observed on 28th July every year. The aim is to raise awareness about Hepatitis diseases (A, B, C, D, E) at a global level and promote its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. It is a part of the global public health campaigns organized by the WHO (World Health Organization).

Tiger Day: July 29 (Russia)- Worldwide Tiger Day, frequently called International Tiger Day, is a yearly festival to bring issues to light for tiger preservation, held every year on 29 July. It was made in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit.The objective of the day is to advance a worldwide framework for ensuring the common environments of tigers.

Rain Day: July 29 (Globally)- In the history of mankind, rain has been celebrated by people belonging to different cultures. It brings much-needed relief in the lives of human beings. Rain Day is celebrated on 29th July every year in the town of Waynesburg, Pennsylvania.

Day against Trafficking in Persons: July 30 (Worldwide)- World Day against Trafficking in Persons is observed on July 30 for the purpose of raising awareness and bringing the much-needed attention of the world into the plight of human trafficking victims. It is a day to make people more aware of this serious issue and all the rights relating to it.

International day of friendship: July 30 (World) Our reality faces numerous difficulties, emergencies and powers of division —, for example, destitution, savagery, and human rights manhandles — among numerous others — that undermine harmony, security, advancement

Tisha B’av : July 30 (Jewish Worldwide) Tisha B’Av is an annual day to fast, deprive ourselves and pray in Judaism as a number of disasters including the destruction of both Solomon’s Temple by the Neo-Babylonian Empire and the Second Temple

Friendship Day: July 30 (World) The International Day of Friendship is an activity that pursues on the proposition made by UNESCO and taken up by the UN General ,which characterized the Culture of Peace as a lot of esteems,

Eid al-Adha: July 31 ( World) Eid al-Adha, additionally called the “Celebration of the Sacrifice”, is the second of two Islamic occasions celebrated worldwide every year, and considered the holier of the two. In recognition of this, a creature is relinquished and separated

World Rangers Day: July 31 (Globally)- World Ranger Day takes place on 31st July each year. A ranger is basically a person who takes care of a forest, park or any area of countryside. They ensure the safety of natural heritage and take care of the environment. A tribute is paid on the day to the rangers who’ve contributed years.

System Administrator Appreciation Day: July 31 ( World) System Administrator Appreciation Day also is known by either of the names, SysAdmin Day or Sysmas, was started by an IT official called Ted Kekatos. He was inspired by an advertisement he saw on a magazine


Yorkshire Day: August 1 (United Kingdom)- Yorkshire Day is celebrated every year on the 1st of August to promote the historically largest county in the whole of UK. The Holiday of Yorkshire Day first began in the year 1975 as a protest movement by the Yorkshire Ridings Society against the Government re-organization of 1974.

Colorado Day: August 1 (United States)- Colorado Day is a state recognition on August 1. It’s anything but an open holiday in the U.S., so most organizations, open workplaces, schools and universities are open aside from if the date falls on a non-working day. On August 1, 1876, President Ulysses S. Award marked a decree conceding Colorado as a state.

Coast Guard Birthday: August 4 (United States)- On August 4, the coast guard birthday celebrated in U. S. The coast guard was one of America’s five forces of armed and this force founded on August 4, so to remember this day, the coast guard birthday is celebrated every year on August 4.

Underwear Day: August 5 (World) Underwear day is held on the 5th of August every year since 2003 to celebrate the importance of comfortable undergarments. Underwear is the special form of under and outer clothing which is worn closest to our body in order to achieve protection from sweat in summer and cold in winter.

Independence Day (Jamaica): August 6 (jamaica) Since 1962 – when Jamaica initially picked up independence – the island’s soul, musicality and enthusiasm forever has contaminated everything from music to the nourishment.

Sister’s Day: 1st Sunday of August (World) Sister’s Day is celebrated every year, it is recognized as a holiday in some places of the United States. Though historically it started in America, Sister’s Day is observed globally nowadays.

Quit India Day: August 8 (India)- 8th August 1942, is the day on which Quit Indian Movement was announced by Mahatma Gandhi at the Bombay Session of All India Congress Committee. The Second World War was going on in this period and Gandhi made a clarion call to end the British rule in India.

Women’s Day(Africa): August 9 (Africa)- National Women’s Day is a South African open holiday celebrated yearly on 9 August. The day remembers the 1956 walk of around 20,000 ladies to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to appeal to against the nation’s pass laws that required South Africans characterized as “dark” under The Population Registration Act.

World Lion Day: August 10 (Worldwide)– World Lion Day is celebrated on 10th August every year to raise awareness about lions, the king of the jungle and the majestic hunter of the wildlife. Founded by the Big Cat Rescue, this day is the celebration of the animal kingdom’s most beautiful and fearful creature.

Krishna Janmashtami : August 12 (India) Krishna Janmashtami which is otherwise called ‘Janmashtami’ and ‘Gokulashtami’ is one of the famous celebrations in India and the equivalent is praised with incredible grandeur and enthusiasm.

World Elephant Day: August 12 (Globally)- World Elephant Day is an international event which is observed on 12th August to create awareness regarding the preservation and protection of world’s elephants. It is a day to share knowledge and seek positive solutions for the better care and management of wild and captive elephants.

World Calligraphy Day: August 12 (Worldwide)- The 15th of August is celebrated as World Calligraphy Day. Calligraphy is the art of writing, rather it may be called as art in a written format. It has been in existence since ancient times and it has various forms. The Islamic, the Chinese, the early Western Civilizations.

World Yo-yo Day : August 13 to August 16 (World) The popular yo-yo is a toy that is made up of an axle which is connected to two disks and some length of string that is looped around the axle. We play it by allowing gravity or the force exerted by a throw to spin it

World Organ Donation Day: August 13 (Globally)- The thirteenth of August every year is celebrated as the World Organ Donation Day. As the name says it out loud and clear, this day celebrates the importance of donation of healthy organs to those who are in dire need of them.

Wanderlust Yoga festival: August 14 _ August 16 (United States)– Wanderlust festivals are truly meant to help a person find the right direction in life. It started from the year 2009 and is conducted every year in the month of July. It is one of the grand event that is being organised in order to bring together groups of people.

National Acadian Day: August 15 ( Canada) The National Acadian Day is discovered in Canada annually on holy day of obligation, to celebrate Acadian culture. it absolutely was throughout the primary National Convention of the Acadians control at Memramcook

Victory over Japan Day: August 15 (South Korea)- Victory over Japan Day or V – J Day is the historic day when Imperial Japan surrendered in the World War aiding in bringing the long and devastating war to an end. The term Victory over Japan is applied to both on August 15, 1945, the day when the initial announcement of Japan’s surrender.

Relaxation day: August 15 (United States)- Given the sedentary and busy lifestyle that people have these days, it is often seen that they are stressed out to the most. It is important that they take a day out to just relax and chill out. Relaxation day is an annual event that is celebrated on the 15th of August.

World Honey Bee Day:  August 15 (United States)- The World Honey Bee Day is celebrated on 20th May every year. 20th May is the birth anniversary of Anton Jansa. Anton Jansa had pioneered the science of beekeeping techniques. He loved and took care of the bees in his native state Slovenia. The main purpose of this day is to be acknowledged.

Mother’s Day (Costa Rica):  August 15 (Costa Rica)- Mother’s Day, a national occasion in Costa Rica is praised on August 15 and corresponds with the Catholic gala of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.The nation’s authentic religion is Catholicism and just as the religious criticalness, this day is a revered festival when mothers are showered with blessings, blooms and treats.

Independence Day(India): August 15 (India)- Independence Day, in India, holiday celebrated annually on 15th august. national holiday marks the tip of British rule 1947 and also the institution of a free and freelance Indian nation. British rule Asian country began in 1757 once, following country conclusion at the Battle of pitched battle, English archipelago Company began elbow grease management.

Rum Day : August 16 (United States)- National Rum Day is celebrated on 16th August every year. Rum is a popular beverage that can be served as a dessert after dinner. It is said to be the favorite choice of pirates. Rum is a type of alcohol that is prepared through distillation of the byproducts of sugarcane.

Bennington Battle Day: August 16 ( USA) Bennington Battle Day is celebrated as a state holiday in Vermont that commemorates the victory of American soldiers over British forces at the infamous battle of Bennington. The battle took place during the American Revolutionary war at Wallamoosac

Rollercoaster Day: August 16 (United States)- On 16th August, Rollercoaster Day is annually celebrated in the U.S.A and many other countries across the world. The origin of this celebration is still not clear, but the date for this celebration is believed to be from the year 1898 as on this day the very first patent for rollercoaster was issued.

Thrift Shop day: August 17 (United States)- The National Thrift Shop Day is celebrated on August 17th to honor thrift shops that are a remarkable and new upcoming trend in our society. A Thrift Shop which can also be called a thrift store, charity shop, hospice shop or resale shop is a retail store which is run by a charitable organization.

Bad Poetry Day: August 18 (Globally)- Bad Poetry Day is observed every year on 18 August. It’s an event that received very little attention from people. But it did get a mention in the government’s news website which is impressive. Bad Poetry day encourage you to give it a  go anyway by putting pen to paper and write something terrible.

World Humanitarian Day: August 19 (Globally)- World Humanitarian Day is celebrated on 19th August to give respect and shower love on all humanitarian personnel who are working for humanitarian causes all around the globe. This day is for people to express their love and care for all the people affected by humanitarian crises and pay tribute to the humanitarian workers.

Photography Day: August 19 ( World) The delicate snap of the camera, a glimmer of light and a minute in time caught for eternity. Possibly carefully, perhaps on film, the medium is never as essential as the memory or minute got.

Potato Day: August 19 (United States)- Potatoes have been the most popular food for centuries and it’s high time we celebrate the fact that it’s not just a vegetable anymore. Potato day is celebrated on August 19th every year to appreciate this incredibly versatile and delicious veggie. The celebrations are done in a very large scale in the United Kingdom.

World Mosquito Day: August 20 (Worldwide)- In 1897, Sir Ronald Ross discovered that the transmission of malaria between humans is done by the female mosquitoes. Following this discovery, he declared that the twentieth of August should be recognized as World Mosquito Day and hence, since then, World Mosquito Day has been organized on the 20th of August

Sadbhavna Diwas: August 20 (India) – Sadbhavna Diwas is celebrated all over India on 20th August each year to commemorate the birthday of our Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. On this day, people pay their respects and tribute to the charismatic personality of Rajiv Gandhi and take the pledge to work for the advancement of our country and protect the unity.

Akshay Urja Diwas: August 20 (India)- Akshay Urja diwas is an awareness crusade about the improvements of renewable energy in India, celebrated on August 20 every year since 2004. The Indian Ministry for New and Renewable Energy Sources. started Akshay Urja Day (Diwas) in 2004.

Poets day: August 21 (UK) POETS Day is not a day dedicated to all the poets but rather the name of the day is an acronym for “Piss off early, Tomorrow’s Saturday”. This day is widely celebrated in the United Kingdom

Senior Citizens Day: August 21 (Worldwide)- World Senior Citizens Day is celebrated on 21st August. It was a day proclaimed by the General Assembly of United Nations in the year 1990. Today, we feel lucky to have elders with us who can fill us with the wisdom they have. These elders are in good health and also have a formidable financial.

Hawaii Statehood Day: August 21 (Hawaii)- The Hawaii statehood day or admission day is a public and legal holiday in the state of Hawaii, united states. Hawaii statehood day is celebrated annually every year on the third Friday in August month. The Hawaii statehood day dedicated in 1969. The Hawaii statehood day is related to Independence Day.

World Senior Citizens Day: August 21 (Globally)- The 21st of August is celebrated as the World Senior Citizens Day by the member nations of the United Nations. On 14th December 1991, the United Nations first proclaimed the Senior Citizens’ Day. This day is celebrated to acknowledge the role of senior citizens in our society as well as our lives.

Raksha Bandhan: August 21 (India) The bond between a brother and sister is one that needs no further recognition and is one of the strongest one in the world. The love shared between the two needs no description and hence is the purest form of it

Ganesh Chaturthi: August 22 (india) This stupendous celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi praises the introduction of the adored Hindu elephant-headed god, Lord Ganesha, famously revered for his capacity to evacuate impediments and bring favorable luck.

Onam Festival: August 22 – September 2 (India)- The dynamic celebration of Onam is a standout amongst the most mainstream and critical reap celebrations of Kerala. It is basically a multi day celebration celebrated with incredible enthusiasm everywhere throughout the state among August and September. The celebration is basically celebrated by the general population to respect the homecoming of their dearest legendry King. 

St. Bartholomew’s Day: August 24 (France)- St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre took place on August 24, 1572. A series of assassinations took place on this day that was targeted at the Huguenots (French Calvinist Protestants) during the French Wars of Religion. The massacre was planned by Queen Catherine de’ Medici, who was the mother of King Charles IX.

Women Equality Day: August 26 (United States)- The twenty-sixth of August is celebrated as the Women’s Equality Day in the United States. On this day, the Nineteenth Amendment was adopted to the United States Constitution. According to this amendment, neither the federal government nor the states can deny women the right to vote.

World Rock Paper Scissors Day: August 27 ( World) We have all played the Rock Paper Scissors game as children. We have played the game in classrooms in school with friends, at home with siblings, on trains or on buses while traveling, the list is endless.

Burger Day: August 27 (United States)- The National Burger Day is celebrated on August 22nd every year. From years, the burger has been satisfying the hunger of people with its unique taste and texture. A burger is a source of joy with those yummy cheesy toppings.  One cannot deny it as a complete food since it contains all necessary vegetables .

Banana Lovers Day: August 27 (United States)- Banana is one of the most popular fruits which should deserve a day. Banana lovers day is celebrated on August 27th every year. Almost everyone likes and eat a banana. Therefore, banana lovers day has been established. A banana can be eaten straight away or can be used in almost all the recipes.

Software Freedom Day:  August 28 (Worldwide)- Software Freedom Day is a celebration of Free Software organized by Digital Freedom Foundation. The primary goal of this celebration is to educate the public about the beneficial facts of using a high quality free and open source software in the realm of education, government, and business.

Radio Commercials Day: August 28 (United States)- Many of us find radio commercials to be irritating in the middle of a song but they are a source of income for many people and a way of promoting different types of businesses. Radio Commercial Day is celebrated on 28th August every year. It commemorates the day on which the first radio commercial.

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day: August 28- We all have loved our pets like we would love a family member, or rather they were our furry little children.  But like the rule of life, there comes a time when they pass away from us and this world. This often leaves us with a feeling of remorse pain and profound loss.

Individual Rights Day: August 29 (Globally)- To pay tribute to John Locke, whose philosophical works contended for the rights of each single person, Individual Rights Day is praised on August 29th, the date of Locke’s introduction to the world.As indicated by Locke, “Anything that a man has as an issue of human rights or social liberties is to remain sacredly his,”

Day against Nuclear Tests: August 29 (Globally)- The International Day against Nuclear Tests is seen on August 29. It was built up on December 2, 2009 at the 64th session of the United Nations General Assembly by the goals 64/35, which was embraced consistently. The goals specifically calls for expanding mindfulness “about the impacts of atomic weapon test blasts.

Holistic Pet Day: August 30 ( World) Holistic medication has developed in notoriety over ongoing years yet numerous individuals won’t have considered it as far as treating their pets. Holistic Pet day was set up to attempt

GRIEF AWARENESS DAY: August 30 (Globally)- At the point when a friend or family member bites the dust, the void they leave influences everybody in an unexpected way. On August 30, National Grief Awareness Day perceives the time it assumes to recuperate from misfortune doesn’t have an endorsed course and is an update conclusion comes in numerous forms.


Skyscraper Day: September 3 (United States)- Skyscraper Day is actually an unofficial holiday which takes place on 3rd September every year to celebrate the invention of tall skyscrapers and the architects behind it. September 3rd is the birthday of Louis H. Sullivan, the architected credited with the first skyscrapers.

World Beard Day: September 5 (Worldwide)- Every year on the first Saturday of September, World Beard Day is celebrated internationally and people from all over the globe come together and celebrate the gift given to them by God, beards. It is a custom on this day for all the bearded people to come together, celebrate and relax.

Teacher’s Day: September 5 (India)- In the honor of Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakridhnan, every year on his birth anniversary on September 5thTeacher’s Day is celebrated. He was an Indian philosopher who also served as the first Vice President and the Second President of India. On the occasion of him becoming the President, his students wanted to honor him by celebrating his birthday.

Charity Day: September 5 (Globally)- The International Day of Charity is watched every year on 5 September. It was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012. The prime reason for the International Day of Charity is to bring issues to light and give a typical stage to charity related exercises everywhere throughout the world for people, magnanimous, altruistic.

Read a Book Day: September 6 (Worldwide)- Read a Book Day is annually observed on September 6th to celebrate the joy of reading and encourage reading amongst the young guns. While these bookish days may seem familiar, but Read a Book Day invites everyone to grab a book and enjoy a day of reading.

Summer Fest: September 6 (USA) An annual celebration of Music is organized on the 75-acre plot of Henry Maier Festival Park along the Lakefront in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This Annual celebration is called the Summer Fest.

Beer lovers day: September 7 (Worldwide)- The day is observed every year on September 7th.  Being the world’s most famous drink, beer has its own fans and many on the queue. The beer history is been read from Egyptian and Roman times. Breweries are becoming famous and stood as a large business.

Superhuman Day: September 7  – On 7th of September, The Superhuman Day is not only celebrated but it also brings much-needed recognition to the hundreds of artist, athletes, musicians and all those normal people who were once perceived as a crippling limitation have refused to give up and have gone on to prove that “Yes, I can”.

Labor Day: First Monday of September (United States)- Labour Day is one of the ten government occasions in the United States. It is seen on the main Monday of September.Labor Day praises specialists and their different worker’s organizations that add to the developing American economy. It is a national tribute to specialists’ commitments to the flourishing and the prosperity of the nation.

Pardon Day: September 8 (World) Forgiveness, the strategy by which an insulted gathering changes the manner in which they feel about somebody who has submitted the offense against them. It conveys an unmistakable distinction

Literacy Day: September 8 (Worldwide)- 8 September was proclaimed international literacy day by UNESCO on 26 October 1966 at fourteenth session of UNESCO’s General gathering. It was commended without precedent for 1967. Its point is to feature the significance of literacy to people, networks and social orders. Festivities occur in a few countries.

World Physical Therapy Day:  September 8 (Globally)- Celebrated on 8th September every year, World Physical Therapy Day is the day when awareness is generated among all ages about the importance of physical therapy in society. This day got recognized by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy in the year 1996. Physical therapy helps society with their well being.

Actor’s Day: September 8- National Actors Day is observed on September 8th every year. On this day people honor those actors who entertain them by giving their energy as well as time. This day is also dedicated for those actors who worked for a small role in tv or films.

Beauty Day: September 9 (Globally)- World Beauty Day, praised each year on ninth September, is multi day devoted to all admirers of beauty.The day of 9 September moved toward becoming since 1995 the World Beauty Day at the activity of the International Committee of Esthetics and beautifying agents (SIDESKO).

Quiet Day: September 9 (Globally)- Quiet Day is observed globally on the second Wednesday of September every year. It is an occasion where people get reminded about the significance of silence in our lives. In many countries, meditation programs are organized on Quiet Day as a part of the awareness program.

Muhararam: The 10th day of Muharram ( World) Muḥarram is the principal month of the Islamic schedule. It is one of the four hallowed a very long time of the year during which fighting is prohibited. It is held to be the second holiest month, after Ramaḍān.

California Admission day: September 9 (United States)- California admission day is held annually on 9 September, and this year California admission day is on 9 September 2019. It is owned by California united states. California quickly becomes a state that there is no need for California to spend to the time like a territory.

World Suicide Prevention Day: September 10 (Globally)- World Suicide Prevention Day is observed on the tenth of September each year to create awareness about the rising rate of suicides in the world and to prevent them. The World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) comes together with the International Association for Suicide Prevention.

Programmer’s Day: September 12 (World) Technology, software, Computer constitutes the modern world in a nutshell. Numerous software is being developed for the purpose of adding something extraordinary towards creating a technology-based world.

Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day : September 12 ( USA) Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day is celebrated in the United States to encourage nationwide citizen participation in the cleanup of federal lands. Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day comes after Labour Day

Positive Thinking Day: September 13 (Globally)- Positive Thinking Day is that day of the year which has been set aside to concentrate on all the things that are positive in our life. It is a day to envision a glass which should always remain half full rather than half empty. Positive Thinking Day is celebrated on the 13th of September.

Grandparents Day: September 13 (World) Grandparents Day serves to respect and perceive the commitments of grandparents in our lives. Grandparents are a general public and a family’s connections to its past as they pass on critical qualities.

Hindi Divas: September 14 (India)– Hindi Divas is praised every year on fourteenth of September all over India to offer significance to the Hindi language. It is an administration supported occasion celebrated in the organizations, workplaces, schools, universities, and other instructive establishments. It is praised to advance and spread the significance of Hindi language among individuals.

Engineers day: September 15 (World) When it comes to nation building and making us proud with unimaginable buildings, it is the engineer who brings that dream to reality by losing their sleep over it. It is essential that they are recognised for the job they do

Democracy Day: September 15 (Globally)- In 2007 the United Nations General Assembly set out to watch 15 September as the International Day of Democracy—with the reason for advancing and maintaining the standards of democracy—and welcomed all part states and associations to honor the day in a proper way that adds to raising open awareness.

Preservation of the Ozone Layer Day: September 16 (Globally)- September 16 was relegated by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. This task had been made on December 19, 2000, in festivity of the date, in 1987, on which nations denoted the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.

Mexican Independence Day:   September 16 (Mexico)- Mexicans around the globe celebrate the Independence of their country on September 16 from the rule of Spain. It was believed that one of the nation’s leaders during the war of independence in Mexico, Miguel Hidalgo, a Catholic priest known as father Hidalgo made the cry of independence in the town of Dolores.

Constitution Day: September 17 (United States)- Constitution Day September seventeenth (or Citizenship Day, some time ago watched the third Sunday in May) is an American government recognition that perceives the selection of the United States Constitution and the individuals who have progressed toward becoming U.S. residents.

Water Monitoring Day: September 18 (Globally)- World Water monitoring day was first celebrated on the 18th of September to raise awareness of the public about the importance of preserving water. It was started by America’s Clean Water Foundation in 2003 and its aim was to involve everyone in saving water which is a natural resource of the Earth.

Rosh Hashanah Day: September 18 ( Jews worldwide) Rosh Hashanah is the two day Jewish New Year celebration that begins on the first day of Tishrei, the seventh month of the ecclesiastical year. The term, Rosh Hashanah literally means the “Head of the year”.

Air Force Birthday: September 18 (United States)-  Air Force Birthday official birthday is on 18 September 1947. President Truman signed the national security act in 1947, which established this new defence organization. The Air Force birthday celebrated with full of joy, and this year United States Air force celebrates its 72nd Birthday. The United States Department of war creates air force.

World Alzheimer’s Day: September 21 (Globally)- World Alzheimer’s Day is celebrated on 21st September every year as a mark of solidarity and sympathy to those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It was started in the year 2012. It helps in raising consciousness about Alzheimer disease and also break all the stigmas that are related to it in society.

Peace Day: September 21 (Worldwide)- The International Day of Peace is seen far and wide every year on 21 September. Built up in 1981 by consistent United Nations goals, Peace Day gives a comprehensively shared date to all humankind to focus on Peace over all distinctions and to add to building a Culture of Peace.

International Day of peace: September 21 (United States)- International Day of Peace is celebrated each year on 21st September. It is also known as World Peace Day.  The day has been designated by the United Nations to promote peace in this world. Different events and programs are organized throughout the world to spread awareness about the ideals of peace and non-violence.

World Rhino Day : September 22 ( World) World Rhino Day is all about celebrating the rhinoceroses. This day creates awareness about the well being of rhinoceroses. Rhinoceroses have been hunted by men for many years for their skin and horns and they are on the brink of extinction.

Hobbit Day: September 22 (New Zealand)- September 22nd is the Birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, two characters from J.R.R. Tolkiens famous Middle Earth Cycle books (The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings individually) in which Hobbits, regularly somewhere in the range of two and four feet tall and not at all like your typical legend, achieve incredible accomplishments and astounding.

Rose Day (Cancer Patients):  September 22 (Globally)- Rose Day is observed on September 22nd every year to comfort the cancer patients and let them know that they can face the disease with strong willpower and undying spirit. It is high time that the alertness about cancer not only supports the patients but also makes the people be more self-aware and starts living.

Baltic Unity Day: September 22 (Latvia)- Baltic Unity Day is memorial day and celebrated every year on 22 September. The battle of Latvian and Lithuanian remembered as a battle of sun. It’s celebrated annually with castle mound of seducing in Siauliai. The Day of baltic Unity comes with Holidays in Latvia, Holidays in Lithuania and Battle of saule.

World Car Free Day: September 22 (Worldwide)- World Car Free Day is an occasion that is celebrated all over the world on 22nd September every year. It reminds us to reduce our dependence on cars as a model of transport and encourages us to embrace bicycling and walking. People do not use cars on World Car Free Day.

Sign Languages Day: September 23 (Worldwide)- The International Day of Sign Languages is being praised out of the blue on 23 September 2018 so as to bring issues to light of the significance of sign language in the full acknowledgement of the human privileges of individuals who are hard of hearing.

Heritage Day South Africa:  September 24 (South Africa)- Heritage Day is one of the recently made South African open holidays. It is a day in which all are urged to commend their social conventions in the more extensive setting of the incredible decent variety of societies, convictions, and customs that make up the country of South Africa.

World Pharmacists day: September 25 (Globally)- World Pharmacist day is observed on September 25 every year.  This day was first celebrated in 2009. This day is meant for encouraging pharmacists to promote their profession.  Many people think that pharmacists are healthcare professionals who wear a white coat and dispense pills.

World Contraception Day: September 26 (Worldwide)- World Contraception Day is an annual event observed on 26th September to raise awareness regarding the use of contraception amongst young people. Contraceptives methods are widely used to avoid unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and abortions. Many times contraception has been proven to optimize the health of a woman prior to pregnancy by stabilizing her.

World Tourism Day: September 27 (Globally)- On the 27th of September every year since 1980, United Nations World Tourism Organization celebrates the World Tourism day. On this date in 1970, the statutes of UNWTO were chosen and hence it is a special day indeed. The prime aim of the day is to bring about awareness amongst people regarding the value.

Gold Star Mothers Day : September 27 (United States)- Gold Star Mother’s Day is observed in the United States on the last Sunday of September each year. It is a day for people to recognize and honor those who have lost a son or daughter while serving the United States Armed Forces. Each year on Gold Star Mothers Day the United States president calls

Drink Beer Day: September 28 (United States)- International Beer Day is a worldwide festival of beer, occurring in bars, bottling works, and lawns everywhere throughout the world. It’s a day for beer darlings wherever to raise a toast to our brewers and barkeeps and cheer in the enormity of beer!International Beer Day happens every year on the first Friday in August.

World Rabies Day: September 28 (Worldwide)- World Rabies Day is celebrated on the 28th of September every year. It is known internationally. Every year campaigns and events are organized on this day to spread awareness among the people about the disease. The campaign is coordinated by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control.

Yom Kippur: September 28 ( World) Yom Kippur also is known as the Day of Atonement is considered to be the holiest and important day of the year in the Jewish faith. The holiday of Yom Kippur falls in the month of Tishrei

World Heart Day: September 29 (Worldwide)- World Heart Day is celebrated on 29th September every year to raise awareness about cardiovascular diseases among common people. It reminds the people to open up on their problems related to heart and adopt healthy practices that can help in maintaining a strong and fit heart.

Simchat Torah Day: Between September and October, next date October 10 – 11 (Israel)– Simchat Torah is a Jewish festival that is celebrated each year in the month of September or October. The Jews read out the final verses of the Torah readings on this day after which the new annual cycle begins. The celebrations include music and dance in all the synagogues.

Navratri: Varies between September and October. Next date October 17- October 25 (India)- Navratri, (Sanskrit: “nine nights”)in full Sharad Navratri; Navratri additionally spelled Navaratri; likewise called Durga Puja, in Hinduism, real celebration held to pay tribute to the heavenly ladylike. Navratri happens more than 9 days amid the period of Ashvin, or Ashvina (in the Gregorian logbook, as a rule September– October).

Dussehra: Between September and October, October 25, 2020, next. (India)- Vijayadashami otherwise called Dasara, Dussehra, Dasara, Dussehra or Dashain is a noteworthy Hindu celebration celebrated toward the finish of Navratri consistently. It is seen on the tenth day in the Hindu schedule month of Ashvin, the seventh month of the Hindu Luni-Solar Calendar, which ordinarily falls in the Gregorian long periods of September and October.


Coffee Day:  October 1 (Globally)– Numerous nations around the globe commend their own National Coffee Days at different occasions consistently. In Brazil, the greatest coffee maker, it is praised on 24 May. In the USA, the greatest coffee customer, on 29 September. Consistently is a decent day for praising our most loved hot refreshment.

Black History Month: October 1 to October 31 ( Canada) Black History Month is observed through 1st October to 31st October every year in many parts of the world although it originated in the United States where it is also known as the African American History Month

World Vegetarian Day:  October 1 (Globally)- Every year on the 1st of October, World Vegetarian Day is observed globally. The day is established by the North American Vegetarian Society in the year 1977 and later it was endorsed by the International Vegetarian Union in the year 1978. Vegetarians are considered truly responsible for their amazing contribution to the earth.

Ballet Day: First week of October (Globally)- Ballet Day is a festival celebrated annually since held in the first week of October. Ballet day is known as the dancers Day, which brings all the dancers together and Dances. Ballet day brings joy and happiness. It’s held by business companies.

SUKKOT Festival: October 2 – October 9 (Israel)- Sukkot (Festival of Tabernacles) is a week-long, biblical Jewish Holiday that is celebrated from the 15th day of the seventh month, Tishrei (varies from late September to early October) till the 21st day of Tishrei. It is also known as Chang HaAsif (Festival of Ingathering). 

Gandhi Jayanti:  October 2 (India)- Gandhi Jayanti is praised as a National Holiday in India to check the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the ‘Father of the Nation’. Gandhi was conceived on second October 1869; subsequently every year Gandhi Jayanti is commended on this day.

Non-Violence Day: October 2 (Globally)- The International Day of Non-Violence is seen on 2 October, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. This day is alluded to in India as Gandhi Jayanti.In January 2004, Iranian Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi had taken a proposition for an International Day of Non-Violence from a Hindi instructor in Paris showing worldwide understudies.

World Smile Day:  October 2 (Globally)- The first Friday of October is celebrated as the World Smile Day, every year. Late Harvey Ross Ball, an American artist invented the smiley face 50 years ago. This day was first held in the year 1999. After Harvey’s death, the foundation was formed named Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation in the year 2001.

German Unity Day: October 3 (Germany)- The German Unity Day is a national occasion recognizing the reunification, which happened in 1990, where the previous GDR (East Germany) joined the Federal Republic of Germany.The fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, prepared towards this national huge day.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Day: October 3 (USA) Stevie Ray Vaughan was an incredible and multi-talented man who was known as a musician, singer, songwriter, record producer as well as the most influential guitar players of all the time.

World Animals Day:  October 4 (Worldwide)- World Animals Day is celebrated on the 4th of October. This day is celebrated to improve the living and welfare conditions of the animals across the globe by raising their status and creating awareness about the animals. This day is celebrated in different countries in different ways, all promoting the same idea and spreading.

Self-Represented Litigant Awareness Day:  October 4- Self-Represented Litigant Awareness Day is celebrated on October 4th from the year 2014 to make every SRL and lawyers aware of this particular law. On this day, many local SRLs would be invited by law schools to share their knowledge and experiences with the soon-to-be lawyers so as to know what to expect when working

World Architecture Day:  October 5 (Globally)- World Architecture Day is celebrated every year on 7th October. It was started in 2005 by the Union Internationale des Architectes to appreciate the works of architects and some of the famous architectures in the world. It recognizes the role of the architects in making this world a beautiful place.

Child Health Day: October 5 (USA) Child Health Day was first celebrated in 1928, after the decree by President Calvin Coolidge. Despite the fact that it is a national recognition, it doesn’t have the status of an open occasion.

World Habitat Day:  October 5 (Worldwide)- Every year on the first Monday of October, World Habitat Day is celebrated all around the globe. It was first celebrated in 1986 and aims to remind the society and people about their responsibilities towards their home, their planet and saving the habitat for future generations.

World Cerebral Palsy Day:  October 6 (Worldwide)- World Cerebral Palsy Day is celebrated on 6th October every year to spread awareness about cerebral palsy which is a congenital disorder of movement, muscle, posture, and tone. It is the day on which awareness programs are organized to eradicate all kinds of discrimination against cerebral palsy patients.

World Sight Day: October 8 (Globally)- Every year on the second Thursday of October, World Sight Day is celebrated globally. Lions Club International Foundation initiated this day for the first time in the year 2000. WHO and IAPB cooperate and coordinate to organize the events for the day. Each year a theme is picked to focus upon on this day.

World Post Day : October 10 (Worldwide)- Every year on the 9th of October, World Post Day is celebrated. This day was first celebrated in 1969 on the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union, an agency of the United Nations, in Switzerland which was formed in the year 1874. This day is celebrated all over the world and the importance of postal

Mental Health Awareness Day:  October 10 (Globally)- The day is observed every year on October 10 to raise mental health awareness among young people all over the world. The day also encourages people to talk openly about their problems. According to WHO(World Health Organization), young as well as old are suffering from severe mental health problems.

Girl Child Day:  October 11 (Globally)- International Day of the Girl Child is a universal recognition day announced by the United Nations; it is additionally called the Day of Girls and the International Day of the Girl. October 11, 2012, was the primary Day of the Girl Child. The perception underpins greater open door for girls and builds attention to sexual

Chicago Marathon: October 11 – October 12 (Chicago)- The Chicago Marathon is the marathon race held annually in October. The Chicago Marathon held in Chicago, Illinois, the Boston, New York, London, Tokyo and Berlin. The Chicago Marathon is one of the 6th world marathons. This event is a primary sponsor by the bank of America and year Chicago Marathon is on 23 October

Simchat Torah Day: Between September and October, next date October 10 – 11 (Israel)- Simchat Torah is a Jewish festival that is celebrated each year in the month of September or October. The Jews read out the final verses of the Torah readings on this day after which the new annual cycle begins. The celebrations include music and dance in all the synagogues.

Columbus Day:  October 12 (United States)– Columbus Day is a national holiday in numerous nations of the Americas and somewhere else which formally praises the commemoration of ‘s landing in the Americas on October 12, 1492. was an Italian adventurer who headed out over the Atlantic Ocean looking for a quicker course to The Far East just to arrive

Indigenous Peoples’ Day: October 12 (United States)– Indigenous Peoples’ Day (Native’s Day) is a holiday that celebrates and praises the Indigenous peoples of America and recognizes their mutual history and culture. It is praised over the United States on the second Monday in October, and is an official city and state holiday in different areas.

World Thrombosis Day:  October 13 (Globally)- World Thrombosis Day is observed on the  13th of October. Thrombosis is a disease that is caused by the abnormal clotting of blood cells in the blood vessels either in the veins or in the arteries. This is a disease that threatens the life and one in every four people die from thrombosis all over

Disaster Reduction Day :  October 13 (Globally)- The UN General Assembly required the International Day for Disaster Reduction in 1989 as an approach to advance a worldwide culture of hazard mindfulness and disaster decrease. That incorporates disaster anticipation, moderation and readiness. It was initially celebrated on the second Wednesday of October (Resolution 44/236, 22 December 1989)

World Standards Day:  October 14 (Globally)- Every year on the 14th of October, World Standards Day is celebrated all over the globe. This day marks the celebration of those experts who develop standards and ensure that they are maintained. For example, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The importance of standards

World Student’s Day:  October 15 (Globally)- Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam or A.P.J Abdul Kalam was the eleventh president of India and his presidency was from 2002 to 2007. His birthday which is on 15th October was declared as the World Students’ Day in 2015 by the United Nations because of his love for education and love for students.

World Maths Day: October 15 ( World) World Maths Day is an online mathematics competition which is propounded by 3P learning. It is true that maths is one of the toughest subjects to master and this is why this is an event

Students Day:  October 15 (Globally)- International Students Day is a yearly recognition celebrated on October fifteenth of consistently. The primary International Students Day was commended in the year 2010. The United Nations built up the Day as a type of respect to the ‘extraordinary researcher’ Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

White Cane Safety Day :  October 15 (United States)- White Cane Safety Day is celebrated on 15th October every year. It is a day to honor the achievements of blind people in this world. White Cane is considered to be a symbol of their support and independence. The day is also an occasion to promote the cause of equality for blind people in society.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day:  October 15 (United States)– PAILRD also known as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is a day of annual remembrance observed in the month of October an awareness month itself, dated at 15th every year. However, the infant loss is not just limited to stillbirth, SIDS, miscarriage and the death of an infant.

Handwashing day:  October 15 (Globally)- October 15 is Global Handwashing Day, Worldwide Handwashing Day is a yearly worldwide backing day committed to advocacting for handwashing with cleanser as a simple, viable, and reasonable approach to anticipate illnesses and spare lives.Worldwide Handwashing Day was established by the Global Handwashing Partnership, and is a chance to configuration, test, and repeat imaginative approaches

World Healthy Food Day:  October 16 (Globally)– World Food Day (WFD) is celebrated on 16th of October in the honor of the date when the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations was first founded in the year 1945. This occasion plays a pivotal role in celebrating the significance of agricultural food production in the human life.

World Food Day: October 16 (Globally)– World Food Day is celebrated each year on 16 October to commemorate the founding of the Organization in 1945. World Food Day Events are basically organized in over 150 countries across the world, making it one of the most celebrated days of the UN calendar. These events specially promote worldwide awareness and action for those.

World Anesthesia Day:  October 16 (Worldwide)– At the Massachusetts General Hospital, on 18th October 1846, a significant event took place. It was the first successful demonstration of ether amnesia and this discovery meant that it was possible to undergo surgical treatment without feeling the pain. It was a very significant milestone in the history of medical sciences and since then 18th.

Boss Day: October 16 (United States)- Boss Day is commonly seen close by October 16 in the United States. It has generally been a day for representatives to thank their bosses for being benevolent and reasonable consistently, yet some have restricted the idea as just a good for nothing Hallmark Holiday, just as putting unjustifiable weight on workers to know.

Navratri: Varies between September and October. Next date October 17- October 25 (India)- Navratri, (Sanskrit: “nine nights”)in full Sharad Navratri; Navratri additionally spelled Navaratri; likewise called Durga Puja, in Hinduism, real celebration held to pay tribute to the heavenly ladylike. Navratri happens more than 9 days amid the period of Ashvin, or Ashvina (in the Gregorian logbook, as a rule September– October).

Poverty Eradication Day : October 17 (World) In a world portrayed by an exceptional dimension of monetary advancement, innovative methods and money related assets, that a large number of people are living in outrageous poverty is an ethical shock.

Alaska Day: October 18 (United States)- Alaska Day denotes the commemoration of the formal exchange of the region from Russia to the United States and the raising of the United States banner at Sitka on October 18, 1867. It is normally celebrated on October 18 each year.The Alaska Day celebration is every year celebrated in the city of Sitka, Alaska.

World Statistics Day: October 20 (Globally) – Every five years a celebration id conducted on 20th October known as the World Statistics Day. Its first celebration was organized in the year 2010 and was declared by the United Nations Statistical Commission. In Africa, it is celebrated on the 18th of November every year.

World Osteoporosis Day:  October 20 (Worldwide)- World Osteoporosis Day is celebrated every year on 20th October. On this day, year-long campaigns are launched to raise awareness amongst people about osteoporosis. They are told about the importance of its prevention and cures. Even the importance of metabolic bone disease prevention is also spread.

Chef day :  October 20 (Globally)- Every year on October twentieth we observe International Chefs Day.Since its creation by regarded chef Dr. Bill Gallagher in 2004, Worldchefs have focused on utilizing International Chefs Day to commend our respectable calling, continually recollecting that it is our obligation to pass on our insight and culinary aptitudes.

Trafalgar Day: October 21 (New Zealand)- Trafalgar Day is celebrated on 21st of October every year to commemorate and honor the Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson and his men who have fought bravely in the battle of Trafalgar. Horatio Nelson led the Royal Navy to the Triumph against the combined French and Spanish fleets at the Cape Trafalgar on the Spanish coast.

Reptile Awareness Day:  October 21 (Globally)- Reptile Awareness Day is celebrated every year on October 21st to commemorate the reptiles’ contribution to our ecosystem. On this special day, reptile fanatics from all over the world share their passion and educate the common people about these amazing creatures and their threat of extinction that has challenged many reptiles.

World Ballet Day:  October 23 (Globally)- Since 2014, an annual celebration is held in the honor of the dance form, ballet in the first week of October when major ballet companies from all around the world come together and collaborate to make live stream videos of behind the scenes preparations. This celebration is known as the World Ballet Day.

World Polio Day:  October 24 (Globally)- Polio is an infectious disease also known as poliomyelitis or infantile paralysis that is caused by the poliovirus which leads to muscle weakness and inability to move among people. On every 24th October, World Polio Day is celebrated to raise awareness about polio to help in the eradication of this disease

Development Information Day:  October 24 (Globally)- Coinciding with United Nations Day, World Development Information Day is celebrated on 24th October. Since 1972 this day aims to draw the attention of the world towards the development problems that the nation faces and the necessity of strengthening international co-operation to resolve them.

Dussehra: Between September and October, October 25, 2020, next. (India)- Vijayadashami otherwise called Dasara, Dussehra, Dasara, Dussehra or Dashain is a noteworthy Hindu celebration celebrated toward the finish of Navratri consistently. It is seen on the tenth day in the Hindu schedule month of Ashvin, the seventh month of the Hindu Luni-Solar Calendar, which ordinarily falls in the Gregorian long periods of September and October.

Intersex Awareness Day:  October 26 (United States)- October 26, 1996 imprints the commemoration of the main open exhibition by intersex individuals in the United States. Individuals from the now old Intersex Society of North America and their partners touched base in Boston, MA at the yearly gathering of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Pumpkin Day:  October 26 (United States)– National Pumpkin Day, which is also known as the Halloween Day is celebrated on 31st October every year. It is observed just before the All Saint’s Day and is quite popular in several countries. The day is dedicated to all the departed souls like saints and martyrs.

World Audiovisual day: October 27 ( World) Audiovisual documents, such as radio, films and various TV programmes, audio and video recordings, contain the primary records of the 20th and 21st centuries. Much of the world’s audiovisual heritage has already been irrevocably

Black Cat Day: October 27 (United States)- October  27 is celebrated as Black Cat Day. On this day people celebrate the beauty of black cats. This season is of Halloween and black cats are mostly used to decorate. This is why black cats have a bad reputation and considered to be bad luck in the United States. 

Animation Day:  October 28 (Globally)– October 28, the International Animation Day (IAD) was declared in 2002 by the ASIFA as the fundamental worldwide occasion to commend the specialty of animation.This day recognizes the main open execution of Charles-Émile Reynaud’s Théâtre Optique at the Grevin Museum in Paris, 1892.

World Stroke Day: October 29 (Worldwide)– World Stroke Day is observed on the 29th of October every year. On this day, information is spread among the public about the seriousness and the chances of a stroke. The prevention, cure and treatment information is also spread worldwide. Health organizations put in efforts to organize events to educate people about the same.

Cyrus The Great Memorial Day:  October 29 (Iran)– October 29 (seventh of Aban) is assigned as the overall day of “Cyrus the Great”, the King of Persia, who announced the primary contract of human rights on the planet, generally called the Cyrus Cylinder. Iranians believe that October 29 is the recognition of the section of Cyrus into Babylon.

Reformation Day:  October 31 (Germany)- Reformation Day is a religious holiday celebrated by the Protestants (the second largest form of Christianity) on October 31. This particular day recognizes the anniversary of the day when Martin Luther had posted his 95 Theses on the front door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany in the year 1517.

Halloween Day:  October 31 (Globally)- Halloween, generally called All Hallows’ Eve, is commended on the night prior to the Christian heavenly day of All Hallows’ Day or All Saints Day (November 1). In this way, Halloween is constantly celebrated on October 31.The starting point of Halloween can be followed to the antiquated Gaelic celebration of Samhain articulated sow-in

Samhain Day:  October 31- November 1 (Quite a few countries of the Northern Hemisphere)- Samhain is a Gaelic holiday that is meant to mark the end of harvest season of the land. It is also known as the day from when the winter sinks in and the darker half of the year begins. The festival begins on the 31st October evening and ends on the 1st November evening.


Kerala Piravi Day: November 1 (Kerala)- Kerala Piravi marks the introduction of the territory of Kerala in India thusly known as Kerala Piravi Dinam (day) in the state.. The territory of Kerala was made on November 1, 1956.Kerala, the province of India, was shaped long after Indian autonomy on 15 August 1947.

All Saints’ Day: November 1 (Globally)- All Saints’ day is a Holy day for the Catholic church. The day is observed on November 1st, every year. On this day, the Catholic church remembers and honors all martyrs who died for the Catholic faith. Although there are many saints, All Saints’ day mainly focuses on the saints who are recognized.

Family Literacy Day: November 1 (United States)- The national family literacy day is celebrated on November 1st every year across the United States. The literary organizations arrange programs on this day and even many of the libraries celebrate this day. The first Family Literacy Day was celebrated in 1994.

Author’s Day: November 1 (Globally)- Author’s Day is observed and celebrated every year on 1 November by the writers and books lover. On the Author’s Day, people bought their favorite authors’ books and spent some time to read As the Author has spent countless time to write our favorite book.

World Vegan Day: November 1 (Globally)- Every year on the 1st of November World Vegan Day is celebrated throughout. The annual event is taken up by vegans to various benefits that veganism has to offer to the world and its creations. Be it the humans, animals or the environment, benefits of veganism are propounded widely on this day by vegans

All Soul’s Day: November 2 (Globally)- All Souls Day is celebrated by the Catholic Church as well as some other Christian groups to honor the dead. The Catholic church believes that a dead soul has three places to go in, heaven, hell or purgatory. The day is celebrated on November 2nd every year.

World Mankoushe Day : November 2 ( World) For some odd reasons, there has never been a day celebrating the Mankoushe. With all its mouth-watering deliciousness, you would certainly assume the day would have been created already.

Stress Awareness Day: First Wednesday in November (Globally)- Celebrated annually on the first Wednesday in November, Stress Awareness Day is an initiative started by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) to educate the people with information on stress, help them identify the cause and inform them of the ways to address the issue and reduce stress in their lives.

World Tsunami Day: November 5 (Worldwide)- World Tsunami Day is observed on the 5th of November every year. Such is the scale of the disaster that it leads to killing and uprooting of lakhs of people at once and even drowns the biggest of cities of the world. All countries, international bodies as well as civil societies were call upon.

Guy Fawkes Day: November 5 (United Kingdom)- Consistently fifth November is praised as Guy Fawkes Day or Bonfire Night or Fireworks Night in United Kingdom. It was on this day that Fawkes fizzled the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and it celebrated with blaze festivities and loads of firecrackers. Wish your family and companions with Guy Fawkes Day messages and .

Saxophone Day: November 6 (Globally)- Saxophone Day is celebrated every year on 6th of November to commemorate the birth of the woodwind’s inventor named Adolphe Sax. From Bill Clinton, the former president of the United States to professional musicians such as the Jazz legend Johnny Hodges, the Saxophones captures the heart and imagination of its listeners irrespective of race.

Bull Riders Finals Event: November 8 (USA) Professional Bull Riders or more popularly known as PBR World finals is an internationally organized professional Bull riding competition. The organization is based in Pueblo, Colorado, United States.

World Freedom Day: November 9 (Worldwide)- Freedom is an essential aspect of human life. There are many people who cannot voice their choices or cannot express themselves and even choose their own religion due to the lack of freedom. World Freedom Day is celebrated on the 9th of November and it marks the fall of Berlin Wall.

World KC day: November 10 (Worldwide)- Every year on November 10th, World KC Day is celebrated to raise awareness about a non-inflammatory eye condition called Keratoconus often abbreviated as ‘KC’. KC leads to progressive thinning over cornea and creation of a cone-like bulge that causes significant visual impairment in its victims. This celebration is sponsored by the National Keratoconus Foundation.

Independence Day(Poland):  November 11 (Poland)- National Independence Day is a national day in Poland celebrated on 11 November to honor the commemoration of the reclamation of Poland’s sway as the Second Polish Republic in 1918 from the German, Austrian and Russian Empires. Following the parcels in the late eighteenth century.

Air traffic safety electronics personnel day:  November 12 (Globally)- The day is celebrated on November 12th every year across the globe. The air traffic safety electronics personnel is the one who controls the traffic in the air by transmitting the electronic signals from the ground to the aircraft. Pilots purely depend on these signals to take off or to land an aircraft.

World Quality Day: November 12 (Globally)- World Quality Day is celebrated on the second Thursday of November every year all over the world. Quality is what matters when considering the development of nations. Prosperity and growth of a country depending on the quality of it. Thus, it is necessary to spread awareness about the importance of good quality.

World Pneumonia Day: November 12 (Worldwide)- World Pneumonia Day falls on 12th November every year. Hundreds of organizations come together on this day to put up a fight against the disease. These organizations provide support to the affected children and even put in efforts to stop it from spreading. Pneumonia is a disease which affects and kills millions of children

World Kindness Day: November 13 (Worldwide)- World Kindness Day is celebrated on 13th November annually on an international level. It was introduced by the World Kindness Movement which is a coalition of the nation’s kindness NGOs in 1998.  This day is celebrated to highlight good deeds in the society that focus on the positive power.

World Diabetes Day: November 14 (Globally)- World diabetes day is a global campaign focused on spreading awareness about a largely preventable and treatable non-communicable disease which is increasing all around the globe. It is celebrated on 14th November to help people suffering from diabetes to cope and can be managed with insulin injections.

Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims day: November 15 (United Kingdom)- World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDR) is a day which is commemorated every year on the third Sunday of the month of November. It is a day to remember the ones who were the victims of road accidents and also stand as a support for the families that are affected.

Day for Tolerance : November 16  (Worldwide)- International Day for Tolerance is adulated worldwide reliably on 16th of November. It was first settled by the UNESCO in the year 1995 to be recognized yearly worldwide on sixteenth of November. There are a couple of measures related to the tolerance which was articulated by the UNESCO and gotten by the all inclusive community

World Vasectomy Day: November 16 (Globally)- Every year from November 12-16, the World Vasectomy day is observed. The day is a landmark in itself due to the fact that it helps spreading an important message for all the males out there. Vasectomy is a male oriented solution to issues such as unplanned pregnancy and also adds to the greater cause.

World Prematurity Day: November 17 (Worldwide)- World Prematurity Day is an annual celebration since 2011 that is observed on 17th November. On this day awareness is spread about the preterm babies and the problem faced by families on facing prematurity. According to the data, approximately 15 million babies are prematurely born every year which is why families should not ignore preterm

World Philosophy Day: November 19 (Globally)- As announced by UNESCO in the year 2002, World Philosophy Day is celebrated on every 3rd Thursday of November. It was celebrated on 21st November 2002, for the very first time. The need for spreading philosophical values is brought forward on this day, as a prerequisite for the development of the nations through improvements.

Men’s Day: November 19 (Globally) International Men’s Day (IMD) is a yearly international occasion praised each year on 19 November. Introduced in 1992 on 7 February by Thomas Oaster,the venture of International Men’s Day was imagined one year sooner on 8 February 1991.The task was re-initialised in 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago.

World Toilet Day : November 19 (Globally)- The World Toilet Day is observed on the 19th of November every year. The World Toilet Day was first established in the year 2001 by the World Toilet Organization and it was in 2013 that the United Nations declared the World Toilet Day as an official United Nations Day.

Africa Industrialization day : November 20 (Africa)- Africa industrialization day is observed on November 20th every year. The day was started in 1990. During the 25th Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the Organization of African Unity, the day was declared. Each year the theme of the industrialization will be different.

Universal Children’s Day: November 20 (World) As the name implies, this day celebrates the rights of children all around the world. On this day the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by the UN General Assembly.

Transgender Day: November 20 (Globally)- Transgender Day of Remembrance or (TDoR) is an observance day which occurs on 20th of November since its inception to memorialize the victims of transphobia. It is a day to bring the attention of the continued violence endured by transgender people. A TDoR memorial includes reading the names of deceased victims from the past one

World Television Day: November 21 (Globally)- World Television Day is celebrated on 21st November every year and it was first celebrated in the year 1997. The United Nations declared in December 1996 that the 21st of November ought to be celebrated as World Television Day to commemorate the first World Television Forum which had taken place in 1996.

World Hello Day: November 21 (Globally)- World Hello Day is celebrated every year on 21st November throughout the world. It gives us the message to preserve peace through communication in this world without using any kind of force. People greet everyone on this day, friends and enemies alike.

World Fisheries day: November 21 (Globally)- On 21st November every year, World Fisheries Day is celebrated globally in respect to all the fisheries that are operational. It is a fact that small scale fisheries are the ones that contribute to the maximum percentage of fishes consumed in the developing countries.

Adoption Day: November 23 (World) The national adoption day is celebrated to create awareness on adoption. A family brought together through adoption is beautiful and to celebrate this, every human being should join hands.

End Violence against Women Day(V-Day): November 25 (Globally)- V-Day is a global movement that aims to protest against violence carried out on women in all forms. It is observed on 14th February every year. The movement is not only restricted to women but also extends to include girls and transgenders.

Elimination of Violence against Women Day: November 25 ( World) The United Nations General Assembly has assigned November 25 as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (Resolution 54/134).The reason of the day is to bring issues to light

Thanksgiving Day:  November 26 (Globally)- On every fourth Thursday in November, a national holiday known as the Thanksgiving Day is celebrated annually in the United States, some of the Caribbean islands and Liberia. It is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada. This holiday is mainly based on the colonial pilgrims’ 1621 harvest meal

Anti-Obesity Day: November 26 (Globally)- The day is celebrated on November 26th every year. The World Health Organization says that the obesity level has increased to three times since 1975. The excess body fat of a person is called to be obese. If the Body Mass Index of a person is 30

Day after Thanksgiving: November 27 (Globally)- The Day after Thanksgiving is not a holiday for the public. But a holiday for almost half the states in the United States. And this day is given as an off day by many employers. Last time, this day was celebrated on Friday in November in the United States.

American Indian Heritage day: November 27 ( USA) American Indian Heritage day is also known as the Native American Heritage Day and it is observed the Friday that follows the Thanksgiving Day in the United States. There are states that observe the day as a civil holiday

Happy Advent days: November 27 – December 3 (Globally)– Advent refers to the second coming of Jesus Christ. This season is observed between November last week to Christmas Eve. On this season, Christians wait and prepare for the Nativity of Jesus on Christmas.  The advent means the beginning of a new liturgical year.

Advent Sunday: November 30 (World) Advent Sunday, also known as the First Sunday of Advent or First Advent Sunday, more the Western Christian Church, is the first day of the liturgical year and the start of the season of Advent.

Cyber Monday: November 30 (United States)- Cyber Monday is a showcasing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving occasion in the United States. It was made by retailers to urge individuals to shop on the web. The term was authored by Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation and Scott Silverman.


World AIDS Day: December 1 (Globally)– World AIDS Day is observed on December 1 every year. It was started in the year 1988 to spread awareness about the disease known as AIDS. The day has been designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and it is a global public health campaign. People wear red ribbons to show solidarity

UAE National Day: December 2 (United Arab Emirates)– Freedom is a cherished ideal for any individual, group or a nation and the people of UAE understands this fact very well. On 2nd December every year, the people of UAE celebrates National day. It is the day on which all the seven emirates got united to form the nation known as the United Arab

Abolition of Slavery Day : December 2 (Worldwide)– The United Nations’ (UN) International Day for the Abolition of Slavery is every year hung on December 2 to bring issues to light of the outrages of present day slavery. Numerous individuals utilize the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery as a chance to share their point of view in works

Walt Disney Day: December 3- Walt Disney Day is celebrated on the 3rd December every year. We all know the immense impact Disney has had on the animated entertainment domain. Throughout the years, it has been the creativity of Disney that has brought about so many amazing characters and stories to keep us entertained and laughing.

Cheetah Day: December 4 (Globally)- The week we observe International Cheetah Day! The fourth of December denotes the day to praise cheetahs for being the mind boggling animals they are! These quick sprinters are superbly one of a kind, and have an abundance of adjustments to enable them to work in what they are known for – speed!

Indian Navy Day: December 4 (India) – December 4 is commended as Navy Day to praise the Indian Navy’s accomplishment and as a tribute to the boldness and assurance made by the Indian Navy amid the 1971 war. The Navy assumes an imperative job in verifying the marine outskirts just as for the improvement of universal relations through joint activities, compassionate missions.

World Soil Day: December 5 (Globally)- World Soil Day is observed on the 5th of December every year at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations that is in Rome. Events are organized all over. Knowledge about the importance of soil and its functions is imparted in people. Information is spread using posters and banners

Sinterklaas Day: December 5 and 6 (Netherlands)- For the children in the Netherlands, Christmas comes early as the arrival of SinterKlaas, a saint patron of children is celebrated on 5th of December. It is said that Saint Nicholas or Sinterklaas just like Santa Claus comes at night to bring gifts for the children belonging to the nice and good list.

Parade of St Nicholas day: December 6 (Worldwide)- St Nicolas Day is seen on December sixth in the West, despite the fact that in the East Christian nations it is commended on the nineteenth. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea who St Nicolas is, you’ll more than likely still know about his American variant Santa Claus.

Independence Day (Finland):  December 6 (Finland)- This holiday is celebrated annually on 6 December and marks the Declaration of Independence from the Russian empire by the Finnish Parliament in 1917.Finland had been part of the Russian Empire since 1809. Following the Russian revolution and the defeats in the First World War, movements within Finland pushed for independence from Russia

Civil Aviation Day: December 7 (Globally)  – International Civil Aviation Day is seen on seventh December consistently. International Civil Aviation Day is praised all around and is anything but an open holiday. In 1901 something was practiced that hadn’t occurred ever of, a man flew upon a lightweight flyer and canvassed a decent separation in a synthetic gadget.

Anti-Corruption Day: December 9 (Globally)- Anti-Corruption Day has been watched every year, on 9 December, since the entry of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption on 31 October 2003 to raise open mindfulness for anti-corruption.The Convention states, to some degree, that the UN is:worried about the earnestness of issues and dangers presented by corruption to the strength and security.

Civil Rights Day : December 10 ( USA) Numerous individuals in Arizona and New Hampshire watch Civil Rights Day to respect the civil rights movement. A few schools incorporate exercises, tests and class reports about civil rights around this time.

Human Rights day:  December 10 (Globally)- Human Rights Day is praised yearly over the world on 10 December consistently.The date was picked to respect the United Nations General Assembly’s appropriation and decree, on 10 December 1948, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the principal worldwide articulation of human rights and one of the main real accomplishments

Mountain Day: December 11 (Globally)– December 11, International Mountain Day, was assigned by the United Nations General Assembly in 2003. The General Assembly urged the universal network to sort out occasions at all dimensions on that day to feature the significance of manageable mountain development.The topic for International Mountain Day 2010 was Mountain minorities and indigenous people groups.

Saint Lucia’s Day: December 13 (Sweden and Finland)– Saint Lucia’s Day which is also known as the Feast of Saint Lucy is celebrated on 13th December every year in memory of Saint Lucy who was a martyr in the 3rd century under the Diocletianic Persecution. Saint Lucia provided food and aid to the Christians who were hiding in the catacombs.

Zamenhof Day : December 15- Zamenhof Day also known as Esperanto Book Day or just Esperanto Day is celebrated on 15th of December every year i.e. the birth date of Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof, the Esperanto creator. Esperanto is a constructed international auxiliary language first created in the year 1878 on Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof’s 19th birthday.

Bill of Rights Day: December 15 ( USA) On the bill of rights day the national archives and records administration who joins in the Celebration of the law of rights, ten first amendments the constitution and spell out our rights as Americans.

TEA Lovers DAY:  December 15 (Globally)- On December 15th, International Tea Day is celebrated to draw global attention of citizens and of the governments towards the global tea trade and its impacts on its growers and workers. Started in 2005 by trade unions, small tea growers and civil society organizations, this holiday focuses on bringing civil rights into action.

Victory day of Bangladesh: December 16 ( Bangladesh) People of Bangladesh were patronised by Pakistani Armed forces during the Liberation war of 1971. Victory day of Bangladesh marks the triumph of allied forces

Goa’s Liberation Day: December 19 (Goa)- The Liberation of Goa was a significant pivotal event in the officially checkered Goan history. December nineteenth is praised as Goa Liberation Day. The liberation of Goa prompted its discharge from the Portuguese domain by the Indian Navy. It is viewed as a groundbreaking day, as it ended a deep rooted standard

Yalda Event: December 20, 21, 22 ( iran, Turkey, Afghanistan etc) Yalda is a very famous and celebrated traditional event in Iran. It celebrates the longest night of the year, which is the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Yalda means birth, in the Syriac language and it has been included in the Persian language.

December Solstice: December 21 (Globally)- The December Solstice that occurs in December. It typically occurs on 21 Dec and can vary ± one day. The December solstice is the winter Solstice. And it is also known as southern solstice. This year December solstice is on 22 December. The more events which are related is September equinox

Soyal Ceremony:  December 21 (Northern Arizona)- Soyal or otherwise known as Great feast of the Winter Solstice is a Solstice Ceremony celebrated by the Southwest Zuni, Hopi and Pueblo tribes of Native Americans. The ceremony is held on 21st of December which marks the Winters Solstice and is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Quaid-e-Azam Day: December 25 (Pakistan)- Quaid-e-Azam is a national holiday celebrated in Pakistan on 25th December every year. It commemorates the birth anniversary of Muhammad Ali Jinnah who is known to be the founder of Pakistan. Quaid-e-Azam is an Urdu word that means Great Leader. Jinnah was born on 25th December,1876 in Karachi.

Day After Christmas Day: December 26 (Globally)- The day after Christmas day is also called boxing day. It celebrated in the number of countries that previously part form the British Empire. This day is celebrated on 26th December, although the bank attached public holiday or bank holiday may take place on that day or two days later.

Saint Stephen’s Day: December 26 (Ireland)- Saint Stephen’s day is celebrated on the 26th of December and it is also known as the Boxing Day. The day is celebrated in the memory of Saint Stephen who happens to be the first Christian martyr. The holiday has a global reach and has been celebrated for more than a century.

Kwanzaa Celebration : December 26 to January 6 ( USA) Kwanzaa is an annual celebration that honors the culture and traditions of people of African origin was first celebrated in December 1966 and January 1967.

St. John the Evangelist’s Day: December 27 (Europe) Traditionally, John the Evangelist is regarded as the author of the Gospel of John. According to the history of the Christian religion, Saint John the Evangelist was one amongst the twelve apostles of Lord Jesus.

Holy Innocents Day : December 28 (Globally)- Holy Innocents Day (additionally alluded to as Childermas) remembers the slaughter of male youngsters at Bethlehem by King Herod’s organization (Matthew 2:16). Otherwise called the Feast of the Holy Innocents, this day is seen in the Western places of worship on December 28 and Eastern holy places on December 29.

Watch Night Day: December 31 (African American Areas)- Watch Night sometimes also known as Freedom’s Eve is a late night Christian religious service held every year on December 31st i.e. New Year’s Eve. The eve of Watch Night becomes a perfect opportunity to make confession and prepare for the year ahead by praying and resolving.

Sydney New Year’s Eve: December 31 (Australia) Every one of us enjoys a lot in new year’s eve and stay excited about the arrival of another year in our lives. The new year’s eve celebration in the city of Sydney, Australia is famous all over the world.

Saint Sylvester’s Day: December 31 (Europe) Saint Sylvester’s day is a day dedicated to a saint named Pope Sylvester I, who served as the Pope of the Western Church from 314 to 335.

New Year’s Eve:  December 31 (Globally)- New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest worldwide festivals since it denotes the most recent day of the year in the Gregorian schedule, December 31, preceding the New Year. Tally down to the New Year regardless of where you are on the planet. New Year’s Eve is multi day of blended affections