18+ Top Software Development Company Marketing Ideas

We have discussed various marketing tips that can help your business to increase sales. You can select any of these strategies and devise the marketing plan of your own. Given list of marketing ideas are very effective which helps you to boost sales and engagement of Customer. Check Marketing Ideas for a Software Developement Business.

Marketing and sales Marketing Tips 18+ Top Software Development Company Marketing Ideas

18+ Top Software Development Company Marketing Ideas

We have discussed various marketing tips that can help your business to increase sales. You can select any of these strategies and devise the marketing plan of your own. Given list of marketing ideas are very effective which helps you to boost sales and engagement of Customer. Check Marketing Ideas for a Software Developement Business.

We have seen plenty of software development companies that have provided great products in the past but eventually ended up in a virtual graveyard. So what is the secret behind the success of some great software development companies?

How to promote your Software Development Company?

  • Create a website and offer valuable information to win the trust of the visitors.
  • Co-sponsor an event to build a brand in the software development market.
  • Participate in relevant events, trade shows, business fairs to attract new clients.
  • Make sure to list your company in online web directories, Google search engines, or other web engines.
  • Distribute business cards, pamphlets to partners, or related companies.

It basically depends on the quality of hiring employees, investing in satisfying the customer and most importantly a great marketing campaign. While all the reasons are important, but a strong marketing strategy will definitely send your software development company to a path to success.

Here is a list of Software marketing ideas that will help you increase sales and awareness of your Business. Read below

-Know your Audience

Your target market is a group of audience to whom your products and services are most relevant. They are the ones who are more likely to benefit from your software development company.

If you know who your targeted set of an audience is, then the further marketing strategies shall be based on that to drive more traffic to your sales ratio. It is very crucial to know not only the individuals who will use your software but also the buyers as well.

Especially for B2B companies, the user is not the ones who are making a purchase. You need to develop certain marketing strategies that are directed towards the users, buyers, influencers and the C suite.

-Client Testimonials

Testimonials are a form of social proof and reviews. And it doesn’t even matter from where the social proofs are coming from. It can be strangers in a comments section or a friend recommending it to another friend.

The only thing that matters to market your software development company is that the reviews and social proofs are all on the positive side. The best thing about posting a testimonial is that you have full control over which testimonials are to be selected.

Leverage the power of testimonials by following up with recent customers as the products and services are still fresh in their minds.

-Tell Better Stories

The key is to tell your brand’s unique and personal stories better than your competitors. Many tech companies are making the mistakes of jargoning their technical communications with their clients. Take some time off to rethink the way you are telling your success stories.

Analyze what other companies are doing within your own industry, and develop unique and more powerful stories than the ones that are already out there.

Some of the biggest brands are narrating great stories of solving customer’s problems and documenting the journeys of customers and the day-in-the-life of an employee solving challenges.


This marketing strategy to generate leads is quite commonly used by both the computer hardware and software companies. You can also use this strategy online and offline to generate a variety of leads with very limited cost as the pockets are shared.

In most of the cases, your partner will aid you in covering the marketing costs and cross promotions. This will increase the fruitful sales opportunities for both companies.

As long as the companies are gaining from the collaboration, you should not shy away from seeking help if any complications arise regarding the products.

-Re-marketing to your existing customers

Re-marketing is one of the most overlooked ways to increase revenues from your current or existing customers. Most of the companies miss out on the opportunity by not putting a thorough plan for customer re-marketing.

One of the programs that work promisingly is a referral bonus program. Nurture your current customers by offering an incentive for recommending your software development company to their friends and families.

In this way, the customers will remain happy and at the same time, the consumer base will increase as well which is extremely important for any company to see the light of success.


Blogging is a creative way to present valuable and attractive content to your clients. It is also an effective and critical method to drive traffic to your company website.

Make sure to not use the blog as a forum to pompously describe how great your company is. It is much more preferable to share some valuable information and the clientele’s experiences with your software development company.

In your blog, try to post some interviews of thought leaders within your industry or new tutorial guides to use certain software.

-A Solid Company Website

The website for your software development company is a tool to showcase your distinctive selling possibilities, videos and testimonials of clients.

Visitors would often check out your website regarding the offerings and information your company has to offer. So it is extremely imperative to make the website more mobile friendly as the millennials have become avid Smartphone users.

Make sure that the speed of the website is improved from time to time as well the contents you post shall always remain relevant. Include pricing pages to filter out the people who are visiting your website for price figuration from the potential clients who are there for the purpose of purchasing certain company software only.

-SEO strategy

SEO is not a quick an easy venture like Social Media. A strong and vigorous online presence will come slowly and moderately. So it is necessary not to abandon your SEO efforts just because you don’t see any immediate outcomes.

Fruitful results shall only be obtained through consistent keyword research and interesting content. Following this particular strategy will make your website a hub of information which is essential for website rankings on search engines.

-Video Marketing

People love to watch before buying anything. But the products your company is selling cannot be taken off a shelf whenever one wants. This is where video marketing comes in. Nearly 50% of internet users tend to look for videos of a product before visiting a shopper.

The reason behind this is that a video describing all the valuable information provides a certain confidence to the consumers when they are thinking of purchasing a product.

This is one of the ways to show that your products are reliable and doing exactly what they are meant to do. Contents such as testimonials, troubleshooting videos and how-tos will show the potential customers that your software development company is worthy of their trusts. You can share all the video contents in your website, YouTube channel and all the social media platforms.

-E-mail Newsletter

An e-mail newsletter will work great until and unless you are doing it the right way by not spamming their inboxes. An efficient way to run an email marketing campaign is to use drip marketing.

In order to generate more leads for your software development company use the drip sequences to make the leads download some relevant content or offer them to watch a demonstration video of your software.

While sharing the product updates, industry news and occasional promotions to your core customers, remember to include social sharing buttons at the foot of every newsletter. By doing so, you will provide the readers with the ability to share your content on whatever social media platform they want.

-Social Media Channels

There are various social media channels and handpicking the right platforms is vital. Many businesses nowadays try to stay active on every social media channel possible. But when it comes to software development companies, you have to look out for platforms where your target audience is seeking business from. For example-

a) LinkedIn: It is the most relevant business oriented social media channel out there. LinkedIn helps in connecting the people from various industries who are both offering and seeking solutions for their business. More than 80% of leads are generated through LinkedIn.

b) YouTube: Tutorials and demonstration videos for your software will reach a wider set of an audience as YouTube is currently now the second largest search engine after Google. YouTube provides a great platform to drive more traffic to your website by hosting webinars and posting entertainment content.

c) Facebook: With all the free of cost promotions included, Facebook provides you an opportunity to create geo targeted ads and advertise your software development company for numerous days.

d) Twitter: Sharing a simple attribute with facebook, twitter is an important platform to generate leads as well as developing a connection with those leads and other potential clients.

How to drive sales to your Software Development Company?

  • Facebook marketing tools, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms help you to find potential clients.
  • Promote your expertise through video marketing and Blogging.
  • E-mail Marketing Campaigns such as sharing news, updates, informational content, and educate subscribers to maintain long term connections with existing clients.
  • Use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising strategy to get your business on a high ROI.
  • E-Coupons, testimonials, customer reviews is a popular way to build a niche.
  • Put up billboards on busiest streets, sidewalks, or community areas to highlight your business.
1. How can you make your Software Development Company a profitable one?

Through offering consumers extra services, software development firms will increase their revenues. Expedited assistance, supplementary preparation and system modification may be received at a surcharge. Application development firms have historically licensed clients, but many businesses are now moving to an application-as-a-service ( SaaS) system.

In SaaS deals, consumers pay a fixed charge to use the software of the provider. This fee typically requires some sort of assistance. The license or subscription fees are collected by certain foreign software development firms.

2. How to keep the customers coming back to your Software Development Company?

The programs of a software company will function correctly, or else consumers can move into systems that are easier to use and error free. This is why the production process of testing and debugging should not be hurried.

3. What is the growth potential for the Software Development Company?

A software development business may be a small one-person company or a multinational corporation. In Ithaca , New York, Gorges is a local construction company, and Logos is a perfect example of a niche business. The two biggest software developers in the world are Microsoft and Apple, but their research is not all about programmatic.

4. What marketing Strategy you can implement for your Software development company?

Many software developers market their programs online, through websites and other platforms. Which other systems are most appropriate for a specific business depend on what services the company produces. A business that spells inspections legal documents does not want to commercialize in the same place as a video game.

5. What skills are necessary t build a successful software development company?

Competence in many languages is strongly recommended and company owners must teach themselves how to code in at least one programming language. This technical knowledge is needed for software code and debug. Business owners will use this to speak to those who work with the systems or developers on the projects of the company.

People with inadequate coding knowledge can learn different languages in person as well as online. Most colleges in the City and four-year universities have computer science programs, and local developers will provide private tutoring.

Software industry is competitive in every edge. More and more Startups are entering into this Market. For Particular Software need, Customer has many options to Choose from. Here is the Infographic which gives you more idea how to buy software for your Business. Read Below.

how to buy best software for your business

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