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Sorority Club Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Have you been given the responsibility to name the organization or sorority club that you have enrolled into? We will help you fulfill that responsibility and make sure that you hold your head high regarding teamwork and your participation in activities.

You have committed to a particular goal through this sorority club, and we have committed to help you find a name for the same. 

Now that you have reached us, you can be assured that you do not have to go through other articles for sorority club names. We have listed them down organizationally in this article according to specific genres. 

Let’s check out the names now:

Amazing Sorority Club Names

With all the effort that you have made into creating or enrolling into this sorority team, it does deserve a name that is pretty and imaginative in nature instead of something that is common and bland.

We have tried to maintain the elements in the names and still keep them pretty. Let’s check out some amazing names for your latest club.

Pi Kappa Alpha

Delta Gamma Psi

Kappa Psi

Alpha Chi Rho

Beta Alpha Omicron

Kappa Alpha Order

Gamma Iota Epsilon

Omega Eta

Eta Rho

Nu Alpha Kappa

Chi Delta Xi Theta

Alpha Omicron Pi

Mu Omega Chi

Zeta Psi

Kappa Omega

Zeta Xi

Tau Pi Delta

Tau Alpha

Upsilon Epsilon

Alpha Tau Omega

Eta Delta

Delta Delta

Lambda Sigma Upsilon

Sigma Sigma Sigma

Lambda Psi Psi

Best Sorority Club Names

There have been many sorority clubs that have been formed in the past and will be found in the future. You can try naming them after a famous and successful sorority club that has already served its cause and made a mark. Sure are a few names that are famous in the field.

Lambda Epsilon

Alpha Upsilon

Phi Delta Theta

Iota Psi

Rho Epsilon

Xi Eta

Epsilon Zeta

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Zeta Nu Iota

Sigma Gamma

Pi Kappa Phi

Omega Delta Phi

Nu Psi Beta

Chi Psi

Eta Theta Beta

Alpha Rho Omega

Delta Phi

Nu Sigma Beta

Tau Tau

Lambda Alpha Upsilon

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Pi Delta Psi

Pi Iota Mu

Psi Rho

Beta Gamma

Informal Sorority Club Names

There are many ways to name a sorority club, and it doesn’t need to always be something severe and formal. It is important to maintain the formalness in the name, so we have listed down a few names that you can use less as inspiration.

Trojan Knights

Zeta Beta Tau

Beta Gamma Theta

Epsilon Zeta Lambda

Sigma Lambda Beta

Tau Xi Pi

Tau Nu Sigma

Delta Sigma Phi

Rho Nu

Omega Gamma

Sigma Delta Tau

Phi Delta Gamma

Omicron Epsilon

Alpha Delta Kappa Kappa

Alpha Phi Alpha

Pi Alpha Phi

Delta Upsilon

Alpha Delta Gamma

Psi Omega

Delta Kappa Epsilon

Gamma Kappa

Phi Sigma Kappa

Kappa Alpha

Upsilon Tau Nu Iota

Epsilon Tau

Sigma Alpha Mu

Tau Zeta

Phi Kappa Sigma

Sigma Beta Rho

Tau Chi

Epsilon Sigma

Lambda Phi

Alpha Phi

Iota Zeta Upsilon

Tau Iota Alpha

Knight Ksi

Xi Delta Psi

Theta Delta Chi

Alpha Phi Delta

Rho Mu Mu

Chi Rho Rho Epsilon

Zeta Gamma

Delta Delta Delta

Alpha Zeta Sigma

Mu Mu Phi Psi

Sigma Delta Alpha

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Gamma Chi Alpha

Delta Lambda Phi

Omega Phi Gamma

Alpha Sigma Alpha

Creative Sorority Club Names

If you can’t get your creative mind to start making ideas, then this is where you will find those ideas that you have been looking for. We have listed them down for you here in this division. You can also add your own creativity to these names. So, without any delay, let’s check them out:

Chi Heorot

Mu Omicron Pi

Omicron Mu Omicron

Mu Xi

Phi Kappa Tau

Zeta Alpha Xi

Eta Zeta

Delta Omega Epsilon

Mu Zeta Omicron

Delta Chi

Pi Omega Psi

Iota Phi Theta

Lambda Gamma

Pi Beta Phi

Iota Mu

Iota Xi Kappa

Phi Eta Mu

Gamma Upsilon Rho

Phi Sigma Nu

Sigma Phi Delta

Zeta Chi Rho

Eta Nu Eta Upsilon

Pan Sophic

Pi Lambda Phi

Lambda Omicron Nu

Unique Sorority Club Names

This is the division where we have sorted out all the uncommon names in the sorority club field. Not many people have thought of or tried to use these names. So these are unique in nature and can be used by you for your team well. Let’s check out some unique names for your club:

Kappa Delta Rho

Gamma Zeta

Alpha Gamma Rho

Psi Rho Lambda

Theta Nu Eta

Omega Upsilon

Psi Sigma Phi

Delta Zeta

Phi Lambda Chi

Upsilon Iota

Omega Psi Iota

Sigma Lambda Theta

Delta Psi Eta

Theta Nu Gamma

Upsilon Beta Nu

Iota Rho

Alpha Delta

Alpha Psi Rho

Tau Delta Phi


Alpha Delta Phi

Phi Epsilon Chi

Gamma Phi Beta

Mu Psi

Zeta Chi

Catchy Sorority Club Names

Here are the names that people will instantly notice and remember easily after that. These names make a significant mark in the watcher’s mind and are said to be remembered for a long time. Therefore, we have gone ahead and sorted out these names for you to try.

Mu Omicron

Triangle Fraternity

Phi Phi Theta

Zeta Tau Alpha

Epsilon Tau Pi

Rho Alpha Chi

Theta Chi

Zeta Omicron Pi

Kappa Gamma

Iota Epsilon

Tau Epsilon Phi

Pi Eta Sigma

Kappa Alpha Psi

Phi Kappa Psi

Lambda Lambda Iota

Kappa Alpha Theta

Iota Rho Lambda

Chi Alpha

Kappa Delta

Pi Sigma Gamma

Beta Alpha Beta Epsilon

Iota Nu Delta

Kappa Epsilon

Lambda Delta

Delta Gamma

Eta Delta Alpha Chi

Alpha Chi Alpha


Sigma Chi

Delta Psi 

Tau Phi Sigma

Lambda Iota Society

Mu Gamma Gamma

Kappa Alpha Society

Phi Kappa Pi

Lambda Rho

Pi Epsilon Omega

Omega Upsilon Chi

Lambda Chi Alpha

Chi Gamma Epsilon

Psi Xi Sigma

Alpha Xi Delta

Theta Xi

Chi Nu Epsilon

Gamma Omega

Xi Tau Eta

Lambda Phi Epsilon

Zeta Lambda

Zeta Phi Rho

Kappa Nu

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Formal Sorority Club Names

Just like we have mentioned the informal names previously, we also mention as many formal names as we could collect for your use. You can read them out and use them according to your preference. You are also free to alter the words if you want.

Upsilon Upsilon

Iota Psi

Mu Epsilon

Phi Beta Sigma

Psi Lambda Mu

Tau Beta

Lambda Xi Nu

Phi Sigma Alpha

Sigma Pi Omicron

Phi Sigma Phi

Epsilon Kappa

Alpha Lambda Mu

Pi Delta Chi

Iota Chi

Eta Beta Psi

Seal and Serpent

Kappa Kappa Kappa

Beta Sigma Psi

Delta Tau Delta

Phi Delta Psi

Xi Beta

Theta Omega Ta

Sigma Phi Society

Tota Alpha

Phi Gamma Delta

Cute Sorority Club Names

Security is based on the specific liking of many people who have come together. The subject of the topic can be anything, and on the basis of the subject, you can choose whether the name can be cute or not. We have listed down the cute names for your latest venture here:

Tau lota Delta

Beta Chi Theta

Alpha Gamma Omega

Omicron Theta

Rho Eta Theta

Sigma Nu

Phi Kappa Theta

Tau Nu Beta

Sigma Pi

Rbo Tau

Sigma Thêta Pi

Rbo Beta

Phi Zeta Pi

Beta Theta Pi

Tau Omicron Omega

Psi Delta Zeta

Beta Mu

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

Eta Gamma Psi Sigma

Mu Kappa Delta

Lambda Theta Phi

Mu Psi Sigma

Beta Zeta Zeta EEt

Eta Kappa Kappa X

Dartmouth College

Gamma Tau Beta

Beta Upsilon Chi

Sigma Kappa

Phi Tau Xi

Upsilon Tau Phi

Memorable Sorority Club Names

Last but not least, we know that you wish that people recognize and remember your sorority’s name. But if you want to keep it private, you would still want your sorority members to be able to remember it as quickly as possible. Therefore, here are the names that are easily recognizable and memorable.

Zeta Upsilon Pi Sigma

Sigma Eta

Farm House

Epsilon Eta

Nu Delta

Omega Xi Theta

Rbo Xi Beta Gamma

Alpha Delta Pi

Rho Sigma

Sorro Institute

Pi Psi Rho Lambda

Kappa Sigma

Psi Xi

Gamma Alpha

Psi Theta

Phi Mu‘Delta

Lambda Sigma Psi

Omega Phi Tau

Delta Rho Upsilon

Eta Chi Nu

Delta Omicron

Chi Omega

Omicron Eta Phi

Mu Alpha

Beta Epsilon Gamma

Phi Tota Alpha

Gamma Xi

Epsilon Lambda Kappa Omicron

Phi Rho Eta

Delta Theta Sigma

Chi Kappa

Alpha Epsilon Pi

Lambda Upsilon Lambda

Phi Sigma Gamma

Psi Upsilon

Eta Omicron

Phi Eta Kappa

Epsilon Delta

Kappa Xi

Epsilon Alpha Sigma Phi

Omega Zeta

Epsilon Pi Kappa

Omicron Tota

Zeta Nu Kappa Phi

Kappa Kappa Kappa

Psi Chi Beta

Alpha Chi Omega

Chi Phi

Lambda Gamma Nu

Alpha Omega Gamma Sigma

Omega Rho

Omega Psi Phi

Xi Delta

Gamma Zeta Alpha

Eta Lambda Tau

Alpha Epsilon Phi

Alpha Lambda Gamma Gamma

Tota Epsilon Eta Alpha

Nu Xi Kappa

Delta Epsilon Psi

Kappa Delta Phi

Sigma Tau Gamma

Delta Psi (St. Anthony Hall)

Theta Chi Gamma

Kappa Nation

Alpha Kappa Lambda

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