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36+ Best Sorry Messages for the Colleagues

We all have messed up at our workplaces at some point in our life and why not because amidst those challenging tasks, it gets tough to cool our heads. If you care enough about your work, you are allowed to make mistakes in the workplace but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apologize for your goof ups. Speaking of apologies, it can get a bit awkward as you are going to mend personal feelings in a professional setting.

However, apologies are always appreciated as long as it comes from your heart. So here is a list of Sorry or Apology messages that you can use to send to your coworkers if there is an error on your part-

Here are Best Sorry Messages for the Colleagues

  • If you think I was perfect and can’t make mistakes then I am sorry to burst your bubble because I made the mistake of not recommending you for senior sales executive position. Please accept my apology.
  • Well life gave me many opportunities to right my wrongs but I have left them mid way as well. So I can’t do the same with you because I can’t afford to lose my friend. I am sorry, pal.
  • Don’t think that me apologizing to you is a selfless gesture because I am doing that to get rid of the guilt I have caused myself by lying to you. Please forgive and spare me from mental exhaustion.
  • The best way to make an apology to a colleague is to look them in the eye and bare your heart. But as an introvert, I am going to say sorry via this note. I hope you can forgive me.
  • I have been working at the corporate sector for years now and I haven’t made a friend like you. So it pains me to realize that I have hurt you in some way. I am really sorry about that mate.
  • Well, I just won the idiot of the year award which by the way I gave it to myself for having to miss your exquisite housewarming party. I am sorry and I swear I would never forget your invitations.
  • Dear my guardian angel at the office, I am sorry that I have been preoccupied with my wedding preparations. I really miss our lunch break gossips. Please accept my apology gal pal.

_The day was Wednesday and I was extremely nervous regarding my first sales pitch. Later I realized that I can be rude to people when I am nervous. So please forgive me if you can.

_Honestly I thought I was a saint for not making any mistakes in the workplace but the Monday blues has caused me to be that repelling person to you. Monday and I apologize for that.

_Nobody is perfect and hence we make mistakes like forgetting to go out on a Saturday night with my colleague slash best friend. I apologize for being an idiot.

_I hope you know that whatever I did, I did it to get us this deal. I am really sorry that I got us an almost impossible task ahead. I swear from now on I’ll never talk to the client alone.

_I had a tough week and I am really sorry for my lackadaisical approach towards a project that you have been working on very hard for months. Please accept my apology and I promise I’d be better.

_I admit that sometimes I do have the tendency to take things for granted but I’d never thought that you’d be at the receiving end. I can only ask you to forgive me for that buddy.

_You know I read somewhere that fights in friendships can only make the bond stronger so let me take full responsibility of our future fights because I am the one who makes the mistakes first. Sorry.

_Life has its own way to make us realize our wrongs and this time it was my son who made me see my fault here. I am grateful to have someone like you in my life so please forgive me buddy.

_You are almost a saint like person in my life and I know that you will eventually ignore my negligence towards other people’s feelings. But I can’t let it go this time without you accepting my apology.

_Believe me it’s not in my nature to be ignorant towards my peers, friends and colleagues. It’s just that I have been busy with a new project of my own. I hope you can understand and forgive me.

_You are an extremely hard working co worker and I am really sorry to question your methods during the meeting. I am sure you will come up with exciting new ways to harness us this deal.

_It might come as a surprise to you that I am really passionate about cooking so whenever I take part in a cuisine conversation, I tend to go overboard. I am sorry if I have offended you with my words.

_I hate to be the bearer of bad news but our boss has decided to delay our new advertising app idea. Sorry buddy, I knew how hard you have been working on it.

_After what I did I can’t face you so please forgive me for missing the deadline of project (name) once again. It’s just that I have caught with my graduation studies. Sorry for letting you down.

_Please accept my deepest apologies from the bottom of my heart as I have exceeded my stupidity of missing your son’s baptism ceremony. I am sure it was a lovely religious affair.

_Dear (Name), I know you are new to the office norms and it was very unethical of me to call on your mistakes amidst the presence of everyone. Please forgive me for my gigantic screw up.

_Do you know I have taken up a lot of humility from you so let me be the bigger person for a change and apologize to you for coming late to the meeting headed by you. 

_This time I swear I didn’t just forget to come to your anniversary party. Actually, I had already booked a flight ticket on the same day to meet my parents. Sorry, brother.

_I am really sorry that I have missed your rehearsal dinner. I was so fortunate to be included amongst your family. I hope you can forgive me and my upset stomach.

_Dear (Name), I tend to go overboard when I celebrate. So I apologize to you for forcing you to dance with us even though you looked uncomfortable while doing the moon walk.

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