38+ Best Sorry messages to Manager

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Sorry is a way to apologize to someone for any type of mistake done by a person. Something wrong that you have done and as you are upset for your deed, due to the difficulties that you have created. Sorry is the only way to apologize for your mistake. People also feel sorry for any particular situation, for any regret, sadness and due to disappointment for something. When a person is working in an organization there can be certain mistakes that the person does accidentally. In this case, the only way to apologize to the manager is by saying sorry.

Here is given a collection messages which a person can say to say sorry to their managers of the organization.

“Respected manager, I say sorry, for all the mistakes done by me in the recent project. Later after the submission of the project I have realized my mistakes.

“I realized that they all happened due to my insincerity and lack of care. I assure you that this type of mistakes will never be repeated. I am extremely sorry”.

“Sir, I can understand that the reports created by me caused a serious problem in the organization. I highly want to say sorry for being lenient. Sorry manager”.

“I am sorry, manager, from the bottom of my heart for disrespecting you on the previous day. I understood how much rude I have been to you. Please forgive me”.

“Respected manager, I am really sorry for behaving so rudely with my junior on the last day. I understood my mistake and I assure that this type of mistake will not be repeated any further”.

“I highly apologize for presenting the lenient report of the last project. I am sorry, manager and I assure you that I will prove myself from the next time”.

“I know, manager, that you have lost all your trust from me due to the last project. I just want to say sorry and I assure that if I get another chance I will surely prove myself”.

“I highly apologize for misusing the company data outside. It is a very big mistake that I have done. I will accept all the consequences of this mistake. But I am sorry, manager”.

“Please accept my apology for making delay in submitting the project. I am sorry for the delay manager. If possible please give me some time, I will submit as soon as possible”.

“I understood that my actions have hurt you a lot. I am saying sorry manager for the mistakes. If possible please forgive me”.

“Nothing but due to lack of knowledge I caused the problem in the organization. But now I am trying to gain more knowledge to work more efficiently. I am saying sorry manager”.

“I know the manager that you have a bigger heart to forgive my mistake. Kindly accept my apology. I am really sorry”.

“Respected manager, I am saying sorry for all the loss caused due to the wrongdoing. I wish you will forgive me and I will get a chance to change myself”.

“I am sorry, manager for having too much of vacations. Trust me I have solid reasons behind this, there is some personal stuff that forced me to take this vacation”.

“I am sorry because I failed to speak well during the presentation in front of the bunch of people. I tried my best but I failed. Please forgive me, manager, I assure you that next time I will rectify my mistake”.

“I know that this particular business tour has high importance, but trust me my health condition will not permit me to travel right now. I am a sorry manager”.

“As I am facing too many issues in my health I will be taking leave for the next few days. I am sorry as I failed to submit my pending projects. Please forgive me, manager”.

“Respected manager, I made a huge mistake that you were already informed. I know you are the only person in this organization who can forgive me. I am really sorry if possible please forgive me”.

“Dear manager, along with this great organization, you also have a great heart as well. I know you will forgive me, still, I want to say sorry manager”.

“I have learned a lot from the mistakes that I have done. I wish this will help me to perform better in my future work. I am sorry, manager for this mistake”.

“I know manager my mistakes have brought a lot of trouble to you. I am truly sorry for that. If possible please forgive me”.

“I know I failed to fulfil your expectations and I disappointed you. I am so sorry manager. If possible please forgive me”.

“I just want one more chance to prove myself. I am sorry for my last mistake. Please, manager, give me another chance”.

“Respected manager, I know you have bored the loss just because of me. I am really sorry for this mistake. I wish I will be given another chance to do the task in a better way”.

“Being a fresher I should have been more careful while working with the project. The mistake happened just because of me. I am saying sorry to the manager, I would expect forgiveness”.

“The reason for being repeatedly late is just because of the immense traffic in my locality. From the next day, I will get out from home earlier so that I do not get late. I am sorry, manager”.

“I am extremely sorry, manager, as I disobeyed you, last day. Please forgive me, from the next time this will not be repeated”. 

“It was not my intention to make to project bad. I am sorry. Please forgive me, manager”.

“I am sorry for betraying your trust manager. Please forgive me. This will not be repeated”.

“I know I made it wrong, all I want is another chance so that I can make it right. I am extremely sorry, manager. If it is possible”.

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