List Of Soul Eater Character Names With Generator

Welcome to “Soul Eater,” a dark fantasy anime and manga series that dives deep into the human soul. Young students attend the Death Weapon Meister Academy in this universe, where they use live weapons to hunt down wicked souls and witches.

Characters who are unique and unforgettable are among the many intriguing qualities that make this series a favorite.

Each character, from Maka Albarn and Soul Eater himself to Death the Kid and the enigmatic Stein, has a distinct personality and purpose.

With Our Soul Eater Character Names Generator, you can explore their names and more, and embark on a trip packed with suspense, action, and soul-devouring adventure.

Soul Eater Character Names With Meanings

Character NameMeaning
Maka AlbarnMaka is a Hawaiian name meaning “earth,” while Albarn might reference “albino” or “white.”
Soul EaterHis name reflects his role as a weapon that consumes souls.
Death the KidKid, short for “kiddo,” reflects his youthful appearance, while “Death” signifies his lineage.
Dr. Franken Stein“Stein” may relate to the German word for “stone,” and “Franken” references the famous scientist Frankenstein.
Black☆StarHis name symbolizes his ambition to become a star in the world of assassins.
Tsubaki NakatsukasaTsubaki means “camellia flower,” and Nakatsukasa translates to “middle of the month,” possibly indicating her balanced nature.
Medusa GorgonMedusa is a Greek mythological figure, known for her snake hair and petrifying gaze. Gorgon refers to her monstrous nature.
CronaThe name’s origin is unclear, emphasizing the character’s mysterious and troubled past.
ExcaliburNamed after the legendary sword in Arthurian legend, emphasizing its power.
BlairA play on “black cat,” which reflects her feline appearance and nature.

Soul Eater Character Names

Shaula Gorgon

Spirit Albarn

Fire and Thunder

Excalibur (A weapon)

Angela Leon

Justin Law


Kim Diehl

Death (Shinigami)

Ox Ford

Death the Kid

Liz Thompson

Asura’s Clown Army

Maka Albarn



Jacqueline O’Lantern Dupré

Soul Eater Evans

Kishin Egg

Harvar D. Éclair


Sid Barrett

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

Joe Buttataki

Angela’s Mother (Arachne)

Medusa Gorgon


Eruka Frog



Kilik Rung

Marie Mjolnir



Patty Thompson

Azusa Yumi

Tsar Pushka

Dr. Franken Stein

Soul Eater Character Name Generator

Soul Eater Character Name Generator

Explore our Soul Eater Character Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!


In the world of “Soul Eater,” character names have a deeper meaning, often foreshadowing their personalities or destinies.

From the determined Maka to the enigmatic Excalibur, these names are more than just labels; they are keys that unlock the mysteries of this enthralling series, adding complexity to its rich tale.

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