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Space Colony Names: 700+ Catchy and Cool Names

Space colony names are tough to find and are time-consuming for most people. On the other hand, name creation is beneficial for a child as it makes them more creative, imaginative, and so much more.

Space colony names can be used in various places, such as stories, fictional characters, gaming, social media, etc. It is also used to make stories more attractive and catchy.

 If you are struggling with the space colony names, you can take help from the list given below. Take a moment and have a look at the below-mentioned list.

Best Space Colony Names

Many people want the best names for a space colony. If you are looking for the best options for space colony names, you are at the right place. Look at the names and choose from the below list of your desired space colony names. Let’s check them out:

Novis Colony

Felicity Colony


Alpha Station

Warden House

Reverie Colony


Aether Base

Hymn Colony


Paradox Station

Lucent Station

Iris Colony

Sancus Colony

Utopis Station

Gaia Colony

Dogma Colony

Horus Colony

Crescent Terminal

Vanquish Colony


Legacy Colony

Apollo Colony

Nemesis Colony

Fable Colony

Borealis Base

Zeus Colony

Glory Colony

Shangris Colony

Luna Colony

Terran Colony

Dune Colony

Marvel Station

Ignis Station



The Laurels


The Orchard



The Hollie

The Buck

Aegis Station

Terra Terminal

Symbolica Base

Data Station

Vintage Colony

The Daffodils

Eir Colony

Dune Terminal

Pedigree Station


The Roadside

Chrono Station

The Rebus Terminal

Mother Colony

Exposure Station

Hem Colony

Asphodel Terminal

Mememo Colony

The Otherside

Magni Terminal


Syn Colony


Kannal Terminal

Trivia Station

The Blue Moon

Daydream Station

Aurora Colony

Eos Station

Spire Colony

Dawn Terminal


Marvel Terminal



Empire Base


Radial Colony

Asper Terminal

Hym Terminal


Babylon Station

Fabel Station


Astraeus Terminal

Solas Station

Elyse Colony

Selene Station

Vanguard Station

Epophany Terminal

Orbital Colony

Base Dogma

Marvel Terminal

Leo Station

Infinity Side

Nalanda Colony

Spaceship Terminal

Terminal Zone

Chordete Terminal

Lime Station

Meme Colony

Marvel Colony


Apollo Station

Heritage Terminal

Euphoria Colony

Vipro Terminal

Collabar Station

Buck Wild

Pink Colony

Tulle Terminal


Hellwolard Colony116.

Magical Station

Splash Of Magic

Delish Colony

Iressistible Terminal

Dreamy Colony

Savoury Terminal

Clunky Station

The Canning



The Intermediate

Viscous Colony

Exotic Side

Frozen Terminal


Bright Side

Neo Station

Vellino Colony

Rebus Terminal

Marvel Dune

Exotico Bright

Capetown Tuelle

Epophany Solas

Scarlet Station

Aggis Hemira

Beacon Bright

Leo Station

Lennox Colony

.Marvel Galaxy

Shangris Terran

Hazel Colony

Fallen Terminal

Mero Station

Lush Colony

Cool Space Colony Names        

Some people like cool things and cool names. If you are one of them who want some cool space colony names, you can refer to the following list. You will find some amazing cool space colony names here. Let’s check them out:

Zura Terminal

Juno Colony

Juviel Terminal

Hera Base

Gem Station

Alliance Colony

Phantasm Base

Isual Base

Felicity Incseption

Eptiome Marvel

Galmour Station

Hexabase Colony



Hanarrow Station

Villie Colony

Fabel Neo 

Vanquish Colony

Lunis Terminal

Vellino Base

Odyesse Colony

Valhalla Colony

Trivia Terminal

Rugger Base

The Exposure


Fortuna Base

Escort Terminal

Mythos Yggdrasil

Vasco Dema Station

Legnis Veiw

Happer Terminal

Atlas House

The Orchard Wayside

Colonial Station

Beneath Terminal

Hepa Colony

Redox Terminal

Visualize Base

Neopenta Base

Galaxy Zone

Ellusion Base

Exortic Colony 

Fallacies Terminal

Harrapa Colony

Delish Alliance

Rugger Hexabase

Juno Galaxy

Paradox Colony

Ecstasis Base

Prophecy Terminal

Nero Legnis

Baldur Colony

Symbolica Babylon

Zion Colony

Asphodel Odyesse

Vellino Exortic


Erebus Station


Liberty Colony

Shu Base

Nott Terminal

Vestige Terminal

Muse Base


Valhalla Base

Incseption Station

Curiosity Colony

Vestaco Terminal

Exposure Zion

Janus Rugge

Omega Colony

Baldur Station

Glory Vellino


Frontier Base

Angel Station

Saga Base

Borealis Colony

Rune Rugge

Vexial Nimbus

Nemado Terminal

Prophecy Terminal

Novis Station

Terran Frontier


Burrow Station

Atlas Colonial Base

Ruford Colocolo

Pink Colony

Almonzy Base

Canning Vellino 

Casanova Terminal 

Satin Swirls 

Megastar Base

Rugge Cruator

Relic Symbolica

Eptiome Delish

Zura Terminal

Moscow Base

Village Terminal

Divine Colony

Trivia Satin

Nox Base




Spire Colony

Titan Station

Nebula Colony

Incseption Borealis

Liberty Colony

Vanguard Terminal

Prodigy Colony

Olympus Station

Hermes Terminal



Arch Terminal

Lore Colony

Halo Colony

Gauridan Space

Dawn   Space



Demeter Colony


Azura Terminal

Proto Colony

Genesis Station

Virtue Terminal

Burrow Colony

Marvel Phantom

Vesta Station

Ancestors Colony

Sol Colony


Spectrum Base

Catchy Space Colony Names 

You must know many cool and neat names for a space colony, but if you are someone who wants some eye-catching names, then you are at the right place. You can choose from the below-mentioned list for some catchy and unique space colony names.

Astraeus Colony

Dune Colony

Phoenix Colony

Nemesis Colony

Revelation Base

Mythos Colony

Minerva Colony

Legnis Colony

Novis Colony



Phanthom Station

Ignis Colony

Paragon Colony

Demeter Station


Aeon Colony

Kterran Frontier

Sancus Utopis

Hemera Minerva

Jiggle Base

Furo Base

Wayside Colony

Hemera Galaxy

Janus Cruator

Proto Burrow

Radiance Buccova

Cruno Base

Hamster Terran

Babylon Empyrea


Neo Colony

Vesta Colony

Phenomenon Base

Pedigree Colony

Paradox Station

Rogue Station

Hemera Colony

Specter Base

Magni Colony

Oracle Colony

Arch Base


Fabel Calcus

Happer Vanquish 92.

Hanarrow Station

Kannal Sancus

Iscus Terminal

Symbolica Novis

Atlas Vanguard

Terra Frontier

Vancouver Terminal

Julian Colony

Zeus Colony

Isual Base

Helios Vellino

Renard Proto

Lunis Colony

Pilgrim Marvel

Xperia Terminal

Tranquil Base

Exotico Calcus

Prometheus Vague

Pioneer Renard Colony

Quarter Terran

Anomaly Base

Hem Colony

Galaxy Relic

Odyesse Tranquil

Laurels Arcadis

Calcus Colony

Dawn Terminal

Gauridan Vanquish

Marvel Leuk

Relic Atmos

Vellino Themis

Arcadis Sancus

Kannal Terminal

Astraeus Pilgrim

Euno Base

Fabel Calcus

Alexa Arcadis

Illie Flore

Incseption Aeon

Orbital Visage

Arcade Hemera

Hexabase Coquien

Marvel Utopis

Lamba Terran

Zelix Base

Garam Colony

Frontier Relic

Erebus Terminal

Felicity Terminal

Empire Terminal

Euphoria Tranquil

Muse Vellino

Proto Station

Hemera Terminal

Night Broke

Arcadis Terminal

Themis Colony

Atmos Station

Renard Station

Leuk Terminal

Prism Armitage

Erebus Colony

Mars Space Colony Names

If you are searching for some mars space colony names, you can refer to the following list and choose your desired mars space colony names. We understand that this is a tough job to complete, but we are here for your rescue. Let’s check out the names:

Aeternitas Colony

Tartarus Station

Angel Station

Janus Station


Apollo Terminal

Elysium Colony

Magni Station

Parable Colony

Nero Terminal

Lunis Station

Helios Colony

Prism Master’s Colony

Solas Station

Aeon House

Aeon Station

Epitome Terminal

Selene Base

Ark Station

Prodigy Station

Nero Station

Prism Colony

Nemo Station

Aurora Station


Phoenix Station

Spectrum Base


Phenomenon Terminal

Eternis Station

Phoenix Base

Settler Station



Beacon Terminal

Themis Station

Radiance Station

Oracle Station

Aeon Terminal

Erebus Base

Beacon Colony

Genesis Base

Specter Station

Apollo Terminal

Pilgrim Terminal

Ender Terminal

Genius Terminal

Janus Terminal


Ecstasis Terminal

Juno Station

Shangris Station

Aurora Terminal

Aura Base

Mammoth Colony

Enigma Terminal

Atmos Station

Azura Station

Curator Station

Awe Station

Aeris Base

Spectacle Colony

Erebus Terminal

Janus Colony

Astraeus Base

Utopis Station

Yggdrasil Colony

Heritage Station

Terraria Station

Torus Station

Selene Terminal

Titanus Base


Nebula Colony

Halo Base

Pioneer Station

Azure Colony

Lucent Station

Phantasm Station

Eternis Station

Janus Station

Titan Station

Mother Station

Outlander Terminal

Human Space Colony Names

Here are some of the most realistic-sounding human space colony names you can choose your name from. This is the list that has been prepared for you. Have a look and choose the best name that will go with your space colony.

Nebula Galaxy

Eryzo Base

Vintage Sancus

Amazone Station

Sancus Colony


Rune Terminal

Base Visage

Station Provenance

Station Mammouth

Colonie Aeon

Terminal Nyx

Station Orbite

Station Armitage

Base Fauna

Exortic Rune

Curiosity Vesta

Hellwolard Visage 23.



Termina Astraeus

Vellino Aeon

Orbite Funa

Glory Terminal

Vintage Sancus

Athena Vanquish


Prism Colony

Horus Terminal


Orbital Base

Athena Station



Yana Colonie

Janus Cruator

Quarter Terran

Hamster Colony

Phoenix Station

Fabel Calcus

Urban Base

Leuco Babylon

Lynna Colony

Frontier Rebus

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