Learn How Speaking Slower Could Improve Your Sales

The final goal is to speak at a conversational rate and communicate your intentions to the audience in such a way that they can grasp it. That will surely have a positive impact on your sales performance and leave a good impression on your client.Here are some best Advantage of speaking slower.

In the world of business, the persons who are directly involved with sales are the salespersons. And their greatest weapon in sales is their ability to communicate with their clients. The success of sales depends on how a salesperson can persuade their client. However many people fail to realize the importance of this activity and do not attempt to improve their communication skills.

A salesperson should speak in such a manner that is neither too fast or slow. Unfortunately speaking fast in one of the most common speech problems. This happens because most of us have a habit of increasing our speed of speech when we are tensed or excited.and this is a common occurrence for most of us. However, there are some people who tend to speak fast out of habit or nature.

The number of people who speaks slowly is quite low but accept it or not, there are some people who can speak naturally regardless of what situation they are in. They not only speak at normal speed but leave gaps in words and draws out syllables to the extremes.

Talking at an appropriate speed

What you need to keep in mind is that you need to speak at a pace that allows your audience to comprehend what you are trying to say to them. Listening is not just an act but also a process. At first, a person has to hear what is said to him/her and then translate that in a meaningful way. Speaking too fast will not help this cause. Because the client may hear what you say but they may not be able to understand it. Your speech rate and style also give out a different vibe from the others. Speaking at a fast speed or low speed it will only restrain your communication with the client.

When You Should change your pace in speech:

  • Fast: indicates passion, urgency, excitement, and emotion.
  • Slow: indicates the level of importance, sadness, confusion, the seriousness of a point or the introduction of new ideas (use to help the client grasp the information you are providing)

Fast speakers always overwhelm their audience with their speed. therefore most of the audience can’t understand what the speaker is saying and simply don’t bother trying anymore. You may be able to connect with them for a while but most of the information will be lost as the audience never understood it in the first place. speaking slowly has it’s cons as well. The audience may get irritated with how slow you speak or simply divert their attention to their surroundings.

If people often ask you to repeat what you said or gives you glazed looks, then you’re either speaking too fast or too slow.

Relaxing your speech pace

If you speak too fast then this is for you. You can reduce your speech rate by focusing on the words you are saying. When we focus on each word  we are saying, we stop ourselves from mumbling and eliding syllables when we speak

Another method to slowing your speech is to direct our attention on phrasing. Oral speech is no different than written speech as they are composed of sentences and phrases. Truth be told, the punctuations in a written speech is simply a set of indicators that tell how the information should be presented. However, people who speak too fast simply don’t bother with how the information is being presented.therefore focusing on presenting the information can aid in slowing down fast speakers.

Practice make a man perfect

No matter how bad you want to be perfect. There is no alternative to hard work. If you want to speak at a normal pace instead of fast pace or low pace. All you have to do is practice. speaking fast or low is not a disease, it’s simply out of habit. And with enough effort, a habit can also be changed. any person can practice by reading phrases out loud. And use punctuation to guide their phrasing. such as A semicolon requires to pause two times longer than a comma. Another way to practice is to use a metronome.

There are some free metronome apps available for both IOS and Android. These apps can help track of time as one rehearse. Saving time in the process and having the accurate information is possible through using them. These two mobile apps will guide you in this regard:

Metronome Beats

Android | ios

This app is easy to use controls for maintaining the tempo at a low increasing rate. It has a visual beat indicator to help you keep the record and convenient to mute the metronome while monitoring the tempo visually

Pro Metronome

Android | ios

This app was mainly developed for all kinds of stage performers to improve their tempo. But it has a surprising impact on people who are struggling with their speech speed. This app has multiple features. As the tempo screen changes color also has vibrations and sounds features. They also provide feedback on your speed that can further improve your performance.   

Speech rate guidelines

As we know, speech rate is simply the pace as we speak. It’s computed in the number of words spoken in a minute (WPM)

  • Slow: less than 100 wpm
  • Conversational: between 110 wpm and 140 wpm.
  • Fast: more than 150 wpm
  • Radio hosts and podcasters speak at 160–170 wpm.
  • Auctioneers and commentators speak between 200 to 400 wpm.

Advantages of improving your speech rate

When you speak at a normal speech rate your audience will :

  1. Be more attentive in what you say
  2. Be more likely to understand the information you are providing
  3. Have a positive impact in their mind regarding you  

Speaking is skill but win the heart of listener is nothing an art. There are many proven techniques which helps you to be a best speaker in your company. Here we Came up with Very useful Infographic which gives you steps to give a Powerful Public Speech. Read Below

steps for powerful speaking infographic

Wrapping it all

The final goal is to speak at a conversational rate and communicate your intentions to the audience in such a way that they can grasp it. That will surely have a positive impact on your sales performance and leave a good impression on your client.which may lead to more clients due to referrals by the previous clients.

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