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11 Steps to Start Ethnic Wear Business Perfectly

Embroidered, custom apparel and accessories is a huge business that is easy to start with an embroidery machine and basic business skills. It can be a little tricky to choose equipment and find the right customers to target, it is possible to start small in your spare time and build a full-time embroidery business.

Embroidery constitutes one segment of the multibillion-dollar apparel decorating industry and it can be started from a spare room in your home if needed.

You need to have extensive knowledge about embroidery before starting an embroidered Ethnic Wear business.

It is simply the application of graphic designs to wearable goods and fabrics using a special sewing machine with multiple bobbins and needles for each thread color.

Start Ethnic Wear Business

Build Your Business Plan

If you are testing your designs on a small scale, you might not need a full-fledged business plan to get started. It is sensible to have a rough plan in the background in case your idea takes off and you want to expand your business pretty quickly.

It is not easy to predict the fashion industry; your plans need to be flexible and you need to be up for the challenge. A well-formulated business plan is required to secure funding or other support and to start off by nailing the basics.

You will need to give an overview of your business in the plan, including an executive summary and a clear routine of how your clothing line is going to start, grow and prepare to scale. Your plan should also outline who is involved in your business and what they do.

Plan your branding, sales, and marketing as well as operations. Finish off with a solid section clearly outlining your business’ current financial position, priorities for growth and how funding and investment will help things to fly.

Create your Designs  

For any clothing business, one of the most exciting stages in product development. Even if you are having a design concept for only one product in the initial phase, start getting it on paper or screen, as a sketch. Once you are ready, turn your rough ideas into nailed down digital sketches.

In handprinted and embroidered Wear business, you are likely to be creative. You need to develop unique, attractive designs that will help you to stand out in the market.

This will also stand you in good stead for developing a brand for your startup clothing company.

Define Your Target Market

The customers whom you sell your products will determine the type of clothing and accessories you produce, which will help you to choose equipment and supplies and also help you to focus on your advertising and marketing activities.

Your target customers can include businessmen who sell all types and varieties of Ethnic Wear Business and to all kinds of women-housewives, society ladies, senior executive ladies etc.

The target group can be extremely large, and it is possible that you may not be able to fulfill the demands of one and all. So, the best option is to limit your target customers when you start.

Just try to fulfill the demands of one or two kinds of customers. You can easily get references and recommendations from this group.

Choose an Embroidery Machine

Most embroidery machines connect to a computer and include software to produce digital designs. You should look for a machine that offers a warranty, training, and support because mastering the software can be difficult.

Choose a machine that will fit your production goals and the type of material you plan to work on and software that will produce the results you need.

You can start small with a home embroidery machine or embroidering by hand and invest in purchasing a larger machine once your orders grow.

Location to Work and Sell Items

You can start at home, but you will need a clean space that is large enough to hold your computer, embroidery machine and supplies. You will also need some office space for files and administrative tasks.

You can also sell your items in online e-commerce markets, this will help you in reaching out to a larger crowd. Also, sell your items to local retail stores who sell embroidered Ethnic Wear Business


Market your products strategically to make your business successful. A marketing plan is a document that gives a clear vision of what you want to achieve in your business. A well detailed promotional strategy can determine the success and failure of your business.   The quickest way to get started is with word of mouth advertising.

You must let your friends and business associates know that you are starting a hand printing and embroidery business, spread the word around your locality to create awareness and excitement among potential customers before it is launched.

Marketing techniques can include building an attractive website, business networking, and partnership, referrals, leveraging social media platforms and traditional advertising strategies, using marketing materials and satisfied customers’ testimonies.

Use popular social media platforms to promote your business. Promote your products with daily deals like discounts, special launching prices, cash back etc.

Create a Store on Website or Social Media

Create a website dedicated to your business with the help of a professional. The website should contain all information related to your business and contact information.

It is a part of your promotion strategy as it helps you to interact with a large number of customers who stay far away from your locality.

Post quality images of the Ethnic Wear in the site so that the customers can view them properly before buying. The website will also provide you with valuable feedback and reviews. It will also help you to manage the business from home easily.

To sum it up,

these are some of the steps you need to follow before starting a hand-printed and embroidered Ethnic Wear Business. These two products are in demand throughout the year. Keep your prices in a medium-range, don’t keep it too low to avoid losses.

Your business will also generate income for men and women who are skilled in embroidery. Research the market to find out the designs and Ethnic wear which are popular and the wholesalers from whom you can buy the raw materials at a cheap rate.

Be patient and build your business skillfully, never compromise with the quality of your products.

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