7 Steps to Start a Jam Selling Business Perfectly

A jam business makes different flavors of jams and jellies that are packed into jars for distribution.

Jam-making businesses can sell their jams directly to customers or sell them to retailers. You have to make different flavors of jams and jellies to attract customers.

Most importantly, the market for jams, jellies, and preserves is strong, growing, and provides many opportunities for new start-ups. People put jam spreads on toasts, they are also used in cookies and cakes and incorporated into many other foods.

Steps To Start A Jam Selling Business Perfectly

Experience and Skills Required

This business is ideal for those who like canning and jarring because jams and jellies are frequently packed in jars and small jam businesses pack jams in jars by hand.

It is necessary to know the techniques of safely packing jams, jellies, and other preserves when you are starting a jam business from home, you can learn them in many online companies, local canneries who are offering courses on canning and preserving foods.

It is also helpful to have good people skills, you should be able to connect with people. This will help you in developing relationships with individual customers and wholesale purchasers.


You should conduct market research to learn the demand in your area for jams and jellies.

Find out the level of competition you will have to face as a newcomer in the market. Identify the gaps in the market that you can exploit and consider what sets your products apart from your competitors.

For example, you can sell a new flavor of the jam in the market that was not available until then.

Also, research the way other jam businesses in your area fix the pricing of their products.

You will also come to know which type of products are popular among the customers in your area and know the wholesalers from whom you can buy the essential supplies in bulk at a cheap rate.

Target Market

Your ideal customer will be a local business like a restaurant that uses jam or jelly regularly. These restaurants like to serve locally made jams with breakfast to their customers.

You can also sell your jams to a small bakery that requires jams for making baked products. These businesses will place regular orders, and this will provide you with a stable income.  

When you are selling retail, jams can be sold individually or in a variety of packages like three jams together.

When you are selling wholesale, like for use by a bakery you should sell your products in larger jars.

Register Business

Don’t forget to register your business, obtain licenses, follow all health codes, check all the food production laws and post nutritional information on your product labels.

Remember that you have to consistently develop unique flavors to attract customers, as long as you do that you will stay ahead of your business rivals.

Daily Activities in a Jam Business

You have a lot of different tasks to perform every day if you are starting a jam business.

In order to be efficient, most of jam business owners perform different tasks in different days.

A business owner has to sell jams and jellies in the market, make jams, deliver them and also marketize and promote the products.

Apart from all these, you will also have to perform administrative and management tasks.

Costs of Opening a Jam Business   

The costs associated with starting a jam business are quite low since the business can be started and operated from a residential kitchen. You can categorize the expenses into equipment costs and supply costs.

If you are having a tight budget, then you should open the business using equipment that is already in your kitchen.

You can reduce your initial supply costs by purchasing jars, pectin through wholesale suppliers, they will charge less than retailers.

For fruits, go to you-pick-up farms when the fruits are in season, this will reduce your fruit costs a lot.

Fruits constitute a large portion of your supply costs. Other supplies you need are juice extractor, fruit slicer, mixer/grinder, pulper, jars, pectin, sugar, and additives.

Don’t compromise on the quality of ingredients in the process of buying them cheap, poor quality of ingredients will affect the quality of the end products.


You have to marketize and promote your products as a business owner, formulate marketing strategies in your business plan.

The most effective way of promoting and marketing a jam business is through samples.

People free samples, there are customers who won’t purchase a jam, jelly or preserve without knowing what they taste like. You can display your free samples at a farmer’s market or grocery store.

Word of the mouth technique will also contribute towards marketing your business. Promote your business through advertisements in newspapers, banners in your locality.

Also spend money to build a website and increase your web presence, create a page dedicated to your jam business on popular social media websites.

This will help you in reaching out to customers who stay far away from your locality and also receive valuable feedback from them.

Build a Team

Mostly jam businesses are started and maintained by one or two persons, there are some who never hire employees.

However, once you expand your business and start receiving orders in bulk you will have to hire employees to make sure that your business functions smoothly and also to increase production.

When you are expanding the business, you should have enough revenue to support an employee’s salary. Hire experienced and trained employees to work for your business.

Hence, you can set up a jam selling business quite easily if you follow the above-mentioned steps.

Expand to New Flavours

The business has a lot of potentials to grow and expand if you are able to manage it properly with care. Start slowly, sell products of limited flavors and try to know which flavors are in demand.

Once you get popular among the customers, start expanding the business. Jams and jellies are a staple diet in the breakfasts of many families and you will face a demand for your products all throughout the year, especially from the retail stores.

Plan your business effectively and choose an attractive name for it.

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