How to Start Jewellery selling Business from Home

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How to Start Jewellery selling Business from Home

Are you someone who loves accessorizing jewellery? Do you consider fashion to be your forte? Do you have the talent of creating unique jewellery on your own? If you answer any of the questions with a “yes” then it is high time that you plan of starting your home based jewellery selling business and earn some extra cash. The market is rife for such accessory jewellery and people are buying these regularly as the trend and fashion keep evolving on a daily basis in the industry. You can bring your talent to the market and be a successful entrepreneur.

Some of top home business ideas for jewellery selling are mentioned below-

Create and sell from home

If you are a creative person and good with designs, then this comes as the right option for you. You can create unique set of jewellery in your home and sell them from home itself. You can open a shop right in your home and sell all the self designed and assembled jewellery through it. Such a shop won’t take much space and having it in the home will save the money that you had to spend on paying the rent for store space. You will only need to redecorate the space and pay the electric bill for the shop. If you have unique collection then rest assured that sales will happen and the business can go viral in the area as well.


As you know the art of making the jewelleries, you can record videos of the entire work of making jewellery and upload the same as a tutorial video on your YouTube channel. YouTube is a great way for earning and the income is quite stable from it. There are many people who are making huge money from YouTube and that too right from the comfort of their homes! You can make such tutorial videos as they are quite in demand amongst a specific group of people in the community.

Once you register a certain number of views in the videos, you will be paid by YouTube. You will also get advertisements on the videos and sponsorships too at a later stage. These sources will add significantly to the money you can make from the display of your skills on YouTube. Also, you can put up the particular jewellery for sale in the same video and provide the contact details where people can palce the order after they see the video.

Become a direct sales partner

It is not essential for you to be able to make jewelleries in order to start jewellery selling business from home. Connect with any jewellery making company that need partner to sell off their stock. You can build an impressive inventory with the help of the huge collection that these jewellery companies have. Some of the leading businesses that come to our mind are- Stella & Dot, Paparazzi and Origami Owl.

There are many others in the market too which can help you create an inventory and design various looks with the help of the most suitable accessory jewellery. The profit margin for such business from home is quite high because the investment you make will double up from the sales that you incur. If you are good at sales and can communicate with people in a flawless manner then this is the right business set up for you.

While these are some of the home business ideas, we will also provide you with certain tips that will help the jewellery selling business to gain momentum at a faster pace-

Select a niche

You need to select a particular niche which will be served by the business. It will enable you to focus on the needs of a target audience. It is recommended to start a business small and later spread the wings once it gets established. Some of the niches in the domain are mentioned below-

  • Customised jewellery
  • Trending fashion
  • Paper jewellery
  • Gold plated ornaments
  • Jewellery made of thread and ropes
  • Seasonal jewellery for gifting purposes
  • Bohemian accessories

There are a host of other choices too which you can take up and start eh home based business.


You need to have a website which will represent the business online. It will make sure that more people know regarding the business. Hire a professional web designer who can make the website for you. Do upload pictures of the amazing jewelleries that you have in the inventory so that people can be allured. You can also create an ecommerce website and start selling the jewelleries online from home. With the rise in ecommerce trend, such a business will surely have a huge growth in a short span of time.


In this era of internet, you business needs to be well promoted on the numerous social media platforms. Create profiles on facebook, twitter and instagram and upload pictures and offers on the page for the audience. You can also sell through these profiles. Take order online on facebook and deliver the product after receiving the payment. Put up posters and fliers around the areas to make people aware of you jewellery selling business.

More people knowing regarding your business will mean more people coming to the shop and making purchases. Also, send out direct emails to people who are interested in the domain so as to drive them into your home based jewellery selling business.

Keep in mind that for the business to rise and shine, you should be entirely dedicated to the purpose. Keep working hard so that your home based jewellery selling business achieves the goals which are planned for it. Remember, such business needs time to strike the right chords and hence you should not lose patience.

The demand for amazing and unique jewelleries are always high and hence it is without any doubt that if once the business is settled, you will earn a hefty amount from the business while being based right at your home.

Here is the infographic which gives ideas on how to perfectly start jewelry business from scratch. Read Below

how to start a jewelry business from home

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