How to Start Online Handmade Jewellery Store [9 Easy Steps]

Start a Business Business Ideas How to Start Online Handmade Jewellery Store

How to Start Online Handmade Jewellery Store [9 Easy Steps]

Are you a craft- friendly person? Do you spend sleepless nights on making jewelleries with unique designs? Are your friends and family absolutely delighted when they such handmade jewelleries from you as gifts? If “yes” then it is high time that you start to think of being your own boss and start an online handmade jewellery business. Given the fact that people are shopping online for most of the time, if you have what it takes to conquer the market then you should kick start this entrepreneurial venture and make a living out of your skill and hobby!

Let’s find out what it takes to start such a business. Here is some Easy steps start your handmade jewellery Business online very easily.

Your niche

There is a huge competition in the domain and you need to stand out from the rest so that people will visit your online handmade jewellery business. If you are making the jewellery then try and understand that targeting age groups will limit the reach of your store. Hence, try and delve deeper to understand the lifestyles of women and then design the jewellery according to that.

This will create a target audience for you and you can register your brand among them easily. You can also opt to sell jewelleries that are made from paper or exclusively from stitches. These are also reputed genre that can be your niche for the business.

Assemble your collection

You need to fill your stocks with jewelleries and create proper collection so that people can select from them with ease. You can take help of various websites such as pinterest or Google images to get an idea of the various trending jewellery collections.

Before you can start the business it is essential to have a proper collection so that people get amazed at the stock right on the day of the launch. Gather ideas and choose a theme based on which you can design the collection. A theme is a must to maintain semblance between the target group and your selected niche.

Setting the price

Every person who sells handmade jewellery faces a dilemma when they are about to price their products. Keep in mind that the process of making jewellery is time consuming and needs a lot of hard work and your business can only sustain if there is proper profit! After making the product, set aside the cost of the materials and keep a profit of 25-35 percent on them.

Along with it add a charge for your time, it is essential that you value the time that you have invested in making the craft. This will allow you to price a product in an apt manner while not overcharging at the same time.

Write down a business plan

You will get the feel of being an entrepreneur once you start noting down your business plan. You need to properly write a business plan that mentions the goals and vision of the business. You plan must clearly mention the sources of investment and how you plan to recover costs from it. A proper business plan will enable you to get financial assistance from banks and other money lenders in the market.

Name the brand

Take some time and fixate a name for your online handmade jewellery business. Your brand name is something that will hover in the market and should reflect the offerings that you make. Choose a name that is relevant and stays for a long time because you won’t be changing this name soon enough.

Also make sure you get a domain of the same name because website is the foundation of your online handmade jewellery business.


You need a unique logo so that people can recognise your business with a glimpse of the logo. It does not need to be huge or extraordinary, it can be simple and minimalistic while aptly representing the business you have. When people receive the order from you, they can upload pictures of it on the online platforms, here your logo shall get advertised and speak for your brand.  

Brand style

Be it the paper you use for packaging the products, or any exclusive hook or zip that you attach in the packaging. These can create a separate brand style for you and make you stand apart from a host of other handmade jewellery businesses online.


Get help from a web designer to build your website according to the theme of the business. Add a shopping cart feature so that people can opt for multiple purchase values and it will boost your sales. Make the website safe for people who will be making online transactions for the payment.

Try and accept paytm and other popular e-wallets as more number of people are using these for convenience. Make sure that the website is well optimised for mobile viewing as most people use their smartphones to order such products while on the go.  


Buzz around your business is essential to make it successful. Generate the hype and then cater to the demand of the market. Promote your contents on various social media platforms with your business page. Facebook, twitter and instagram can be used widely with pictures of your products targeted towards the consumers. You can also get orders from these social media platforms.

Use SEO services to get traffic into the website with proper keyword targeting and regular blog posts. You can directly mail your target consumers regarding your business and various offers so that they can visit the website at a single click!

There are a host of competitors but you need to stand apart based on the craft and skills. Work hard to make the business a success and follow these ideas for enhanced results. Remember, it takes time to set up an online business and hence you need to be patience before starting to expect profits. Once it is established and starts performing good, you shall earn enough to sustain the online store as well as make a proper living out of your hobby!

Starting an Online Handmade things store is great way to earn good money from home. You can also upload your products and sell them on Etsy Store. here is the infographic which gives you more tips on Fashion. Read more

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