How to Start Online Resume Writing Business [8 Easy Steps]

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How to Start Online Resume Writing Business [8 Easy Steps]

Do you have a flair for writing? Do you often assist your mates with your writing tips to enhance the way they prepare their resume? If “yes” then it is the best time that you start thinking of making a full time career out of it. There are numerous people out there in the market who want to get their resume written by people who are good at it.

If you seem to have the skill then you should start thinking about starting your online resume writing service! Here are some of the tips and ideas that shall help to set up the entire business.

Self retrospection

Before you opt start your own business, you need to know where lays your strength and weakness. Every person has certain aspects that need further improvements. As a writer you will need to enhance your skill and increase the urge to write more because of the customer demand that may arise in your business. Try and get certified as a resume writer so that people find you credible enough to write their respective resumes! There is no end to learning and if you are a writer then you must evolve constantly.

Select your niche

Your resume writing service needs to cater certain niche so as to gain confidence among the consumer base. Having a niche enables your business to target a consumer base that is willing to pay to get the services done. It is always recommended that you start your business in a small domain and then spread out the cover with time. It helps you to establish an identity of the brand among the prospective customers. You can select the following popular niches-

  • Career changers resume
  • Graphically designed resume
  • Fresher resume
  • Civilian job
  • Resume for any specific industry

While these are some of the popular niche, there are a host of other niches that you may select with your unique style of presentation!


You need to establish a name for your business and get legal license to be able to operate the business online. You need to make sure that the business has went through all the legalities and taxation process so that it is absolutely ready to roll out! Select a name that is unique so that it attracts the customers. Register the name and also get a domain of the same name so as to operate the business on the online platform.


You need to open a separate bank account for the business so that all the transactions are done through it. Having a separate business account for your online resume writing service is essential as it will help you to keep a track of the financial transactions that you will make. Also, it will help you to keep a track of the monetary advances that are being made through your business or towards your business by the clients or any other organization such as banks.


The website of your online resume writing service is the only representation of the same for the clients. Your need to design the website in a way that suits the nature of the business, and represents the service that you have on offer. Hire a professional web designer who can get the job done for you. You need to mention what you require and then the same shall be implemented by the person while building your website. You can also opt for getting the website done from Shopify or wordpress. These sites have greater choice of theme that you can buy and implement on your business website.


You need to earn trust from people so as to get order for writing their resume. Your website should have reviews of the customers that showcase the high quality of resumes that you have delivered to them. You can also make a section where you can success stories for those people who cracked a job with your resume or may have received compliment for their attractive and crisp resume. People will only place an order when they will see such testimonials and witness the positive reviews they have left on your page.


Your online business will receive payments from the clients for the orders and it is essential that the website is equipped with all the payment methods so as to make the process simpler for people. Accept all the major credit and debit cards and get a strong payment gateway that gives added security to the clients regarding the payment methods they take up. Accept PayPal wallets in your website because it is a popular means to make payment and its popularity will add to the credibility and accountability of the site for its users.


You need to promote the business to the maximum extent so as to get the best output. People should be made aware about the service that you have on offer. Hire a SEO expert who shall bring in traffic to the website and make it popular among people. SEO expert will target keywords to rake in traffic and also bring rank to your website on the various search engines.

You also need to connect with the consumer base through the social media profiles in order to inform them of the offers that you may have on a regular basis. Communicating with them on social media platforms will help you to keep your business registered in the minds of the consumer base. You can also opt to send direct mails to the people to grab their attention regarding your online resume writing business.

Your online resume writing business shall end up becoming successful but you need to have patience and must dedicate yourself wholly to the project. Such businesses is driven by quality and hence make sure that each of the client is given utmost priority and equal quality of service. Once established, it will incur you financial gains enough to sustain yourself and also the entire set up of the business! All the best!    

Before Starting this Business, its must you Should have to learn so many things about writing. Here is the infographic which gives you more ideas to avoid while writing a resume of your Client. Read More.

resume writing mistakes avoid

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