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How to Start a Pickle Online Store [7 Easy Steps]

Do you skills at making pickles? Does you pickle add taste to boring dishes? If “yes” then this could be your chance to make it big over the internet and establish your own pickle business online. Your skills at making delicious pickles can create frenzy in the market and earn enough to make a proper living out of it. It’s time that you bring out the best and earn hefty money by being your own boss.

Some of the essential tips to start your own online pickle business are mentioned below in brief detail

Select your niche

There are a host of online pickle business and each of them caters numerous kinds of pickles to the consumers. You should select a particular niche for your pickle so that people can recognise your pickle brand with the niche. It helps in creating the “brand” and also allows you to start small and create impact in the particular niche. People have an assumption that pickles are made of cucumber dipped in flavoured juices. However, there are other ways of making a pickle as well. You can make pickle from various vegetables and you may also have a special recipe that you took from the elders of your family. These unique offerings will allow you to create a mark in the domain of online pickle store.


For setting up an online pickle business you need to get hold of certain certification and accreditations from the local government authorities. Your need licensed manufacturing place that has hygienic resources. Additionally you need to grab a food handler permit or food manager certificate to be able to sell online.


Yes yours’ is an online store but you need to make sure that the packaging of the product is done with extreme care. Because of the online nature of the business, you may suggest that people will not see the package at first and hence the designing and quality won’t matter. It is wrong because people who shall buy from your online pickle store will develop a first impression regarding the package once they receive it. Poorly packed products will leave a negative impression and repel people from ordering again through your website. As pickle is a food product, you need to pack it properly with glass bowls or containers and then cover it up innovatively with the logo of your brand and then deliver it to the customer.

Competitive analysis  

There is fierce competition in the market and you need to study each of them thoroughly, especially the market leaders. This will enable you to learn from the strategies they take up and then plan yours accordingly. They have popular appeal and it is essential to understand the way they operate so as to get an idea of the success mantra! While setting the price, you should keep in mind the price that is prevalent in the market and then set accordingly. This will ensure that you do not price yourself out of the market.

Website- your online store

You need to have a catchy domain name that is relevant to the type of business in order to make sure that the consumers can connect with the brand easily. A catchy name makes it easier to recall the brand faster and hence leading to better results in the market. You need to hire a professional web designer to build a website for you that can represent the brand online and be easy to access for the consumers.

Your website should have content that promotes the sales and informs the people regarding the products along with testimonials from popular clients if possible. Make sure that you make a website that is mobile friendly so that people can easily shop even if they are on their smartphones. Get safe and secure payment methods for the website so that who use their credit and debit cards are safe from any kind of hacking or spamming.

Also arrange for accepting online wallets as they are growingly becoming popular amongst people.


Buzz around your business should be high during your launch so that increasing number of people will visit the website. Always remember that driving traffic into the website is essential because more number of people visiting your website will increase the chances of getting sales from them. You need to have a professional SEO expert for the business, they will target keywords with blogs and make sure that regular traffic is driven to the website.

They also make sure that the website ranks higher on the Google or other search engines so as to have increased online visibility. You should maintain your social media profiles efficiently so that people can connect with you whenever they have a query.

Professional behaviour on these platforms works as a PR activity and leads to enhanced trust levels from the consumer base. Interested customers can sign up and then can be regularly updated via direct emails about the various offers and new pickles that will be launched in your online pickle business.

Third party selling

There are various websites where you can register yourself as a seller and can sell your products through them. Ecommerce giants such as Flipkart and Amazon offer this scope to the people and you can sell through them and pay a share of the profits when you make a sale. With their platform you get access to a million huge consumer base already and hence it gets easier to market the product and earn sales.

The market is growing on a regular basis and new players are emerging constantly. You need to be unique and provide high quality pickles so that people can distinctly recognise your brand. Dedicate yourself entirely and work hard to make sure that your skills earn you respectable living and also a huge appreciation for the art of pickle making. No goal is to far, you just need to dream big! All the best for your endeavour.  

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