80+ Best Stephen Curry Quotes and Sayings

Stephen Curry is an American basketball player who has proficiency in basketball and represents the Golden State Warriors in NBA. He is famous for his shooting accurateness. His father’s name is Dell curry, who is a retired American professional basketball player, and one of the best 3 point field goal shooters in NBA history.

Stephen Curry’s remarkable talents were first observed at the national level when he was leading Davidson Wildcats on their first NCAA Tournament. There is a remarkable contribution of Stephen Curry in charity work and donating to the poor, and helpless and combat malaria.

Given below is a list of some Stephen Curry quotes which will help you and motivate you to reach your goals.

Stephen Curry Quotes and Sayings

  • I have always accepted it as a truth that if anybody wants success, they have to have purposefulness commitment and aspiration. But for me, self-belief and determination are also needed.
  • If you don’t go down onto the ground you would never know how it feels to get up? 
  • I have always been brave enough of the big moment. I get worried and easily frightened. But I guess those are a positive indication that I am prepared for the time.
  • Accomplishment is not a twist of fate. Accomplishment is actually a preference.
  • I am not a person who is scared to fail. I love to do risky things.

_To be skillful and outstanding at the highest level, all you need is self-belief.

_I attempt to make it look uncomplicated, but the challenging thing is all the behind the scenes.

_Be respectful and thankful for God’s favors of your life.

_Be the excellent variation of yourself in everything you perform. Always live your own story.

_Sometimes they make it appear like it is necessary to have an undoubted condition or a very enthusiastic story of life with the purpose of achieving success in the world. But the reality is you don’t bother to do it.

_Every time I try to win against the government and change the government I have the self-belief that I can make it.

_Accomplishment comes out of confidence, a permanent excitement, and unceasingly intense desire.

_The more I am growing up, the more I am experiencing new things, the more nutrients and digesting the good foods is necessary for returning to good health and things like that.

_There are so many works that we have to do, and we must play satisfactorily. We will get nothing.

_It doesn’t matter what thing it is, I always have a positive view.

_Basketball is not just a game. It is a skill. It is a sport that must be learned to achieve.

_When you are a celebrity it means you have attained your capability. And I guess I haven’t attained my capability as a basketball player and a commander yet.

_Speaking about basketball, everyone was taller than me on my team. I had a horrible, unpleasant slingshot from the age of 14 because I was not adequately strong to shoot over my head. The worst ninety days of my life was when I had to rebuild those overs. I wasn’t classified so many times. And there was nobody to offer me to play for their school.

_It is my preference to rehearse till the time it feels uneasy to shoot quickly so that when I play things will slow down.

_Life is not only about basketball. There are a lot of necessary things to concentrate on like your family and look after each other, adoring each other in every situation.

_Make certain you concentrate on your present and work hard every single day and I wish people all over the world can be inspired by me to be the way they are. Be deferential and thankful for all the Lord’s blessings in your life.

_It is necessary to have the mental attitude that we won’t get the things if we don’t work hard for those things.

_Engage yourself in games like you are standing in first, and take lessons like like you are in next.

_Hold on a moment and think about your ambitions and desires. It doesn’t matter if it is sports or another field, you must understand that there is always a task to do. And you wish to be the one who gives lots of effort in whatever you do. And it is important to have the enthusiasm in your work.

_Accomplishment comes after you successfully overcome your biggest barrier and difficulties.

_This is more than this Jersey in me.

_There is nothing that I can not be able to do.

_Words will not be adequate to say how necessary my belief is to play basketball.

_I treasure everything that brought by basketball. And for me, it is been an amazing journey and there is more to do.

_Every sport is a chance to be a part of an amazing stage and be the observer for Christ. When I come to stage people must know who I exemplify and who I accept as true.

_I was brought at this point by basketball.

stephen curry quotes and sayings

_It is all about succeeding. The beginning doesn’t really matter. Ultimately the ability to lend a hand to your team to reach that point is all matters.

_I don’t have the ability to jump at a great height. Because it is obvious that I am not the strongest and biggest.

_It is necessary to drink water for a healthful lifestyle.

_I like the tap water of Brita filters, it doesn’t taste bad. Besides, there is no necessity to spend money or waste plastic bottles.

_I am not in the profession of argument or ranking others’ individuality.

_Only you can deal with your fortune.

_It is kind of a strange way to be thrown out by the company you are still with.

_Truthfully I could give less damn about the people’s perception about me.

_I am aware that it is God’s favor to have a father who played 16 years in the confederacy. That knowledge and seeing him as a role model, let me realize that it is not impossible, it is hard but not impossible.

_There are amazing guys in our great group, who really compromises every night, look after each other, make an effort to play the right way.

_If you are unable to proceed and speak to the people that you recognize, it is truly not my controversy.

_There are very few teams who don’t have chapels. So I will possibly use their assistance when I am on the street.

_In university, failure is pretty damaging. After 82 seasons that devastating feeling kind of fade away. Nobody likes to fail. But also there is a lot more sport to fix that.

_I have never had a negative opinion. It doesn’t matter what that is.

_I am grateful to God clearly for the fitness, and for the skills, I get from him, and for the supportive family, and for the things I learned from basketball on and off the court, for the individuals that I get a chance to meet through the basketball.

_God blessed me in that regard completely. I am grateful for the chance to play the sport I adore and share that with everyone.

_God blessed me with a close-knit family that we can share anything, it is not an issue if we talk often or not. 

_I dislike those who look at other people’s images.

_I wish people would realize that they must live their life the way they wish to live.

_God blessed me with the ability to exemplify unity with the small academies I went to.

_You have been taught that there is no correct way of doing it or incorrect way of doing it. It is all about what you think pleased with, to believe that, and don’t be boxed by anyone into a specific way of childrearing or make you think a specific way about what your children do.

_I hope I won’t be the final large dash at Under Armour.

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