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79+ Best Email subject lines that straight to the Point Targeting

Every time you think of sending emails to your customers, you expect that they must open these emails. But people receive so many mails that it becomes very difficult to read all emails. Hence, you must mention email subject lines to the straight to the point emails. These email subject line ideas mentioned below will help to design straight to the point marketing campaigns. You can take the reference of these email subject line ideas.

Here are Best Email subject line ideas to the straight to the point emails.

  • Yes Sharad, this is an money investment mail
  • Presenting you the best coat
  • Hey, human resource newsletter ( name of the company)
  • Name of the company, newsletter December 2018, Psychology
  • We are inviting you to attend Mega Sale offers
  • Happy holidays from ( name of the company)
  • We are inviting you to our company fest
  • Thanks for joining. We have sales coupon only for you
  • Top 10 things under $10.
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Thanks for checking us out.

Did you know that we offer free shipping to our special customers?

We are thinking about your order.

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This sale is ending in next 48 hours.

Thanks for choosing us

We are glad to have a customer like you

Awesome choice!

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Are you the right person here?

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Please give 20 seconds of your time.

Can we talk by tomorrow?

Please share this email with your friends

Let’s talk over lunch tomorrow at 2 pm.

Have you seen my previous mail?

Let me know if you are still interested in the job?

Please help. Your donation counts to cancer patients

Thanks for sharing your contact number and email id

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