101+ Sundays Affirmations to brighten your Day

Psychology Affirmations 101+ Sundays Affirmations to brighten your Day

101+ Sundays Affirmations to brighten your Day

Sundays are the first days of the week and it is also the day we take out time for ourselves from our busy schedule. You can practice these positive affirmations to brighten your Sunday and kick-start a great week ahead. These affirmations will keep you positive throughout the day. 

Here are Best Sundays Affirmations to brighten your Day

-I shall overcome all the challenges that come my way this week 

-I am grateful for this wonderful Sunday 

-I shall practice gratitude throughout the week starting Sunday 

-I am becoming a better person by facing my fears 

-I am productive as well as disciplined 

-I make the most out of all my adversities 

-I know this week shall be full of opportunities 

-I am a confident person and I shall practice confidence throughout the year 

-I am the only one who is in charge of my life 

-I have firm faith and believe over my abilities 

-I have the power to turn my dreams into reality.

-My upcoming week is going to be fruitful 

-The next week holds lots of happiness for me 

-I am lucky that I am celebrating my Sunday with my near and dear ones 

-I am grateful for kind people I am surrounded with and this wonderful day.

-The week is just beginning and I am prepared to make it the most amazing week 

-I am grateful for the remarkable family and friends that I have around me to celebrate my weekend 

-May the coming week be full of gratitude and happiness 

-I promise to love myself throughout the week 

-I shall overcome all the obstacles that ever come my way 

-I am going to be super productive starting Sunday 

-I have the capability to direct my thoughts towards positivity 

-I choose to be happy this Sunday 

-I choose to be cheerful and joyful this Sunday 

-I am going to spare time for my family and play around.

-I value my family and consider this time precious 

-I promise to give myself more time this Sunday 

-Sundays rejuvenate me for the upcoming week 

-I am going to attract love this Sunday 

-I am high on my life 

-I am happy and full of joy on this Sunday

-I am going to spend time to chill with my best people 

-I shall do everything today which makes me happy 

-I am thankful for the joy and prosperity that I have in my life 

-I am thankful for the beautiful health that I have 

-I shall take out time to sit and chill with my friends 

-I have a life full of love from my near and dear ones 

-I believe in my thoughts and they are going to turn into action

-I approve of who I have become 

-This day is going to be super fun and happy 

-I am ready for all the surprises that the next week has in store for me. 

-I am worthy of love and happiness 

-I inspire people to turn their lives into their dream life 

-I am going to expand my business the next week 

-I am receptive of all the great opportunities that the Universe has in store for me 

-I am going to surpass myself this week 

-I shall reap the fruits of my labor this week  

-I shall feel loved and respected this week 

-I am going to work on myself on this Sunday 

-I am going to reflect on my behavior this Sunday 

-I am generous

-Good things are about to flow in my life 

-I am learning and growing to be  better with each passing day 

-I inhale confidence

-I am courageous and brave 

-I am taking over life as a real star 

-I was meant to be at the place that I am at present 

-All the hurdles in my way are making me stronger 

-I am tougher than my own problems 

-I feel beautiful and healthy today 

-I am excited about everything that the day has in store for me 

-I shall spend some time alone with myself 

-I feel confident and calm as I am about to take up the challenges 

-I am very much confident about the abilities that I possess 

-Every adversity that I shall face today shall turn into a beautiful opportunity tomorrow 

-I have my arms open for the abundance that is coming my way 

-I shall not give up looking at the adversities in my life 

-Someone in need shall receive my help today  

-I am going to use the wealth that I possess in the upliftment of others 

-I am the master of my free will  

-I am the magnet of abundant wealth

-I am here to learn from all the failures in my life 

-I always take calculated risks 

-I always appreciate the good in me and try to better the bad 

-Slowly and steadily, I am turning my dreams to reality  

-I define who I am 

-I never allow the negative criticism of people adversely affect me 

-Overtime I have become a very mature person and I love this self  

-I deserve to thrive and just not make a mere living 

-The more I understand myself, the more I fall in love with myself 

-I am in a happy relationship with myself 

-I deserve to be loved 

-My self-worth is not dependent on the opinion of the others 

-I am good with what I am becoming 

-What a happy and better person I have become today

-I have all the things that I require to stay happy 

-I allow myself to be at peace and enjoy the calm life 

-I always choose to be happy and productive 

-I am always grateful for the perfect days that I have

-I am lucky to receive the blessings of my loved ones today 

-I am always grateful to the people who stayed with me through my thick and thins 

-I have some amazing bunch of friends 

-I am away from all sort of misery 

-This is a very promising  day and I am thankful for it

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