Taco Truck Names: 500+ Catchy and Cool names

Are you launching your own Taco truck? And are perhaps in confusion regards the name ideas? Well then, we are here with a quick solution to your problem. If a cool yet unique name is what you seek, you are correct in place. 

Today, the taco truck business is not just limited to food festivals and community fundraisers. The business has made its way to the mainstream street-food scene and has gained much popularity and preference amongst its customers.

Although a hectic task, naming your brand is an integral part of the business strategy, and needless to say, we have your back in this endeavor of yours!

So to make your taco truck a successful business story, let us begin our search for some amazing and incredible name suggestions we have gathered for you! 

Cool Taco Truck Names

Taco is originally a Mexican delicacy, and as fun and vivacious as their culture is, so is their food. So ideally, representative of the culture and the food would be a cool and funky name which would bring instantaneous joy to your customer’s heart. So here are some name suggestions: 


Chew Chew Truck

Bare Grills

Meatless Yum Yums

Eat Fest

Bobs Burger Bus

Twist on Wheel

Guac’s Truck

Esposito’s Burritos

Walk Up Wings

The Nomadic Vegan

Culinary Creative

Californian Grilled Cheese

The Nomadic Burrito

Bite Sized Burgers

Pizza Slice

Fresh Hubert

Toasted Tortilla

Twisted Cheese

The Cheese Wheel

Chihuahua Taco’s Truck

Mealy Wheels Hub

Hook the Cook

Vegan Taco Truck

Tex-Mex Kitchen

The Meatless Wonder

Taco Amigos

Trucks Full Of Taste

Donuts & Dogs

Vegan VW

The Rolling Baker

Taste of Mexico

Mexican Food Truck


Oven on the Run

Jumping Jack’sBurgers

The Vegan Truck

Food Wheel

Veggie Land

Welcome Wagon

The Fresh Tortilla

Guerrilla Tacos

Feedrite Trucks

The Go-Go Gourmet

Food Wagon

Dash Diner

The Food Guy

Taco Trailer

The Breakfast BBQ

The Chilli Truck

Green Table

Churros Bros.

Frenchi’s French Toast

Macho Taco

Pulpy Wagon

The Bun Bus

Salamanca’s Mexican Grill

Queen Of Smoothies

Wheels Of Meals

The Yum Yum Shack

Catchy Taco Truck Names

Taco is modern food preparation, and therefore, the selection for the absolute mouth-watering food item has to be out of the box yet easy to pronounce so that the name catches the attention of its target customer. We have brought you some catchy and creative names for your Taco Truck business. 

Kitchen Mobi

Outside Eatery

Master Of Mexican Food

Los Pollos Hermanos

Delicious Delivery

Heathy House

Bacon Buffet

Delicious Delivered

The Juice Camion

Chase it Foods

Wicked Taco’s

Pizza Peddler

Vegan Taco Trailer

Misfit Meals

Makin’ Bacon

Bobs Burritos

Bite-Sized Burgers

Java Hut

The Mediterranean Man

The Sandwich Club

Salsa Shack

The Burger Spot

So Hungry

Speedy Eats

Food Classics

Rollin’ Dough

Halal Sisters

The Cheese Box

The Lunch Box

Holy Guacamole

The Nomadic Taco

Tamale Train

Cuppa Joe’s

The Samosa Master

The Urban Taco

Green Machine

The Chilli Bus

The Stray Cook

Appetite Adventure

The Pizza Truck

Mobile Grilled Cheese

Deep Dish Pizzeria

The Extreme Burger

Vegan Trucker

Treats Food Truck

Gus’s Mexican Truck

Otto & Motto

Grill Truck

World Of Food

Food Infinite

Go Espresso

Serving Slice

Sizzled Grilled cheese

Miguel’s Mexican

Street Pie Truck

Pancake Flippers

Kogi BBQ

Handmake Cake

Burger Buggy

The Green Radish

Latest Taco Truck Names  

Do you desire an uncommon name and, in the prevalence of the current times, a name that stands out and makes a mark, just like your delicious tacos?

Then we have some exciting name suggestions which could assist you in the naming procedure of your taco truck!

Tasty Truck

Kold Kones

Bean Brake

The Mad Griddle

Blue Crew Foods

Custom Pizza

Mobile Dogs

Taco Tuesday’s

The Chili Taco Truck

Tough Boy Tacos

Taco Mexico

The Little Sombrero

The Tijuana Taco

Hernan Cortes Tacos

Tony’s Tortillas

The Taco Amigos

Little Mule Taco Truck

The Mexican Grill

Taco Central

Texacali Tacos

La Chiquita Mexicano

Tasty Tacos

The Taco Trailer

Taco Mexicano

The Salsa Shack

Taco Americano

The Trucking Taco

Made in Mexico

A Taste of Mexico

Chihuahua Tacos

The Taco Shell

The Toasted Tortilla

Taco 2Go

Tito’s Tacos

Esposito’s Burritos

The Taco Brothers

Gringa Tacos

Juan-derful Tacos


Taco Attack

Taco Rangers

The Guacamo Tack Truck

Buy 1 Taco 1

Avocado Tacos

The Taco of Zorro

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Taco Bill

Captain taco

Shelley’s Tacos

Taco Tornado

Come and Taco It

Guac n Roll

Tacos On The Run

Tempting Taco Truck

Four Wheeled Tacos

Holy Guacamole

Desperado’s Tacos

Tacos on Wheels

The Mexican Wrap

Taco Shell

Amazing Taco Truck Names 

In today’s variant food market, running a Taco Truck business is no easy deal and in this tough survival, choosing an amazing name for your business is as important as the preparation of the food itself. But worry not; we have some fabulous names or name recommendations. 

A-taco-lypse Now

Tictac Tacos

Tacos For All

Tacos In Motion

Slow Moving Tacos

The Taco the Town

Rolling Guacamole

Burritos on the Go

The Veggie Taco

Trucks Full Of Tacos

The Taco-nator

Tacos Anywhere

Guerrilla Tacos

The A-taco-ma Desert

The Mad Mexican

Wrap it up!

SpecTACOlar Foodtruck

The Burrito Bus

Oaxaca-mole Tacos

Monster’s Tacos

Explosive Taco


Roaming Tacos

South Of The Border

El Camión de Tacos

Buenos Nachos

Klaato Burrito Nikto

El Paso Más Corto

Rio Grande Tacos

Az-Taco Gold

Nuevo Laredo Taco

The Fresh Tortilla

Running On Salsa

Parrilla de Taco Mexicano

Memories Of Mexico

Taco Para Llevar

Tacos A Go-Go

Hoss’s Good Times Taco Truck

The Great Mexican Odyssey

California Tacos Mexican Food Express

Taco Bello (Beautiful Taco)

Nacho Average Taco Truck

Taco Yum Yum

Biggie Tacos

Something’s in the Taco

Cheeky Tacos

Taco Loco

Taco Truck

El Taco Loco

The Taco Guy 11. Cool Fiesta

Pancho Villa Tacos

Subway Tacos

Evita Snacko

CarniTaco (Carnival)

Taco Truckin’

Loco for Tacos

Taco Lover

Armadillo’s Burritos

Baja`s Best Tacos

Caribe Tacos

Unique Taco Truck Names

Finally, we have our master suggestion! Let us put forward a tiny question before you, how would you like to describe your taco truck business?

If it is extraordinary and phenomenal, we have an excellent list of names that we would like to present before you.

I Love Tacos

Taco Monsters

Chihuahua`s Taco Express

Taco Fiesta!

Tacos y Burritos

Cinco De Mayo Tacos

Kickin’ Taco Flavour in your Face!

Sweet Tacos

Taco Talk

Taco Bus and Chicken

Jefe de Taco’s Truck

Gourmet Tacos


El Guero`s Taco Shack

Taqueria Fiesta

Tacos Truck of your dreams

Tacos in Paradise

Tacos Yo! Me Gustan To

Taco Cat Restaurant

Pickle Breath Tacos

Tasty Taco Truck

Tacos El Gordo

Fusion Taco

Raul The Builder Taco

Mexican Fooding

Tacos Al Pastor

Taco Wonka

Taco Bueno

The Taco King

Abuelita’s Tacos

Mariachi Taco

Chips & Queso Inc.

Bug Taco

El Nacos Deli

Los Tios Taco

Loco Taco

Prince Taco


Taco Magnifico

Tacos and Tequila

Taco Don

Reach-in’ n’ grab it Taco Truck

El Taco De Ojo Rojo

Taco Fiesta

Pup Taco

Tacos and Tequila

Taco Mamacita

Mar de Taco

Chico’s Tacos

You Taco

Fickle Tacos

Rolling O Taco

Chico Loco Crazy Tacos

Nacho Average Joe’s Food Truck

Donnie G’s Tacos Now!

Taco Tornado

Puffy Tacos

Juan Taco Truck

Fernando’s Taco Wagon

The New Taco Bell

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