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85+ Best Taz Sayings & Quotes

Taz is actually an animated cartoon character that has already been featured in different cartoons, comics, and Warner Bros. films. Taz happens to be a rather ferocious omnivore who is known for his notorious short temper.

Apart from this, we also know him for his sharp teeth as well as tornado spinning ability. Incidentally, he happens to be the youngest of all the Looney Tunes out there. Here, we have showcased some of the best Taz sayings which you should take into consideration.

Here are Best Taz Sayings & Quotes

  • How do you like the idea of living forever?
  • You are about to be just astounding.
  • And it is packed with snakes.
  • I require getting on medicines so that it will be possible for me to slap the stupid individuals while blaming it on the unwanted side effects.
  • Oh my God, finally I’ve come to know what is wrong with the brain of mine. There is nothing left on the right portion, and there is nothing right on the left portion.
  • Pleasant morning to all stupidest friends!
  • No way, I am simply listening. It takes me lots of time for processing this amount of stupidity at any given time.

_Everything liked by me is either immoral, illegitimate, addictive, costly, impossible, or fattening.

_I’m trying to see things from your perspective; however, it is impossible for me to stick my head so far from my ass.

_Being stupid is certainly an amazing privilege.

_I want to count the number of wrinkles in an asshole.

_In case every day happens to be a gift, then we should get a refund from the bad ones.

_In case you do have any issue with me, try to solve it.

_I have no intention of growing up anymore. It is really not that fun whatsoever.

_You can always laugh at farts irrespective of your age.

_Instead of being antisocial, I am actually an anti-idiot!

_In case you want to become a smart ass, you need to be smart at first.

_Why is it required for me to press one for English? America moved- is this a fact?

_Does the asshole of yours envy the shit which emits from your mouth?

_All my biscuits happen to be on fire.

_Never ignore a lady. They have the ability to remember things that have not yet taken place.

_Although I do disagree, I nevertheless give proper respect to your privilege to be foolish.

_Boy, you are going to go beyond the limitations of my medicine.

_Although there are numerous individuals in this world, I want only you.

_There was once a time I did not care and I still do not care. The conclusion.

_I do not drink and also I am not addicted to drugs.

_I am going to conquer the globe. However, first I ought to dream a cup of coffee.

_I can sum up my whole life in just one sentence … It did not go on as planned.

_I don’t give a damn from the core of my heart.

_When you are pushed to the limits and finally explode, you happen to be the bad person!

_It is known as “originality” which should be tried by you sometimes!

_This particular emoji is required by me.

_For you this country has been forced to apply directions on using shampoo.

_I am reminded of the old TV sets by some people; they have to be hit several times till you get the picture.

_You will find one in each and every nest.

_In case it is not possible for you to say anything good, then do not say anything at all.

_Every day I get up with a plan for doing something productive and then we go to take a slumber laughing and laughing.

_Although I might be somewhat crazy, I nevertheless interesting.

_Before old age was inside my head … Now it is in my joints as well.

_It is simple to knock me down; however, you will need some support in case you’d like to keep me there

_Trouble is arriving right here!

_Until you ignore me, I am a rather nice individual.

_I comprehend the fact that your heart is in the proper place; however, you have your head up your ass.

_At my age I’ve seen everything, done everything, and heard everything.

_I will provide you with attitude!

_Would you like to get hold of somebody and tell what the hell is wrong with you?

_That will certainly not happen on the red planet!

_Life is quite short for holding any grudge, call it even by slashing some tires.

_According to the physicians, drinking 8 glasses of water every day will make your skin younger. Do you know my advice? In case you drink that much water daily you will ignore the fact that you are looking old.

_Am I too beautiful?

_It is the antenna of my asshole. I can hear you clear and loud.

_Is it a fact that you go through some periods when you do not feel like talking to anyone else but that is not because you are crazy but because you simply don’t like to talk.

_I do not like the idea of the voices within my head become silent; it is unknown to me what those shits are actually planning.

_Please proceed and ring the bell of mine.

Taz Sayings & Quotes

_You are in the habit of hugging me only when you get drunk.

_The top speed of a roadrunner happens to be 20 mph while couples are able to reach a speed of 43 miles per hour.

_Good morning it is a Friday; have a fantastic day.

_Hello, what is the matter Mr. Dr.?

_Although I do not agree, I do respect your privilege to be foolish.

_You define an askhole by any person who asks for your advice constantly but does just the reverse of what you have told him.

_Do not try to mess with me. I am not on medication anymore.

_But how were you able to understand what I’m going to say?

_Sorry, it is not my day for caring.

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