132+ Teen Quotes by World Famous Personalities

Everyone undergoes a teenager’s adventure. Although one has to go through good as well as bad experiences this stage of life can be considered to be rather awkward.

Here, we have mentioned the top 80 most well-known teen quotes by world famous personalities that you ought to take into consideration.

Teen Quotes by World Famous Personalities

  • You need to have courage to mature into what you actually are. – E. E. Cummings
  • In case you form good habits when you are young, it will make a huge difference. – Aristotle
  • We should help the young people to generate jobs instead of looking for jobs. – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
  • You are going to encounter youth just once in your lifetime. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • Teenage happens to be a significant walking pimple. – Carol Burnett

_During my college life, I wanted to discover things that might change our planet. – Elon Musk

_It is imperative for the parents dealing with teenage children to be patient, and they will regain their positions once they get to 20 years. – Marian Wright Edelman

_It is vital to inform the girls that their voices are vital. – Malala Yousafzai

An adolescent will find his parents to be the most embarrassing on the planet. – Dave Barry

_Try to achieve the dreams of your young days. –  Friedrich Schiller

_I have enjoyed hunting along with my dad while I was growing up. – Dale Earnhardt

_As a teenager, you will be having the best friendships as well as the most horrible heartbreaks. – Sophia Bush

There are some adolescents who believe that they will be generating a considerable amount of money just like the NBA stars; however, it does not turn out to be true for most of them. – Dean Kamen

_According to the teenagers, they will be able to concentrate while listening to music. However, it does not. – Marilyn vos Savant

_Every individual has his own way, and my adolescent years were just as they were meant to be. – Justin Timberlake

_Informing a teenager regarding life’s facts is similar to providing a fish with a bath.

_I was extremely insecure as a teenager. I had no confidence in myself and thought that I do not have any talent. – Johnny Depp

_I went through plenty of Poe when I had been a teenager. – Dario Argento

_It appears to me that I did not really begin to make sure until I reached 20 years of age. – Winona Ryder

_You have to become mature at some point of time. – Winona Ryder

_Maturity in puberty is only a brief reprieve. – Jules Feiffer

_Everyone happens to be a teenage idol. – Barry Gibb

_Many individuals make an attempt to walk extremely fast, but it is not that fun! It will be better to remain a child as much as you can! – Vanessa Hudgens

_As I’ve already mentioned several times, the teenager happens to be the most oppressed class in the US at present. – Joe Bob Briggs

_In spite of being a teenager, I am an autonomous person having my own life and my personal apartment. – Adriana Lima

_I had a desire to be with the people with whom I have grown up; however, it is impossible for you to return to them once again. – Ethel Waters

_Instead of growing up, we only learn the different ways of how to act in a public place. – Bryan White

_In case you simply observe a teenager, you will be watching plenty of uncertainty. – Jamie Lee Curtis

_Although I would be able to do it for just one day, I do not like to become a teenager once again. – Jamie Lee Curtis

_Adults and kids are usually on different universes and I believe that it is somewhat difficult to grow up as a kid. – Alice Hoffman

_Teenage happens to be a new birth since more complete human traits are born at this stage. – G. Stanley Hall

_We are interested in making certain that adolescents grow up free from drugs and also healthy. – John Walters

_I was brought up in a house where none told me to perform my homework on a daily basis. – Constance Baker Motley

_Could you imagine teenagers enjoying studying trigonometry out there? Of course, I did. – Clyde Tombaugh

_I had been an introvert adolescent out there. – Nigella Lawson

_Adolescence happens to be painful for everybody, and mine was weird as well. – Uma Thurman

_It can be a tough time to be a teen. Make it a point to mix with some really good buddies whom you care for. – Victoria Justice

_Time flies by extremely fast while you grow up. – Alan Ladd

_Every child wants to provide a shock to their elders, and every generation tries to do it even harder. – Ben Lindsey

_A lad who is fairly bright is much more intelligent as compared to an average adult.  – John B. S. Haldane

_I spent my teenage years being somewhat like a clown. – Diane Cilento

_Young people who are never subjected to vacuum exist in one. – Fred G. Gosman

_While looking at the mirror, I can see the girl I had been while I was maturing with a skinny physique and a baby face. – Heather Locklear

_Today teens are able to be free and accept themselves. – John Knowles

_I desperately wanted to be a nice girl after growing up. – Claire Danes

_I think, being an adolescent, you go through a phase of being extremely cool out there. – Miranda Otto

_The conjugator between puberty and maturity is adolescence. – Louise J. Kaplan

_This present generation has already given up on development. They just want to survive. – Penelope Spheeris

Every single teenager has the desire to run away somehow. – Joan Chen

_Adolescence does not imply putting on sparkly glasses out there. – Jena Malone

_None comprehends anybody 18, including those people who are 18 years of age. – Jim Bishop

_Female teenage years happen to be universally an emotionally intense phase. – Caitlin Flanagan

_I always believed that we are quite alone in our lives during the teenage years in particular. – Robert Cormier

_I became a compassionate individual due to my very own experience. – Carolyn Mackler

_In childhood friendships happen accidentally, while in the teenage years they are mainly a matter of choice. – David Elkind

_I went to the fitness center once I discovered that I would be required to take my shirt off in a movie. I could no longer be weighing 140 pounds, and I needed to add some muscle. – Chris Evans

_Kids who are born to teens usually suffer from poor health, and they have lower cognitive growth as well. – Jane Fonda

_I was not going to enjoy doing a teen film once again. – Heath Ledger

_So long as there are adolescents as well as popular music, teen pop is never going to fade away. – Justin Timberlake

_I prefer to have young assistant at my workplace. They are more energetic as compared to the others. – Anna Wintour

teen quotes by world famous people

_While I had been a teen model I did not think that it was good for me to start my acting career only for getting insurance. – Tyra Banks

_I will never suggest any teenager to enter into the modeling world in case they are not good at their studies. According to my mom, studies always come first. – Tyra Banks

_I was not going to enjoy myself performing a teen movie once again. – Heath Ledger

_I have come across many individuals and supporters while I have gone to new locations all through 2017 and they all supported my album “American Teen”. – Khalid

_My age was 13 years when my father left his public life. After the demise of my father, I became recognizable to individuals when I walked on the street. – Justin Trudeau

_I had no interest in roles such as “Teen Beat”. I simply desired to work. – Jared Leto

_I had no intention of doing music.– Rico Nasty

_In case you happen to be an optimistic teenager, you will also be an optimistic person at 80 years of age. – Martin Seligman

_To me, Jughead had been a reflection of the teenage experience which made plenty of sense to me. – Cole Sprouse

_I have been really grateful to be an integral part of the #seetherealme campaign. It was extremely amazing since it assists many teenage girls out there. – Jazz Jennings

_A lot of credit is given to Trump for the evolution of “Teen Vogue”. – Elaine Welteroth

_“Teen Vogue” has been able to prove that it is possible to have smart and stylish content delivered in a single place, and there is no need to make any selection. – Elaine Welteroth

_Ric Flair had been an integral part of my teenage days. I consider him to be an icon. – Darius Rucker

_Even though I have some fantastic things in my sports collection, I think that the one I love the most happens to be the robe. Once I look at it, I remember so many things of my teenage days. – Darius Rucker

_There is going to be heartache as well as drama with every teen show out there. – Lin Reinhart

_My girlfriend became pregnant because of me once I had been in the 12th grade. That time, she was actually studying in the 10th grade. In this way, we found out to be teen parents. – Ice T

_There will be a problem in case you start peaking in the high school. My sister always told me that I’m going to peak afterwards. – Chelsea Handler

_I had been a teenage star which was quite disgusting. – John Cusack

Being a teenager, I was bulimic as well as anorexic. – Alanis Morissette

_Although I have great affinity for my mother, I had been quite a monster to her during my teenage years. – Dove Cameron

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