38+ Best Thank you messages for Dietician

Business Communication Messages & Wishes 38+ Best Thank you messages for Dietician

38+ Best Thank you messages for Dietician

A lot of people want to lose weight but losing weight is not that easy. Losing weight not only requires exercise but also proper dieting with a proper plan that includes how to deal with cravings. It is not easy to find such dieticians who are flexible and understanding.

If you find one, you should express your gratitude towards them. There are some messages that you can send to your dietician. 

Thank you messages for Dietician

  • I am a sugar loving person and I did not know how to control my intake before I met you. You taught me tricks how to replace sugar with other products and that worked miracles for me. I am very grateful to you for understanding my situation and working with me accordingly. 
  • Being overweight runs in my family and I had no idea how to not be overweight. It was your strict diet and the way you taught me to discipline myself that helped me to gain  the perfect weight that I want. I am obliged to you dietician for being such an expert.
  • I never really had any problem of being overweight but I wanted to start eating healthy for a better lifestyle. After coming to you I was able to do so with not much of efforts but only by changing a very few things in my daily food intake. I am very grateful to you.
  • People told me that at age of 78, it would be impossible to reduce weight it. I over took it like a challenge and you were my guide throughout who held me and motivated at the same time to become as fit as I want to be. My prayers are always with you.

_ There are so many time that I have tried and failed continuously to lose weight. But it was not possible for me to do it without a guide. You were the perfect guide to me who kept me motivated and helped me to think straight forward and not break my diet. I am so obliged to you. 

_ There are many clinics that I have tried and nothing has worked with me but your plan worked wonders with me. I am grateful to you for being so supportive. 

_ You have helped me lose so much weight. I am obliged to you dear dietician. 

_ I lost almost 60 pounds in last month and I have not known any better happiness than this in last few years. I am obliged to you dear dietician for understanding my situation and helping me to find ways to eat healthy.

_ I had thought that my weight problem will have no solution ever before I met you. I remember you saying with that bright smile on your face that my weight problem will be alright. You sort of made sure that I did not have to face much of pace. I am indebted to you dear dietician for this.

_ Increased weight is such a task that you have to carry all this extra weight around on your feet. I would like to give you the credit of this big achievement your dietician that today I do not feel extra weight and feel uneasy about it. 

_ This is the best that I have looked in last 30 years. I would like to give you the credit dear dietician for helping me to reduce my weight and gain the confidence back that I had 20 years ago. 

_ I had no idea that just losing my weight would make me look so good. I feel lucky that I chose to come to you and took your suggestions about dieting. I am so interested to you for giving me the best advice that helped me to lose my weight so soon and in a healthy way. 

_ I had always dreamt of wearing all those skinny dresses that other girls were but due to this excess weight, I was never able to wear it. I am grateful to your dieting weight loss program that you thought that it will be easy for need to reduce weight. 

_ I am so obliged to you that you helped me through this process of weight loss. I will keep in mind all that you have told me at all that you have told me to eat.

_ I have been facing some major food cravings all my life due to which I was unable to lose my weight. You taught me various techniques due to which I could control my craving. Please help me not to eat on any casual time but rather have a routine. I am obliged to you. 

_ I wanted to lose weight but I have no time to workout or do gym. The only way I would lose weight was through dieting and you taught me the right procedure of how to diet.

_ In this journey of weight loss you have been one important person without whom this would have not been possible. Your plan and motivation made it all so easy for me. Dietician, you are more of a friend. I express my gratitude towards you for all that you did.

_ Looking fit and healthy had been a dream to me. I have been trying to do it since a very long time. It was after I came across you, I realized that a proper plan is needed to diet and stay healthy and deal with cravings. Expressing my gratitude towards you for making such a comfortable plan for me. 

_ I want to express my gratitude towards you for the help that you have done to me for losing my weight. Dieticians like you are like a bliss who understand what a person really needs.

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