135+ Thankful Quotes by World Famous Personalities

Business Communication Sayings and Quotes 135+ Thankful Quotes by World Famous Personalities

135+ Thankful Quotes by World Famous Personalities

It will be feasible to become happy in life by being thankful. Figuring out the correct way to convey thanks to other folks for their generosity can be quite gratifying all the year round. Here, we have provided the top thankful quotes which should provide you with lots of inspiration. 

Thankful Quotes by World Famous Personalities

  • I am aware of the fact that something astounding happens to me while I pray. And it is not only for those persons for whom I am praying. – Maya Angelou
  • Be thankful for what you possess and refrain from complaining. It is going to make everyone else bored and will do no good to you. – Zig Ziglar
  • Gratitude happens to be the most significant of all the virtues out there. – Marcus Tullius Cicero
  • Gratitude happens to be the symbol of any noble soul. – Aesop
  • Returning thanks is the most urgent duty of all. – James Allen

_Thankfulness transforms the pains of memory into a serene pleasure. – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

_I do lots of had labor and am thankful for life. I live my life to the fullest. – Maya Angelou

_When gratitude is absent in a person, his humanity is missing something. – Elie Wiesel

_You should not pray for things during your lifetime, and instead, you ought to convey thanks to God for what He has provided you with. – Joel Osteen

_While practicing gratefulness, you should always try to respect others. – Dalai Lama

_I am really grateful for the advances in medication that have occurred so far. They have helped me to live so long. – Billy Graham

_A genuinely content individual happens to be the happiest person on earth. – Joyce Meyer

_The person who is not thankful has missed a lot of things in life. – Robert Louis Stevenson

_Old age isn’t a thing for sorrow. It is something you ought to be thankful for particularly if you have left your work behind you. – Thomas Carlyle

_In no way take anything without any consideration. – Benjamin Disraeli

_Convey your thanks to God in case you suffer. It shows that you are still alive. – Elbert Hubbard

_I will be grateful for happiness apart from when my nose discharges milk. – Woody Allen

_Sensing thankfulness and not showcasing it is similar to wrapping a gift and not providing it as a present. – William Arthur Ward

_Thankfulness happens to be a duty that you must pay, but which should not be expected by anybody. – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

_I assert the word “Thank You” a lot. It expresses extreme humility, gratitude, as well as understanding. – Alice Walker

_With regards to life the crucial thing is whether or not you consider things as a right or appreciate them. – Gilbert K. Chesterton

_In case you say thank you as the only prayer in your life, it will be adequate. – Meister Eckhart

_A man who is proud in rarely a grateful person, and he never believes that he receives as deserved by him. – Henry Ward Beecher

_Appreciation is definitely the fairest bloom that arises from the heart and soul. – Henry Ward Beecher

_Always convey thanks to people. To share your gratitude, seriously and without expecting anything in exchange. – Ralph Marston

_You can consider me to be amongst the most lucky persons on the planet. – Rose Kennedy

_My entire life transformed once I began to count my blessings. – Willie Nelson

_After waking up in the morning, convey your thanks for the light, your strength, and your life. In case you don’t have any reason for conveying thanks, then you are at fault. – Tecumseh

_Appreciation bestows respect, enabling us to come across day-to-day epiphanies, all those transcendent occasions of awe which transform forever how life is experienced by us. – John Milton

_Thankfulness suggest the commencement of gratitude which happens to be the accomplishment of thankfulness. – Henri Frederic Amiel

_Once you become grateful your blessings become unlocked so that they are able to flow all through your life. – Suze orman

_Unseasonable benevolence does not achieve any thanks. – Thomas Fuller

_The fullness of our lives is unlocked by gratitude. It transforms what we already possess into much more. – Melody Beattie

_Let us thank the mirror only for showing us our appearance. – Samuel Butler

_The definition of appreciation is gratitude.  Thanksgiving can be just phrases. Gratitude is demonstrated in deeds. – Henri Frederic Amiel

_If you’re grateful – when you are able to see what you possess – you activate the blessings in your life. – Suze Orman

_Many people apologize by thanking God for not being so bad like their neighbors. – Josh Billings

_Gratefully, we live in a nation where the sky happens to be the limit and you are able to shop in bed because of the TV. – Joan Rivers

_Thank you for that great life, dear God, and pardon us if we do not enjoy it well. – Garrison Keillor

_I am very grateful for what I am doing. – Justin Timberlake

_Nothing surpasses humility, of all the virtues required both for a good and comfortable life. The people who are grateful are happy. – Dennis Prager

_I am grateful that I have been able to share my faith in many ways. This is something I take as an obligation. – Tim Tebow

_For all that, all the spiritual gifts in my life, I’m just grateful and I try to remain in that manner. I think it’s the most sensible way to get your day started and completed. – Tim Tebow

_Fortunately, dreams may be different. If we all had been stuck with our initial dream, cowboys and princesses would conquer the world. – Stephen Colbert

_Hugely grateful, touched, prideful, surprised and overwhelmed. – Boris Pasternak

_Love each other, as Christ said. I learned to do so and I learned to show respect and appreciation for what I had. I was thankful. – James Brown

In my own life I am who I am, and thank God for that. I am really good in my life. – LL Cool J

_There is no one who succeeds without recognizing other people’s help. The sensible and self-assured recognize this assistance with gratitude. – Alfred North Whitehead

_Send a thank you note to the writer when you read an article that you appreciate. – Sherman Alexie

_Thank you for the concerns. Somebody with less talent could have your work if they were less challenging. – Jim Lovell

_When I begin my day, the first thing done by me is getting onto my knees and thank God. – Mark Wahlberg

_Obviously, I am grateful for the award and grateful to God for every novel, every thought, every word and every day. – Isaac Bashevis Singer

_Praise the lord, I’ve got nothing to pray for. God gave me everything I got. – Mariano Rivera

_God did not respond to many of our sermons and we are thankful for that. – William Feather

_All the glory I give to the Almighty. It is a type of win-win scenario. The glory keeps going up to Him and I have the blessings. – Gabby Douglas

_Does no man, unappreciative to his beneficiaries, disgust at the gratefulness of the dog? – Saint Basil

_I would like to say thank you for the help to all my supporters out there. And thank you very much all my naysayers, because you people pushed me as well. – Usain Bolt

_Always heed the words to get together to thank God and show His glory. The forces of Satan are often defeated, when you gather in the very same location. – Ignatius of Antioch

_I am glad that, regardless of how hard it is, innovators, musicians and good people will finally be acknowledged. – Elayne Boosler

_The message of grace is not declared, recognized or observed in general. – Brennan Manning

_Lord, I am still so thankful that I am loved. – Vivien Leigh

_Well when I don’t wake up and say thanks to someone there isn’t a day passing by. – Rod Stewart

_The most important thing is to meet fans and reach the lives of people … I give thanks for this. – Christina Aguilera

_I am thankful that in my life I have a great deal of affection. – Gisele Bundchen

_I am who I am and I thank my mom, my dad, my brother, and my sister for having given it all to me. – Ronaldinho

_Some folks always screech because there are thorns on roses. However, I am thankful for the roses of thorns. – Alphonse Karr

_The simplest way to be grateful is happiness. – Karl Barth

_Gratitude in us is inborn and we are taught about it, and we teach our kids, in turn. – Joyce Brothers

_With the Interstate Highway System, traveling from coast to coast can now be done throughout the nation seeing nothing. – Charles Kuralt

_I have been materially successful, but I know that life is so much more than material achievement. I have seen all these good fortunes that God gave me. – Hakeem Olajuwon

_The ultimate form of prayer is gratitude because it recognizes the presence of good everywhere the light of your grateful thoughts shines. – Alan Cohen

_I convey thanks to you for life, and for all the highs and lows that make living worthwhile. – Travis Barker

_I am very grateful for Christ’s active compliance. Without it I have no hope. – John Gresham Machen

_I’d change nothing. I made errors, but I benefited from them due to those errors. – Enrique Iglesias

_Occasionally we have to note that humility is a virtue. – William Bennett

_ I am grateful to breathe on this particular side of the lawn. Whatever is going to come allow it to come. – Ron Perlman

_I’m grateful for my Savior, Christ. – Josh Turner

_I’m grateful for the odd individuals because they are the most talented people out there. – Channing Tatum

_I’m going to take it and be thankful for anything that life offers me. – Tom Felton

_God has 2 homes, one in paradise, and another in a gentle and humble heart. – Izaak Walton

_The ideal prayer is a single thankful thinking for God. – Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

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