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130+ Time Quotes by World Famous Personalities

Even though we are able to save time and also kill time, none of us is powerful enough to slow down the march of time and stop it whatsoever. It might seem to us that it is not within our control, it is not the case in reality.

Although it is not feasible for us to have an impact on the flow of time we will be able to use it to our advantage.

Being sensible time managers will allow us to use the time productively in the long run. Here, we have gathered the top 80 most well-known time quotes by world famous personalities that we must not ignore by any means. 

Time Quotes by World Famous Personalities

  • It will be possible for you to fool individuals on some occasions you will not be capable of fooling all the guys at all times. –  Abraham Lincoln
  • It is essential for us to make use of time in a creative manner. – Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Even though you might make delay, time won’t. – Benjamin Franklin
  • I don’t pay any money for the favorite things in my life. It is obvious that the most valuable resource possessed by us is the same. – Steve Jobs
  • I ventured out to an eatery serving breakfast at any given time. Therefore, I opted for French Toast at the time of the Renaissance. – Steven Wright
  • In case you do not have adequate time to perform it correctly, when can you do it once again? – John Wooden

_It will be a folly on your part to spend your time hitting a wall with the hope of converting it into a door. – Coco Chanel

_I have just obtained an innovative eternity theory. –  Albert Einstein

_Just like the waves which move in the direction of the shore, our minutes likewise hasten to their conclusion. – William Shakespeare

_Make it a point to reach 3 hours early rather than being late by a minute. – William Shakespeare

_Time is nothing but money. – Benjamin Franklin

_You will never find lost time once again. – Benjamin Franklin

_In case there is adequate time, all things are going to happen to all people either sooner or later. – George Bernard Shaw

_Time ought to be used as equipment and not in the form of a couch. – John F. Kennedy

_Time requires more converts as compared to reason. – Thomas Paine

_Everybody reaches future at the rate of sixty minutes every hour, irrespective of who he is or what he does. – C. S. Lewis

_Time remains long enough for anybody who likes to use it. – Leonardo da Vinci

_Time is spent by most people for going around issues than making an effort to solve them. – Henry Ford

_In every single of our deeds, our failure or success will be determined by out proper respect for our time. – Malcolm X

_Do not wait. Your time is never going to be just correct. – Napoleon Hill

_Forever consists of nows. – Emily Dickinson

_In case you spend a considerable amount of time pondering regarding an object, you will never be able to accomplish it. – Bruce Lee

_We do not have any time for taking our own time. – Eugene Ionesco

_The time enjoyed by you wasting does not happen to be a wasted time. – Bertrand Russell

_Time helps everything to pass. – Aeschylus

_When time becomes old you will be able to learn all the things. – Aeschylus

_Friends will rob you of your time. – Francis Bacon

_Time happens to be a fantastic thing. It is just like when you come across an old lover 6 years later on the road and they don’t look that ugly whatsoever. – Sarah McLachlan

_Let the enhancement and refining of your life keep you so much engaged that you don’t have time to find fault with others. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

_Time is nothing but bunk. – Douglas Adams

_Time enjoyed by you wasting wasn’t wasted after all. – John Lennon

_None actually sees a flower since it is quite small. It takes time to see like it requires time to have a buddy. – Georgia O’Keeffe

_Time happens to be your life’s coin. It’s the sole coin possessed by you, and it is only feasible for you to figure out how to spend it. – Carl Sandburg

_It is not feasible to cure the past. – Elizabeth I

_Even though difficult times are not going to last, tough individuals will. – Robert H. Schuller

_I have the intention of going ahead of Father Time with my own scythe. – H. G. Wells

_Time is something wanted by us the most although it is worst used in the long run. – William Penn

_Even though time flies on top of us, it does leave its shadow out there. – Nathaniel Hawthorne

_There is no need to be concerned regarding the planet coming to an end on this very day. In Australia, it’s tomorrow already.  – Charles M. Schulz

_It is the age of anxiousness at present. – W. H. Auden

_Yesterday happened to be the past, and tomorrow is going to be the future; however, today is going to be a gift. – Bil Keane

_Memory and time happen to be genuine artists. They have the ability to reshape reality almost close to the desire of one’s heart. – John Dewey

_Time is going to pass irrevocably. – Virgil

_Time is always flying and it will not return any more. – Virgil

_It is a fact that the most pleasant hours pass the fastest. – Virgil

_I must be able to control the clock and the clock must not control me. – Golda Meir

_You will learn all things with old age as well as the advent of time. – Sophocles

_Do not hide anything since time will be able to see everything and also expose everything. – Sophocles

_Time happens to be the most sensible counselor out there. – Pericles

_Tide as well as time will not wait for any man. – Geoffrey Chaucer

_The longest distance in between a couple of locations happens to be time. – Tennessee Williams

_In spite of feeling quite busy, it is your duty to take the time for making others feel important. – Mary Kay Ash

_Time as well as patience has the ability to perform more as compared to passion or strength. – Jean de La Fontaine

_Time happens to be the most precious thing in the world. One can become a better man overtime. – Samuel Gompers

_In times such as these, you always find it helpful to recall the fact that there always have been times such as these. – Paul Harvey

time quotes by world famous people

_Time happens to be the consumer of everything out there. – Ovid

_Do not lose yourself within a far off time. – Friedrich Schiller

_We already had it by the time we were able to make it. – Malcolm Forbes

_Is quite bizarre that we’re taught patience over the years. We will be able to wait longer in case our time becomes shorter. – Elizabeth Taylor

_Comprehend the genuine value of time and seize every chance that comes your way. Do not be idle or lazy whatsoever. – Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

_Genuine time happens to be four-dimensional. – Martin Heidegger

_The current time is beneficial overall respects – it is our personal thing. – Charles Caleb Colton

_It is possible to do many things in the small patches of time produced by every day in spite of the fact that most of the men waste them. – Charles Caleb Colton

_Time is able to alter everything apart from something inside us that is always amazed by modification. – Thomas Hardy

_Time is something without any power against truth. -Thomas Huxley

_Without providing value to oneself, it will not be possible for you to value time. – M. Scott Peck

_All things that exist, lingers in Eternity. – Agatha Christie

_The time killed by me is going to kill me. – Mason Cooley

_Memory and time go in 2 different directions. – William Gibson

_Time has the ability to make heroes although it dissolves celebrities. – Daniel J. Boorstin

_You will become short of money in case you waste it; however, you are going to lose a portion of your life by wasting your time. -Michael LeBoeuf

_Time happens to be the way of nature that helps to prevent everything from taking place simultaneously. – John Archibald Wheeler

_Procrastination happens to be something that steals time. – Edward Young

_I admit the fact that I am not a believer in time. – Vladimir Nabokov

_The only incorrect thing regarding immortality happens to be the fact that it seems to go on forever. – Herb Caen

_Both older people and younger children have plenty of time at their disposal. For that reason, they are able to get along so fantastically. – Jonathan Carroll

_It is possible to replace lost wealth with the help of industry, lost knowledge with the help of study; however, it will not be possible to replace lost time. – Samuel Smiles

_Time happens to be truth’s father and it is also our mind’s mother. –  Giordano Bruno

_Time is the same as life. As a result, in case you waste your time you’re wasting your life as well. – Alan Lakein

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