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28 Valuable Tips For New eBay Sellers (2022)

With 1.2 billion sellers on eBay,  there are lots of competitions going on when it comes to vying the audience of active  182 million buyers. 

Starting your own store can be a hassle, especially when there are crazy sellers who are doing an amazing job in completing sales,  getting potential customers, garnering feedback, etc. 

To get your goals achieved, and get the sales you are looking for, here are some top tips that can help you if you are starting new on eBay and have no experience regarding how to thrive. 

tips for new ebay sellers

Here are Valuable Tips For New eBay Sellers

1. Avoid Items That Are Problematic In Sellin

Unfortunately, there are lots of buyers who are dishonest and waiting to pounce when they notice you are a new eBay seller.

It’s crucial to understand how you can protect yourself and don’t become their next victim. 

The best way you can approach is not to sell anything that contains high-risk items. It includes : 

  • Event tickets 
  • Electronics 
  • iPhones
  • Smartphones
  • High-end designer shoes or clothes
  • Items with multiple parts 
  • Autographed items ( especially without COA)
  • Common items that are counterfeited 

2. Consult For Pricing Guidance On eBay Product listing 

When you are selling your products on eBay, it’s important to understand that pricing is a crucial factor.

Setting a competitive prices not just will impact your buyers but also affect the product visibility in search results of eBay. 

Here are some points to consider : 

  • You can start with listing all of your products that you are selling. 
  • Analyze the most successful products you are selling to determine the price. 
  • This will help in choosing the buy it now or auction-style method. 

When you have products that are not quickly sold, it’s better to start looking at similar products on eBay and see the average price they have. 

This will help you in knowing if you need to rework your pricing and also how others are doing in your same niche. 

3. Optimize Your Description For Better SEO 

The most important and popular tips that every seller will suggest is to optimize the description of what you are selling. 

Item description or product description will help in boosting the SEO. Also, it should add detailed features and new search words from which customers can find you. 

Image source: frooition

For example, if you are selling shoes on eBay. Add the model, size,  year, and color. 

Also, add the border keywords related to the products such as baseball shoes or sneakers.

This will help you in expanding your reach to the people who are looking for similar products on eBay. 

Pro Tip: In your item description,  add the answers that the buyers might have regarding the product such as specification,  dimension, size, etc.

4. Attract The Eyes With High-Quality Product Photos 

Customers don’t buy things if they are not 100% sure about them. 

That’s why sellers use images and it’s important to understand how much it can affect your sales on websites like eBay.

People want to know what they are paying for, and for that, you can list the original and high-quality photos of the products.

Image soucre: datafeedwatch

Also, customers are addicted when it comes to visuals, and the best example is Instagram and Facebook. It’s important to keep your images high in quality but also good in visuals to keep their eyes on the product. 

To make sure you are not wasting money on purchasing an expensive camera, here You can get high-quality photos from your smartphone. 

tips get perfect product photo on ebay

6. Instead Of All At Once, List Items On Daily Basis 

The algorithm on eBay looks for fresh content and uploads on site to push forward. 

That’s why instead of posting all of your items in one day, divide it to daily. For example, if you have 6 items, you can upload every single one to the next 6 days instead of one.

When you keep updating your inventory, it does not just make the eBay algorithm happy but your customer feels like they are searching for something new in their visits.

However,  the quality listing takes time especially when you started recently. You can use the eBay quick listing tool. 

This will also help you in guiding the shipping and pricing based on how your previous sales were made. 

7. Keep Giving The Trust Singles In Every Step 

There are lots of cases of untrusty and scammers on the internet. 

When people are mostly extremely skeptical when they are doing the purchase. Another tip you can focus on is establishing the buyer’s trust in every point of sales. 

It’s crucial for the store to appear legitimate and give trust singles. This ensures the buyers that they are purchasing from genuine sellers and the product will be of good quality. 

The easy ways that you can opt to keep your store look trustworthy on eBay. Such as : 

  • Fill out information regarding who you are and mention your company too.
  • Add photos of yourself as a buyer to let the customer know the face behind the store.
  • Show the reviews, testimonials, and feedback from the buyers.
  • Show the satisfactory rate from your previous buyers. 
  • Be upfront regarding the flaws such as scratches, tears, defects, etc. 
  • Add photos and videos of your products. 

8. Offer The 30 Day Free Returns 

Giving an offer like this will help you in getting your customer more attracted to your products,

It gives assurance that the product can be returned if the customers are not satisfied. Also, it’s free of cost which keeps the deal much more safe and secure. 

Image source: ecomclips

This gives much more courage to your buyers to purchase from you. Also 30 day free returns sound much better to someone who is purchasing from new sellers. 

9. Provide Services free Shipping 

According to Author Casey Bell, he had some difficulty in selling the product on eBay. But once he did the little change which was to offer free shipping, it made their sales much better.

With the popularity after Amazon prime’s free shipping, lots of other shoppers are adapting the convenient and affordable shipping for the buyers. 

Pro Tip: Free shipping might be not the best trick if you are offering fragile items or heavy ones. Also if you are doing international shipping, you can’t ignore it as it will affect the profit. 

So you can keep this offer to some of the products depending on how the overall cost is working for you. 

10. Share The Listing On Your Social Media 

To increase the reach of your audience, you can share your eBay listing on other platforms like your social media. 

Image souce: crazylister

You can share the list on Twitter, Facebook, etc. This will get you more attention on your items that you are offering for a sale. 

12. Try The List Promote Campaigns On eBay 

With the promoting listings, you can get a major boost to your sales. With this, you can get a much faster and easier reach to the audience. 

When you opt for the campaigns you can get 36% more views on your listings instead of keeping them the organic way. 

Image source: ebay

Also, the prices of the campaigns are affordable. You can choose the promoted listings as per the percentage of results instead of choosing the pay per click model. 

Not just you can maximize the risks but it can keep the new marketing tactic under your control. 

Pro Tip: When you are using the promoted campaigns, it’s important to understand that the overall cost will depend on the category that you have for the items.

13. Add Keywords For Getting More Views 

When it comes to people on eBay, they mostly have specific requirements and they do their search based on that. 

Ask yourself what search words your customer will search to find the products you are selling.  Do the research to find the common search words related to that. 

When you get the three or five keywords,  you can add this to your store descriptions, page titles, image all tags,   custom categories,  meta tags, etc.

Pro Tip: Make sure you are not overusing the keywords. Also, avoid keyword stuffing as it will affect your SEO and ranking too.  

When you use words that make you look like a spammer, it violates the policy of eBay which leads to major issues for your store. 

14. Eliminate The Reviews Which Are Negativ

It’s important to build a positive rating, however, it’s difficult as well. Here you need to minimize the number of negative reviews you have. 

There might be some reviews about the wrong parcel or something that was broken. Make sure you are not ignoring those feedbacks. 

But also if you don’t want your customer to get influenced by these negative feedbacks, you can remove those comments. 

eBay has some ways which can help you in taking down those comments. If not you can ask your customers to remove those comments on their own. 

15. Refresh The Store With Bulk Edits 

Well if your store has tons of products, and maybe you are not aiming to get more products for some time. 

To make sure that your store does look old or outdated. You can use the bulk edit tools. 

With this, you can make a few changes and this gives eBay algorithm an idea that something new happened to your store.

16. Use The Tools Like Email Marketing 

eBay has the suite that goes perfectly with email marketing. This will help you in keeping your customer interested in what you are offering and also help in taking their first purchase decisions. 

With email marketing, your buyers can subscribe to the updates and also save the sellers list by signing up via using the homepage of the store.

Image Source: Sendblaster

You can use the email design tools to keep your newsletter promoted. You can also add the signup box so you can get a more loyal customer base. 

When you have the email list in a decent size, you can run the email marketing campaigns, 

Increase your eBay sales by getting your customers back to the business. This also boosts the sales, you can set reminders, cross-sell,  special offers and up-sell the products. 

17. Maintain Your Ratings For Great Seller 

People do consider the ratings when they are purchasing the items. If they notice that you have lower ratings, they will avoid you. 

Only 53% of consumers do purchase from the store if the buyer has the rations under four stars. 

This goes similar to the eBay search algorithm too. If your store doesn’t get the ratings, it won’t appear on the top list too.

Maintaining a good rating can help you in increasing sales but also improves the ranking on eBay. 

18. Never Ignore The Customer Services 

There are an average of 15 people in America who face poor customer service and they share with the people too. 

Whereas 11 out of them share a good experience with others. 

For online sellers, the idea of focusing on e-commerce marketing is tempting rather than focusing on customer service. 

When you have complaints on the platform, it’s important to stand out, And your customer service is the one who can do that for you. 

You can improve the customer services by doing simple things too, such as responding on time,  addressing problems much faster, keeping your attitude polite when you are selling, etc. 

You can keep your customer happy by listening to their problems and solving them on time. It’s important to address what they are facing when they are buying products from you. 

This will help you in getting a better response from them, also boosting the sales and keeping you as well as the customer relationship healthy for the long run. 

Pro Tip: The easiest way you can approach is to keep your attitude problem solving and positive.  Acknowledge the issues and help in finding the solution. 

You can also use the helpdesk where the people can get real-time solutions to their problems or if they get stuck somewhere. 

19. Consider The Volume Price Discounts 

When it comes to the SEO of eBay,  the volume price discounts is an easy setup, and you can do it by clicking on selling,  marketing, and then promotions. 

Here choose the volume pricing or multi-buy.  Choose the dates, and add the discount. And set the level of discounts you are ready to offer. 

This has multiple benefits for the buyers as well as sellers. You can save money on shipping and also the package of more products can bring better sales too. 

 20. Check Your Inbox More Frequently 

Especially when you are running auctions, it’s important to check your inboxes more frequently. 

There might be people who are texting you regarding the auctions but if you are not checking on time, it can give the idea that you are not interested. 

Also not changing your inbox can affect the chances of getting potential customers to your store. 

If you notice certain questions that are too many times, it’s better to list those and post so everyone can see. This will save your time and you don’t have to answer the same thing to everyone. 

21. Never Miss the Previews 

eBay gives you the opportunity to check your items before you conform and go live. This is helpful for checking and confirming that everything is going in the right way. 

With previews, you can check that everything is right. Also, you can check that the product’s description on point, images are sharp, keywords are not overstuffed, etc. 

The shipping preferences are given and it’s perfect without any mistakes. Also, you can check how everything will look once it gets confirmed.

Until you are satisfied with your end results, you can keep checking and once you get the thing you were looking for, you can now go live. 

22. Buy Items To Get a Better Idea

You can start with doing some purchases on eBay before you start. You can pay right away,  and leave the reviews or feedback. 

With this, you can get some feedback on your accounts too. This helps the people to have much more trust in you as a seller. 

Also, you can boost the positive reputation among the people. All sellers have limits of selling especially when it comes to the first-time members. 

With these limits, you can get more positive feedback. 

23. Know Exactly What You Want TO Sell 

Well, here you can either sell what you want or something that can bring more profit to you. 

To choose what you want to sell, it’s important to have understood the market and what people are looking for. 

most sell able items on ebay

You can start with what you have to test the waters first. It will give you much better ideas about how eBay works and what else you need to understand. 

Apart from this, make sure you categorize your listing before you sell. When you do, it gives a clear idea to the audience about what the items belong to. 

24. Get The Verified Member Tag 

With the varied member tag, you can get much more freedom as an eBay seller. Also, there are various things and restrictions that the website has on non-verified accounts. 

You can get rid of that and follow the verification process that eBay has to get the process complete.

Pro Tip: To verify your account, eBay takes one or maybe two days. Once you get the verification, you can process it further. 

25. Choose The Right Type Of Product Identifier 

Well, product identifiers are the unique code that mostly looks like a  barcode and number. 

When you choose the right type of product identifier, eBay uses those as a listing for google shopping. Also, it helps in making it possible for a product review as well as appearing on the listing. 

There are multiple types of product identifiers which include: 

  • Universal product codes or UPCs
  • Global Trade  Item Numbers or GTINs
  • European Article Numbers or EANs
  • Manufactured Part Numbers or MPN 
  • International Standard Book Numbers or ISBNs

26. Improve Your Profile On eBay 

The best way here is to make sure your profile does look trustworthy.  Without this, people don’t purchase from you, no matter what you are selling. 

You can purchase from others to build feedback and a positive presence on eBay. 

This also boosts the buyer rating. 

Next thing is to improve the username, or better choose it smartly.  Make sure your name sounds confident and gives a professional vibe to the buyers. 

The best way you can choose is to keep your username simple yet professional. It can be a variant of your real name. 

You can also name it on something that you are selling so the customers will know what they expect when they purchase from you. 

Pro tip: do your research before you decide to name your account. This is an important step that affects how your audience will see your profile. It’s also crucial to keep your account Professional and trustworthy so more buyers can reach out to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

 How do I increase sales on eBay?

There are few basic things that are important to understand. It includes the algorithm of eBay and how the search works. Keep sure that you are adding more images and have better SEO to get more customers. 

How to boost the eBay listing?

The best you can do here is to get high-quality photos, promote the eBay listing using the advertisement and create a catalog. Make sure you are applying the SEO to your listings. 

How to get more customers on eBay?

The best tricks you can do is to focus on your customer services, truing items that no one else is selling,  keep your items listing properly, and allowing the counteroffers. 

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