325+ Best Toga Party Names

Parties are the most exciting and engaging event of all time. And nothing compares to it when it’s a costume party, like a Toga party. Toga Party is a costume party where people dress up in white sheets and have a lot of fun and drinks. Organized planning and an attractive name for the Toga Party is what you require to make it memorable.

Planning a Toga party requires coming up with an attractive name which plays an important role. Choosing the proper name will create buzz among people, attract them and help the party become more exciting. So a cool name for a Toga Party can be considered as one of the main prerequisites.

Here are some attractive Toga Party names:

Tie a Toga

Greece Brought Home

Wines and Whites

Toga Night

Toga Tales Tonight

It’s the Time to Toga!

Booze Buzz Bedsheets

Roman Streets and Toga Beats

Back to 700BC!

Keg Beats in Sheets

Wear the Bed!


The Greeky Ball

Caesars and Calpunias

Greek Gods’ Party

Sandals and Sheets


Keg Night in White

It’s All Greek

Swish at Greece

Greek Gala

Togather Tonight

Twin in Togas

A Night at Greece

Greek Gods Cosplay

Rome Brought Home

Sheety Symposia

Sandals and Shimmer

 Toga and Tequila

TOGAlly Greek

Sheets and Roman Streets

Ancient Greek Night

Greek Deities

Ancient Greece inhouse

Toga Yoga

Toga Symposia

Celebrating in Greek Style

Greek for a Day

Go Greek!


Groove in Sheets

Foaies and Bauturi

Toga TagO

Wacky Tacky Party

Go Toga!

All About Toga Yoga

A Sheety Affair

Kane’s Toga Party

Tag a Toga

Sheets and Drinks


Welcome to Greece

Tripping in Toga

Shimmer in White

Greek Sheets Party

Fun Toga Night

Toga Tango

Toga and Vodka

Toga Together

Togaaaa inhouse

Wrap a Sheet

Wrap your Bed

Kegs Unlimited

Toga Fun at William’s

Dress Up like Greeks

Mystic Greece Night

Ancient Age Here

Ancient Age and Kegs

TagAlong in a Toga

Toga. Tacos. Tequila.

Dancing Sheets

Dress Up in Toga Style

Tripping with Greeks

Killer Keg Knights

Golden Greek Party

It’s Toga Day

Romans Inhouse

Hercules’s Night

Geia Sas Toga

Toga House

Graduate in Togas

Toga Tonight

Toga Night in White

Cheers with Zeus

Toga Night from Eight

Roam in Rome

Greek Games

Celebrating in Toga Style

The Greeks are Here!

Tap in Toga

Aphrodite in White

Hercules’ House

Et tu Brute!

Toga Themed Party

Toga and Champagne

700BC Again 

Toga Toga!

White (Toga) House

Toga Hub

Sun Dance to Toga Beats

Keg Karaoke

Toga Together

Welcome to Rome

The White Room

The Greek Party

Party at Greece

Party with Greek Gods

Toga AM to PM

Toga Lounge

Kegs and Games

It’s Toga AM

Vagabonds from Rome

Toga SunSheet

Toga Island

Endless Toga Night

Greece Here We Come

Beat the Heat in Sheets

Back to Ancient Greece

Dance in Bed Sheets

Dreams of Greece

Ancient Age Glamour

Greece Getaway

Roman Romance

An Ancient Affair

Toga Fever On!

Bliss of Sheets

Dance with Greek Gods

Radiant Roman Room

Wacky White Wednesday

Flashy Toga Fiesta

Glamorous Toga Gala

Wonderful White Toga Night

White Sheets Stitched

Toga Triumph

Topnotch Toga Night

Timeless Toga Tales

Thrifty yet Thrilling Toga

Ancient Greece is Back

Amazing Toga Night

Keg. Sandals. Toga.

Toga Day

Vintage Greekage

Old School Greek Party

Together Togather


Fun Toga Fiesta

Toga Treat

Greek Games Gala

Tremendous Toga Party

Mood: Toga!

White Sheets and Sandals

Shake Kegs and Legs

Toga Squad

White Sheets Wrapped

Lit Lights, Toga Nights

Ageless Ancient Attraction

Toga Session

Toga is the Way!

Tequila in Toga

Trip to Ancient Greece

Welcome to Roman Empire

Greek Sheets for a Day

Sparkling Sparta Streets

An Evening with Gods

A Toga Tie Affair

Back to Ancient Days

All About GrecoRoman

Toga Fun

Let’s Toga Tonight

Great Toga Party

Anne’s Toga Outing

Grab Kegs at Tony’s

Toga Day It is!

Toga Party Today

Anne and Toga

Join Toga Party Tonight

Joint Toga Gathering

Toga Inn

Toga and Drinks

Celebrate Greece

Greek Gods with Kegs

Sandals and Sun Dance

Toga Beach Party

Toga Garden

Keg Sea. Toga Island.

Greek Things Only

It’s a Roman Affair

Charismatic Greeks

Greece and Rome 

Let’s Go Rome

Rome is Our Home

Rome: Our Home Tonight

Toga Festival

Toga Day out

Enjoy in Toga Style

Toga. Today. Tomorrow.

Toga Ball

Kegs and Sheets in House

Greek Gods on Earth

Deities’ Day Out

Dress Up like a God

Greek Gods and Goddesses

Greek Aurora

Serendipity of Ancient Greece

Toga Euphoria

Ineffable Greek Beauty

Incendiary Gods from Rome

Incendiary Gods in Toga

Ephemeral Greek Night

A Roman Night to Remember

Do It Toga Style!

Toga and Stola Night

Party in Toga Style

Stitched Sheets, Keg Beats

Relive in Ancient Style

The Greek Cynosure

Incandescent Greek Night

Sheets with Drinks

Bed Sheets and Bohos

The Greek Feeling

Toga Feels

Toga Feels Relived

Sumptuous Greek Affair

Fancy Toga Fiesta

Fancy Toga Party

Grand Toga Gala

Toga 24/7

All I want is Toga Night

Toga Aesthete

Aesthetic Greek Allure

Mystic Madness inhouse

Miraculous Toga Night

Toga All Night

Greek Scintilla

The Smell of Greece

White and Bright Night

White Toga Access

The Ancient Aurora

Fun Sheets Party

The Bed Sheet Party

A Day to Cherish

Cherish Ancient Days

Toga Time

Eternal Toga Evening

Enjoyable Toga Evening

Toga Love

Love and Toga Tonight

Toga Evening Elegance

Bed Sheet Party

Roman Renaissance

Welcome the Romans 

Relive Animal House

Tango in Toga

Greeks and Togas

Slip into Togas

Bring your Togas Tonight

Bed Sheet and Pillow Slip

Partying in Greek Style

Peace in Greece

Drunk Lullabies Tonight

Greece Paradox

Toga. Togi. Togu.

High Toga Five

Find Me Toga Fiesta

Fun Toga Feast

Toga: You and Me!

You and Me in Toga

Togather Us!

Togather Forever

Greek Ethereal

Sheety Sanguine

Come in Sheets!

Sit in Sheets

Bed Sheets out of Bed

Bed. You. Me. Kegs.

A Day in Greece

Dazzling Greek Deities

Ancient Allure

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