List of 101+ Best Tom Cat Sayings

Psychology Sayings and Quotes List of 101+ Best Tom Cat Sayings

List of 101+ Best Tom Cat Sayings

Tom and Jerry, widely popular animated cartoon show had its origin in 1940s. It is mainly based on the rivalry between Tom, The cunning cat and jerry, the mischievous mouse. Its first 161 series were broadcasted between 1940 to 1967. Though it was broadcasted in the America at first, soon it got its fame throughout the world and was acclaimed as most famous comedy animation show directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera produced by MGM cartoon.

Despite the fact that Tom and Jerry is mainly a silent or we may say a non-conversational cartoon had many scores and background classic music, some shows which were later broadcasted had dialogues.

Here are famous Tom cat Sayings are here for you:

  • Let’s be friends…(when he is in trouble)
  • We must fight with Spike now.
  • Jerry! Is that you annoying me?
  • Jerry! Have you stole my milk?
  • Oh no! Not again (when fails to trap jerry)
  • Let’s see… how can you escape from here!
  • Now I’ll catch Jerry and will have a yummy sandwich
  • This time you can’t fool me little monster (when sets a trap for jerry)

_ I know who stole the cheese from fridge… 

_I can’t take Spike anymore (Spike is doggy who always beats Tom)

_Jerry! Let’s work together to teach Spike a lesson

_Ow! Ow! Ow!… (when he burns his own tail)

_ahha! It’ll be nice to have that nibble in dinner (nibble is white baby mouse who is always hungry and acts carelessly)

_ Nibble have stolen all my food?

_Now I feel lonely without Jerry (when jerry leaves tom seldom)

_living with enemy is disturbing, but living without Jerry is impossible.

_Nibble will be smooth and tasty to eat.

_Spike! Don’t blame me always…

_I have not done anything to your son tyke (Tyke is son of Spike)

_Oh my god! What have I done (after doing something worst or nightmarish)

_Oh! My mind wants a burger and Jerry would be the sausage on it.

_Lets catch jerry and make a veggie soup with mouse.

_This naughty little mouse won’t let me have a moment of peace.

_Jerry can you please leave me alone for a moment!

_Jerry! You little monster now watch what I’ll do

_I will not spare you little naughty nibble.

_I should teach a lesson to spike. Why he always beats me?

_It is Jerry who massacred the fridge. Please believe me (to his mistress)

_It is Spike who have stolen the meat.

_The fridge looks like heaven when it’s full.

_Life can be sad but you can make it happy with a sausage.

_I know all the tricks of jerry.

_Argh! I just hit my tail with hammer. (After missing a hit to mouse)

_I will blame Jerry for everything and hope I’ll be spared by mistress.

_I will have that canary bird and would not let  Jerry to save it.

_Jerry! May be you are my enemy, but without you i can’t stay for a day.

_sometimes I think I can easily fool Spike.

_Spike sometimes act so cleverly…

_Tyke is good boy

_Tyke is sooo innocent…

_Is Nibble good to eat or Jerry?

_I must make sure that nibble can’t steal my milk.

_I must admit Nibble is really a funny white mouse.

_Veggie is for human I prefer Mice.

_Jerry’s absence really bores me.

_One day will come when I will prove to be the best cat in the world.

_I dream to be the richest one, and I’ll have many mice.

_I’m sure mice are tasty but Jerry is the tastiest.

_One day I’ll hunt a duckling.

_Once I caught a Duckling and tried to make a soup…but Jerry….argh!

_There is a canary in the next door. One day I will catch it.

_The bird(canary) is clever. Don’t know how it manages to escape from my hand.

_Jerry doesn’t come into my hand but why he protects others from my hand.

_The duckling soup will really be a great savoury.

_I always crave for a bird to eat.

_Why Jerry always annoys Tyke and Spike blames me for it?

_Does a fish taste nice?

_oh! One day I’ll have a fish.

_I always like to have party with my friends.

_I plan on every Saturday I’ll have party with my friends.

_It’s always nice to get into a warm bed after long day of party.

_One night of party I’ll catch Jerry for the feast.

_I like to be petted by my mistress.

_Ahha! My mistress is mad at the mouse. Now it’s the time to prove my self that I’m Tom, the best mouse catcher in the world.

_It really doesn’t make any sense why people have dog when they are really worthless. They can’t even catch a single mouse.

_Why Spike always blames me for his loss of his favourite food- a bone.

_Really I have tried every art to catch that little monster.

_I’ll gift Jerry to my babe at our wedding.

_Lets hire some thugs to catch that naughty mouse.

_My mistress always beats me up for any wrongdoings of Jerry.

_I Wish one day will come when Spike will understand I am not the one who disturbs him everytime. I just have to get that little louse.

_I wish Spike were a bit intelligent.

_I’m really fed up with Jerry. Why he won’t let me stay a while.

_Once my mistress bought a robo-cat that can catch mouse. I really was hopeless to see its skill. But she understood the importance of having a real cat who actually can catch a mouse.

_There used to be a gold fish for whom i craved for many days. I wish Jerry would not have helped it to get it free from me.

_I just don’t know how would I spend a day if Jerry goes away from me.

_alright little mouse You can have a little peace of your favourite cheese.

_will it be good if we try to make  friend of each other? 

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