Top 51 Hair Salon Brands to Follow On Social Media

Salons are considered to be the hubs of beauty treatment. It is one such industry that never runs on a loss. From a simple haircut to multi-millionaire businesses, salons have paved their way into the 21st century. Let us talk about some of the top salon brands on social media.

Top salon brands to follow on Facebook

409 Malvern

They are a luxury brand, considered to be the landmark of customer service. Located in Melbourne this team of hairdressers specialize in men’s grooming and hair colour services. 


Located in Bern, this lavish style hub is hailed as one of the most beautiful salons in the world. They believe in indulgence and service of the client. One can also find their glamorous line of apparels to choose from.   

Alain Maitre Barbier

This salon is located in an opulent Museum Exhibition setting. Alain is considered the master barber of Paris. They expertise in traditional men’s grooming.   

Alto Senso

This salon is guided by the Roman philosophy of high feeling and they offer their guests an opportunity to indulge in the sensation of elegance, confidence, and beauty. This luxury salon service specialises in gala styling, hair spa, and spa services.   

Ambika Pillai

Located in Wave arcade, New Delhi, the brand is associated with high fashion and opulence. With a team of 20 skilled workforce, this salon has made a huge name for itself. They specialise in hair spa, men’s grooming, wedding services, hair colour, amongst others.   

Andrea Kehl

This plush and opulent salon attracts clients all over the globe, to create a personalized style for themselves. The salon is designed in the classic art deco manner and it is recognised worldwide.   

Arnau Rayó

Located in Spain, this groundbreaking salon takes a different route from the conventional style and creates something new for their clients. They specialise in spa, hair colour, and men’s grooming.

By Rocha

They are located in Luxembourg, and this one of a kind salon specialises in creating an atmosphere of beauty and relaxation for the clients. They create something exceptional and different, conceptually, for their clientele.   


Founded by Don Antonio, in 1924, and located in Naples, this historic salon started off as a barbershop and today has gained recognition as a world-class enterprise. They specialise in men’s grooming services.


They are located in Vienna and are considered the largest hair styling enterprise in Austria. The area is designed exclusively keeping luxury and ambience in mind. They specialise in all kinds of services including gala styling, hair extension, permanent make-up, men’s grooming, and spa services.   

Top salon brands to follow on Twitter

Andrew Collinge

The salon is located in Liverpool, United Kingdom, and is regarded as one of the foremost style hubs of the planet. Andrew Collinge is celebrated as one of the most sought-after hairstylists around the globe. Mason specialises in gala styling, hair spa, and men’s grooming.   

Andy Lecompte Salon

Located in Los Angeles, the salon is noted as one of the most sought-after hairstyling and hairdressing temples in the United States. This brilliantly designed salon is minimalistic in nature with a huge attention paid to the use of natural sunlight during the daytime. Apart from the regular spa and grooming services, they also specialise in hair colour, nail services, make-up, and hair treatment.     

Anton Beill

Located in Lisbon, Portugal, this salon prioritises in hair care and comfort. They believe in providing their customers with personalized services to create elegant and rejuvenated hair, that is the best in the industry. The popularity can be best explained by their 3 weeks advance notice.     

Art Lab

This revolutionary salon is located in Madrid, Spain, and is celebrated for its nouveau concepts. With over 15 years in the industry, they have created an image of wellness and beauty for the customers.

Assort International Hair Salon

The salon is located in Tokyo, Japan, and it encapsulates the idea of relaxation, regulation and luxury. Their line of hairdressers are highly qualified and experienced and they offer the client a personalized and TaylorMade sense of style.

Azur West Salon

located in Houston, United States, this unique restaurant is one of only three present in the country. They specialise in colour transformation and colour collection with a range of ammonia-free products.

Barber & Books

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, this traditional barbershop was founded in 2007, for the modern man who is interested in self-care and relaxation.

Butterfly Studio

This luxury salon is located in New York, and is driven by the concept of opulence, richness, and lavishness. Clients can get the finest hair care and relaxation with services like hair spa, hair grooming, spa services, etc.

The Rittenhouse Spa & Club – Hair by Paul Labrecque

Located in New York, this salon can be best and simply explained as sophisticated, simple, and sexy. Their line of talented staff of colourists, massage therapists, hairdressers, men’s grooming experts, makeup artists, are exceptionally passionate and they provide the clients with a unique sense of style and grooming.

Takamichi Hair

The salon is located in New York City, and has created a unique sense of style and grace among people from different aspects of the world including fashion designers, movie directors, investment bankers, teachers, etc. They provide versatility in styling, with a love for the art of haircutting.

Square Salon

They are located in Las Vegas, and are known for their modern approach to the concept of hair grooming and hairdressing. They are recognised among their clients because of their use of exceptional products and an unmatched level of experience in the craft.

Top salon brands to follow on Instagram

Björn Donner

This boutique salon is located in Kiel, Germany. The salon is highly decorated with the best salon of the year award that it has received twice and several other accolades under its name.

Bradley & Diegel

It is located in Boston, United States. This luxury salon serves with a line of award-winning staff and gives a personal and professional style to the clients.

Brockmann & Knoedler

Located in Dresden, Germany, this one of a kind salon matches traditional and contemporary styles for their clients. They offer luxury and elegance with their top tier services.      

Au Premier

This luxury salon brand is located in Montreal, Canada. Having a historic timeline of almost 30 years under its belt, this iconic style hub was founded in 1982, by Dorys Belanger. They specialise in hair care, gala styling, wedding services and men’s grooming.


This luxury salon group was established in 1987, in Hong Kong. With over 30 years of experience, this is the only concept salon in the City. They also endorse cruelty-free products.


Located in Seattle, United States, this barbershop style salon is specially designed to cater to men. They offer quality hair care and hairdressing services.      

Charles Aellen Company

Located in Zurich Switzerland this luxury salon offers the perfect cuts and blowouts for their customers. The salon was established by Charles and Lars in 1995.      

Chris Chase

Located in New York City, this exclusive and luxurious salon is a style destination for innumerable celebrities, fashion editors, and tastemakers worldwide. They expertise in gala styling, hair extensions, wedding services, hair colour, men’s grooming services, etc.      

Chris McMillan Salon

This luxury salon is located in Los Angeles and is the prime style pod of the locality. With a team of exceptional hairdressers and hair colourists, they keep on headlining every beauty column.      

Christiaan Georgio Salon

Located in Mumbai, India, this explicit and luxurious salon is the prime destination for pampering rituals and ambience. They offer an array of services for their clientele.      

Christophe Robin

The salon is located in Paris and the man behind the idea Mr Christophe Robin, is recognised as a master colourist and a colour pioneer. Some of the loyal clients include Tilda Swinton, Catherine Deneuve and Kylie Minogue.      

Zoute Avenue

This luxury hairstyling salon is located in Belgium, and it started in 2014, as a small hair salon. Since then it has grown to be a VIP styling station, with state of the earth techniques and excellent products that are used on a daily basis.      

Wolfgang Zimmer

This luxury salon is located in Berlin, Germany, and is run by Mr Wolfgang Zimmer, who is one of the premier hair stylists in Germany, and an active international face. The salon is associated with top-class magazines and fashion labels around the world.      


This luxurious salon is run by Janye Wild and Garry Latham, and is located in Sydney, Australia. They are associated with the salvation army’s unique program, which helps in preparing young people through style and makeover, who are getting ready for interviews.      

Vania Laporte

This salon is located in Bordeaux, France, and it is okay to say that the name Vania Laporte, is more of a brand than just a salon. It started off in February, 1989, and since then has grown as one of France’s most premier salons and style hubs.      

Sean Donaldson

Located in Miami Beach, this luxury salon brilliantly matches European style and modern and contemporary techniques into their art. They specialise in gala styling, men’s grooming, wedding services, hair colour, etc.      

Top salon brands to follow on Linkedin

Mario Tricoci Hair Salons & Day Spas

This iconic style and spa brand has been in the industry for more than 40 years now. They offer luxury and excellence of top quality to their customers and have had the patronage of some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.       

Hair Saloon

This iconic and traditional American salon has been there since the 1990s and they have maintained their roots and are predominantly focused towards styling services and relaxation of their customers.       

Hair Salon 51

They are located in Long Island and are considered as one of the top salon brands of the area. They have a very scientific and modern approach to their concept styles and focus on creating a very relaxing and lavish style experience for their guests.       

Top salon brands to follow on Pinterest

Barney Martin

One of the top luxury salon brands in Sydney, Barney Martin, have been associated with some of the biggest names of the fashion world. They are appreciated and recognized for their top-notch quality of style and services.  

Clean Beauty Collective

This iconic style brand is not only associated with salons but they are primarily known for their range of opulent and lavish, beauty products.  

Atelier Roberto d’Antonio

This Italian luxury salon is located in Rome and opened their first salon in 1987. They are regarded as one of the premier style houses of Italy and are associated with the top tier fashion houses and fashion celebrities.

Hence we can conclude by saying that salons are the temples of style and beauty and with their abundance, the world is not getting out of the style frenzy any sooner.

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